Gene Symbol: Mir455
Description: microRNA 455
Alias: Mirn455, mmu-mir-455
Species: mouse

Top Publications

  1. Hu Z, Shen W, Kraemer F, Azhar S. MicroRNAs 125a and 455 repress lipoprotein-supported steroidogenesis by targeting scavenger receptor class B type I in steroidogenic cells. Mol Cell Biol. 2012;32:5035-45 pubmed publisher
  2. Shoshan E, Mobley A, Braeuer R, Kamiya T, Huang L, Vasquez M, et al. Reduced adenosine-to-inosine miR-455-5p editing promotes melanoma growth and metastasis. Nat Cell Biol. 2015;17:311-21 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, wild-type miR-455 enhances melanoma growth and metastasis in vivo, whereas the edited form inhibits these features. These results demonstrate a previously unrecognized role for RNA editing in melanoma progression. ..
  3. Chen W, Chen L, Zhang Z, Meng F, Huang G, Sheng P, et al. MicroRNA-455-3p modulates cartilage development and degeneration through modification of histone H3 acetylation. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2016;1863:2881-2891 pubmed publisher
  4. Takada S, Berezikov E, Yamashita Y, Lagos Quintana M, Kloosterman W, Enomoto M, et al. Mouse microRNA profiles determined with a new and sensitive cloning method. Nucleic Acids Res. 2006;34:e115 pubmed
    ..Our data thus indicate that the total number of miRNAs in vertebrates is larger than previously appreciated and that the expression of these molecules is tightly controlled in a tissue- and developmental stage-specific manner. ..
  5. Michon F, Tummers M, Kyyrönen M, Frilander M, Thesleff I. Tooth morphogenesis and ameloblast differentiation are regulated by micro-RNAs. Dev Biol. 2010;340:355-68 pubmed publisher
    ..Based on our findings we suggest that miRNAs modulate tooth morphogenesis largely by fine tuning conserved signaling networks and that miRNAs may have played important roles during tooth evolution...
  6. Chaturvedi P, Kalani A, Medina I, Familtseva A, Tyagi S. Cardiosome mediated regulation of MMP9 in diabetic heart: role of mir29b and mir455 in exercise. J Cell Mol Med. 2015;19:2153-61 pubmed publisher
    ..We hypothesize that exosomes that are released during exercise contain microRNAs (mir455, mir29b, mir323-5p and mir466) that bind to the 3' region of MMP9 and downregulate its expression, hence ..
  7. Zhang H, Guan M, Townsend K, Huang T, An D, Yan X, et al. MicroRNA-455 regulates brown adipogenesis via a novel HIF1an-AMPK-PGC1α signaling network. EMBO Rep. 2015;16:1378-93 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, the data reveal a novel microRNA-regulated signaling network that controls brown adipogenesis and may be a potential therapeutic target for human metabolic disorders. ..
  8. Zhang Z, Hou C, Meng F, Zhao X, Zhang Z, Huang G, et al. MiR-455-3p regulates early chondrogenic differentiation via inhibiting Runx2. FEBS Lett. 2015;589:3671-8 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, miR-455-3p may activate early chondrogenesis by directly targeting Runx2. ..
  9. Huang Z, Tian L, Yang B, Guo R. Long Noncoding RNA H19 Acts as a Competing Endogenous RNA to Mediate CTGF Expression by Sponging miR-455 in Cardiac Fibrosis. DNA Cell Biol. 2017;36:759-766 pubmed publisher
    ..The present study reveals a novel function of the H19/miR-455 axis targeting CTGF in cardiac fibrosis, suggesting its potential therapeutic role in cardiac diseases. ..

More Information


  1. Belmont P, Chen W, Thuerauf D, Glembotski C. Regulation of microRNA expression in the heart by the ATF6 branch of the ER stress response. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2012;52:1176-82 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, these findings support the hypothesis that ATF6-mediated down-regulation of miR-455 augments Calr expression, which may contribute to the protective effects of ATF6 in the heart. ..