Gene Symbol: Nfatc4
Description: nuclear factor of activated T cells, cytoplasmic, calcineurin dependent 4
Alias: 3110041H08Rik, AW107667, AW546455, Nfat3, nuclear factor of activated T-cells, cytoplasmic 4, NF-AT3, NF-ATc4, NFATc4, T-cell transcription factor NFAT3, nfatc4, transcription complex subunit NF-ATc4
Species: mouse
Products:     Nfatc4

Top Publications

  1. Wilkins B, De Windt L, Bueno O, Braz J, Glascock B, Kimball T, et al. Targeted disruption of NFATc3, but not NFATc4, reveals an intrinsic defect in calcineurin-mediated cardiac hypertrophic growth. Mol Cell Biol. 2002;22:7603-13 pubmed
    ..Accordingly, mice with targeted disruptions in NFATc3 and NFATc4 genes were characterized...
  2. Bushdid P, Osinska H, Waclaw R, Molkentin J, Yutzey K. NFATc3 and NFATc4 are required for cardiac development and mitochondrial function. Circ Res. 2003;92:1305-13 pubmed
    ..In this report, the function of NFATc3 and NFATc4 in embryonic heart development was examined in mice with targeted disruption of both nfatc3 and nfatc4 genes...
  3. Challen G, Gardiner B, Caruana G, Kostoulias X, Martinez G, Crowe M, et al. Temporal and spatial transcriptional programs in murine kidney development. Physiol Genomics. 2005;23:159-71 pubmed
  4. Arron J, Winslow M, Polleri A, Chang C, Wu H, Gao X, et al. NFAT dysregulation by increased dosage of DSCR1 and DYRK1A on chromosome 21. Nature. 2006;441:595-600 pubmed
    ..More generally, these observations suggest that the destabilization of regulatory circuits can underlie human disease. ..
  5. Yang T, Xiong Q, Enslen H, Davis R, Chow C. Phosphorylation of NFATc4 by p38 mitogen-activated protein kinases. Mol Cell Biol. 2002;22:3892-904 pubmed
    ..Here we demonstrate that NFATc4 is phosphorylated by p38 mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase but not by JNK...
  6. Graef I, Wang F, Charron F, Chen L, Neilson J, Tessier Lavigne M, et al. Neurotrophins and netrins require calcineurin/NFAT signaling to stimulate outgrowth of embryonic axons. Cell. 2003;113:657-70 pubmed
    ..Neurotrophins and netrins stimulate calcineurin-dependent nuclear localization of NFATc4 and activation of NFAT-mediated gene transcription in cultured primary neurons...
  7. Chang C, Neilson J, Bayle J, Gestwicki J, Kuo A, Stankunas K, et al. A field of myocardial-endocardial NFAT signaling underlies heart valve morphogenesis. Cell. 2004;118:649-63 pubmed
    ..This mechanism also operates in zebrafish, indicating a conserved role for calcineurin/NFAT signaling in vertebrate heart valve morphogenesis. ..
  8. Graef I, Gastier J, Francke U, Crabtree G. Evolutionary relationships among Rel domains indicate functional diversification by recombination. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2001;98:5740-5 pubmed
  9. Bradley K, Groth R, Mermelstein P. Immunolocalization of NFATc4 in the adult mouse brain. J Neurosci Res. 2005;82:762-70 pubmed
    b>NFATc4 has recently been identified as playing an important role in variety of activity-dependent neuronal processes, including hippocampal plasticity, axonal growth, neuronal survival, and apoptosis...

More Information


  1. Schubert W, Yang X, Yang T, Factor S, Lisanti M, Molkentin J, et al. Requirement of transcription factor NFAT in developing atrial myocardium. J Cell Biol. 2003;161:861-74 pubmed
    ..Thus, regulation of cytoskeletal protein gene expression by NFAT may be important for the structural architecture of the developing atrial myocardium. ..
  2. Song L, Li J, Ye J, Yu G, Ding J, Zhang D, et al. p85alpha acts as a novel signal transducer for mediation of cellular apoptotic response to UV radiation. Mol Cell Biol. 2007;27:2713-31 pubmed
    ..Further evidence demonstrated that the inducible transcription factor NFAT3 was the major downstream target of p85alpha for the mediation of UVR-induced apoptosis and TNF-alpha gene ..
  3. Mizuno K, Kurokawa K, Ohkuma S. Regulation of type 1 IP? receptor expression by dopamine D2-like receptors via AP-1 and NFATc4 activation. Neuropharmacology. 2013;71:264-72 pubmed publisher
    ..that quinpirole increased expression of both cFos and phosphorylated-cJun in nucleus and enhanced translocation of NFATc4 complex to nucleus from cytoplasm...
  4. Herum K, Lunde I, Skrbic B, Florholmen G, Behmen D, Sjaastad I, et al. Syndecan-4 signaling via NFAT regulates extracellular matrix production and cardiac myofibroblast differentiation in response to mechanical stress. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2013;54:73-81 pubmed publisher
    ..Following cyclic stretch, NFATc4 was activated in cardiac fibroblasts in a syndecan-4- and calcineurin-dependent manner...
  5. Chandrasekar B, Patel D, Mummidi S, Kim J, Clark R, Valente A. Interleukin-18 suppresses adiponectin expression in 3T3-L1 adipocytes via a novel signal transduction pathway involving ERK1/2-dependent NFATc4 phosphorylation. J Biol Chem. 2008;283:4200-9 pubmed
    ..IL-18 suppresses adiponectin promoter-reporter activity, an effect reversed by deletion or mutation of the NFATc4 core DNA-binding site...
  6. Zetterqvist A, Blanco F, Öhman J, Kotova O, Berglund L, de Frutos Garcia S, et al. Nuclear factor of activated T cells is activated in the endothelium of retinal microvessels in diabetic mice. J Diabetes Res. 2015;2015:428473 pubmed publisher
    ..Results identify NFAT signaling as a putative target for treatment of microvascular complications in diabetes. ..
  7. Li J, Song L, Zhang D, Wei L, Huang C. Knockdown of NFAT3 blocked TPA-induced COX-2 and iNOS expression, and enhanced cell transformation in Cl41 cells. J Cell Biochem. 2006;99:1010-20 pubmed
    ..In this study, we used a small interfering RNA (siRNA) expression construct to study the role of NFAT3 in the 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (TPA)-induced cell transformation with the tumor promotion-sensitive ..
  8. Kim H, Kumar A, Wang L, Liu G, Keller S, Lawrence J, et al. Lipin 1 represses NFATc4 transcriptional activity in adipocytes to inhibit secretion of inflammatory factors. Mol Cell Biol. 2010;30:3126-39 pubmed publisher
    ..We describe here the functional interaction between lipin 1 and the nuclear factor of activated T cells c4 (NFATc4)...
  9. Quadrato G, Benevento M, Alber S, Jacob C, Floriddia E, Nguyen T, et al. Nuclear factor of activated T cells (NFATc4) is required for BDNF-dependent survival of adult-born neurons and spatial memory formation in the hippocampus. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012;109:E1499-508 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we provide evidence of the expression and transcriptional activity of nuclear factor of activated T cell c4 (NFATc4) in hippocampal progenitor cells...
  10. Wu H, Kao S, Barrientos T, Baldwin S, Olson E, Crabtree G, et al. Down syndrome critical region-1 is a transcriptional target of nuclear factor of activated T cells-c1 within the endocardium during heart development. J Biol Chem. 2007;282:30673-9 pubmed
    ..Thus, our studies indicate that the DSCR1 gene is a direct transcriptional target of NFATc1 proteins within the endocardium during a critical window of heart valve formation. ..
  11. Lejard V, Brideau G, Blais F, Salingcarnboriboon R, Wagner G, Roehrl M, et al. Scleraxis and NFATc regulate the expression of the pro-alpha1(I) collagen gene in tendon fibroblasts. J Biol Chem. 2007;282:17665-75 pubmed
    ..This led us to show that the NFATc4 gene is expressed in tendons of developing mouse limbs and in TT-D6 cells, a cell line that has characteristics of ..
  12. Tsika R, Ma L, Kehat I, Schramm C, Simmer G, Morgan B, et al. TEAD-1 overexpression in the mouse heart promotes an age-dependent heart dysfunction. J Biol Chem. 2010;285:13721-35 pubmed publisher
    ..These data provide the first in vivo evidence that increased TEAD-1 can induce characteristics of cardiac remodeling associated with cardiomyopathy and heart failure. ..
  13. Li Q, Lin X, Yang X, Chang J. NFATc4 is negatively regulated in miR-133a-mediated cardiomyocyte hypertrophic repression. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2010;298:H1340-7 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we determined that NFATc4, a hypertrophy-associated mediator, is negatively regulated by miR-133a...
  14. Mlih M, Abdulrahman N, Gadeau A, Mohamed I, Jaballah M, Mraiche F. Na(+)/H (+) exchanger isoform 1 induced osteopontin expression in cardiomyocytes involves NFAT3/Gata4. Mol Cell Biochem. 2015;404:211-20 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, our results indicated that activation of NHE1-induced NFAT3 translocation into the nucleus and a significant activation of the transcription factor Gata4 (NHE1: 149 ± 28 % ..
  15. Kurabayashi N, Sanada K. Increased dosage of DYRK1A and DSCR1 delays neuronal differentiation in neocortical progenitor cells. Genes Dev. 2013;27:2708-21 pubmed publisher
    ..In sum, our findings suggest that dosage of DYRK1A and DSCR1 is critical for proper neurogenesis through NFATc and provide a potential mechanism to explain the neurodevelopmental defects in DS. ..
  16. Cho Y, Yao K, Bode A, Bergen H, Madden B, Oh S, et al. RSK2 mediates muscle cell differentiation through regulation of NFAT3. J Biol Chem. 2007;282:8380-92 pubmed ERK downstream kinase, is a novel mediator of skeletal muscle cell differentiation through its regulation of NFAT3 activity...
  17. Mei Z, Yan P, Tan X, Zheng S, Situ B. Transcriptional regulation of BACE1 by NFAT3 leads to enhanced amyloidogenic processing. Neurochem Res. 2015;40:829-36 pubmed publisher
    ..In this report we found that both BACE1 and NFAT3 levels were significantly increased in the brains of APP/PS1 transgenic mice...
  18. Luoma J, Zirpel L. Deafferentation-induced activation of NFAT (nuclear factor of activated T-cells) in cochlear nucleus neurons during a developmental critical period: a role for NFATc4-dependent apoptosis in the CNS. J Neurosci. 2008;28:3159-69 pubmed publisher in vivo cochlea removal results in rapid nuclear translocation and activation of the transcription factor NFATc4 (nuclear factor of activated T-cells isoform 4)...
  19. Gómez Sintes R, Lucas J. NFAT/Fas signaling mediates the neuronal apoptosis and motor side effects of GSK-3 inhibition in a mouse model of lithium therapy. J Clin Invest. 2010;120:2432-45 pubmed publisher
  20. Ding B, Wang W, Selvakumar T, Xi H, Zhu H, Chow C, et al. Temporal regulation of nuclear factor one occupancy by calcineurin/NFAT governs a voltage-sensitive developmental switch in late maturing neurons. J Neurosci. 2013;33:2860-72 pubmed publisher
    ..the CaN/nuclear factor of activated T-cells, cytoplasmic (NFATc) pathway and promotion of late-gene occupancy by NFATc4, and these mechanisms inhibited dendritogenesis...
  21. Yan F, Li W, Zhou H, Wu Y, Ying S, Chen Z, et al. Interleukin-13-induced MUC5AC expression is regulated by a PI3K-NFAT3 pathway in mouse tracheal epithelial cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2014;446:49-53 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we showed that IL-13 specifically induced NFAT3 activation through promoting its dephosphorylation in air-liquid interface (ALI) cultures of mouse tracheal ..
  22. Kim H, Kong M, Kim T, Suh Y, Kim W, Lim J, et al. NFATc4 and ATF3 negatively regulate adiponectin gene expression in 3T3-L1 adipocytes. Diabetes. 2006;55:1342-52 pubmed
    ..nuclear factor of activated T-cells (NFATs) binding site increased the promoter activity, and overexpression of NFATc4 reduced the promoter activity...
  23. Steinacker P, Schwarz P, Reim K, Brechlin P, Jahn O, Kratzin H, et al. Unchanged survival rates of 14-3-3gamma knockout mice after inoculation with pathological prion protein. Mol Cell Biol. 2005;25:1339-46 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that 14-3-3gamma is unlikely to play a causal role in CJD and related diseases. ..
  24. Yao J, Zhao Q, Liu D, Chow C, Mei Y. Neuritin Up-regulates Kv4.2 ?-Subunit of Potassium Channel Expression and Affects Neuronal Excitability by Regulating the Calcium-Calcineurin-NFATc4 Signaling Pathway. J Biol Chem. 2016;291:17369-81 pubmed publisher
    ..2 expression and IA densities; this effect was sensitive to CaN inhibition and was eliminated in Nfatc4(-/-) mice but not in Nfatc2(-/-) mice...
  25. Kao S, Wu H, Xie J, Chang C, Ranish J, Graef I, et al. Calcineurin/NFAT signaling is required for neuregulin-regulated Schwann cell differentiation. Science. 2009;323:651-4 pubmed publisher
    ..Purification of NFAT protein complexes shows that Sox10 is an NFAT nuclear partner and synergizes with NFATc4 to activate Krox20, which regulates genes necessary for myelination...
  26. Nguyen T, Lindner R, Tedeschi A, Forsberg K, Green A, Wuttke A, et al. NFAT-3 is a transcriptional repressor of the growth-associated protein 43 during neuronal maturation. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:18816-23 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, our data reveal an unexpected role for NFAT-3 as a direct transcriptional repressor of GAP-43 expression and suggest a more general role for NFAT-3 in the control of the neuronal outgrowth program. ..
  27. Li J, Lu H, Huang C. NFAT3 is required for EGF-induced COX-2 transcription, but neither iNOS transcription nor cell transformation in Cl 41 cells. Mol Cell Biochem. 2006;289:73-82 pubmed
    ..This study addressed a potential role of nuclear factor of activated T cells 3 (NFAT3) in EGF-induced COX-2 and iNOS transcription and cell transformation in mouse epidermal Cl 41 cells...
  28. Huang T, Xie Z, Wang J, Li M, Jing N, Li L. Nuclear factor of activated T cells (NFAT) proteins repress canonical Wnt signaling via its interaction with Dishevelled (Dvl) protein and participate in regulating neural progenitor cell proliferation and differentiation. J Biol Chem. 2011;286:37399-405 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings suggest that NFAT negatively regulates canonical Wnt/?-catenin signaling by binding to Dvl, thereby participating in vertebrate neurogenesis. ..
  29. Wang D, Fasciano S, Li L. The interleukin-1 receptor associated kinase 1 contributes to the regulation of NFAT. Mol Immunol. 2008;45:3902-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Expression of IRAK-1 suppressed NFAT reporter activity. Correspondingly, the levels of both nuclear NFATc1 and NFATc4 were constitutively elevated in IRAK-1-/- cells...
  30. Sue Y, Chou H, Chang C, Yang N, Chou Y, Juan S. L-carnitine protects against carboplatin-mediated renal injury: AMPK- and PPAR?-dependent inactivation of NFAT3. PLoS ONE. 2014;9:e104079 pubmed publisher
    ..and apoptosis in renal tubular cells (RTCs) through the activation of the nuclear factor of activated T cells-3 (NFAT3) protein by reactive oxygen species (ROS), and that the ROS-mediated activation of NFAT3 is prevented by N-acetyl ..
  31. Zeini M, Hang C, Lehrer Graiwer J, Dao T, Zhou B, Chang C. Spatial and temporal regulation of coronary vessel formation by calcineurin-NFAT signaling. Development. 2009;136:3335-45 pubmed publisher
  32. Quadrato G, Elnaggar M, Duman C, Sabino A, Forsberg K, Di Giovanni S. Modulation of GABAA receptor signaling increases neurogenesis and suppresses anxiety through NFATc4. J Neurosci. 2014;34:8630-45 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we identify NFATc4 as a key activity-dependent transcriptional regulator of GABA signaling in hippocampal progenitor cells via an ..
  33. Burn S, Webb A, Berry R, Davies J, Ferrer Vaquer A, Hadjantonakis A, et al. Calcium/NFAT signalling promotes early nephrogenesis. Dev Biol. 2011;352:288-98 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that the non-canonical Calcium/NFAT Wnt signalling pathway plays an important role in early mammalian renal development and is required for complete MET during nephrogenesis, potentially acting downstream of Wnt4. ..
  34. Yang T, Suk H, Yang X, Olabisi O, Yu R, Durand J, et al. Role of transcription factor NFAT in glucose and insulin homeostasis. Mol Cell Biol. 2006;26:7372-87 pubmed
    ..Expression of two members of the NFAT family (NFATc2 and NFATc4) is induced upon adipogenesis and in obese mice...
  35. Ramakrishna S, Kim I, Petrovic V, Malin D, Wang I, Kalin T, et al. Myocardium defects and ventricular hypoplasia in mice homozygous null for the Forkhead Box M1 transcription factor. Dev Dyn. 2007;236:1000-13 pubmed
    ..Foxm1 regulates expression of genes essential for the proliferation of cardiomyocytes during heart development. ..
  36. Ouyang W, Hu Y, Li J, Ding M, Lu Y, Zhang D, et al. Direct evidence for the critical role of NFAT3 in benzo[a]pyrene diol-epoxide-induced cell transformation through mediation of inflammatory cytokine TNF induction in mouse epidermal Cl41 cells. Carcinogenesis. 2007;28:2218-26 pubmed
    ..To provide direct evidence for NFAT3 in the environmental carcinogen-caused carcinogenic effect, (+/-)-benzo[a]pyrene-7,8-diol-9,10-epoxide (B[a]PDE), ..
  37. Long C, Butler S, Fesi J, Frank C, Canning D, Zderic S. Genetic or pharmacologic disruption of the calcineurin-nuclear factor of activated T-cells axis prevents social stress-induced voiding dysfunction in a murine model. J Pediatr Urol. 2014;10:598-604 pubmed publisher
    ..NFATc3, NFATc4 knockout (KO) and wild-type (WT) mice were studied...
  38. Nicholson C, Lambert J, Chow C, Lefer D, Calvert J. Chronic exercise downregulates myocardial myoglobin and attenuates nitrite reductase capacity during ischemia-reperfusion. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2013;64:1-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Additionally, these results suggest that the modest infarct sparing effects of VE are the result of a decrease in the hearts ability to reduce nitrite to nitric oxide during MI/R. ..
  39. Alfieri C, Evans Anderson H, Yutzey K. Developmental regulation of the mouse IGF-I exon 1 promoter region by calcineurin activation of NFAT in skeletal muscle. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2007;292:C1887-94 pubmed
    ..skeletal muscle, and its embryonic expression is significantly reduced in embryos lacking both NFATc3 and NFATc4. During development, the IGF-I exon 1 promoter is active in multiple organ systems, including skeletal muscle, ..
  40. Vihma H, Pruunsild P, Timmusk T. Alternative splicing and expression of human and mouse NFAT genes. Genomics. 2008;92:279-91 pubmed publisher
    Four members of the nuclear factor of activated T cells (NFAT) family (NFATC1, NFATC2, NFATC3, and NFATC4) are Ca(2+)-regulated transcription factors that regulate several processes in vertebrates, including the development and function ..
  41. Uchida K, Aramaki M, Nakazawa M, Yamagishi C, Makino S, Fukuda K, et al. Gene knock-outs of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors types 1 and 2 result in perturbation of cardiogenesis. PLoS ONE. 2010;5: pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest an essential role for IP3Rs in cardiogenesis in part through the regulation of calcineurin-NFAT signaling. ..
  42. Dong W, Li Y, Li X, Hu M, Aodengqimuge -, Sun L, et al. p85? mediates NFAT3-dependent VEGF induction in the cellular UVB response. J Cell Sci. 2013;126:1317-22 pubmed publisher
    ..The transcriptional factor NFAT3 functions as a downstream target of p85? to mediate the induction of VEGF expression in the UVB response...
  43. Yan Y, Li J, Ouyang W, Ma Q, Hu Y, Zhang D, et al. NFAT3 is specifically required for TNF-alpha-induced cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) expression and transformation of Cl41 cells. J Cell Sci. 2006;119:2985-94 pubmed
    ..The induction of COX-2 by TNF-alpha was abolished by knockdown of NFAT3 with its siRNA, while the induction of iNOS was not effected...
  44. Finsen A, Lunde I, Sjaastad I, Østli E, Lyngra M, Jarstadmarken H, et al. Syndecan-4 is essential for development of concentric myocardial hypertrophy via stretch-induced activation of the calcineurin-NFAT pathway. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e28302 pubmed publisher
    ..syndecan-4 or introducing a cell-permeable membrane-targeted syndecan-4 polypeptide (gain of function) activated NFATc4 in vitro. Pull-down experiments demonstrated a direct intracellular syndecan-4-calcineurin interaction...
  45. Hudry E, Wu H, Arbel Ornath M, Hashimoto T, Matsouaka R, Fan Z, et al. Inhibition of the NFAT pathway alleviates amyloid ? neurotoxicity in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. J Neurosci. 2012;32:3176-92 pubmed publisher
    ..Overall, these results suggest that NFAT/calcineurin transcriptional cascades contribute to A? synaptotoxicity, and may provide a new specific set of pathways for neuroprotective strategies. ..
  46. Vogl M, Reiprich S, Küspert M, Kosian T, Schrewe H, Nave K, et al. Sox10 cooperates with the mediator subunit 12 during terminal differentiation of myelinating glia. J Neurosci. 2013;33:6679-90 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that Sox10 functions during terminal differentiation of myelinating glia, at least in part by Med12-dependent recruitment of the Mediator complex. ..
  47. Carleton S, McBride D, Carson W, Huntington C, Twenter K, Rolwes K, et al. Role of genetic background in determining phenotypic severity throughout postnatal development and at peak bone mass in Col1a2 deficient mice (oim). Bone. 2008;42:681-94 pubmed publisher
    ..These studies indicate the importance of genetic background in determining phenotypic severity, but the presence of the proalpha2(I) collagen gene defect and age of the animal are the primary determinants of phenotypic severity. ..
  48. Ke Q, Li J, Ding J, Ding M, Wang L, Liu B, et al. Essential role of ROS-mediated NFAT activation in TNF-alpha induction by crystalline silica exposure. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2006;291:L257-64 pubmed
    ..but not H(2)O(2), was involved. The knockdown of NFAT3 by its specific small interfering RNA significantly attenuated the silica-induced TNF-alpha transcription...
  49. Moreno M, Fernández V, Monllau J, Borrell V, Lerin C, de la Iglesia N. Transcriptional Profiling of Hypoxic Neural Stem Cells Identifies Calcineurin-NFATc4 Signaling as a Major Regulator of Neural Stem Cell Biology. Stem Cell Reports. 2015;5:157-65 pubmed publisher
    ..Integration of TF target (TFT) and pathway enrichment analysis identified the calcium-regulated TF NFATc4 as a major candidate to regulate hypoxic NSC functions...
  50. Willingham A, Orth A, Batalov S, Peters E, Wen B, Aza Blanc P, et al. A strategy for probing the function of noncoding RNAs finds a repressor of NFAT. Science. 2005;309:1570-3 pubmed
  51. Hanschen M, Tajima G, O Leary F, Ikeda K, Lederer J. Injury induces early activation of T-cell receptor signaling pathways in CD4+ regulatory T cells. Shock. 2011;35:252-7 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that injury provides an early TCR-activating signal to Tregs and supply new insights into how injury influences the adaptive immune system. ..
  52. Yang T, Yu R, Agadir A, Gao G, Campos Gonzalez R, Tournier C, et al. Integration of protein kinases mTOR and extracellular signal-regulated kinase 5 in regulating nucleocytoplasmic localization of NFATc4. Mol Cell Biol. 2008;28:3489-501 pubmed publisher
    ..Using a phospho-specific monoclonal antibody, we demonstrate that mTOR phosphorylates Ser(168,170) of endogenous NFATc4, which are conserved gate-keeping Ser residues that control NFAT subcellular distribution...
  53. Budnick I, Hamburg Shields E, Chen D, Torre E, Jarrell A, Akhtar Zaidi B, et al. Defining the identity of mouse embryonic dermal fibroblasts. Genesis. 2016;54:415-30 pubmed publisher
    ..genesis 54:415-430, 2016. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. ..