Gene Symbol: Impad1
Description: inositol monophosphatase domain containing 1
Alias: 1110001C20Rik, AA408880, AI451589, AL022796, B230207P20, Jaws, gPAPP, inositol monophosphatase 3, Golgi 3-prime phosphoadenosine 5-prime phosphate 3-prime phosphatase, IMP 3, IMPase 3, golgi-resident PAP phosphatase, inositol monophosphatase domain-containing protein 1, inositol-1(or 4)-monophosphatase 3, myo-inositol monophosphatase A3
Species: mouse
Products:     Impad1

Top Publications

  1. Frederick J, Tafari A, Wu S, Megosh L, Chiou S, Irving R, et al. A role for a lithium-inhibited Golgi nucleotidase in skeletal development and sulfation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008;105:11605-12 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we identify a Golgi-resident PAP 3'-phosphatase (gPAPP) and demonstrate that its activity is potently inhibited by lithium in vitro...
  2. McGowan K, Li J, Park C, Beaudry V, Tabor H, Sabnis A, et al. Ribosomal mutations cause p53-mediated dark skin and pleiotropic effects. Nat Genet. 2008;40:963-70 pubmed publisher
  3. Hudson B, Frederick J, Drake L, Megosh L, Irving R, York J. Role for cytoplasmic nucleotide hydrolysis in hepatic function and protein synthesis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013;110:5040-5 pubmed publisher
    ..mammals possess two related 3'-nucleotidases, Golgi-resident 3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphate (PAP) phosphatase (gPAPP) and Bisphosphate 3'-nucleotidase 1 (Bpnt1)...