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Gene Symbol: Rasef
Description: RAS and EF hand domain containing
Alias: BC030882, RAB45, ras and EF-hand domain-containing protein homolog, testis-specific GTPase
Species: mouse
Products:     Rasef

Top Publications

  1. Oshita H, Nishino R, Takano A, Fujitomo T, Aragaki M, Kato T, et al. RASEF is a novel diagnostic biomarker and a therapeutic target for lung cancer. Mol Cancer Res. 2013;11:937-51 pubmed publisher
    Genome-wide gene expression profiling revealed that the Ras and EF-hand domain containing (RASEF) transcript was significantly transactivated in the majority of lung cancers...
  2. Kumar S, Lee H, Park H, Lee K. Testis-Specific GTPase (TSG): An oligomeric protein. BMC Genomics. 2016;17:792 pubmed
    ..Further investigation of TSG function in vivo may provide new clues for uncovering the secrets of spermatogenesis. ..