Gene Symbol: Ipo5
Description: importin 5
Alias: 1110011C18Rik, 5730478E03Rik, AA409333, C76941, IMB3, Kpnb3, Ranbp5, imp5, importin-5, RAN binding protein 5, importin beta 3, importin subunit beta-3, karyopherin (importin) beta 3, karyopherin beta-3
Species: mouse
Products:     Ipo5

Top Publications

  1. Hogarth C, Jans D, Loveland K. Subcellular distribution of importins correlates with germ cell maturation. Dev Dyn. 2007;236:2311-20 pubmed
    ..We identified distinct developmental and cellular localization patterns for importins beta1, alpha3, alpha4 and RanBP5 (importin beta3) in fetal and postnatal murine testes using Western blotting and immunohistochemistry...
  2. Mühlhäusser P, Müller E, Otto A, Kutay U. Multiple pathways contribute to nuclear import of core histones. EMBO Rep. 2001;2:690-6 pubmed
    ..Our results suggest that multiple pathways of import exist to provide efficient nuclear uptake of these abundant, essential proteins. ..
  3. Plafker S, Macara I. Ribosomal protein L12 uses a distinct nuclear import pathway mediated by importin 11. Mol Cell Biol. 2002;22:1266-75 pubmed
    ..Taken together, these results indicate that rpL12 uses a distinct nuclear import pathway that may contribute to a mechanism for regulating ribosome synthesis and/or maturation. ..
  4. Anway M, Li Y, Ravindranath N, Dym M, Griswold M. Expression of testicular germ cell genes identified by differential display analysis. J Androl. 2003;24:173-84 pubmed
    ..chain reaction (DDRT-PCR) we identified transcripts encoding for the RNA helicase mDEAH9, Ran binding protein 5 (RanBP5), and 3 novel complementary DNAs designated GC3, GC12, and GC14 in developing testicular germ ..
  5. Kahle J, Baake M, Doenecke D, Albig W. Subunits of the heterotrimeric transcription factor NF-Y are imported into the nucleus by distinct pathways involving importin beta and importin 13. Mol Cell Biol. 2005;25:5339-54 pubmed
    ..Importin 13 competes with NF-YA for binding to the NF-YB/NF-YC dimer. Our data suggest that a distinct binding platform derived from the HFM of both subunits, NF-YB/NF-YC, mediates those interactions. ..
  6. Nakamura T, Arai Y, Umehara H, Masuhara M, Kimura T, Taniguchi H, et al. PGC7/Stella protects against DNA demethylation in early embryogenesis. Nat Cell Biol. 2007;9:64-71 pubmed
    ..After determining that PGC7/Stella binds to Ran binding protein 5 (RanBP5; a nuclear transport shuttle protein), mutant versions of the two proteins were used to examine ..
  7. Sutherland J, Sobinoff A, Fraser B, Redgrove K, Davidson T, Siddall N, et al. RNA binding protein Musashi-1 directly targets Msi2 and Erh during early testis germ cell development and interacts with IPO5 upon translocation to the nucleus. FASEB J. 2015;29:2759-68 pubmed publisher
    ..We have also provided evidence to suggest that nuclear import protein, IPO5, facilitates the nuclear translocation of MSI1 to the transcriptionally silenced XY chromatin domain in meiotic ..
  8. Mihalas B, Western P, Loveland K, McLaughlin E, Holt J. Changing expression and subcellular distribution of karyopherins during murine oogenesis. Reproduction. 2015;150:485-96 pubmed publisher
    ..Of the KPNAs examined (Kpna1, Kpna2, Kpna3, Kpna4, Kpna6, Kpna7, Kpnb1, Ipo5 and Xpo1), all were expressed in the embryonic ovary with up-regulation of protein levels concomitant with meiotic ..
  9. Chao H, Lai Y, Lu Y, Lin C, Mai W, Huang Y. NMDAR signaling facilitates the IPO5-mediated nuclear import of CPEB3. Nucleic Acids Res. 2012;40:8484-98 pubmed
    ..Here, we have identified that the karyopherins, IPO5 and CRM1, facilitate CPEB3 translocation by binding to RRM1 and a leucine-containing motif of CPEB3, respectively...