Gene Symbol: Ifitm7
Description: interferon induced transmembrane protein 7
Alias: 4933438K12Rik, Mil4, interferon induced transmembrane protein 7, interferon induced transmembrane protein 4 like, interferon induced transmembrane protein like 4
Species: mouse
Products:     Ifitm7

Top Publications

  1. Lange U, Adams D, Lee C, Barton S, Schneider R, Bradley A, et al. Normal germ line establishment in mice carrying a deletion of the Ifitm/Fragilis gene family cluster. Mol Cell Biol. 2008;28:4688-96 pubmed publisher
    ..Hence, contrary to previous reports, Ifitm genes are not essential for PGC migration. The Ifitm family is a striking example of a conserved gene cluster which appears to be functionally redundant during development. ..
  2. Lange U, Saitou M, Western P, Barton S, Surani M. The fragilis interferon-inducible gene family of transmembrane proteins is associated with germ cell specification in mice. BMC Dev Biol. 2003;3:1 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, its evolutionary conservation suggests that it probably plays a critical role in all mammals. Detailed analysis of these genes may also elucidate the role of interferons as signalling molecules during development. ..
  3. Tanaka S, Matsui Y. Developmentally regulated expression of mil-1 and mil-2, mouse interferon-induced transmembrane protein like genes, during formation and differentiation of primordial germ cells. Mech Dev. 2002;119 Suppl 1:S261-7 pubmed
    ..5-7.5 days post coitum. In migrating PGCs, mil-1 expression was continuously observed and mil-2 expression was first detected during germ cell differentiation. ..