Gene Symbol: Il22ra2
Description: interleukin 22 receptor, alpha 2
Alias: CRF2-10, CRF2-s1, CRF2X, Il-22bp, interleukin-22 receptor subunit alpha-2, IL-22 receptor subunit alpha-2, IL-22R-alpha-2, IL-22RA2, IL22BP, cytokine receptor family II soluble 1, cytokine receptor family type 2, soluble 1, interleukin-22-binding protein, zcytoR16
Species: mouse
Products:     Il22ra2

Top Publications

  1. Wei C, Ho T, Liang W, Chen G, Chang M. Cloning and characterization of mouse IL-22 binding protein. Genes Immun. 2003;4:204-11 pubmed
    ..Treating B cells with mouse IL-22 induces production of reactive oxygen species, which mIL-22BP blocks. ..
  2. Wolk K, Witte E, Hoffmann U, Doecke W, Endesfelder S, Asadullah K, et al. IL-22 induces lipopolysaccharide-binding protein in hepatocytes: a potential systemic role of IL-22 in Crohn's disease. J Immunol. 2007;178:5973-81 pubmed
    ..These data suggest that systemic IL-22 may contribute to the prevention of systemic inflammation provoked by LPS present in the blood of CD patients through its induction of hepatic LBP. ..
  3. Kleinschmidt D, Giannou A, McGee H, Kempski J, Steglich B, Huber F, et al. A Protective Function of IL-22BP in Ischemia Reperfusion and Acetaminophen-Induced Liver Injury. J Immunol. 2017;199:4078-4090 pubmed publisher
    ..We hypothesized that IL-22BP may play a role in acute liver injury. To test this hypothesis, we used Il22bp-deficient mice and murine models of acute liver damage induced by ischemia reperfusion and N-acetyl-..
  4. Weiss B, Wolk K, Gr├╝nberg B, Volk H, Sterry W, Asadullah K, et al. Cloning of murine IL-22 receptor alpha 2 and comparison with its human counterpart. Genes Immun. 2004;5:330-6 pubmed
    ..Differential modulation of IL-22R alpha 2 mRNA expression was observed upon systemic inflammation in mice in spleen, thymus, and lymph node. ..
  5. Jinnohara T, Kanaya T, Hase K, Sakakibara S, Kato T, Tachibana N, et al. IL-22BP dictates characteristics of Peyer's patch follicle-associated epithelium for antigen uptake. J Exp Med. 2017;214:1607-1618 pubmed publisher
    ..As expected, FAE of IL-22BP-deficient (Il22ra2-/-) mice exhibited altered properties such as the enhanced expression of mucus and ..
  6. Huber S, Gagliani N, Zenewicz L, Huber F, Bosurgi L, Hu B, et al. IL-22BP is regulated by the inflammasome and modulates tumorigenesis in the intestine. Nature. 2012;491:259-63 pubmed publisher
    ..can be neutralized by the soluble IL-22 receptor, known as the IL-22 binding protein (IL-22BP, also known as IL22RA2); however, the significance of endogenous IL-22BP in vivo and the pathways that regulate this receptor are ..
  7. Laaksonen H, Guerreiro Cacais A, Adzemovic M, Parsa R, Zeitelhofer M, Jagodic M, et al. The multiple sclerosis risk gene IL22RA2 contributes to a more severe murine autoimmune neuroinflammation. Genes Immun. 2014;15:457-65 pubmed publisher
    Single-nucleotide polymorphisms close to IL22RA2, coding for the soluble interleukin (IL)-22-binding protein (IL-22BP), are strongly and reproducibly associated with multiple sclerosis (MS), but there is little data on how this molecule ..