Gene Symbol: Mscp
Description: solute carrier family 25, member 37
Alias: 1700020E22Rik, 4930513O14Rik, 4930526G11Rik, AI848481, C330015G08Rik, Mfrn, Mfrn1, Mscp, frascati, mitoferrin, mitoferrin-1, mitochondrial iron transporter 1, mitochondrial solute carrier protein
Species: mouse
Products:     Mscp

Top Publications

  1. Chen W, Paradkar P, Li L, Pierce E, Langer N, Takahashi Makise N, et al. Abcb10 physically interacts with mitoferrin-1 (Slc25a37) to enhance its stability and function in the erythroid mitochondria. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009;106:16263-8 pubmed publisher
    b>Mitoferrin-1 (Mfrn1; Slc25a37), a member of the solute carrier family localized in the mitochondrial inner membrane, functions as an essential iron importer for the synthesis of mitochondrial heme and iron-sulfur clusters in erythroblasts...
  2. Tallack M, Whitington T, Yuen W, Wainwright E, Keys J, Gardiner B, et al. A global role for KLF1 in erythropoiesis revealed by ChIP-seq in primary erythroid cells. Genome Res. 2010;20:1052-63 pubmed publisher
    ..Additionally, we suggest new mechanisms for KLF1 cooperation with other transcription factors, in particular the erythroid transcription factor GATA1, to maintain homeostasis in the erythroid compartment...
  3. Chung J, Anderson S, Gwynn B, Deck K, Chen M, Langer N, et al. Iron regulatory protein-1 protects against mitoferrin-1-deficient porphyria. J Biol Chem. 2014;289:7835-43 pubmed publisher
    ..In developing erythrocytes, iron is imported into the mitochondria by MFRN1 (mitoferrin-1, SLC25A37)...
  4. Troadec M, Warner D, Wallace J, Thomas K, Spangrude G, Phillips J, et al. Targeted deletion of the mouse Mitoferrin1 gene: from anemia to protoporphyria. Blood. 2011;117:5494-502 pubmed publisher
    ..We show that total deletion of Mfrn1 in embryos leads to embryonic lethality...
  5. Shaw G, Cope J, Li L, Corson K, Hersey C, Ackermann G, et al. Mitoferrin is essential for erythroid iron assimilation. Nature. 2006;440:96-100 pubmed
    ..mutated in the frs mutant is a member of the vertebrate mitochondrial solute carrier family (SLC25) that we call mitoferrin (mfrn). mfrn is highly expressed in fetal and adult haematopoietic tissues of zebrafish and mouse...
  6. Paradkar P, Zumbrennen K, Paw B, Ward D, Kaplan J. Regulation of mitochondrial iron import through differential turnover of mitoferrin 1 and mitoferrin 2. Mol Cell Biol. 2009;29:1007-16 pubmed publisher
    b>Mitoferrin 1 and mitoferrin 2 are homologous members of the mitochondrial solute carrier family. Mitoferrin 1 is required for mitochondrial iron delivery in developing erythrocytes...
  7. Chen W, Dailey H, Paw B. Ferrochelatase forms an oligomeric complex with mitoferrin-1 and Abcb10 for erythroid heme biosynthesis. Blood. 2010;116:628-30 pubmed publisher
    In erythroid cells, ferrous iron is imported into the mitochondrion by mitoferrin-1 (Mfrn1). Previously, we showed that Mfrn1 interacts with Abcb10 to enhance mitochondrial iron importation...
  8. Li Q, Eckenrode S, Ruan Q, Wang C, Shi J, McIndoe R, et al. Rapid decrease of RNA level of a novel mouse mitochondria solute carrier protein (Mscp) gene at 4-5 weeks of age. Mamm Genome. 2001;12:830-6 pubmed
    We cloned a novel mouse gene that encodes a protein with homology to the mitochondria solute carrier proteins (Mscp). The major full-length Mscp transcript contains 4112 bp of cDNA and a deduced protein of 338 amino acids...
  9. Lovas A, Radke D, Albrecht D, Yilmaz Z, Möller U, Habenicht A, et al. Differential RelA- and RelB-dependent gene transcription in LTbetaR-stimulated mouse embryonic fibroblasts. BMC Genomics. 2008;9:606 pubmed publisher
    ..Microarray analysis of LTbetaR-stimulated fibroblasts provided comprehensive insight into the transcriptional response of LTbetaR signaling and its regulation by the NF-kappaB family members RelA and RelB. ..

More Information


  1. Amigo J, Yu M, Troadec M, Gwynn B, Cooney J, Lambert A, et al. Identification of distal cis-regulatory elements at mouse mitoferrin loci using zebrafish transgenesis. Mol Cell Biol. 2011;31:1344-56 pubmed publisher
    b>Mitoferrin 1 (Mfrn1; Slc25a37) and mitoferrin 2 (Mfrn2; Slc25a28) function as essential mitochondrial iron importers for heme and Fe/S cluster biogenesis...
  2. Hyde B, Liesa M, Elorza A, Qiu W, Haigh S, Richey L, et al. The mitochondrial transporter ABC-me (ABCB10), a downstream target of GATA-1, is essential for erythropoiesis in vivo. Cell Death Differ. 2012;19:1117-26 pubmed publisher
    ..Altogether, our findings demonstrate that ABC-me is essential for erythropoiesis in vivo...
  3. Yoon D, Pastore Y, Divoky V, Liu E, Mlodnicka A, Rainey K, et al. Hypoxia-inducible factor-1 deficiency results in dysregulated erythropoiesis signaling and iron homeostasis in mouse development. J Biol Chem. 2006;281:25703-11 pubmed
    ..homeostasis, Hif1alpha-/- yolk sac and/or embryos demonstrated aberrant mRNA levels of hepcidin, Fpn1, Irp1, and frascati. We conclude that dysregulated expression of genes encoding Epo, EpoR, and iron regulatory proteins contributes ..