Gene Symbol: Muc13
Description: mucin 13, epithelial transmembrane
Alias: 114/A10, 14/A10, AI159736, Lrrp, Ly64, NJ-1, mucin-13, MUC-13, cell surface antigen 114/A10, lymphocyte antigen 64
Species: mouse
Products:     Muc13

Top Publications

  1. Williams S, Wreschner D, Tran M, Eyre H, Sutherland G, McGuckin M. Muc13, a novel human cell surface mucin expressed by epithelial and hemopoietic cells. J Biol Chem. 2001;276:18327-36 pubmed
    ..We determined the cDNA sequence of the human orthologue of this gene, MUC13, which localizes to chromosome band 3q13.3 and generates 3...
  2. Sheng Y, Triyana S, Wang R, Das I, Gerloff K, Florin T, et al. MUC1 and MUC13 differentially regulate epithelial inflammation in response to inflammatory and infectious stimuli. Mucosal Immunol. 2013;6:557-68 pubmed publisher
    The MUC1 cell-surface mucin is highly expressed on the gastric mucosal surface, while MUC13 is highly expressed on the intestinal mucosal surface. Polymorphisms in both MUC1 and MUC13 have been linked to inflammatory bowel diseases...
  3. Sheng Y, He Y, Hasnain S, Wang R, Tong H, Clarke D, et al. MUC13 protects colorectal cancer cells from death by activating the NF-?B pathway and is a potential therapeutic target. Oncogene. 2017;36:700-713 pubmed publisher
    b>MUC13 is a transmembrane mucin glycoprotein that is over produced by many cancers, although its functions are not fully understood...
  4. Dougherty G, Kay R, Humphries R. Molecular cloning of 114/A10, a cell surface antigen containing highly conserved repeated elements, which is expressed by murine hemopoietic progenitor cells and interleukin-3-dependent cell lines. J Biol Chem. 1989;264:6509-14 pubmed
    ..The extracellular domain also contains three epidermal growth factor-like cysteine-rich repeats. The distribution and structural characteristics of the 114/A10 antigen suggest a possible regulatory role in the cellular response to IL-3. ..
  5. Miyake K, Yamashita Y, Ogata M, Sudo T, Kimoto M. RP105, a novel B cell surface molecule implicated in B cell activation, is a member of the leucine-rich repeat protein family. J Immunol. 1995;154:3333-40 pubmed
    ..These results demonstrate that RP105 is a novel member of the leucine-rich repeat protein family, and the first member that is specifically expressed on B cells. ..
  6. Tang H, Zhang X, Naruse T, Ohbo K, Suda T. Expression and function of NJ-1 surface antigen in megakaryopoiesis. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2002;292:667-74 pubmed
    ..We hypothesize that NJ-1(+)MKs are immature MKs and the NJ-1 molecule is involved in MK adhesion to endothelial cells. ..
  7. Sheng Y, Lourie R, Linden S, Jeffery P, Roche D, Tran T, et al. The MUC13 cell-surface mucin protects against intestinal inflammation by inhibiting epithelial cell apoptosis. Gut. 2011;60:1661-70 pubmed publisher
    The MUC13 transmembrane mucin is highly and constitutively expressed in the small and large intestine...
  8. Liu C, Smet A, Blaecher C, Flahou B, Ducatelle R, Lindén S, et al. Gastric de novo Muc13 expression and spasmolytic polypeptide-expressing metaplasia during Helicobacter heilmannii infection. Infect Immun. 2014;82:3227-39 pubmed publisher
    ..heilmannii-infected mice. Interestingly, Muc13 was upregulated already at 1 day postinfection in the fundus of the stomach...