Gene Symbol: Nodal
Description: nodal
Alias: Tg.413d, nodal
Species: mouse
Products:     Nodal

Top Publications

  1. Vermot J, Gallego Llamas J, Fraulob V, Niederreither K, Chambon P, Dolle P. Retinoic acid controls the bilateral symmetry of somite formation in the mouse embryo. Science. 2005;308:563-6 pubmed
    ..These data implicate retinoic acid as an endogenous signal that maintains the bilateral synchrony of mesoderm segmentation, and therefore controls bilateral symmetry, in vertebrate embryos. ..
  2. King T, Beddington R, Brown N. The role of the brachyury gene in heart development and left-right specification in the mouse. Mech Dev. 1998;79:29-37 pubmed
    ..Three TGF-beta related genes, lefty-1, lefty-2 and nodal, are expressed asymmetrically in mouse embryos, and are implicated in the development of situs...
  3. Chen C, Shen M. Two modes by which Lefty proteins inhibit nodal signaling. Curr Biol. 2004;14:618-24 pubmed
    ..Transforming Growth Factor-beta (TGFbeta) proteins act as extracellular antagonists of the signaling pathway for Nodal, a TGFbeta-related ligand essential for mesendoderm formation and left-right patterning...
  4. Vincent S, Dunn N, Hayashi S, Norris D, Robertson E. Cell fate decisions within the mouse organizer are governed by graded Nodal signals. Genes Dev. 2003;17:1646-62 pubmed
    ..Previous studies suggest that signaling pathways activated by Nodal, bone morphogenetic protein (BMP), and Wnt ligands coordinately regulate patterning of the streak and the ..
  5. Norris D, Brennan J, Bikoff E, Robertson E. The Foxh1-dependent autoregulatory enhancer controls the level of Nodal signals in the mouse embryo. Development. 2002;129:3455-68 pubmed
    The TGFbeta-related growth factor Nodal governs anteroposterior (AP) and left-right (LR) axis formation in the vertebrate embryo...
  6. Sirard C, de la Pompa J, Elia A, Itie A, Mirtsos C, Cheung A, et al. The tumor suppressor gene Smad4/Dpc4 is required for gastrulation and later for anterior development of the mouse embryo. Genes Dev. 1998;12:107-19 pubmed
    ..Rescued embryos show severe anterior truncations, indicating a second important role for Smad4 in anterior patterning during embryogenesis. ..
  7. Mavrakis K, Andrew R, Lee K, Petropoulou C, Dixon J, Navaratnam N, et al. Arkadia enhances Nodal/TGF-beta signaling by coupling phospho-Smad2/3 activity and turnover. PLoS Biol. 2007;5:e67 pubmed
    ..We have shown that Arkadia, a nuclear RING-domain E3 ubiquitin ligase, is essential for a subset of Nodal functions in the embryo, but the molecular mechanism of its action in embryonic cells had not been addressed...
  8. Levine A, Levine Z, Brivanlou A. GDF3 is a BMP inhibitor that can activate Nodal signaling only at very high doses. Dev Biol. 2009;325:43-8 pubmed publisher
    ..TGF-beta superfamily, there are approximately forty ligands divided into two major branches: the TGF-beta/Activin/Nodal ligands and the BMP/GDF ligands...
  9. Park C, Dufort D. Nodal expression in the uterus of the mouse is regulated by the embryo and correlates with implantation. Biol Reprod. 2011;84:1103-10 pubmed publisher
    b>Nodal, a transforming growth factor beta (TGFB) superfamily member, plays a critical role during early embryonic development...

More Information


  1. Beddington R, Robertson E. Axis development and early asymmetry in mammals. Cell. 1999;96:195-209 pubmed
  2. Jones C, Kuehn M, Hogan B, Smith J, Wright C. Nodal-related signals induce axial mesoderm and dorsalize mesoderm during gastrulation. Development. 1995;121:3651-62 pubmed
    Mouse embryos homozygous for a null mutation in nodal arrest development at early gastrulation and contain little or no embryonic mesoderm...
  3. Blanchet M, Le Good J, Mesnard D, Oorschot V, Baflast S, Minchiotti G, et al. Cripto recruits Furin and PACE4 and controls Nodal trafficking during proteolytic maturation. EMBO J. 2008;27:2580-91 pubmed publisher
    The glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-anchored proteoglycan Cripto binds Nodal and its type I receptor Alk4 to activate Smad2,3 transcription factors, but a role during Nodal precursor processing has not been described...
  4. Collignon J, Varlet I, Robertson E. Relationship between asymmetric nodal expression and the direction of embryonic turning. Nature. 1996;381:155-8 pubmed
    ..One such family member, nodal, is required for formation of the primitive streak during mouse gastrulation...
  5. Schier A, Shen M. Nodal signalling in vertebrate development. Nature. 2000;403:385-9 pubmed
    ..Recent work suggests that a signalling pathway centering on Nodal, a transforming growth factor beta-related signal, is responsible for many of the events that configure the ..
  6. Saijoh Y, Oki S, Ohishi S, Hamada H. Left-right patterning of the mouse lateral plate requires nodal produced in the node. Dev Biol. 2003;256:160-72 pubmed
    ..Mice homozygous for a hypomorphic Nodal allele (Nodal(neo)) were generated and found to exhibit L-R defects, including right isomerism...
  7. Saijoh Y, Adachi H, Sakuma R, Yeo C, Yashiro K, Watanabe M, et al. Left-right asymmetric expression of lefty2 and nodal is induced by a signaling pathway that includes the transcription factor FAST2. Mol Cell. 2000;5:35-47 pubmed
    The left-right (L-R) asymmetric expression of lefty2 and nodal is controlled by a left side-specific enhancer (ASE)...
  8. Shiratori H, Hamada H. The left-right axis in the mouse: from origin to morphology. Development. 2006;133:2095-104 pubmed
    ..Although a leftward flow of extra-embryonic fluid in the node cavity (nodal flow) is likely to be the symmetry-breaking event, at least in the mouse embryo, it is not yet known how this flow ..
  9. Tsukui T, Capdevila J, Tamura K, Ruiz Lozano P, Rodriguez Esteban C, Yonei Tamura S, et al. Multiple left-right asymmetry defects in Shh(-/-) mutant mice unveil a convergence of the shh and retinoic acid pathways in the control of Lefty-1. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1999;96:11376-81 pubmed
    ..Thus, the roles of Shh and RA in left-right specification indeed are conserved among vertebrates, and the Shh and RA pathways converge in the control of Lefty-1. ..
  10. Conlon F, Lyons K, Takaesu N, Barth K, Kispert A, Herrmann B, et al. A primary requirement for nodal in the formation and maintenance of the primitive streak in the mouse. Development. 1994;120:1919-28 pubmed
    The 413.d insertional mutation arrests mouse development shortly after gastrulation. nodal, a novel TGF beta-related gene, is closely associated with the locus...
  11. Perea Gomez A, Vella F, Shawlot W, Oulad Abdelghani M, Chazaud C, Meno C, et al. Nodal antagonists in the anterior visceral endoderm prevent the formation of multiple primitive streaks. Dev Cell. 2002;3:745-56 pubmed
    ..extraembryonic, cells but is rescued in Cerberus-like(-/-); Lefty1(-/-) embryos after removal of one copy of the Nodal gene...
  12. Mine N, Anderson R, Klingensmith J. BMP antagonism is required in both the node and lateral plate mesoderm for mammalian left-right axis establishment. Development. 2008;135:2425-34 pubmed publisher
    In mouse, left-right (L-R) patterning depends on asymmetric expression of Nodal around the node, leading to Nodal expression specifically in the left lateral plate mesoderm (LPM)...
  13. Nakaya M, Biris K, Tsukiyama T, Jaime S, Rawls J, Yamaguchi T. Wnt3a links left-right determination with segmentation and anteroposterior axis elongation. Development. 2005;132:5425-36 pubmed
    ..Wnt3a activates the Delta/Notch pathway to regulate perinodal expression of the left determinant Nodal, while simultaneously controlling the segmentation clock and the molecular oscillations of the Wnt/beta-catenin ..
  14. Hamada H, Meno C, Watanabe D, Saijoh Y. Establishment of vertebrate left-right asymmetry. Nat Rev Genet. 2002;3:103-13 pubmed
    ..Until recently, the molecular basis of left-right asymmetry was a mystery, but studies indicate that Nodal and the Lefty proteins, transforming growth factor-beta-related molecules, have a central role in generating ..
  15. Przemeck G, Heinzmann U, Beckers J, Hrabe de Angelis M. Node and midline defects are associated with left-right development in Delta1 mutant embryos. Development. 2003;130:3-13 pubmed
    ..Based on expression analysis in wild-type and mutant embryos, we suggest a model, in which Notch signalling is required for the proper differentiation of node cells and node morphology...
  16. Yamamoto M, Saijoh Y, Perea Gomez A, Shawlot W, Behringer R, Ang S, et al. Nodal antagonists regulate formation of the anteroposterior axis of the mouse embryo. Nature. 2004;428:387-92 pubmed
    ..Here we show that Nodal signalling and the regionalization of its antagonists are required for normal migration of the DVE...
  17. Lowe L, Supp D, Sampath K, Yokoyama T, Wright C, Potter S, et al. Conserved left-right asymmetry of nodal expression and alterations in murine situs inversus. Nature. 1996;381:158-61 pubmed
    ..chick embryo revealed L-R asymmetric expression of several previously cloned genes, including Cnr-1 (for chicken nodal-related-1), and indicated how this L-R molecular asymmetry might be important for subsequent visceral ..
  18. Murcia N, Richards W, Yoder B, Mucenski M, Dunlap J, Woychik R. The Oak Ridge Polycystic Kidney (orpk) disease gene is required for left-right axis determination. Development. 2000;127:2347-55 pubmed
    ..At mid-gestation the direction of heart looping is randomized, and at earlier stages in development lefty-2 and nodal, which are normally expressed asymmetrically, exhibit symmetrical expression in the mutant embryos...
  19. Chen C, Ware S, Sato A, Houston Hawkins D, Habas R, Matzuk M, et al. The Vg1-related protein Gdf3 acts in a Nodal signaling pathway in the pre-gastrulation mouse embryo. Development. 2006;133:319-29 pubmed
    ..member Gdf3 (growth-differentiation factor 3), a close relative of Xenopus Vg1, resembles the Tgfbeta ligand Nodal in both its signaling activity and its role in AVE formation in vivo...
  20. Lu C, Robertson E. Multiple roles for Nodal in the epiblast of the mouse embryo in the establishment of anterior-posterior patterning. Dev Biol. 2004;273:149-59 pubmed
    The TGFbeta family member Nodal has been shown to be involved in a variety of processes in development, including early axis formation...
  21. Raya A, Kawakami Y, Rodriguez Esteban C, Buscher D, Koth C, Itoh T, et al. Notch activity induces Nodal expression and mediates the establishment of left-right asymmetry in vertebrate embryos. Genes Dev. 2003;17:1213-8 pubmed
    Left-sided expression of Nodal in the lateral plate mesoderm is a conserved feature necessary for the establishment of normal left-right asymmetry during vertebrate embryogenesis...
  22. Larkins C, Long A, Caspary T. Defective Nodal and Cerl2 expression in the Arl13b(hnn) mutant node underlie its heterotaxia. Dev Biol. 2012;367:15-24 pubmed publisher
    ..This flow is followed by asymmetric expression of Nodal and its inhibitor Cerl2 in the node...
  23. Shawlot W, Min Deng J, Wakamiya M, Behringer R. The cerberus-related gene, Cerr1, is not essential for mouse head formation. Genesis. 2000;26:253-8 pubmed
    ..These findings suggest that establishment of anterior identity in the mouse may involve the action of multiple functionally redundant factors. ..
  24. Camus A, Perea Gomez A, Moreau A, Collignon J. Absence of Nodal signaling promotes precocious neural differentiation in the mouse embryo. Dev Biol. 2006;295:743-55 pubmed
    After implantation, mouse embryos deficient for the activity of the transforming growth factor-beta member Nodal fail to form both the mesoderm and the definitive endoderm...
  25. Hart A, Hartley L, Sourris K, Stadler E, Li R, Stanley E, et al. Mixl1 is required for axial mesendoderm morphogenesis and patterning in the murine embryo. Development. 2002;129:3597-608 pubmed
    ..Mixl1 is therefore required for the morphogenesis of axial mesoderm, the heart and the gut during embryogenesis. ..
  26. Bianco C, Adkins H, Wechselberger C, Seno M, Normanno N, De Luca A, et al. Cripto-1 activates nodal- and ALK4-dependent and -independent signaling pathways in mammary epithelial Cells. Mol Cell Biol. 2002;22:2586-97 pubmed
    ..Recently, EGF-CFC proteins were implicated as essential signaling cofactors for Nodal, a transforming growth factor beta family member whose expression has previously been defined as embryo specific...
  27. Granier C, Gurchenkov V, Perea Gomez A, Camus A, Ott S, Papanayotou C, et al. Nodal cis-regulatory elements reveal epiblast and primitive endoderm heterogeneity in the peri-implantation mouse embryo. Dev Biol. 2011;349:350-62 pubmed publisher
    b>Nodal, a secreted factor known for its conserved functions in cell-fate specification and the establishment of embryonic axes, is also required in mammals to maintain the pluripotency of the epiblast, the tissue that gives rise to all ..
  28. Takaoka K, Yamamoto M, Shiratori H, Meno C, Rossant J, Saijoh Y, et al. The mouse embryo autonomously acquires anterior-posterior polarity at implantation. Dev Cell. 2006;10:451-9 pubmed
    ..Here we report an asymmetry in the mouse embryo at an unexpectedly early stage. The gene for Lefty1, a Nodal antagonist that influences the direction of DVE migration, was found to be asymmetrically expressed in the ..
  29. Brennan J, Lu C, Norris D, Rodriguez T, Beddington R, Robertson E. Nodal signalling in the epiblast patterns the early mouse embryo. Nature. 2001;411:965-9 pubmed
    ..The transforming growth factor-beta family member Nodal is known to be required for formation of the anterior-posterior axis...
  30. Ben Haim N, Lu C, Guzman Ayala M, Pescatore L, Mesnard D, Bischofberger M, et al. The nodal precursor acting via activin receptors induces mesoderm by maintaining a source of its convertases and BMP4. Dev Cell. 2006;11:313-23 pubmed
    ..Furin and PACE4 pattern the primitive ectoderm and visceral endoderm, presumably by activating the TGFss-related Nodal precursor...
  31. Blum M, Andre P, Muders K, Schweickert A, Fischer A, Bitzer E, et al. Ciliation and gene expression distinguish between node and posterior notochord in the mammalian embryo. Differentiation. 2007;75:133-46 pubmed
    ..Expression of Nodal, a gene intricately involved in the determination of vertebrate laterality, delineates the wide plate-like ..
  32. Oki S, Kitajima K, Marques S, Belo J, Yokoyama T, Hamada H, et al. Reversal of left-right asymmetry induced by aberrant Nodal signaling in the node of mouse embryos. Development. 2009;136:3917-25 pubmed publisher
    ..In the node of wild-type embryos, the expression of Nodal and Cerl2 (Dand5), which encodes an inhibitor of Nodal, is asymmetric, with the level of Nodal expression being ..
  33. Hueng D, Lin G, Huang S, Liu L, Ju D, Chen Y, et al. Inhibition of Nodal suppresses angiogenesis and growth of human gliomas. J Neurooncol. 2011;104:21-31 pubmed publisher
    ..We previously reported that expression levels of Nodal, a member of transforming growth factor-? super family, correlate with the malignant invasive behavior of human ..
  34. Shawlot W, Behringer R. Requirement for Lim1 in head-organizer function. Nature. 1995;374:425-30 pubmed
    ..A partial secondary axis developed anteriorly in some mutant embryos. Lim1 is thus an essential regulator of the vertebrate head organizer. ..
  35. Pennekamp P, Karcher C, Fischer A, Schweickert A, Skryabin B, Horst J, et al. The ion channel polycystin-2 is required for left-right axis determination in mice. Curr Biol. 2002;12:938-43 pubmed
    Generation of laterality depends on a pathway which involves the asymmetrically expressed genes nodal, Ebaf, Leftb, and Pitx2. In mouse, node monocilia are required upstream of the nodal cascade...
  36. Huangfu D, Liu A, Rakeman A, Murcia N, Niswander L, Anderson K. Hedgehog signalling in the mouse requires intraflagellar transport proteins. Nature. 2003;426:83-7 pubmed
    ..Our data show that IFT machinery has an essential and vertebrate-specific role in Hedgehog signal transduction. ..
  37. Beck S, Le Good J, Guzman M, Ben Haim N, Roy K, Beermann F, et al. Extraembryonic proteases regulate Nodal signalling during gastrulation. Nat Cell Biol. 2002;4:981-5 pubmed
    ..This process is triggered by Nodal, a protein related to transforming growth factor-beta (TFG-beta) that is expressed in the epiblast and visceral ..
  38. Tanaka C, Sakuma R, Nakamura T, Hamada H, Saijoh Y. Long-range action of Nodal requires interaction with GDF1. Genes Dev. 2007;21:3272-82 pubmed
    ..observations, we now show that GDF1 itself is not an effective ligand but rather functions as a coligand for Nodal. GDF1 directly interacts with Nodal and thereby greatly increases its specific activity...
  39. Brennan J, Norris D, Robertson E. Nodal activity in the node governs left-right asymmetry. Genes Dev. 2002;16:2339-44 pubmed
    b>Nodal is expressed at the lateral edges of the mouse node, but its function in this "organizer" tissue remains unknown due to the early lethality of Nodal mutant embryos...
  40. Powers S, Taniguchi K, Yen W, Melhuish T, Shen J, Walsh C, et al. Tgif1 and Tgif2 regulate Nodal signaling and are required for gastrulation. Development. 2010;137:249-59 pubmed publisher
    ..TGIF1 are associated with holoprosencephaly, but it is unclear whether this is a result of deregulation of TGFbeta/Nodal signaling, or of effects on other pathways...
  41. Meno C, Shimono A, Saijoh Y, Yashiro K, Mochida K, Ohishi S, et al. lefty-1 is required for left-right determination as a regulator of lefty-2 and nodal. Cell. 1998;94:287-97 pubmed
    lefty-1, lefty-2, and nodal are expressed on the left side of developing mouse embryos and are implicated in left-right (L-R) determination. The role of lefty-1 was examined by analyzing mutant mice lacking this gene...
  42. Murray S, Gridley T. Snail family genes are required for left-right asymmetry determination, but not neural crest formation, in mice. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006;103:10300-10304 pubmed publisher
  43. Norris D, Robertson E. Asymmetric and node-specific nodal expression patterns are controlled by two distinct cis-acting regulatory elements. Genes Dev. 1999;13:1575-88 pubmed
    The TGFbeta-related molecule Nodal is required for establishment of the anterior-posterior (A-P) and left-right (L-R) body axes of the vertebrate embryo...
  44. Adachi H, Saijoh Y, Mochida K, Ohishi S, Hashiguchi H, Hirao A, et al. Determination of left/right asymmetric expression of nodal by a left side-specific enhancer with sequence similarity to a lefty-2 enhancer. Genes Dev. 1999;13:1589-600 pubmed
    The nodal gene is expressed on the left side of developing mouse embryos and is implicated in left/right (L-R) axis formation. The transcriptional regulatory regions of nodal have now been investigated by transgenic analysis...
  45. Conlon F, Barth K, Robertson E. A novel retrovirally induced embryonic lethal mutation in the mouse: assessment of the developmental fate of embryonic stem cells homozygous for the 413.d proviral integration. Development. 1991;111:969-81 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that the homozygous mutant cells can be effectively 'rescued' by the presence of wild-type cells in a carrier embryo. ..
  46. Kelber J, Shani G, Booker E, Vale W, Gray P. Cripto is a noncompetitive activin antagonist that forms analogous signaling complexes with activin and nodal. J Biol Chem. 2008;283:4490-500 pubmed
    ..Cripto is required for signaling by certain transforming growth factor-beta superfamily members, such as Nodal, but also antagonizes others, such as activin...
  47. Migeotte I, Omelchenko T, Hall A, Anderson K. Rac1-dependent collective cell migration is required for specification of the anterior-posterior body axis of the mouse. PLoS Biol. 2010;8:e1000442 pubmed publisher
    ..The anterior visceral endoderm (AVE) is a cluster of extra-embryonic cells that secretes inhibitors of the Wnt and Nodal pathways to inhibit posterior development...
  48. Marques S, Borges A, Silva A, Freitas S, Cordenonsi M, Belo J. The activity of the Nodal antagonist Cerl-2 in the mouse node is required for correct L/R body axis. Genes Dev. 2004;18:2342-7 pubmed
    ..left/right (L/R) body asymmetry in the mouse embryo requires asymmetric activation of the evolutionarily conserved Nodal signaling cascade in the left lateral plate mesoderm (L-LPM)...
  49. Krebs L, Iwai N, Nonaka S, Welsh I, Lan Y, Jiang R, et al. Notch signaling regulates left-right asymmetry determination by inducing Nodal expression. Genes Dev. 2003;17:1207-12 pubmed
    ..plays a primary role in the establishment of left-right asymmetry in mice by directly regulating expression of the Nodal gene...
  50. Andersson O, Bertolino P, Ibanez C. Distinct and cooperative roles of mammalian Vg1 homologs GDF1 and GDF3 during early embryonic development. Dev Biol. 2007;311:500-11 pubmed
    ..Unexpectedly, co-expression with Nodal - another TGF-beta superfamily ligand involved in mesoderm formation - could also expose the activities of native ..
  51. Yamanaka Y, Tamplin O, Beckers A, Gossler A, Rossant J. Live imaging and genetic analysis of mouse notochord formation reveals regional morphogenetic mechanisms. Dev Cell. 2007;13:884-96 pubmed
    ..Therefore, we propose three distinct regions within the mouse notochord, each with unique morphogenetic origins...
  52. Ma Y, Erkner A, Gong R, Yao S, Taipale J, Basler K, et al. Hedgehog-mediated patterning of the mammalian embryo requires transporter-like function of dispatched. Cell. 2002;111:63-75 pubmed
    ..This activity is disrupted by alteration of residues functionally conserved in Patched and in a related family of bacterial transmembrane transporters, thus suggesting similar mechanisms of action for all of these proteins. ..
  53. Zhou X, Sasaki H, Lowe L, Hogan B, Kuehn M. Nodal is a novel TGF-beta-like gene expressed in the mouse node during gastrulation. Nature. 1993;361:543-7 pubmed
    ..Our findings suggest that this gene, named nodal, encodes a signalling molecule essential for mesoderm formation and subsequent organization of axial structures in ..
  54. Jörnvall H, Reissmann E, Andersson O, Mehrkash M, Ibanez C. ALK7, a receptor for nodal, is dispensable for embryogenesis and left-right patterning in the mouse. Mol Cell Biol. 2004;24:9383-9 pubmed
    ..development depend upon selected members of the transforming growth factor beta superfamily, particularly Nodal and Nodal-related ligands...
  55. Oki S, Hashimoto R, Okui Y, Shen M, Mekada E, Otani H, et al. Sulfated glycosaminoglycans are necessary for Nodal signal transmission from the node to the left lateral plate in the mouse embryo. Development. 2007;134:3893-904 pubmed the mouse results from leftward fluid flow in the node cavity and subsequent left-sided expression of Nodal in the lateral plate mesoderm (LPM)...
  56. Maisonneuve C, Guilleret I, Vick P, Weber T, Andre P, Beyer T, et al. Bicaudal C, a novel regulator of Dvl signaling abutting RNA-processing bodies, controls cilia orientation and leftward flow. Development. 2009;136:3019-30 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest a model whereby BicC links the orientation of cilia with PCP, possibly by regulating RNA silencing in P-bodies. ..
  57. Zhang X, Ramalho Santos M, McMahon A. Smoothened mutants reveal redundant roles for Shh and Ihh signaling including regulation of L/R symmetry by the mouse node. Cell. 2001;106:781-92 pubmed
    ..Further, we demonstrate an absolute requirement for Hedgehog signaling in sclerotomal development and a role in cardiac morphogenesis. ..
  58. Zhang X, Ramalho Santos M, McMahon A. Smoothened mutants reveal redundant roles for Shh and Ihh signaling including regulation of L/R asymmetry by the mouse node. Cell. 2001;105:781-92 pubmed
    ..Further, we demonstrate an absolute requirement for Hedgehog signaling in sclerotomal development and a role in cardiac morphogenesis.[Dedicated to Rosa Beddington, a pioneer in mammalian embryology]. ..
  59. Yamamoto M, Meno C, Sakai Y, Shiratori H, Mochida K, Ikawa Y, et al. The transcription factor FoxH1 (FAST) mediates Nodal signaling during anterior-posterior patterning and node formation in the mouse. Genes Dev. 2001;15:1242-56 pubmed
    FoxH1 (FAST) is a transcription factor that mediates signaling by transforming growth factor-beta, Activin, and Nodal. The role of FoxH1 in development has now been investigated by the generation and analysis of FoxH1-deficient (FoxH1(-/-..
  60. Takenaga M, Fukumoto M, Hori Y. Regulated Nodal signaling promotes differentiation of the definitive endoderm and mesoderm from ES cells. J Cell Sci. 2007;120:2078-90 pubmed
    b>Nodal signaling induces the formation of the endoderm and mesoderm during gastrulation. Nodal expression persists until the definitive endoderm progenitor has completely formed, and disappears thereafter...
  61. Yan Y, Liu J, Luo Y, E C, Haltiwanger R, Abate Shen C, et al. Dual roles of Cripto as a ligand and coreceptor in the nodal signaling pathway. Mol Cell Biol. 2002;22:4439-49 pubmed
    ..that has been implicated in the signaling pathway for the transforming growth factor beta (TGF beta) ligand Nodal. Although recent findings in frog and fish embryos have suggested that EGF-CFC proteins function as coreceptors ..
  62. Chazaud C, Rossant J. Disruption of early proximodistal patterning and AVE formation in Apc mutants. Development. 2006;133:3379-87 pubmed
    ..Both Nodal and Wnt signaling pathways are involved in these events...
  63. Meyers E, Martin G. Differences in left-right axis pathways in mouse and chick: functions of FGF8 and SHH. Science. 1999;285:403-6 pubmed
    ..In the mouse FGF8 is a left determinant and Sonic Hedgehog is required to prevent left determinants from being expressed on the right. ..
  64. Souquet B, Tourpin S, Messiaen S, Moison D, Habert R, Livera G. Nodal signaling regulates the entry into meiosis in fetal germ cells. Endocrinology. 2012;153:2466-73 pubmed publisher
    ..We investigated the involvement of the TGF-? family members in fetal germ cell meiosis initiation. Nodal, a member of the TGF-? family, and its target genes are precociously expressed in embryonic gonads and show sexual ..
  65. Galvin K, Travis E, Yee D, Magnuson T, Vivian J. Nodal signaling regulates the bone morphogenic protein pluripotency pathway in mouse embryonic stem cells. J Biol Chem. 2010;285:19747-56 pubmed publisher
    ..bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs) maintain pluripotency of undifferentiated mouse ES cells, the role of autocrine Nodal signaling is less clear...
  66. Hoodless P, Pye M, Chazaud C, Labbe E, Attisano L, Rossant J, et al. FoxH1 (Fast) functions to specify the anterior primitive streak in the mouse. Genes Dev. 2001;15:1257-71 pubmed
    ..Activin/nodal signaling through the Smad2 pathway has been implicated in AVE formation and in morphogenesis of the primitive ..
  67. GARCIA GARCIA M, Shibata M, Anderson K. Chato, a KRAB zinc-finger protein, regulates convergent extension in the mouse embryo. Development. 2008;135:3053-62 pubmed publisher
  68. Tavares A, Andrade S, Silva A, Belo J. Cerberus is a feedback inhibitor of Nodal asymmetric signaling in the chick embryo. Development. 2007;134:2051-60 pubmed
    The TGF-beta-related molecule Nodal plays an essential and conserved role in left-right patterning of the vertebrate embryo...
  69. Meno C, Gritsman K, Ohishi S, Ohfuji Y, Heckscher E, Mochida K, et al. Mouse Lefty2 and zebrafish antivin are feedback inhibitors of nodal signaling during vertebrate gastrulation. Mol Cell. 1999;4:287-98 pubmed
    ..expanded primitive streak and form excess mesoderm, a phenotype opposite to that of mutants for the TGF beta gene nodal. Analogously, overexpression of Antivin or Lefty2 in zebrafish embryos blocks head and trunk mesoderm formation, a ..
  70. Hadjantonakis A, Pisano E, Papaioannou V. Tbx6 regulates left/right patterning in mouse embryos through effects on nodal cilia and perinodal signaling. PLoS ONE. 2008;3:e2511 pubmed publisher
    ..a direct target of Tbx6, is down regulated around the node in Tbx6 mutants and there is a subsequent decrease in nodal signaling, which is required for laterality determination...