Gene Symbol: Klrc2
Description: killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily C, member 2
Alias: NKG2C, killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily C, member 2
Species: mouse
Products:     Klrc2

Top Publications

  1. Lohwasser S, Hande P, Mager D, Takei F. Cloning of murine NKG2A, B and C: second family of C-type lectin receptors on murine NK cells. Eur J Immunol. 1999;29:755-61 pubmed
    ..Murine NKG2C lacks an ITIM in its cytoplasmic domain, a feature shared by human and rat NKG2C...
  2. Silver E, Lau J, Kane K. Molecular cloning of mouse NKG2A and C. Immunogenetics. 1999;49:727-30 pubmed
  3. Vance R, Jamieson A, Raulet D. Recognition of the class Ib molecule Qa-1(b) by putative activating receptors CD94/NKG2C and CD94/NKG2E on mouse natural killer cells. J Exp Med. 1999;190:1801-12 pubmed
    ..Here we clone and express two additional receptors, CD94/NKG2C and CD94/NKG2E, which we show also bind to Qa-1(b)...
  4. Koike J, Wakao H, Ishizuka Y, Sato T, Hamaoki M, Seino K, et al. Bone marrow allograft rejection mediated by a novel murine NK receptor, NKG2I. J Exp Med. 2004;199:137-44 pubmed
    ..NKG2I is a novel activating receptor mediating recognition and rejection of allogeneic target cells. ..
  5. Saether P, Hoelsbrekken S, Fossum S, Dissen E. Rat and mouse CD94 associate directly with the activating transmembrane adaptor proteins DAP12 and DAP10 and activate NK cell cytotoxicity. J Immunol. 2011;187:6365-73 pubmed publisher
    ..In the human, the activating receptor CD94/NKG2C associates with DAP12 by an ionic bond between oppositely charged residues within the transmembrane regions of ..