Gene Symbol: Mxra8
Description: matrix-remodelling associated 8
Alias: 1200013A08Rik, 1700095D18Rik, AI131686, Asp3, Dicam, matrix remodeling-associated protein 8, matrix-remodeling-associated protein 8, adipocyte-specific protein 3, dual Ig domain containing cell adhesion molecule, limitrin
Species: mouse
Products:     Mxra8

Top Publications

  1. Jung Y, Jin J, Jeong J, Kim H, Park N, Choi J. DICAM, a novel dual immunoglobulin domain containing cell adhesion molecule interacts with alphavbeta3 integrin. J Cell Physiol. 2008;216:603-14 pubmed publisher
    ..a novel adhesion molecule that belongs to the CTX protein family and named as DICAM (Dual Ig domain containing cell adhesion molecule)...
  2. Han S, Jung Y, Lee E, Park H, Kim G, Jeong J, et al. DICAM inhibits angiogenesis via suppression of AKT and p38 MAP kinase signalling. Cardiovasc Res. 2013;98:73-82 pubmed publisher
    Dual Ig domain-containing adhesion molecule (DICAM), a protein with homology to the junctional adhesion molecule family, has been demonstrated to interact with integrin ?V?3 that plays a critical role in angiogenesis...
  3. Yonezawa T, Ohtsuka A, Yoshitaka T, Hirano S, Nomoto H, Yamamoto K, et al. Limitrin, a novel immunoglobulin superfamily protein localized to glia limitans formed by astrocyte endfeet. Glia. 2003;44:190-204 pubmed
    ..cloning of a new member of the transmembrane-type immunoglobulin superfamily and designate the encoded protein as limitrin, since it localized selectively to glia limitans in mouse brain...
  4. Jung Y, Jeong J, Ryoo H, Kim H, Kim Y, Park E, et al. Gene expression profile of human chondrocyte HCS-2/8 cell line by EST sequencing analysis. Gene. 2004;330:85-92 pubmed
    ..This finding provides a framework for understanding cell growth and differentiation of chondrocytes and their metabolic function in the formation and remodeling of cartilage. ..
  5. Jung Y, Han S, Kim G, Jeong J, Kim H, Choi J. DICAM inhibits osteoclast differentiation through attenuation of the integrin ?V?3 pathway. J Bone Miner Res. 2012;27:2024-34 pubmed publisher
    Dual immunoglobulin (Ig) domain-containing adhesion molecule (DICAM) is involved in cell-cell adhesion through a heterophilic interaction with ?V?3 integrin, which suggests that DICAM may participate in osteoclast differentiation...