Gene Symbol: Mbl2
Description: mannose-binding lectin (protein C) 2
Alias: L-MBP, MBL, MBL-C, MBP-C, mannose-binding protein C, RA-reactive factor P28A subunit, RARF/P28A, mannan-binding protein, mannose binding lectin (C), mannose binding lectin, liver (C)
Species: mouse
Products:     Mbl2

Top Publications

  1. Møller Kristensen M, Hamblin M, Thiel S, Jensenius J, Takahashi K. Burn injury reveals altered phenotype in mannan-binding lectin-deficient mice. J Invest Dermatol. 2007;127:1524-31 pubmed
    ..The pattern recognition molecule, mannan-binding lectin (MBL), plays an important role in the first-line host defense against infectious agents...
  2. Uemura K, Saka M, Nakagawa T, Kawasaki N, Thiel S, Jensenius J, et al. L-MBP is expressed in epithelial cells of mouse small intestine. J Immunol. 2002;169:6945-50 pubmed
    The mannan-binding proteins (L-MBP and S-MBP, also denoted MBL-C and MBL-A), mainly produced in liver and existing in liver and serum, play important roles in the innate immunity against a variety of pathogens...
  3. Sastry K, Zahedi K, Lelias J, Whitehead A, Ezekowitz R. Molecular characterization of the mouse mannose-binding proteins. The mannose-binding protein A but not C is an acute phase reactant. J Immunol. 1991;147:692-7 pubmed
    ..The expression of both mannose-binding proteins A and C mRNA is restricted to the liver under basal and stress conditions. ..
  4. Banda N, Takahashi M, Takahashi K, Stahl G, Hyatt S, Glogowska M, et al. Mechanisms of mannose-binding lectin-associated serine proteases-1/3 activation of the alternative pathway of complement. Mol Immunol. 2011;49:281-9 pubmed publisher
    ..MASP are believed to require binding to mannose binding lectins (MBL) or ficolins (FCN) to carry out their biological activities...
  5. Matthijsen R, de Winther M, Kuipers D, van der Made I, Weber C, Herias M, et al. Macrophage-specific expression of mannose-binding lectin controls atherosclerosis in low-density lipoprotein receptor-deficient mice. Circulation. 2009;119:2188-95 pubmed publisher
    With consideration of the central role of the innate immune system in atherogenesis and mannose-binding lectin (MBL) as an innate regulator of immunity, the role of MBL in experimental and human atherosclerosis was assessed...
  6. Guttormsen H, Stuart L, Shi L, Carroll M, Chen J, Kasper D, et al. Deficiency of mannose-binding lectin greatly increases antibody response in a mouse model of vaccination. Clin Immunol. 2009;130:264-71 pubmed publisher
    Mannose-binding lectin (MBL), a pattern recognition innate immune molecule, selectively binds distinct chemical patterns, including carbohydrates expressed on Group B streptococcus (GBS)...
  7. Sastry R, Wang J, Brown D, Ezekowitz R, Tauber A, Sastry K. Characterization of murine mannose-binding protein genes Mbl1 and Mbl2 reveals features common to other collectin genes. Mamm Genome. 1995;6:103-10 pubmed
    ..In this study, the two genes encoding MBP in mice--Mbl1 and Mbl2--have been isolated and their exon-intron structure studied to understand their evolutionary relationship to the ..
  8. Ruseva M, Kolev M, Dagnaes Hansen F, Hansen S, Takahashi K, Ezekowitz A, et al. Mannan-binding lectin deficiency modulates the humoral immune response dependent on the genetic environment. Immunology. 2009;127:279-88 pubmed publisher
    Mannan-binding lectin (MBL) is a plasma protein implicated in innate immune defence against a broad range of microorganisms, including viruses...
  9. Held K, Thiel S, Loos M, Petry F. Increased susceptibility of complement factor B/C2 double knockout mice and mannan-binding lectin knockout mice to systemic infection with Candida albicans. Mol Immunol. 2008;45:3934-41 pubmed publisher
    ..of mice deficient in complement factor B and C2 (Bf/C2-/-), C1q (C1qa-/-), and mannan-binding lectin (MBL)-A (MBL-A) and MBL-C (MBL-A/C-/-) to systemic infection with C. albicans. Animals were infected i.p. with 10(8)C...

More Information


  1. Møller Kristensen M, Ip W, Shi L, Gowda L, Hamblin M, Thiel S, et al. Deficiency of mannose-binding lectin greatly increases susceptibility to postburn infection with Pseudomonas aeruginosa. J Immunol. 2006;176:1769-75 pubmed
    ..response that includes influx of phagocytes and serum factors, such as complement and mannose-binding lectin (MBL), which is a broad-spectrum pattern recognition molecule that plays a key role in innate immunity...
  2. Gadjeva M, Paludan S, Thiel S, Slavov V, Ruseva M, Eriksson K, et al. Mannan-binding lectin modulates the response to HSV-2 infection. Clin Exp Immunol. 2004;138:304-11 pubmed
    ..g. mannan-binding lectin (MBL)...
  3. Shi L, Takahashi K, Dundee J, Shahroor Karni S, Thiel S, Jensenius J, et al. Mannose-binding lectin-deficient mice are susceptible to infection with Staphylococcus aureus. J Exp Med. 2004;199:1379-90 pubmed
    ..aureus. The mannose-binding lectin (MBL, also known as mannose-binding protein) is an oligomeric serum molecule that recognizes carbohydrates decorating a ..
  4. Ip W, Takahashi K, Moore K, Stuart L, Ezekowitz R. Mannose-binding lectin enhances Toll-like receptors 2 and 6 signaling from the phagosome. J Exp Med. 2008;205:169-81 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, we demonstrate that this cooperation occurs within the phagosome, emphasizing the importance of engulfment in providing the appropriate cellular environment to facilitate the synergy between these defense pathways. ..
  5. Takahashi K, Shi L, Gowda L, Ezekowitz R. Relative roles of complement factor 3 and mannose-binding lectin in host defense against infection. Infect Immun. 2005;73:8188-93 pubmed
    ..is initiated by the classical, alternative, or lectin pathway, with the latter requiring mannose-binding lectin (MBL, also known as mannose-binding protein)...
  6. Liu H, Jensen L, Hansen S, Petersen S, Takahashi K, Ezekowitz A, et al. Characterization and quantification of mouse mannan-binding lectins (MBL-A and MBL-C) and study of acute phase responses. Scand J Immunol. 2001;53:489-97 pubmed
    Rat monoclonal antibodies (MoAbs) against mouse mannan-binding lectin (MBL)-A and MBL-C were generated and assays for MBL-A and MBL-C were constructed. This allowed for the quantitative analysis of both proteins for the first time...
  7. Hart M, Ceonzo K, Shaffer L, Takahashi K, Rother R, Reenstra W, et al. Gastrointestinal ischemia-reperfusion injury is lectin complement pathway dependent without involving C1q. J Immunol. 2005;174:6373-80 pubmed
    ..The role of the classical and lectin complement pathways in GI/R injury was evaluated using C1q-deficient (C1q KO), MBL-A/C-deficient (MBL-null), complement factor 2- and factor B-deficient (C2/fB KO), and wild-type (WT) mice...
  8. Møller Kristensen M, Wang W, Ruseva M, Thiel S, Nielsen S, Takahashi K, et al. Mannan-binding lectin recognizes structures on ischaemic reperfused mouse kidneys and is implicated in tissue injury. Scand J Immunol. 2005;61:426-34 pubmed
    ..are exposed due to the ischaemia may be recognized by pattern recognition molecules such as mannan-binding lectin (MBL), inducing complement activation...
  9. Walsh M, Bourcier T, Takahashi K, Shi L, Busche M, Rother R, et al. Mannose-binding lectin is a regulator of inflammation that accompanies myocardial ischemia and reperfusion injury. J Immunol. 2005;175:541-6 pubmed
    The mannose-binding lectin (MBL), a circulating pattern recognition molecule, recognizes a wide range of infectious agents with resultant initiation of the complement cascade in an Ab-independent manner...
  10. Yager P, You Z, Qin T, Kim H, Takahashi K, EZEKOWITZ A, et al. Mannose binding lectin gene deficiency increases susceptibility to traumatic brain injury in mice. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2008;28:1030-9 pubmed publisher
    Mannose binding lectin (MBL) initiates complement activation and exacerbates tissue damage after systemic ischemia/reperfusion...
  11. Takahashi K. Lessons learned from murine models of mannose-binding lectin deficiency. Biochem Soc Trans. 2008;36:1487-90 pubmed publisher
    b>MBL (mannose-binding lectin) is a pattern recognition molecule and a component of innate immunity, the first line of the host defence system against foreign bodies and pathogens...
  12. White R, Dowler L, Adkison L, Ezekowitz R, Sastry K. The murine mannose-binding protein genes (Mbl 1 and Mbl 2) localize to chromosomes 14 and 19. Mamm Genome. 1994;5:807-9 pubmed
  13. Moulton E, Atkinson J, Buller R. Surviving mousepox infection requires the complement system. PLoS Pathog. 2008;4:e1000249 pubmed publisher
    ..In summary, the complement system acts in the first few minutes, hours, and days to control this poxviral infection until the adaptive immune response can react, and loss of this system results in lethal infection...
  14. Pfister S, Jones V, Power M, Truisi G, Khoo P, Steiner K, et al. Sox17-dependent gene expression and early heart and gut development in Sox17-deficient mouse embryos. Int J Dev Biol. 2011;55:45-58 pubmed publisher
    ..This is associated with the defective development of the heart in the mutant embryos, which is accompanied by localised loss of Myocd-expressing cardiogenic progenitors and the malformation of the anterior intestinal portal. ..
  15. Tenner A. Membrane receptors for soluble defense collagens. Curr Opin Immunol. 1999;11:34-41 pubmed
  16. Petry F, Jakobi V, Wagner S, Tessema T, Thiel S, Loos M. Binding and activation of human and mouse complement by Cryptosporidium parvum (Apicomplexa) and susceptibility of C1q- and MBL-deficient mice to infection. Mol Immunol. 2008;45:3392-400 pubmed publisher
    ..Using real-time PCR, parasite development could be demonstrated in adult mice lacking mannan-binding lectin (MBL-A/C-/-) but not in mice lacking complement factor C1q (C1qA-/-) or in wild type C57BL/6 mice...
  17. La Bonte L, Pavlov V, Tan Y, Takahashi K, Takahashi M, Banda N, et al. Mannose-binding lectin-associated serine protease-1 is a significant contributor to coagulation in a murine model of occlusive thrombosis. J Immunol. 2012;188:885-91 pubmed publisher
    ..In contrast, mannose-binding lectin (MBL)-null and MBL-associated serine protease (MASP)-1/-3 knockout (KO) mice had significantly decreased FeCl(3)-induced ..
  18. Bidula S, Kenawy H, Ali Y, Sexton D, Schwaeble W, Schelenz S. Role of ficolin-A and lectin complement pathway in the innate defense against pathogenic Aspergillus species. Infect Immun. 2013;81:1730-40 pubmed publisher
    ..In contrast, the collectin mannose binding lectin C (MBL-C) but not MBL-A led to efficient lectin pathway activation on A. fumigatus in the absence of ficolin-A...
  19. Rothfuchs A, Roffe E, Gibson A, Cheever A, Ezekowitz R, Takahashi K, et al. Mannose-binding lectin regulates host resistance and pathology during experimental infection with Trypanosoma cruzi. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e47835 pubmed publisher
    Mannose-binding lectin (MBL) is a humoral pattern-recognition molecule important for host defense...
  20. Sun S, Zhao G, Liu C, Wu X, Guo Y, Yu H, et al. Inhibition of complement activation alleviates acute lung injury induced by highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 virus infection. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2013;49:221-30 pubmed publisher
    ..caused by excessive complement activation, as demonstrated by deposition of C3, C5b-9, and mannose-binding lectin (MBL)-C in lung tissue, and by up-regulation of MBL-associated serine protease-2 and the complement receptors C3aR and ..
  21. Wu K, Yuan J, Lasky L. Characterization of a novel member of the macrophage mannose receptor type C lectin family. J Biol Chem. 1996;271:21323-30 pubmed
    ..Finally, in situ hybridization analysis demonstrated that the transcript encoding this lectin was found in a number of highly endothelialized sites as well as in chondrocytes in cartilaginous regions of the embryo. ..
  22. Zhou H, Yan H, Bertram P, Hu Y, Springer L, Thompson R, et al. Fibrinogen-specific antibody induces abdominal aortic aneurysm in mice through complement lectin pathway activation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013;110:E4335-44 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings support the concept that an autoimmune process directed at aortic wall self-antigens may play a central role in the immunopathogenesis of AAA. ..
  23. Kuge S, Ihara S, Watanabe E, Watanabe M, Takishima K, Suga T, et al. cDNAs and deduced amino acid sequences of subunits in the binding component of mouse bactericidal factor, Ra-reactive factor: similarity to mannose-binding proteins. Biochemistry. 1992;31:6943-50 pubmed
    ..Southern and Northern blotting analyses using these cDNAs indicated that the P28a and P28b polypeptides are the products of two unique mouse genes which are expressed in hepatic cells. ..
  24. Rohrer B, Coughlin B, Kunchithapautham K, Long Q, Tomlinson S, Takahashi K, et al. The alternative pathway is required, but not alone sufficient, for retinal pathology in mouse laser-induced choroidal neovascularization. Mol Immunol. 2011;48:e1-8 pubmed publisher
    ..First, single-gene knockouts were analyzed and compared to wild type mice; C1q(-/-) (no CP), MBL(-/-) (no LP), and CFB(-/-) (no AP)...
  25. Banda N, Takahashi M, Levitt B, Glogowska M, Nicholas J, Takahashi K, et al. Essential role of complement mannose-binding lectin-associated serine proteases-1/3 in the murine collagen antibody-induced model of inflammatory arthritis. J Immunol. 2010;185:5598-606 pubmed publisher
  26. Banda N, Takahashi K, Wood A, Holers V, Arend W. Pathogenic complement activation in collagen antibody-induced arthritis in mice requires amplification by the alternative pathway. J Immunol. 2007;179:4101-9 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that the alternative pathway amplification loop, with its ability to greatly enhance C3 activation, is necessary to mediate inflammatory arthritis induced by adherent immune complexes. ..
  27. Ali Y, Lynch N, Haleem K, Fujita T, Endo Y, Hansen S, et al. The lectin pathway of complement activation is a critical component of the innate immune response to pneumococcal infection. PLoS Pathog. 2012;8:e1002793 pubmed publisher
    ..demonstrate that mouse ficolin A, human L-ficolin, and collectin 11 in both species, but not mannan-binding lectin (MBL), are the pattern recognition molecules that drive lectin pathway activation on the surface of S. pneumoniae...
  28. Paerewijck O, Maertens B, Dreesen L, Van Meulder F, Peelaers I, Ratman D, et al. Interleukin-17 receptor A (IL-17RA) as a central regulator of the protective immune response against Giardia. Sci Rep. 2017;7:8520 pubmed publisher
    ..Interestingly, the transcriptome data showed for the first time the involvement of the circadian clock in the host response following Giardia infection. ..
  29. Choteau L, Parny M, François N, Bertin B, Fumery M, Dubuquoy L, et al. Role of mannose-binding lectin in intestinal homeostasis and fungal elimination. Mucosal Immunol. 2016;9:767-76 pubmed publisher
    Mannose-binding lectin (MBL) is a soluble lectin of the innate immune system that is produced by the liver and secreted into the circulation where it activates the lectin complement pathway, enhances phagocytosis of microorganisms by ..
  30. Wright A, Kawakami Y, Pavan W. Mart1 is located on mouse chromosome 19 and is excluded as a candidate for ep and ru. Mamm Genome. 1997;8:377-8 pubmed
  31. Turner M. Mannose-binding lectin: the pluripotent molecule of the innate immune system. Immunol Today. 1996;17:532-40 pubmed
  32. Panepinto J, Komperda K, Hacham M, Shin S, Liu X, Williamson P. Binding of serum mannan binding lectin to a cell integrity-defective Cryptococcus neoformans ccr4Delta mutant. Infect Immun. 2007;75:4769-79 pubmed
    Mannan binding lectin (MBL) is an innate immune mediator belonging to the collectin family known to bind to the surfaces of many viruses, bacteria, and fungi...
  33. von Toerne C, Kahle M, Schäfer A, Ispiryan R, Blindert M, Hrabe de Angelis M, et al. Apoe, Mbl2, and Psp plasma protein levels correlate with diabetic phenotype in NZO mice--an optimized rapid workflow for SRM-based quantification. J Proteome Res. 2013;12:1331-43 pubmed publisher
    ..We could demonstrate that apolipoprotein E (Apoe), mannose-binding lectin 2 (Mbl2), and parotid secretory protein (Psp) are present at significantly different quantities in depleted plasma of ..
  34. Kim C, Smith K, Castillejos A, Diaz Aguilar D, Saint Geniez M, Connor K. The alternative complement pathway aids in vascular regression during the early stages of a murine model of proliferative retinopathy. FASEB J. 2016;30:1300-5 pubmed publisher
  35. Shushimita S, van der Pol P, W F de Bruin R, N M Ijzermans J, van Kooten C, Dor F. Mannan-Binding Lectin Is Involved in the Protection against Renal Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury by Dietary Restriction. PLoS ONE. 2015;10:e0137795 pubmed publisher
    ..We recently showed that Mannan-binding lectin (MBL), the initiator of the lectin pathway of complement activation, plays a pivotal role in renal I/RI...
  36. Ono K, Nishitani C, Mitsuzawa H, Shimizu T, Sano H, Suzuki H, et al. Mannose-binding lectin augments the uptake of lipid A, Staphylococcus aureus, and Escherichia coli by Kupffer cells through increased cell surface expression of scavenger receptor A. J Immunol. 2006;177:5517-23 pubmed
    We investigated roles of scavenger receptor A (SR-A) and mannose-binding lectin (MBL) in the uptake of endotoxin and bacteria by Kupffer cells...
  37. Pavlov V, La Bonte L, Baldwin W, Markiewski M, Lambris J, Stahl G. Absence of mannose-binding lectin prevents hyperglycemic cardiovascular complications. Am J Pathol. 2012;180:104-12 pubmed publisher
    ..that cardiomyopathy and vasculopathy resulting from acute hyperglycemia are dependent on mannose-binding lectin (MBL) and lectin complement pathway activation...
  38. Zuo D, Zhang L, Lu X, Liu Y, Chen Z. Protective role of mouse MBL-C on intestinal mucosa during Shigella flexneri invasion. Int Immunol. 2009;21:1125-34 pubmed publisher
    Mannan-binding lectin (MBL) is a C-type serum lectin, which is believed to play an important role in the innate immunity against a variety of pathogens...
  39. Banda N, Levitt B, Wood A, Takahashi K, Stahl G, Holers V, et al. Complement activation pathways in murine immune complex-induced arthritis and in C3a and C5a generation in vitro. Clin Exp Immunol. 2010;159:100-8 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that neither the CP nor LP alone is capable of mediating CAIA in vivo and that mouse sera exhibits a high level of IgG-induced C5a generation in vitro through either the CP or AP. ..
  40. Chang W, White M, Moyo P, McClear S, Thiel S, Hartshorn K, et al. Lack of the pattern recognition molecule mannose-binding lectin increases susceptibility to influenza A virus infection. BMC Immunol. 2010;11:64 pubmed publisher
    Mannose-binding lectin (MBL), a pattern recognition innate immune molecule, inhibits influenza A virus infection in vitro. MBL deficiency due to gene polymorphism in humans has been associated with infection susceptibility...
  41. Mihai S, Chiriac M, Takahashi K, Thurman J, Holers V, Zillikens D, et al. The alternative pathway of complement activation is critical for blister induction in experimental epidermolysis bullosa acquisita. J Immunol. 2007;178:6514-21 pubmed
  42. Gunn B, Morrison T, Whitmore A, Blevins L, Hueston L, Fraser R, et al. Mannose binding lectin is required for alphavirus-induced arthritis/myositis. PLoS Pathog. 2012;8:e1002586 pubmed publisher
    ..activation pathways mediate disease progression after infection, and we have identified the mannose binding lectin (MBL) pathway, but not the classical or alternative complement activation pathways, as essential for development of RRV-..
  43. Yadav A, Chaudhari H, Shah P, Madan T. Expression and localization of collectins in feto-maternal tissues of human first trimester spontaneous abortion and abortion prone mouse model. Immunobiology. 2016;221:260-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Immunostaining for SP-D and MBL proteins was positive in placental and decidual tissues...
  44. Endo Y, Nakazawa N, Iwaki D, Takahashi M, Matsushita M, Fujita T. Interactions of ficolin and mannose-binding lectin with fibrinogen/fibrin augment the lectin complement pathway. J Innate Immun. 2010;2:33-42 pubmed publisher
    Ficolin and mannose-binding lectin (MBL) are animal lectins that are involved in innate immunity by initiating the lectin complement pathway...
  45. Ostergaard J, Bjerre M, Dagnaes Hansen F, Hansen T, Thiel S, Flyvbjerg A. Diabetes-induced changes in mannan-binding lectin levels and complement activation in a mouse model of type 1 diabetes. Scand J Immunol. 2013;77:187-94 pubmed publisher
    Circulating mannan-binding lectin (MBL) levels are elevated in type 1 diabetes. Further, high MBL levels are associated with the development of diabetic nephropathy...
  46. Miwa T, Sato S, Gullipalli D, Nangaku M, Song W. Blocking properdin, the alternative pathway, and anaphylatoxin receptors ameliorates renal ischemia-reperfusion injury in decay-accelerating factor and CD59 double-knockout mice. J Immunol. 2013;190:3552-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Further, they demonstrate a critical role for properdin and support its therapeutic targeting in renal IRI. ..
  47. Busche M, Walsh M, McMullen M, Guikema B, Stahl G. Mannose-binding lectin plays a critical role in myocardial ischaemia and reperfusion injury in a mouse model of diabetes. Diabetologia. 2008;51:1544-51 pubmed publisher
    ..We hypothesised a significant role for mannose-binding lectin (MBL) in cardiomyopathies associated with hyperglycaemia...
  48. Pavlov V, Tan Y, McClure E, La Bonte L, Zou C, Gorsuch W, et al. Human mannose-binding lectin inhibitor prevents myocardial injury and arterial thrombogenesis in a novel animal model. Am J Pathol. 2015;185:347-55 pubmed publisher
    ..Serum MBL2 concentrations averaged approximately 3 μg/mL in MBL2(+/+)Mbl1(-/-)Mbl2(-/-) [MBL2 knock in (KI)] mice...
  49. Takahashi K, Kurokawa K, Moyo P, Jung D, An J, Chigweshe L, et al. Intradermal immunization with wall teichoic acid (WTA) elicits and augments an anti-WTA IgG response that protects mice from methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection independent of mannose-binding lectin status. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e69739 pubmed publisher
    ..were to investigate the immune response to intradermal immunization with wall teichoic acid (WTA) and the effect of MBL deficiency in a murine model of infection with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)...
  50. Stuart L, Takahashi K, Shi L, Savill J, Ezekowitz R. Mannose-binding lectin-deficient mice display defective apoptotic cell clearance but no autoimmune phenotype. J Immunol. 2005;174:3220-6 pubmed
    Mannose-binding lectin (MBL) is a circulating serum protein that is sequestered to sites of inflammation and infection...
  51. Chan R, Ibrahim S, Takahashi K, Kwon E, McCormack M, Ezekowitz A, et al. The differing roles of the classical and mannose-binding lectin complement pathways in the events following skeletal muscle ischemia-reperfusion. J Immunol. 2006;177:8080-5 pubmed
    ..pathway had been assumed to be the major pathway of activation leading to injury, the mannose-binding lectin (MBL) pathway might also play a contributing role...
  52. Epifano O, Liang L, Dean J. Mouse Zp1 encodes a zona pellucida protein homologous to egg envelope proteins in mammals and fish. J Biol Chem. 1995;270:27254-8 pubmed
  53. Busche M, Pavlov V, Takahashi K, Stahl G. Myocardial ischemia and reperfusion injury is dependent on both IgM and mannose-binding lectin. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2009;297:H1853-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Several recent studies from our laboratory demonstrated the importance of mannose-binding lectin (MBL) as the initiation pathway for complement activation and the resulting pathological effects following MI/R...
  54. Hogaboam C, Takahashi K, Ezekowitz R, Kunkel S, Schuh J. Mannose-binding lectin deficiency alters the development of fungal asthma: effects on airway response, inflammation, and cytokine profile. J Leukoc Biol. 2004;75:805-14 pubmed
    ..Herein, we examined the role of mannose-binding lectin (MBL), a complement-activating plasma protein, during pulmonary innate and allergic immune responses directed against A...
  55. Golovkina T, Dzuris J, Van Den Hoogen B, Jaffe A, Wright P, Cofer S, et al. A novel membrane protein is a mouse mammary tumor virus receptor. J Virol. 1998;72:3066-71 pubmed
    ..The MTVR sequence clone is unique, shows no homology to known membrane proteins, and is transcribed in many tissues. ..
  56. MacDonald B, Adamska M, Meisler M. Hypomorphic expression of Dkk1 in the doubleridge mouse: dose dependence and compensatory interactions with Lrp6. Development. 2004;131:2543-52 pubmed
    ..These compensatory interactions between Dkk1 and Lrp6 demonstrate the importance of correctly balancing positive and negative regulation of Wnt signaling during mammalian development. ..
  57. Pinto A, RAMOS H, Wu X, Aggarwal S, Shrestha B, Gorman M, et al. Deficient IFN signaling by myeloid cells leads to MAVS-dependent virus-induced sepsis. PLoS Pathog. 2014;10:e1004086 pubmed publisher
    ..Collectively, our findings establish the dominant role of type I IFN signaling in myeloid cells in restricting virus infection and controlling pathological inflammation and tissue injury. ..
  58. Stienstra R, Dijk W, van Beek L, Jansen H, Heemskerk M, Houtkooper R, et al. Mannose-binding lectin is required for the effective clearance of apoptotic cells by adipose tissue macrophages during obesity. Diabetes. 2014;63:4143-53 pubmed publisher
    ..Mannose-binding lectin (MBL), a soluble mediator of innate immunity, promotes phagocytosis and alters macrophage function...
  59. Hilfiker Kleiner D, Shukla P, Klein G, Schaefer A, Stapel B, Hoch M, et al. Continuous glycoprotein-130-mediated signal transducer and activator of transcription-3 activation promotes inflammation, left ventricular rupture, and adverse outcome in subacute myocardial infarction. Circulation. 2010;122:145-55 pubmed publisher
  60. Pavlov V, Skjoedt M, Siow Tan Y, Rosbjerg A, Garred P, Stahl G. Endogenous and natural complement inhibitor attenuates myocardial injury and arterial thrombogenesis. Circulation. 2012;126:2227-35 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, we hypothesized that the endogenous mannose-binding lectin (MBL)/ficolin-associated protein-1 (MAP-1) that inhibits complement activation in vitro also could be an in vivo ..
  61. Cervera A, Planas A, Justicia C, Urra X, Jensenius J, Torres F, et al. Genetically-defined deficiency of mannose-binding lectin is associated with protection after experimental stroke in mice and outcome in human stroke. PLoS ONE. 2010;5:e8433 pubmed publisher
    ..In order to investigate the clinical relevance of these experimental observations, a study of MBL2 and MASP-2 gene polymorphism rendering the lectin pathway dysfunctional was performed in 135 stroke patients...
  62. Ciencewicki J, Verhein K, Gerrish K, McCaw Z, Li J, Bushel P, et al. Effects of mannose-binding lectin on pulmonary gene expression and innate immune inflammatory response to ozone. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2016;311:L280-91 pubmed publisher
    ..We hypothesized that mannose-binding lectin (MBL), an innate immunity serum protein, contributes to the proinflammatory events caused by ozone-mediated activation ..
  63. Zhao X, Larkin T, Lauver M, Ahmad S, Ducruet A. Tissue plasminogen activator mediates deleterious complement cascade activation in stroke. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0180822 pubmed publisher