Gene Symbol: Mmp10
Description: matrix metallopeptidase 10
Alias: AV377895, MMP-10, SL-2, stromelysin-2, matrix metalloproteinase 10, transin-2
Species: mouse
Products:     Mmp10

Top Publications

  1. Gack S, Vallon R, Schmidt J, Grigoriadis A, Tuckermann J, Schenkel J, et al. Expression of interstitial collagenase during skeletal development of the mouse is restricted to osteoblast-like cells and hypertrophic chondrocytes. Cell Growth Differ. 1995;6:759-67 pubmed
  2. Kassim S, Gharib S, Mecham B, Birkland T, Parks W, McGuire J. Individual matrix metalloproteinases control distinct transcriptional responses in airway epithelial cells infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Infect Immun. 2007;75:5640-50 pubmed
    ..aeruginosa-infected organotypic tracheal epithelial cell cultures from wild-type, Mmp7-/-, and Mmp10-/- mice identified 2,091 matrilysin-dependent and 1,628 stromelysin-2-dependent genes that were differentially ..
  3. Chang S, Young B, Li S, Qi X, Richardson J, Olson E. Histone deacetylase 7 maintains vascular integrity by repressing matrix metalloproteinase 10. Cell. 2006;126:321-34 pubmed
    ..HDAC7 represses MMP10 gene transcription by associating with myocyte enhancer factor-2 (MEF2), a direct activator of MMP10 transcription ..
  4. Nuttall R, Sampieri C, Pennington C, Gill S, Schultz G, Edwards D. Expression analysis of the entire MMP and TIMP gene families during mouse tissue development. FEBS Lett. 2004;563:129-34 pubmed
  5. Regala R, Justilien V, Walsh M, Weems C, Khoor A, Murray N, et al. Matrix metalloproteinase-10 promotes Kras-mediated bronchio-alveolar stem cell expansion and lung cancer formation. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e26439 pubmed publisher
    b>Matrix metalloproteinase 10 (MMP-10; stromelysin 2) is a member of a large family of structurally related matrix metalloproteinases, many of which have been implicated in tumor progression, invasion and metastasis...
  6. Krampert M, Bloch W, Sasaki T, Bugnon P, Rülicke T, Wolf E, et al. Activities of the matrix metalloproteinase stromelysin-2 (MMP-10) in matrix degradation and keratinocyte organization in wounded skin. Mol Biol Cell. 2004;15:5242-54 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that a tightly regulated expression level of stromelysin-2 is required for limited matrix degradation at the wound site, thereby controlling keratinocyte migration. ..
  7. Garcia Irigoyen O, Carotti S, Latasa M, Uriarte I, Fernández Barrena M, Elizalde M, et al. Matrix metalloproteinase-10 expression is induced during hepatic injury and plays a fundamental role in liver tissue repair. Liver Int. 2014;34:e257-70 pubmed publisher
    ..We have evaluated the expression and function of MMP10 (stromelysin-2) in liver wound healing and regeneration...
  8. McMahan R, Birkland T, Smigiel K, Vandivort T, Rohani M, MANICONE A, et al. Stromelysin-2 (MMP10) Moderates Inflammation by Controlling Macrophage Activation. J Immunol. 2016;197:899-909 pubmed publisher
    ..Stromelysin-2 (MMP10) is expressed by macrophages in numerous tissues after injury; however, little is known of its function...
  9. Newby A. Metalloproteinases promote plaque rupture and myocardial infarction: A persuasive concept waiting for clinical translation. Matrix Biol. 2015;44-46:157-66 pubmed publisher
    ..Overcoming these barriers would open the way to new treatments that could have a major impact on cardiovascular mortality worldwide. ..

More Information


  1. Wu L, Chien W, Hartman M, Moussavi Harami F, Liu Y, Chin M. Regulation of MMP10 expression by the transcription factor CHF1/Hey2 is mediated by multiple E boxes. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2011;415:662-8 pubmed publisher
    ..of CHF1/Hey2 in vascular smooth muscle cells leads to dysregulated expression of the matrix metalloproteinase gene MMP10 after treatment with PDGF...
  2. Nishino K, Yamanouchi K, Naito K, Tojo H. Matrix metalloproteinases regulate mesonephric cell migration in developing XY gonads which correlates with the inhibition of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-3 by Sry. Dev Growth Differ. 2002;44:35-43 pubmed
    ..These findings are an important clue for the elucidation of testicular formation in developing gonads. ..
  3. Lijnen H, Van Hoef B, Rodriguez J, Paramo J. Stromelysin-2 (MMP-10) deficiency does not affect adipose tissue formation in a mouse model of nutritionally induced obesity. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2009;389:378-81 pubmed publisher
    ..These data indicate that MMP-10 does not significantly contribute to adipose tissue development and associated angiogenesis in a mouse model of nutritionally induced obesity. ..
  4. Wang J, Lin Y, Chen H, Kong X, Xiong H, Shen N, et al. Calcium prevents tumorigenesis in a mouse model of colorectal cancer. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e22566 pubmed publisher
    ..Microarray gene expression analysis showed that S100a9, Defa20, Mmp10, Mmp7, Ptgs2, and Ang2 were among the most downregulated genes, whereas Per3, Tef, Rnf152, and Prdx6 were ..
  5. Smith L, Wagner T, Huizar I, Schnapp L. uPARAP expression during murine lung development. Gene Expr Patterns. 2008;8:486-93 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, we compared lung development between wild-type and uPARAP(-/-) mice, and found no significant histologic differences, indicating the presence of alternative collagen degradation pathways during murine lung development. ..
  6. Van Themsche C, Alain T, Kossakowska A, Urbanski S, Potworowski E, St Pierre Y. Stromelysin-2 (matrix metalloproteinase 10) is inducible in lymphoma cells and accelerates the growth of lymphoid tumors in vivo. J Immunol. 2004;173:3605-11 pubmed
    ..In the present work, we report the up-regulated expression of MMP10 in T lymphoma cells following contact with endothelial cells...
  7. Orbe J, Barrenetxe J, Rodriguez J, Vivien D, Orset C, Parks W, et al. Matrix metalloproteinase-10 effectively reduces infarct size in experimental stroke by enhancing fibrinolysis via a thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor-mediated mechanism. Circulation. 2011;124:2909-19 pubmed publisher
    ..The effect of MMP-10 on fibrinolysis was studied in vitro and in vivo, in MMP-10-null mice (Mmp10(-/-)), with the use of 2 different murine models of arterial thrombosis: laser-induced carotid injury and ischemic ..
  8. Madlener M, Werner S. cDNA cloning and expression of the gene encoding murine stromelysin-2 (MMP-10). Gene. 1997;202:75-81 pubmed
    ..Recombinant forms of murine stromelysin-1 and -2 produced in transfected COS cells were secreted and could be induced to undergo autocatalytic processing by addition of the organomercurial salt 4-aminophenylmercuric acetate (APMA). ..
  9. Martinez de Lizarrondo S, Roncal C, Calvayrac O, Rodriguez C, Varo N, Purroy A, et al. Synergistic effect of thrombin and CD40 ligand on endothelial matrix metalloproteinase-10 expression and microparticle generation in vitro and in vivo. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2012;32:1477-87 pubmed publisher
    ..Thrombin/CD40L elicited a strong synergistic effect on endothelial MMP-10 expression and microparticles containing MMP-10 in vitro and in vivo, which may represent a new link between inflammation/thrombosis with prognostic implications. ..
  10. Chin J, Werb Z. Matrix metalloproteinases regulate morphogenesis, migration and remodeling of epithelium, tongue skeletal muscle and cartilage in the mandibular arch. Development. 1997;124:1519-30 pubmed
    ..Our data suggest that matrix metalloproteinases play a pivotal role in the morphogenesis of structures derived from epithelium (oral sulcus), cranial paraxial mesoderm (tongue) and cranial neural crest (Meckel's cartilage). ..
  11. Sanz L, Moscat J, Diaz Meco M. Molecular characterization of a novel transcription factor that controls stromelysin expression. Mol Cell Biol. 1995;15:3164-70 pubmed
    ..Therefore, the results presented here identify a novel transcription factor critically involved in the control of stromelysin expression. ..
  12. Justilien V, Regala R, Tseng I, Walsh M, Batra J, Radisky E, et al. Matrix metalloproteinase-10 is required for lung cancer stem cell maintenance, tumor initiation and metastatic potential. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e35040 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we reveal an unexpected role for Mmp10 (stromelysin 2) in the maintenance and tumorigenicity of mouse lung cancer stem-like cells (CSC)...
  13. Boyd S, Virolainen S, Pärssinen J, Skoog T, van Hogerlinden M, Latonen L, et al. MMP-10 (Stromelysin-2) and MMP-21 in human and murine squamous cell cancer. Exp Dermatol. 2009;18:1044-52 pubmed publisher
    ..MMP-21 does not associate with invasion of SCC but may be involved in keratinocyte differentiation...
  14. Bobadilla M, Sainz N, Abizanda G, Orbe J, Rodriguez J, Páramo J, et al. The CXCR4/SDF1 axis improves muscle regeneration through MMP-10 activity. Stem Cells Dev. 2014;23:1417-27 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, our findings support a model in which MMP-10 activity modulates CXCR4/SDF1 signaling, which is essential for efficient skeletal muscle regeneration. ..
  15. Kheradmand F, Rishi K, Werb Z. Signaling through the EGF receptor controls lung morphogenesis in part by regulating MT1-MMP-mediated activation of gelatinase A/MMP2. J Cell Sci. 2002;115:839-48 pubmed
    ..MT1-MMP is, in turn, necessary for activation of MMP-2, a mesenchymal enzyme that is required for normal lung morphogenesis. ..
  16. Johansson N, Ahonen M, Kahari V. Matrix metalloproteinases in tumor invasion. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2000;57:5-15 pubmed
    ..In this review, we discuss the current concept concerning the role of MMPs and their inhibitors in tumor invasion, as a basis for prognosis and targeted therapeutic intervention in cancer. ..
  17. Bobadilla M, Sainz N, Rodriguez J, Abizanda G, Orbe J, de Martino A, et al. MMP-10 is required for efficient muscle regeneration in mouse models of injury and muscular dystrophy. Stem Cells. 2014;32:447-61 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, our data suggest that MMP-10-mediated muscle repair is associated with VEGF/Akt signaling. Thus, our findings indicate that MMP-10 is critical for skeletal muscle maintenance and regeneration during injury and disease. ..
  18. Tocchi A, Parks W. Functional interactions between matrix metalloproteinases and glycosaminoglycans. FEBS J. 2013;280:2332-41 pubmed publisher
  19. García Irigoyen O, Latasa M, Carotti S, Uriarte I, Elizalde M, Urtasun R, et al. Matrix metalloproteinase 10 contributes to hepatocarcinogenesis in a novel crosstalk with the stromal derived factor 1/C-X-C chemokine receptor 4 axis. Hepatology. 2015;62:166-78 pubmed publisher
    ..Previously, we reported on a key role for MMP10 in mouse liver regeneration...
  20. Vandivort T, Birkland T, Domiciano T, Mitra S, Kavanagh T, Parks W. Stromelysin-2 (MMP-10) facilitates clearance and moderates inflammation and cell death following lung exposure to long multiwalled carbon nanotubes. Int J Nanomedicine. 2017;12:1019-1031 pubmed publisher
    ..MMP-10) has roles in modulating macrophage activation and function, and hence, we used an MMP-10 null (Mmp10-/-) mouse model to assess its role in controlling lung responses to inhaled long MWCNTs...
  21. Heo S, Choi Y, Ryoo H, Cho J. Expression profiling of ETS and MMP factors in VEGF-activated endothelial cells: role of MMP-10 in VEGF-induced angiogenesis. J Cell Physiol. 2010;224:734-42 pubmed publisher
    ..The elevation of MMP10 mRNA and protein levels was confirmed to be both time- and dosage-dependent...
  22. Ishikawa F, Miyoshi H, Nose K, Shibanuma M. Transcriptional induction of MMP-10 by TGF-beta, mediated by activation of MEF2A and downregulation of class IIa HDACs. Oncogene. 2010;29:909-19 pubmed publisher
  23. Gack S, Vallon R, Schaper J, Ruther U, Angel P. Phenotypic alterations in fos-transgenic mice correlate with changes in Fos/Jun-dependent collagenase type I expression. Regulation of mouse metalloproteinases by carcinogens, tumor promoters, cAMP, and Fos oncoprotein. J Biol Chem. 1994;269:10363-9 pubmed
    ..These results identify collagenase I as a Fos-regulated gene in vivo and suggest a possible role for Fos/Jun heterodimers in establishing the pathological phenotype of c-fos transgenic mice. ..
  24. Koller F, Dozier E, Nam K, Swee M, Birkland T, Parks W, et al. Lack of MMP10 exacerbates experimental colitis and promotes development of inflammation-associated colonic dysplasia. Lab Invest. 2012;92:1749-59 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we focus on a single MMP family member, MMP10, and assess its role in a murine model of colonic tissue damage induced by dextran sulfate sodium (DSS) treatment...
  25. Schlage P, Egli F, Nanni P, Wang L, Kizhakkedathu J, Apte S, et al. Time-resolved analysis of the matrix metalloproteinase 10 substrate degradome. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2014;13:580-93 pubmed publisher
    ..By applying this strategy to dissect the matrix metalloproteinase 10 (MMP10) substrate degradome in fibroblast secretomes, we identified the extracellular matrix protein ..
  26. Gomez Rodriguez V, Orbe J, Martinez Aguilar E, Rodriguez J, Fernández Alonso L, Serneels J, et al. Functional MMP-10 is required for efficient tissue repair after experimental hind limb ischemia. FASEB J. 2015;29:960-72 pubmed publisher
    ..muscle repair after ischemia using a model of femoral artery excision in wild-type (WT) and MMP-10 deficient (Mmp10(-/-)) mice...
  27. Rohani M, McMahan R, Razumova M, Hertz A, Cieslewicz M, Pun S, et al. MMP-10 Regulates Collagenolytic Activity of Alternatively Activated Resident Macrophages. J Invest Dermatol. 2015;135:2377-2384 pubmed publisher
    ..We observed increased collagen deposition and skin stiffness in Mmp10(-/-) wounds, with no difference in collagen expression or reepithelialization...
  28. Kim S, Lee J, Cho W, Cho K, Sakong J, Kim J, et al. Role of NADPH oxidase-2 in lipopolysaccharide-induced matrix metalloproteinase expression and cell migration. Immunol Cell Biol. 2010;88:197-204 pubmed publisher
    ..MMP-9 expression and cell migration were controlled by ERK1/2-ROS signaling. Collectively, these results suggest that LPS stimulates ROS production via ERK and induce various types of MMPs expression and cell migration. ..
  29. Perez S, Cano D, Dao Pick T, Rougier J, Werb Z, Hebrok M. Matrix metalloproteinases 2 and 9 are dispensable for pancreatic islet formation and function in vivo. Diabetes. 2005;54:694-701 pubmed
    ..However, islet formation is unaffected in transgenic mice with modified tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 (TIMP1) levels, suggesting that MMP activity may contribute little to islet morphogenesis in vivo. ..
  30. Gharib S, Loth D, Soler Artigas M, Birkland T, Wilk J, Wain L, et al. Integrative pathway genomics of lung function and airflow obstruction. Hum Mol Genet. 2015;24:6836-48 pubmed publisher
    ..Network analysis of the ECM module implicated a candidate gene, matrix metalloproteinase 10 (MMP10), as a putative disease target...
  31. Sympson C, Talhouk R, Alexander C, Chin J, Clift S, Bissell M, et al. Targeted expression of stromelysin-1 in mammary gland provides evidence for a role of proteinases in branching morphogenesis and the requirement for an intact basement membrane for tissue-specific gene expression. J Cell Biol. 1994;125:681-93 pubmed
    ..We conclude that the balance of ECM-degrading enzymes with their inhibitors, and the associated regulation of ECM structure, is crucial for tissue-specific gene expression and morphogenesis in vivo. ..
  32. Murray M, Birkland T, Howe J, Rowan A, Fidock M, Parks W, et al. Macrophage migration and invasion is regulated by MMP10 expression. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e63555 pubmed publisher
    ..identify metalloproteinase determinants of macrophage migration and led to the specific hypothesis that matrix metalloproteinase 10 (MMP10/stromelysin-2) facilitates macrophage migration...
  33. Balbin M, Fueyo A, Knauper V, Lopez J, Alvarez J, Sanchez L, et al. Identification and enzymatic characterization of two diverging murine counterparts of human interstitial collagenase (MMP-1) expressed at sites of embryo implantation. J Biol Chem. 2001;276:10253-62 pubmed
  34. Rudolph Owen L, Hulboy D, Wilson C, Mudgett J, Matrisian L. Coordinate expression of matrix metalloproteinase family members in the uterus of normal, matrilysin-deficient, and stromelysin-1-deficient mice. Endocrinology. 1997;138:4902-11 pubmed