Gene Symbol: Meis1
Description: Meis homeobox 1
Alias: C530044H18Rik, Evi8, homeobox protein Meis1, myeloid ecotropic viral integration site 1
Species: mouse
Products:     Meis1

Top Publications

  1. Shen W, Rozenfeld S, Kwong A, Köm ves L, Lawrence H, Largman C. HOXA9 forms triple complexes with PBX2 and MEIS1 in myeloid cells. Mol Cell Biol. 1999;19:3051-61 pubmed
    ..PBX homeodomain protein families is associated with leukemias, and retrovirally driven coexpression of HOXA9 and MEIS1 is sufficient to induce myeloid leukemia in mice...
  2. Selleri L, Depew M, Jacobs Y, Chanda S, Tsang K, Cheah K, et al. Requirement for Pbx1 in skeletal patterning and programming chondrocyte proliferation and differentiation. Development. 2001;128:3543-57 pubmed
    ..This impacts on the rate of endochondral ossification and bone formation and suggests a mechanistic basis for most of the observed skeletal malformations. ..
  3. Hisa T, Spence S, Rachel R, Fujita M, Nakamura T, Ward J, et al. Hematopoietic, angiogenic and eye defects in Meis1 mutant animals. EMBO J. 2004;23:450-9 pubmed
    b>Meis1 and Hoxa9 expression is upregulated by retroviral integration in murine myeloid leukemias and in human leukemias carrying MLL translocations...
  4. Hu Y, Fong S, Ferrell C, Largman C, Shen W. HOXA9 modulates its oncogenic partner Meis1 to influence normal hematopoiesis. Mol Cell Biol. 2009;29:5181-92 pubmed publisher
    While investigating the mechanism of action of the HOXA9 protein, we serendipitously identified Meis1 as a HOXA9 regulatory target...
  5. Nakamura T, Largaespada D, Shaughnessy J, Jenkins N, Copeland N. Cooperative activation of Hoxa and Pbx1-related genes in murine myeloid leukaemias. Nat Genet. 1996;12:149-53 pubmed activated by proviral integration in BXH-2 leukaemias; Hoxa7, Hoxa9, and a Pbx1-related homeobox gene, Meis1. Proviral activation of Hoxa7 or Hoxa9 is strongly correlated with proviral activation of Meis1 implying that ..
  6. Mamo A, Krosl J, Kroon E, Bijl J, Thompson A, Mayotte N, et al. Molecular dissection of Meis1 reveals 2 domains required for leukemia induction and a key role for Hoxa gene activation. Blood. 2006;108:622-9 pubmed
    The Hoxa9 and Meis1 genes represent important oncogenic collaborators activated in a significant proportion of human leukemias with genetic alterations in the MLL gene...
  7. Zeisig B, Milne T, Garcia Cuellar M, Schreiner S, Martin M, Fuchs U, et al. Hoxa9 and Meis1 are key targets for MLL-ENL-mediated cellular immortalization. Mol Cell Biol. 2004;24:617-28 pubmed
    ..performed on these conditionally transformed cells revealed Hoxa9 and Hoxa7 as well as the Hox coregulators Meis1 and Pbx3 among the targets upregulated by MLL-ENL-ERtm...
  8. Pineault N, Buske C, Feuring Buske M, Abramovich C, Rosten P, Hogge D, et al. Induction of acute myeloid leukemia in mice by the human leukemia-specific fusion gene NUP98-HOXD13 in concert with Meis1. Blood. 2003;101:4529-38 pubmed
    ..In contrast, mice transplanted with bone marrow (BM) cells cotransduced with NUP98-HOXD13 and the HOX cofactor Meis1 rapidly developed lethal and transplantable acute myeloid leukemia (AML), with a median disease onset of 75 days...
  9. Shanmugam K, Green N, Rambaldi I, Saragovi H, Featherstone M. PBX and MEIS as non-DNA-binding partners in trimeric complexes with HOX proteins. Mol Cell Biol. 1999;19:7577-88 pubmed
    ..ix) The stability of DNA binding by all trimers is enhanced relative to the heterodimers. These findings suggest novel functions for PBX and MEIS in modulating the function of DNA-bound MEIS-HOX and PBX-HOX heterodimers, respectively. ..

More Information


  1. Mahmoud A, Kocabas F, Muralidhar S, Kimura W, Koura A, Thet S, et al. Meis1 regulates postnatal cardiomyocyte cell cycle arrest. Nature. 2013;497:249-253 pubmed publisher
    ..The homeodomain transcription factor Meis1 is required for normal cardiac development but its role in cardiomyocytes is unknown...
  2. Williams T, Williams M, Innis J. Range of HOX/TALE superclass associations and protein domain requirements for HOXA13:MEIS interaction. Dev Biol. 2005;277:457-71 pubmed
    ..We show that Hoxa13 and Hoxd13 expression does not overlap with that of Meis1-3 in the developing limb; however, coexpression occurs in the developing male and female reproductive tracts (FRTs)..
  3. Wilson N, Foster S, Wang X, Knezevic K, Schütte J, Kaimakis P, et al. Combinatorial transcriptional control in blood stem/progenitor cells: genome-wide analysis of ten major transcriptional regulators. Cell Stem Cell. 2010;7:532-44 pubmed publisher
    ..interactions for ten key regulators of blood stem/progenitor cells (SCL/TAL1, LYL1, LMO2, GATA2, RUNX1, MEIS1, PU...
  4. Kocabas F, Zheng J, Thet S, Copeland N, Jenkins N, DeBerardinis R, et al. Meis1 regulates the metabolic phenotype and oxidant defense of hematopoietic stem cells. Blood. 2012;120:4963-72 pubmed publisher
    The role of Meis1 in leukemia is well established, but its role in hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) remains poorly understood. Previously, we showed that HSCs use glycolytic metabolism to meet their energy demands...
  5. Mercader N, Selleri L, Criado L, Pallares P, Parras C, Cleary M, et al. Ectopic Meis1 expression in the mouse limb bud alters P-D patterning in a Pbx1-independent manner. Int J Dev Biol. 2009;53:1483-94 pubmed publisher
    During limb development, expression of the TALE homeobox transcription factor Meis1 is activated by retinoic acid in the proximal-most limb bud regions, which give rise to the upper forelimb and hindlimb...
  6. Stankunas K, Shang C, Twu K, Kao S, Jenkins N, Copeland N, et al. Pbx/Meis deficiencies demonstrate multigenetic origins of congenital heart disease. Circ Res. 2008;103:702-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Disruption of Meis1, which encodes a Pbx DNA-binding partner, results in cardiac anomalies that resemble those caused by Pbx mutations...
  7. Bischof L, Kagawa N, Moskow J, Takahashi Y, Iwamatsu A, Buchberg A, et al. Members of the meis1 and pbx homeodomain protein families cooperatively bind a cAMP-responsive sequence (CRS1) from bovine CYP17. J Biol Chem. 1998;273:7941-8 pubmed
    ..A member of a second mammalian homeodomain family, Meis1, is now also demonstrated to be a CRS1-binding protein upon purification using CRS1 affinity chromatography...
  8. Rhee J, Arata A, Selleri L, Jacobs Y, Arata S, Onimaru H, et al. Pbx3 deficiency results in central hypoventilation. Am J Pathol. 2004;165:1343-50 pubmed
    ..Pbx3-deficient mice provide a model for congenital central hypoventilation syndrome and suggest that Pbx3 mutations may promote the pathogenesis of this disorder...
  9. Zhang X, Rowan S, Yue Y, Heaney S, Pan Y, Brendolan A, et al. Pax6 is regulated by Meis and Pbx homeoproteins during pancreatic development. Dev Biol. 2006;300:748-57 pubmed
    ..As Meis homeoproteins have been previously demonstrated to regulate Pax6 expression during lens development, these results suggest a conserved mechanism of Pax6 regulation by Meis homeoproteins in two different organs. ..
  10. Dardaei L, Longobardi E, Blasi F. Prep1 and Meis1 competition for Pbx1 binding regulates protein stability and tumorigenesis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014;111:E896-905 pubmed publisher
    Pbx-regulating protein-1 (Prep1) is a tumor suppressor, whereas myeloid ecotropic viral integration site-1 (Meis1) is an oncogene...
  11. Argiropoulos B, Palmqvist L, Yung E, Kuchenbauer F, Heuser M, Sly L, et al. Linkage of Meis1 leukemogenic activity to multiple downstream effectors including Trib2 and Ccl3. Exp Hematol. 2008;36:845-59 pubmed publisher
    b>MEIS1, a HOX cofactor, collaborates with multiple HOX and NUP98-HOX fusion proteins to accelerate the onset of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) through largely unknown molecular mechanisms...
  12. Calvo K, Sykes D, Pasillas M, Kamps M. Nup98-HoxA9 immortalizes myeloid progenitors, enforces expression of Hoxa9, Hoxa7 and Meis1, and alters cytokine-specific responses in a manner similar to that induced by retroviral co-expression of Hoxa9 and Meis1. Oncogene. 2002;21:4247-56 pubmed
    ..myeloid leukaemia (AML) and the aberrant expression of Hoxa9 is evidenced by (1) proviral activation of Hoxa9 and Meis1 in BXH-2 murine AML, (2) formation of the chimeric Nup98-HoxA9 transactivator protein as a consequence of the t(7;..
  13. Toresson H, Parmar M, Campbell K. Expression of Meis and Pbx genes and their protein products in the developing telencephalon: implications for regional differentiation. Mech Dev. 2000;94:183-7 pubmed
    ..Genet. Dev. 8, 423-429). We have studied the expression of these genes in the mouse telencephalon and found that Meis1 and Meis2 display region-specific patterns of expression from embryonic day (E)10...
  14. Mojsin M, Stevanovic M. PBX1 and MEIS1 up-regulate SOX3 gene expression by direct interaction with a consensus binding site within the basal promoter region. Biochem J. 2009;425:107-16 pubmed publisher
    ..loop extension) transcription factors PBX1 (pre-B-cell leukaemia homeobox 1) and MEIS1 (myeloid ecotropic viral integration site 1 homologue) participate in regulating human SOX3 gene expression in NT2/D1 cells by direct ..
  15. Knoepfler P, Calvo K, Chen H, Antonarakis S, Kamps M. Meis1 and pKnox1 bind DNA cooperatively with Pbx1 utilizing an interaction surface disrupted in oncoprotein E2a-Pbx1. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1997;94:14553-8 pubmed
    ..Likewise, in murine myeloid leukemia, transcriptional coactivation of Meis1 with HoxA7/A9 suggests that Meis1-HoxA7/9 heterodimers may evoke aberrant gene transcription...
  16. Horman S, Velu C, Chaubey A, Bourdeau T, Zhu J, Paul W, et al. Gfi1 integrates progenitor versus granulocytic transcriptional programming. Blood. 2009;113:5466-75 pubmed publisher
    ..We demonstrate that Gfi1 directly represses HoxA9, Pbx1, and Meis1 during normal myelopoiesis...
  17. Cai M, Langer E, Gill J, Satpathy A, Albring J, Kc W, et al. Dual actions of Meis1 inhibit erythroid progenitor development and sustain general hematopoietic cell proliferation. Blood. 2012;120:335-46 pubmed publisher
    b>Myeloid ecotropic viral integration site 1 (Meis1) forms a heterodimer with Pbx1 that augments Hox-dependent gene expression and is associated with leukemogenesis and HSC self-renewal...
  18. Wang G, Pasillas M, Kamps M. Persistent transactivation by meis1 replaces hox function in myeloid leukemogenesis models: evidence for co-occupancy of meis1-pbx and hox-pbx complexes on promoters of leukemia-associated genes. Mol Cell Biol. 2006;26:3902-16 pubmed
    Homeobox transcription factors Meis1 and Hoxa9 promote hematopoietic progenitor self-renewal and cooperate to cause acute myeloid leukemia (AML)...
  19. Wong P, Iwasaki M, Somervaille T, So C, So C, Cleary M. Meis1 is an essential and rate-limiting regulator of MLL leukemia stem cell potential. Genes Dev. 2007;21:2762-74 pubmed
    ..Our studies show that induction and maintenance of MLL transformation requires Meis1 and is codependent on the redundant contributions of Pbx2 and Pbx3...
  20. Mercader N, Leonardo E, Azpiazu N, Serrano A, Morata G, Martinez C, et al. Conserved regulation of proximodistal limb axis development by Meis1/Hth. Nature. 1999;402:425-9 pubmed
    ..Here we describe the role of the homeobox genes Meis1/2 and Pbx1 in the development of mouse, chicken and Drosophila limbs...
  21. Jacobs Y, Schnabel C, Cleary M. Trimeric association of Hox and TALE homeodomain proteins mediates Hoxb2 hindbrain enhancer activity. Mol Cell Biol. 1999;19:5134-42 pubmed
    ..As a consequence, Hoxb1 employs Pbx and Meis-related proteins, as a pair of essential cofactors in a higher-order molecular complex, to mediate its transcriptional effects on an endogenous Hox response element. ..
  22. Steelman S, Moskow J, Muzynski K, North C, Druck T, Montgomery J, et al. Identification of a conserved family of Meis1-related homeobox genes. Genome Res. 1997;7:142-56 pubmed
    b>Meis1 locus was isolated as a common site of viral integration involved in myeloid leukemia in BXH-2 mice...
  23. Deramaudt T, Sachdeva M, Wescott M, Chen Y, Stoffers D, Rustgi A. The PDX1 homeodomain transcription factor negatively regulates the pancreatic ductal cell-specific keratin 19 promoter. J Biol Chem. 2006;281:38385-95 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, PDX1 may inhibit the ductal differentiation program in the pancreatic endocrine compartment, particularly beta cells. ..
  24. Noro B, Culi J, Mckay D, Zhang W, Mann R. Distinct functions of homeodomain-containing and homeodomain-less isoforms encoded by homothorax. Genes Dev. 2006;20:1636-50 pubmed publisher
    ..We further demonstrate that the mouse ortholog of hth, Meis1, also encodes a HDless isoform, suggesting that homeodomain-less variants of this gene family are evolutionarily ..
  25. Williams T, Williams M, Heaton J, Gelehrter T, Innis J. Group 13 HOX proteins interact with the MH2 domain of R-Smads and modulate Smad transcriptional activation functions independent of HOX DNA-binding capability. Nucleic Acids Res. 2005;33:4475-84 pubmed
  26. Wang G, Pasillas M, Kamps M. Meis1 programs transcription of FLT3 and cancer stem cell character, using a mechanism that requires interaction with Pbx and a novel function of the Meis1 C-terminus. Blood. 2005;106:254-64 pubmed
    b>Meis1 is a homeodomain transcription factor coexpressed with Hoxa9 in most human acute myeloid leukemias (AMLs). In mouse models of leukemia produced by Hoxa9, Meis1 accelerates leukemogenesis...
  27. Heine P, Dohle E, Bumsted O Brien K, Engelkamp D, Schulte D. Evidence for an evolutionary conserved role of homothorax/Meis1/2 during vertebrate retina development. Development. 2008;135:805-11 pubmed publisher
    ..Retinal progenitor cells (RPCs) in chicks and mice express two Hth-related proteins, Meis1 and Meis2 (Mrg1), in species-specific temporal sequences...
  28. Argiropoulos B, Yung E, Xiang P, Lo C, Kuchenbauer F, Palmqvist L, et al. Linkage of the potent leukemogenic activity of Meis1 to cell-cycle entry and transcriptional regulation of cyclin D3. Blood. 2010;115:4071-82 pubmed publisher
    b>MEIS1 is a three-amino acid loop extension class homeodomain-containing homeobox (HOX) cofactor that plays key roles in normal hematopoiesis and leukemogenesis...
  29. Kmita M, Tarchini B, Zakany J, Logan M, Tabin C, Duboule D. Early developmental arrest of mammalian limbs lacking HoxA/HoxD gene function. Nature. 2005;435:1113-6 pubmed
    ..Accordingly, these mutant limbs may be reminiscent of an ancestral trunk extension, related to that proposed for arthropods. ..
  30. Kutejova E, Engist B, Mallo M, Kanzler B, Bobola N. Hoxa2 downregulates Six2 in the neural crest-derived mesenchyme. Development. 2005;132:469-78 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, we demonstrate that Hoxa2 regulation of Six2 is confined to a 0.9 kb fragment of the Six2 promoter and that Hoxa2 binds to this promoter region. These results strongly suggest that Six2 is a direct target of Hoxa2. ..
  31. Unnisa Z, Clark J, Roychoudhury J, Thomas E, Tessarollo L, Copeland N, et al. Meis1 preserves hematopoietic stem cells in mice by limiting oxidative stress. Blood. 2012;120:4973-81 pubmed publisher
    The transcription factor Meis1 is expressed preferentially in hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and overexpressed in certain leukemias. However, the functions of Meis1 in hematopoiesis remain largely unknown...
  32. Carramolino L, Fuentes J, García Andrés C, Azcoitia V, Riethmacher D, Torres M. Platelets play an essential role in separating the blood and lymphatic vasculatures during embryonic angiogenesis. Circ Res. 2010;106:1197-201 pubmed publisher
    ..vascular patterning defects of mice deficient for the homeodomain transcription factor Meis1 (myeloid ecotropic viral integration site 1), which completely lack megakaryocyte/platelets...
  33. Azcoitia V, Aracil M, Martinez A C, Torres M. The homeodomain protein Meis1 is essential for definitive hematopoiesis and vascular patterning in the mouse embryo. Dev Biol. 2005;280:307-20 pubmed
    ..Here we show that Meis1 is expressed in the hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) compartment in the fetal liver, and in the primary sites of ..
  34. Huang H, Rastegar M, Bodner C, Goh S, Rambaldi I, Featherstone M. MEIS C termini harbor transcriptional activation domains that respond to cell signaling. J Biol Chem. 2005;280:10119-27 pubmed
    ..the contribution of MEIS proteins to this response, we used the chromatin immunoprecipitation assay to show that MEIS1 in addition to PBX1, HOXA1, and HOXB1 was recruited to a known PBX...
  35. Ferretti E, Villaescusa J, Di Rosa P, Fernandez Diaz L, Longobardi E, Mazzieri R, et al. Hypomorphic mutation of the TALE gene Prep1 (pKnox1) causes a major reduction of Pbx and Meis proteins and a pleiotropic embryonic phenotype. Mol Cell Biol. 2006;26:5650-62 pubmed
    ..Concomitantly, Prep1 deficiency results in the overall decrease of protein levels of its related family member Meis1 and its partners Pbx1 and Pbx2...
  36. Tucker E, Lehtinen M, Maynard T, Zirlinger M, Dulac C, RAWSON N, et al. Proliferative and transcriptional identity of distinct classes of neural precursors in the mammalian olfactory epithelium. Development. 2010;137:2471-81 pubmed publisher becomes a distinct tissue at midgestation in the mouse: slowly dividing self-renewing precursors that express Meis1/2 at high levels, and rapidly dividing neurogenic precursors that express high levels of Sox2 and Ascl1...
  37. Shen W, Montgomery J, Rozenfeld S, Moskow J, Lawrence H, Buchberg A, et al. AbdB-like Hox proteins stabilize DNA binding by the Meis1 homeodomain proteins. Mol Cell Biol. 1997;17:6448-58 pubmed
    ..The Meis1 homeobox gene has 44% identity to Pbx within the homeodomain and was identified as a common site of viral ..
  38. Moskow J, Bullrich F, Huebner K, Daar I, Buchberg A. Meis1, a PBX1-related homeobox gene involved in myeloid leukemia in BXH-2 mice. Mol Cell Biol. 1995;15:5434-43 pubmed
    ..We report the isolation of a new locus, Meis1, that serves as a site of viral integration in 15% of the tumors arising in BXH-2 mice...
  39. Spieler D, Kaffe M, Knauf F, Bessa J, Tena J, Giesert F, et al. Restless legs syndrome-associated intronic common variant in Meis1 alters enhancer function in the developing telencephalon. Genome Res. 2014;24:592-603 pubmed publisher
    Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) identified the MEIS1 locus for Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), but causal single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and their functional relevance remain unknown...
  40. Maeda R, Ishimura A, Mood K, Park E, Buchberg A, Daar I. Xpbx1b and Xmeis1b play a collaborative role in hindbrain and neural crest gene expression in Xenopus embryos. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2002;99:5448-53 pubmed
    ..These data indicate that Xpbx1b and its partner, Xmeis1b, function in a transcriptional activation complex during hindbrain and neural crest development. ..
  41. Owa T, Taya S, Miyashita S, Yamashita M, Adachi T, Yamada K, et al. Meis1 Coordinates Cerebellar Granule Cell Development by Regulating Pax6 Transcription, BMP Signaling and Atoh1 Degradation. J Neurosci. 2018;38:1277-1294 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we report that the transcription factor myeloid ectopic viral integration site 1 homolog (Meis1) plays pivotal roles in the regulation of mouse GC development...
  42. Patel A, Chaney K, Choi K, Largaespada D, Kumar A, Ratner N. An ShRNA Screen Identifies MEIS1 as a Driver of Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors. EBioMedicine. 2016;9:110-119 pubmed publisher
    ..We identified 7 genes specific for survival of MPSNT cells, including MEIS1. MEIS1 was frequently amplified or hypomethylated in human MPSNTs, correlating with elevated MEIS1 gene expression...
  43. Sun X, Mariani F, Martin G. Functions of FGF signalling from the apical ectodermal ridge in limb development. Nature. 2002;418:501-8 pubmed
    ..In the complete absence of both FGF4 and FGF8 activities, limb development fails. We present a model to explain how the mutant phenotypes arise from FGF-mediated effects on limb bud size and cell survival. ..
  44. Rowan S, Siggers T, Lachke S, Yue Y, Bulyk M, Maas R. Precise temporal control of the eye regulatory gene Pax6 via enhancer-binding site affinity. Genes Dev. 2010;24:980-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, we describe a mechanism whereby Pax6 levels are determined by transcriptional synergy of Prep1 bound to the two sites, while timing of enhancer activation is determined by binding site affinity. ..
  45. Feenstra J, Kanaya K, Pira C, Hoffman S, Eppey R, Oberg K. Detection of genes regulated by Lmx1b during limb dorsalization. Dev Growth Differ. 2012;54:451-62 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study provides the most comprehensive characterization of genes regulated by Lmx1b during limb development to-date and provides targets for further investigation. ..
  46. Karamitros D, Patmanidi A, Kotantaki P, Potocnik A, Bähr Ivacevic T, Benes V, et al. Geminin deletion increases the number of fetal hematopoietic stem cells by affecting the expression of key transcription factors. Development. 2015;142:70-81 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data suggest that geminin is indispensable for fetal hematopoiesis and regulates the generation of a physiological pool of stem and progenitor cells in the fetal hematopoietic system. ..
  47. Liu W, Lagutin O, Mende M, Streit A, Oliver G. Six3 activation of Pax6 expression is essential for mammalian lens induction and specification. EMBO J. 2006;25:5383-95 pubmed
    ..We conclude that Six3 directly activates Pax6 and probably also Sox2 in the PLE and regulates cell autonomously the earliest stages of mammalian lens induction. ..
  48. Okumura K, Saito M, Isogai E, Aoto Y, Hachiya T, Sakakibara Y, et al. Meis1 regulates epidermal stem cells and is required for skin tumorigenesis. PLoS ONE. 2014;9:e102111 pubmed publisher
    Previous studies have shown that Meis1 plays an important role in blood development and vascular homeostasis, and can induce blood cancers, such as leukemia. However, its role in epithelia remains largely unknown...
  49. Barna M, Pandolfi P, Niswander L. Gli3 and Plzf cooperate in proximal limb patterning at early stages of limb development. Nature. 2005;436:277-81 pubmed
    ..The initial division of the vertebrate limb into two distinct molecular domains is consistent with fossil evidence indicating that the upper and lower extremities of the limb have different evolutionary origins. ..
  50. Chang I, Parrilla M. Expression patterns of homeobox genes in the mouse vomeronasal organ at postnatal stages. Gene Expr Patterns. 2016;21:69-80 pubmed publisher
    ..We identified 11 homeobox genes (Dlx3, Dlx4, Emx2, Lhx2, Meis1, Pbx3, Pknox2, Pou6f1, Tshz2, Zhx1, Zhx3) that were expressed exclusively in neurons; 4 homeobox genes (Pax6, Six1,..
  51. Capellini T, Zewdu R, Di Giacomo G, Asciutti S, Kugler J, Di Gregorio A, et al. Pbx1/Pbx2 govern axial skeletal development by controlling Polycomb and Hox in mesoderm and Pax1/Pax9 in sclerotome. Dev Biol. 2008;321:500-14 pubmed publisher
  52. Zhou W, Zhu H, Zhao J, Li H, Wan Y, Cao J, et al. Misexpression of Pknox2 in mouse limb bud mesenchyme perturbs zeugopod development and deltoid crest formation. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e64237 pubmed publisher
  53. Hirayama T, Asano Y, Iida H, Watanabe T, Nakamura T, Goitsuka R. Meis1 is required for the maintenance of postnatal thymic epithelial cells. PLoS ONE. 2014;9:e89885 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we show that a cell population expressing high levels of Meis1, a homeodomain transcription factor, is enriched in TECs with an immature cellular phenotype...
  54. Marcos S, González Lázaro M, Beccari L, Carramolino L, Martín Bermejo M, Amarie O, et al. Meis1 coordinates a network of genes implicated in eye development and microphthalmia. Development. 2015;142:3009-20 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we show that haploinsufficiency of Meis1, which encodes a transcription factor with evolutionarily conserved expression in the embryonic trunk, brain and ..
  55. Morales D, Hatten M. Molecular markers of neuronal progenitors in the embryonic cerebellar anlage. J Neurosci. 2006;26:12226-36 pubmed
    ..These results identify molecular pathways that offer new insights on the development of the nuclear and cortical structures of the cerebellum, as well as components of the cerebellar circuitry. ..
  56. Collins C, Wang J, Miao H, Bronstein J, Nawer H, Xu T, et al. C/EBP? is an essential collaborator in Hoxa9/Meis1-mediated leukemogenesis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014;111:9899-904 pubmed publisher
    ..lead to overexpression of HOXA9, almost always in association with overexpression of its cofactor meis homeobox 1 (MEIS1) ...
  57. Chowdhury A, Ramroop J, Upadhyay G, Sengupta A, Andrzejczyk A, Saleque S. Differential transcriptional regulation of meis1 by Gfi1b and its co-factors LSD1 and CoREST. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e53666 pubmed publisher
    ..The combination of these approaches revealed the oncogene meis1, which encodes a homeobox protein, as a direct and prominent target of Gfi1b...
  58. Ohmori T, Tanigawa S, Kaku Y, Fujimura S, Nishinakamura R. Sall1 in renal stromal progenitors non-cell autonomously restricts the excessive expansion of nephron progenitors. Sci Rep. 2015;5:15676 pubmed publisher
  59. Wheadon H, Ramsey J, Dobbin E, Dickson G, Corrigan P, Freeburn R, et al. Differential Hox expression in murine embryonic stem cell models of normal and malignant hematopoiesis. Stem Cells Dev. 2011;20:1465-76 pubmed publisher
    ..The Hox regulators, caudal homeobox factors (Cdx1-4), and Meis1, along with several individual Hox proteins, are implicated in stem cell expansion during embryonic development, ..
  60. Staffas A, Arabanian L, Wei S, Jansson A, Ståhlman S, Johansson P, et al. Upregulation of Flt3 is a passive event in Hoxa9/Meis1-induced acute myeloid leukemia in mice. Oncogene. 2017;36:1516-1524 pubmed publisher
    HOXA9, MEIS1 and FLT3 are genes frequently upregulated in human acute myeloid leukemia...
  61. Nakamura T, Jenkins N, Copeland N. Identification of a new family of Pbx-related homeobox genes. Oncogene. 1996;13:2235-42 pubmed
    The expression of Meis1 (a novel Pbx-related homeobox gene) and either Hoxa7 or Hoxa9 are coactivated by retroviral integration in BXH2 murine myeloid leukemias (T Nakamura, DA Largaespada, JD Shaughnessy Jr, NA Jenkins and NG Copeland (..
  62. Barber B, Liyanage V, Zachariah R, Olson C, Bailey M, Rastegar M. Dynamic expression of MEIS1 homeoprotein in E14.5 forebrain and differentiated forebrain-derived neural stem cells. Ann Anat. 2013;195:431-40 pubmed publisher
    ..b>MEIS1 is a TALE member with established expression in the developing central nervous system...
  63. Resch K, Korthaus D, Wedemeyer N, Lengeling A, Ronsiek M, Thiel C, et al. Homology between human chromosome 2p13.3 and the wobbler critical region on mouse chromosome 11: comparative high-resolution mapping of STS and EST loci on YAC/BAC contigs. Mamm Genome. 1998;9:893-8 pubmed
    ..3 and of 47 markers on the corresponding region on proximal mouse Chr. 11. The maps comprise several known genes, MEIS1/Meis1, RAB1a/Rab1a, MDH1/Mor2, OTX1/Otx1, and REL on human 2p13...
  64. Zheng Y, Zhang H, Wang Y, Li X, Lu P, Dong F, et al. Loss of Dnmt3b accelerates MLL-AF9 leukemia progression. Leukemia. 2016;30:2373-2384 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these results demonstrate that Dnmt3b plays a tumor suppressive role in MLL-AF9 AML progression, thereby providing new insights into the roles of DNA methylation in leukemia development. ..
  65. Chung K, Morrone G, Schuringa J, Plasilova M, Shieh J, Zhang Y, et al. Enforced expression of NUP98-HOXA9 in human CD34(+) cells enhances stem cell proliferation. Cancer Res. 2006;66:11781-91 pubmed
    ..of transduced cells revealed up-regulation of several homeobox genes of the A and B cluster as well as of Meis1 and Pim-1 and down-modulation of globin genes and of CAAT/enhancer binding protein alpha...
  66. Liu J, Wang Y, Birnbaum M, Stoffers D. Three-amino-acid-loop-extension homeodomain factor Meis3 regulates cell survival via PDK1. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010;107:20494-9 pubmed publisher
  67. Brooke Bisschop T, Savory J, Foley T, Ringuette R, Lohnes D. Essential roles for Cdx in murine primitive hematopoiesis. Dev Biol. 2017;422:115-124 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings demonstrate critical roles for Cdx members in murine primitive hematopoiesis upstream of Scl. ..