Gene Symbol: Hspb1
Description: heat shock protein 1
Alias: 27kDa, Hsp25, heat shock protein beta-1, HSP 25, HSP 27, growth-related 25 kDa protein, heat shock 25 kDa protein, heat shock 27 kDa protein, heat shock 27kDa protein 1, heat shock protein, 25 kDa, p25, truncated hsp25
Species: mouse
Products:     Hspb1

Top Publications

  1. Arrigo A, Firdaus W, Mellier G, Moulin M, Paul C, Diaz Latoud C, et al. Cytotoxic effects induced by oxidative stress in cultured mammalian cells and protection provided by Hsp27 expression. Methods. 2005;35:126-38 pubmed
  2. Lee Y, Lee D, Cho C, Bae S, Jhon G, Lee S, et al. HSP25 inhibits protein kinase C delta-mediated cell death through direct interaction. J Biol Chem. 2005;280:18108-19 pubmed
    Heat shock protein 25 (HSP25) interferes negatively with apoptosis through several pathways that involve its direct interaction with cytochrome c or Akt...
  3. Huang L, Min J, Masters S, Mivechi N, Moskophidis D. Insights into function and regulation of small heat shock protein 25 (HSPB1) in a mouse model with targeted gene disruption. Genesis. 2007;45:487-501 pubmed
    The mammalian small heat shock protein (sHSPs) family is comprised of 10 members and includes HSPB1, which is proposed to play an essential role in cellular physiology, acting as a molecular chaperone to regulate diverse cellular ..
  4. Vertii A, Hakim C, Kotlyarov A, Gaestel M. Analysis of properties of small heat shock protein Hsp25 in MAPK-activated protein kinase 2 (MK2)-deficient cells: MK2-dependent insolubilization of Hsp25 oligomers correlates with susceptibility to stress. J Biol Chem. 2006;281:26966-75 pubmed
    ..Here we investigate the role of phosphorylation of endogenous sHsp in a genetic model lacking the major Hsp25 kinase, the MAP kinase-activated protein kinase MK2...
  5. Rogalla T, Ehrnsperger M, Preville X, Kotlyarov A, Lutsch G, Ducasse C, et al. Regulation of Hsp27 oligomerization, chaperone function, and protective activity against oxidative stress/tumor necrosis factor alpha by phosphorylation. J Biol Chem. 1999;274:18947-56 pubmed
    The small heat shock proteins (sHsps) from human (Hsp27) and mouse (Hsp25) form large oligomers which can act as molecular chaperones in vitro and protect cells from heat shock and oxidative stress when overexpressed...
  6. Evgrafov O, Mersiyanova I, Irobi J, Van Den Bosch L, Dierick I, Leung C, et al. Mutant small heat-shock protein 27 causes axonal Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and distal hereditary motor neuropathy. Nat Genet. 2004;36:602-6 pubmed
    ..2). Here we report a missense mutation in the gene encoding 27-kDa small heat-shock protein B1 (HSPB1, also called HSP27) that segregates in the family with CMT2F...
  7. Morris A, Treweek T, Aquilina J, Carver J, Walker M. Glutamic acid residues in the C-terminal extension of small heat shock protein 25 are critical for structural and functional integrity. FEBS J. 2008;275:5885-98 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, mutants of murine Hsp25 were prepared in which the glutamic acid residues in the C-terminal extension at positions 190, 199 and 204 were ..
  8. Lee Y, Cho H, Jeoung D, Soh J, Cho C, Bae S, et al. HSP25 overexpression attenuates oxidative stress-induced apoptosis: roles of ERK1/2 signaling and manganese superoxide dismutase. Free Radic Biol Med. 2004;36:429-44 pubmed
    b>HSP25 has been shown to induce resistance to radiation and oxidative stress; however, its exact mechanisms remain unclear...
  9. Nagaraja G, Kaur P, Neumann W, Asea E, Bausero M, Multhoff G, et al. Silencing Hsp25/Hsp27 gene expression augments proteasome activity and increases CD8+ T-cell-mediated tumor killing and memory responses. Cancer Prev Res (Phila). 2012;5:122-37 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we showed that short-term silencing of Hsp25 or Hsp27 using siRNA or permanent silencing of Hsp25 using lentivirus RNA interference technology enhanced PA28? ..

More Information


  1. Wang G, Zhang J, Moskophidis D, Mivechi N. Targeted disruption of the heat shock transcription factor (hsf)-2 gene results in increased embryonic lethality, neuronal defects, and reduced spermatogenesis. Genesis. 2003;36:48-61 pubmed
    ..These findings suggest that hsf2 has a major function in controlling expression of genes important for embryonic development and maintenance of sperm production. ..
  2. Min J, Zhang Y, Moskophidis D, Mivechi N. Unique contribution of heat shock transcription factor 4 in ocular lens development and fiber cell differentiation. Genesis. 2004;40:205-17 pubmed
    ..Thus, HSF4 fulfills a central role in controlling spatial and temporal expression of genes critical for correct development and function of the lens. ..
  3. Pinach S, Burt D, Berrone E, Barutta F, Bruno G, Porta M, et al. Retinal heat shock protein 25 in early experimental diabetes. Acta Diabetol. 2013;50:579-85 pubmed publisher
    ..Our aim was to assess retinal expression of HSP25 in early experimental diabetes. Mice were rendered diabetic by streptozotocin injection...
  4. Sun X, Zhou Z, Fink D, Mata M. HspB1 silences translation of PDZ-RhoGEF by enhancing miR-20a and miR-128 expression to promote neurite extension. Mol Cell Neurosci. 2013;57:111-9 pubmed publisher
    b>HspB1 is a small heat shock protein implicated in neuronal survival and neurite growth; mutations in HspB1 have been identified in hereditary motor neuronopathies and Charcot Marie Tooth Type 2 neuropathies...
  5. Ropeleski M, Tang J, Walsh Reitz M, Musch M, Chang E. Interleukin-11-induced heat shock protein 25 confers intestinal epithelial-specific cytoprotection from oxidant stress. Gastroenterology. 2003;124:1358-68 pubmed
    ..IL-11 induction of hsp72 and hsp25 was determined by immunoblot in IEC-18 crypt and young adult mouse colon colonic epithelial cells...
  6. Li L, Sevinsky J, Rowland M, Bundy J, Stephenson J, Sherry B. Proteomic analysis reveals virus-specific Hsp25 modulation in cardiac myocytes. J Proteome Res. 2010;9:2460-71 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, the data suggest that the heat shock protein Hsp25 is modulated differentially by myocarditic and nonmyocarditic reoviruses and may play a role in the cardiac ..
  7. Kim E, Lee H, Lee D, Bae S, Soh J, Jeoung D, et al. Inhibition of heat shock protein 27-mediated resistance to DNA damaging agents by a novel PKC delta-V5 heptapeptide. Cancer Res. 2007;67:6333-41 pubmed
    ..The heptapeptide may provide a novel strategy for selective neutralization of HSP27. ..
  8. Liu C, Gilmont R, Benndorf R, Welsh M. Identification and characterization of a novel protein from Sertoli cells, PASS1, that associates with mammalian small stress protein hsp27. J Biol Chem. 2000;275:18724-31 pubmed
    ..Ectopic expression of PASS1 in two cultured cell lines was observed to inhibit the ability of hsp27 to protect cells against heat shock, indicating that PASS1 does interact with hsp27 in the live cell. ..
  9. Gaestel M, Schroder W, Benndorf R, Lippmann C, Buchner K, Hucho F, et al. Identification of the phosphorylation sites of the murine small heat shock protein hsp25. J Biol Chem. 1991;266:14721-4 pubmed
    Native phosphorylated mouse small heat shock protein hsp25 from Ehrlich ascites tumor cells was isolated and the in vivo phosphorylation sites of the protein were determined...
  10. Rallu M, Loones M, Lallemand Y, Morimoto R, Morange M, Mezger V. Function and regulation of heat shock factor 2 during mouse embryogenesis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1997;94:2392-7 pubmed
    ..This result suggests that HFS2 might be involved in other regulatory developmental pathways and paves the way to new functional approaches. ..
  11. Fröhli E, Aoyama A, Klemenz R. Cloning of the mouse hsp25 gene and an extremely conserved hsp25 pseudogene. Gene. 1993;128:273-7 pubmed
    A genomic clone of the murine gene encoding the small heat-shock protein, Hsp25, was isolated. The coding region is interrupted by two introns of 128 bp and approximately 600 bp at identical positions as the human hsp27 gene...
  12. Cuesta R, Laroia G, Schneider R. Chaperone hsp27 inhibits translation during heat shock by binding eIF4G and facilitating dissociation of cap-initiation complexes. Genes Dev. 2000;14:1460-70 pubmed
    ..Dissociation of eIF4F was enhanced during heat shock by ectopic overexpression of Hsp25, the murine homolog of human Hsp27...
  13. Wang X, Chen X, Oh H, Repasky E, Kazim L, Subjeck J. Characterization of native interaction of hsp110 with hsp25 and hsc70. FEBS Lett. 2000;465:98-102 pubmed
    ..analysis and co-immunoprecipitation studies identified two other HSPs as components of this complex, hsc70 and hsp25. When examined in vitro, purified hsp25, hsp70 and hsp110 were observed to spontaneously form a large complex and ..
  14. Farooqui Kabir S, Budhram Mahadeo V, Lewis H, Latchman D, Marber M, Heads R. Regulation of Hsp27 expression and cell survival by the POU transcription factor Brn3a. Cell Death Differ. 2004;11:1242-4 pubmed
  15. Hirano S, Sun X, DeGuzman C, Ransom R, McLeish K, Smoyer W, et al. p38 MAPK/HSP25 signaling mediates cadmium-induced contraction of mesangial cells and renal glomeruli. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2005;288:F1133-43 pubmed
    ..Because p38 MAPK/HSP25 signaling has been implicated in smooth muscle contraction, we examined its role in cadmium-induced contraction of ..
  16. Shimada M, Yamamoto M, Wakayama T, Iseki S, Amano O. Different expression of 25-kDa heat-shock protein (Hsp25) in Meckel's cartilage compared with other cartilages in the mouse. Anat Embryol (Berl). 2003;206:163-73 pubmed
    The 25-kDa heat-shock protein (Hsp25) is expressed in the cartilage of the growth plate and suggested to function in chondrocyte differentiation and degeneration...
  17. Armstrong C, Krueger Naug A, Currie R, Hawkes R. Expression of heat-shock protein Hsp25 in mouse Purkinje cells during development reveals novel features of cerebellar compartmentation. J Comp Neurol. 2001;429:7-21 pubmed
    The small heat shock protein Hsp25 is constitutively expressed in the adult mouse cerebellum by parasagittal stripes of Purkinje cells confined to the caudal central zone ( approximately lobules VI and VII), the nodular zone ( ..
  18. Seo H, Chung D, Lee Y, Lee D, Kim J, Bae S, et al. Heat shock protein 25 or inducible heat shock protein 70 activates heat shock factor 1: dephosphorylation on serine 307 through inhibition of ERK1/2 phosphorylation. J Biol Chem. 2006;281:17220-7 pubmed
    ..In the present study, we show that stable transfection of either Hsp25 or inducible Hsp70 (Hsp70i) increased expression of endogenous HSPs such as HSP25 and HSP70i through HSF1 ..
  19. Gaestel M, Gross B, Benndorf R, Strauss M, Schunk W, Kraft R, et al. Molecular cloning, sequencing and expression in Escherichia coli of the 25-kDa growth-related protein of Ehrlich ascites tumor and its homology to mammalian stress proteins. Eur J Biochem. 1989;179:209-13 pubmed
    The growth-related 25-kDa protein (p25) of Ehrlich ascites tumor (EAT) has been characterized by molecular cloning and sequencing of cDNA clones detected by hybridization with oligonucleotide probes synthesized according to the amino ..
  20. Musch M, Petrof E, Kojima K, Ren H, McKay D, Chang E. Bacterial superantigen-treated intestinal epithelial cells upregulate heat shock proteins 25 and 72 and are resistant to oxidant cytotoxicity. Infect Immun. 2004;72:3187-94 pubmed
    ..SEB-treated (5 or 100 microg intraperitoneally) mice revealed increased Hsp25 and Hsp72, but not Hsc73, in jejunal lymphocytes and epithelial cells...
  21. Schumacher S, Laass K, Kant S, Shi Y, Visel A, Gruber A, et al. Scaffolding by ERK3 regulates MK5 in development. EMBO J. 2004;23:4770-9 pubmed
    ..Deletion of MK5 leads to strong reduction of ERK3 protein levels and embryonic lethality at about stage E11, where ERK3 expression in wild-type mice is maximum, indicating a role of this signalling module in development. ..
  22. Lee H, Lee Y, Kwon H, Bae S, Kim S, Min J, et al. Radioprotective effect of heat shock protein 25 on submandibular glands of rats. Am J Pathol. 2006;169:1601-11 pubmed
    ..b>HSP25 as well as inducible HSP70 (HSP70i) that were delivered to the salivary gland via an adenoviral vector ..
  23. Narumi T, Shishido T, Otaki Y, Kadowaki S, Honda Y, Funayama A, et al. High-mobility group box 1-mediated heat shock protein beta 1 expression attenuates mitochondrial dysfunction and apoptosis. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2015;82:1-12 pubmed publisher
    ..a nuclear DNA-binding protein capable of inhibiting apoptosis, we aimed to clarify the role of HMGB1 in heat shock protein beta 1 (HSPB1) expression during doxorubicin-induced cardiomyopathy...
  24. Hoffman L, Jensen C, Yoshigi M, Beckerle M. Mechanical signals activate p38 MAPK pathway-dependent reinforcement of actin via mechanosensitive HspB1. Mol Biol Cell. 2017;28:2661-2675 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we show that the small heat shock protein HspB1 (hsp25/27) is phosphorylated in stretch-stimulated mouse fibroblasts via a p38 MAPK-dependent mechanism...
  25. Zhai J, Lin H, Julien J, Schlaepfer W. Disruption of neurofilament network with aggregation of light neurofilament protein: a common pathway leading to motor neuron degeneration due to Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease-linked mutations in NFL and HSPB1. Hum Mol Genet. 2007;16:3103-16 pubmed
    Mutations in neurofilament light (NFL) subunit and small heat-shock protein B1 (HSPB1) cause autosomal-dominant axonal Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 2E (CMT2E) and type 2F (CMT2F)...
  26. Quraishe S, Asuni A, Boelens W, O CONNOR V, Wyttenbach A. Expression of the small heat shock protein family in the mouse CNS: differential anatomical and biochemical compartmentalization. Neuroscience. 2008;153:483-91 pubmed publisher
    ..A distinct white matter specific expression pattern for HspB5 and overlapping expression of HspB1 and HspB8 in the lateral and dorsal ventricles of the brain is observed...
  27. Lee M, Cai J, Kwak S, Cho S, Harada H, Jung H. MAPK mediates Hsp25 signaling in incisor development. Histochem Cell Biol. 2009;131:593-603 pubmed publisher
    ..activates MAPKs) and U0126 (a MAPK inhibitor that blocks ERK1/2 phosphorylation) to examine the role of MAPKs in Hsp25 signaling in the development of the mouse incisor...
  28. Ke L, Meijering R, Hoogstra Berends F, Mackovicova K, Vos M, Van Gelder I, et al. HSPB1, HSPB6, HSPB7 and HSPB8 protect against RhoA GTPase-induced remodeling in tachypaced atrial myocytes. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e20395 pubmed publisher
    We previously demonstrated the small heat shock protein, HSPB1, to prevent tachycardia remodeling in in vitro and in vivo models for Atrial Fibrillation (AF)...
  29. Vidyasagar A, Reese S, Hafez O, Huang L, Swain W, Jacobson L, et al. Tubular expression of heat-shock protein 27 inhibits fibrogenesis in obstructive nephropathy. Kidney Int. 2013;83:84-92 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, tubular HSP27 inhibits fibrogenesis in obstructive nephropathy. Further studies are needed to determine pathways regulating the interactions between HSP27 and the E-cadherin-?-catenin complex. ..
  30. Crowe J, Aubareda A, McNamee K, Przybycien P, Lu X, Williams R, et al. Heat shock protein B1-deficient mice display impaired wound healing. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e77383 pubmed publisher
    ..shock protein (hsp)B1 but understanding of its function in vivo is limited to studies in mice overexpressing human hspB1 protein...
  31. Tao Y, Drabik K, Waypa T, Musch M, Alverdy J, Schneewind O, et al. Soluble factors from Lactobacillus GG activate MAPKs and induce cytoprotective heat shock proteins in intestinal epithelial cells. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2006;290:C1018-30 pubmed
    ..LGG-CM induces both Hsp25 and Hsp72 in a time- and concentration-dependent manner...
  32. Loones M, Morange M. Hsp and chaperone distribution during endochondral bone development in mouse embryo. Cell Stress Chaperones. 1998;3:237-44 pubmed
    ..The involvement of chaperones during these important differentiation steps will be discussed. ..
  33. Jakob U, Gaestel M, Engel K, Buchner J. Small heat shock proteins are molecular chaperones. J Biol Chem. 1993;268:1517-20 pubmed
    ..To test this hypothesis we studied the influence of murine Hsp25, human Hsp27, and bovine alpha-B-crystallin (an eye lens protein homologous to sHsps) on the unfolding and ..
  34. Klemenz R, Andres A, Fröhli E, Schafer R, Aoyama A. Expression of the murine small heat shock proteins hsp 25 and alpha B crystallin in the absence of stress. J Cell Biol. 1993;120:639-45 pubmed
    Stress induces the synthesis of several large and small heat shock proteins (hsp's). Two related small hsp's, hsp25 and alpha B crystallin exist in mice...
  35. Suto J, Sekikawa K. Further mapping and characterization of Naq1, a quantitative trait locus responsible for maternal inferior nurturing ability in RR mice. J Vet Med Sci. 2004;66:1033-8 pubmed
    ..Naq1 is a novel QTL as far as the QTL results of relevant female reproductive traits in cattle and pigs are concerned. ..
  36. Kato K, Adachi S, Matsushima Nishiwaki R, Minamitani C, Natsume H, Katagiri Y, et al. Regulation by heat shock protein 27 of osteocalcin synthesis in osteoblasts. Endocrinology. 2011;152:1872-82 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these results strongly suggest that unphosphorylated HSP27 has an inhibitory effect on osteocalcin synthesis, but has a stimulatory effect on mineralization, in osteoblasts. ..
  37. Hunt C, Goswami P, Kozak C. Assignment of the mouse Hsp25 and Hsp105 genes to the distal region of chromosome 5 by linkage analysis. Genomics. 1997;45:462-3 pubmed
  38. Park S, Lee Y, Osawa Y, Hachiya M, Akashi M. Hsp25 regulates the expression of p21(Waf1/Cip1/Sdi1) through multiple mechanisms. J Biochem. 2002;131:869-75 pubmed
    ..Previously, we found that overexpression of a 25 kDa Hsp (Hsp25) induced expression of cell cycle inhibitory protein p21 (Waf1/Cip1/Sdi1) in murine fibroblastoid L929 cells...
  39. Stromer T, Ehrnsperger M, Gaestel M, Buchner J. Analysis of the interaction of small heat shock proteins with unfolding proteins. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:18015-21 pubmed
    ..including citrate synthase, alpha-glucosidase, rhodanese, and insulin, and analyzed their interaction with murine Hsp25 and yeast Hsp26 upon thermal unfolding. The two sHsps differ in their modes of activation...
  40. Gungor B, Gombos I, Crul T, Ayaydin F, Szabo L, Torok Z, et al. Rac1 participates in thermally induced alterations of the cytoskeleton, cell morphology and lipid rafts, and regulates the expression of heat shock proteins in B16F10 melanoma cells. PLoS ONE. 2014;9:e89136 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, inhibition of the activation or palmitoylation of Rac1 resulted in a strongly decreased expression of the genes of major heat shock proteins hsp25 and hsp70 under both mild and severe heat stress conditions.
  41. Choudhury K, Bhattacharyya N. Chaperone protein HYPK interacts with the first 17 amino acid region of Huntingtin and modulates mutant HTT-mediated aggregation and cytotoxicity. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2015;456:66-73 pubmed publisher
    ..Deletion of HTT-N17 leads to formation of tinier, SDS-soluble nuclear aggregates formed by N-terminal mutant HTT. The increased cytotoxicity imparted by these tiny aggregates might be contributed due to loss of interaction with HYPK. ..
  42. Battersby A, Jones R, Lilley K, McFarlane R, Braig H, Allen N, et al. Comparative proteomic analysis reveals differential expression of Hsp25 following the directed differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2007;1773:147-56 pubmed
    ..One of the most significant alterations was for the small heat shock protein Hsp25. Three species of Hsp25 are detected in ES cells, and this expression pattern changes during the first 24 h of ..
  43. Adhikari A, Sridhar Rao K, Rangaraj N, Parnaik V, Mohan Rao C. Heat stress-induced localization of small heat shock proteins in mouse myoblasts: intranuclear lamin A/C speckles as target for alphaB-crystallin and Hsp25. Exp Cell Res. 2004;299:393-403 pubmed
    We examined the effect of heat stress on localization of two sHsps, alphaB-crystallin and Hsp25, and of Hsc70, a member of a different class of heat shock proteins (Hsps), in both undifferentiated and differentiated mouse C2C12 cells...
  44. Kammoun M, Picard B, Astruc T, Gagaoua M, Aubert D, Bonnet M, et al. The Invalidation of HspB1 Gene in Mouse Alters the Ultrastructural Phenotype of Muscles. PLoS ONE. 2016;11:e0158644 pubmed publisher
    Even though abundance of Hsp27 is the highest in skeletal muscle, the relationships between the expression of HspB1 (encoding Hsp27) and muscle characteristics are not fully understood...
  45. Yuan H, Wang T, Niu Y, Liu X, Fu L. AMP-activated protein kinase-mediated expression of heat shock protein beta 1 enhanced insulin sensitivity in the skeletal muscle. FEBS Lett. 2017;591:97-108 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, by proteomic analysis, we found that expression of heat shock protein beta-1 (HSPB1) was induced by the AMP analog 5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide 1-?-D-ribofuranoside in palmitate-induced insulin-..
  46. Duverger O, Morange M. Heat shock protein 25 plays multiple roles during mouse skin development. Cell Stress Chaperones. 2005;10:268-77 pubmed
    Heat shock protein (Hsp) 25 is a member of the small Hsp family. High levels of Hsp25 can be detected in skin...
  47. Ventadour S, Jarzaguet M, Wing S, Chambon C, Combaret L, Bechet D, et al. A new method of purification of proteasome substrates reveals polyubiquitination of 20 S proteasome subunits. J Biol Chem. 2007;282:5302-9 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, the data suggest that proteasome homeostasis involves an autoregulatory mechanism. ..
  48. Chung C, Elrick M, Dell Orco J, Qin Z, Kalyana Sundaram S, Chinnaiyan A, et al. Heat Shock Protein Beta-1 Modifies Anterior to Posterior Purkinje Cell Vulnerability in a Mouse Model of Niemann-Pick Type C Disease. PLoS Genet. 2016;12:e1006042 pubmed publisher
    ..We demonstrate that one candidate gene, heat shock protein beta-1 (HSPB1), promoted neuronal survival in cellular models of NPC disease through a mechanism that involved inhibition of ..
  49. Li Y, Sassano A, Majchrzak B, Deb D, Levy D, Gaestel M, et al. Role of p38alpha Map kinase in Type I interferon signaling. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:970-9 pubmed
    ..Altogether, our data establish that the p38alpha Map kinase pathway regulates activation of downstream effectors that participate in the induction of IFN-dependent gene transcription, to mediate IFN-responses. ..
  50. Yi M, Park S, Cho H, Yong Chung H, Kim J, Cho C, et al. Heat-shock protein 25 (Hspb1) regulates manganese superoxide dismutase through activation of Nfkb (NF-kappaB). Radiat Res. 2002;158:641-9 pubmed
    We previously demonstrated that overexpression of HSP25 (now known as Hspb1) conferred increased resistance to ionizing radiation (Radiat Res. 154, 421-428, 2000)...
  51. Croci L, Chung S, Masserdotti G, Gianola S, Bizzoca A, Gennarini G, et al. A key role for the HLH transcription factor EBF2COE2,O/E-3 in Purkinje neuron migration and cerebellar cortical topography. Development. 2006;133:2719-29 pubmed
  52. Damarla M, Hasan E, Boueiz A, Le A, Pae H, Montouchet C, et al. Mitogen activated protein kinase activated protein kinase 2 regulates actin polymerization and vascular leak in ventilator associated lung injury. PLoS ONE. 2009;4:e4600 pubmed publisher
    ..We postulated that MK2 activation via p38 MAP kinase induced HSP25 phosphorylation, in response to mechanical stress, leading to actin stress fiber formation and endothelial barrier ..
  53. Lachke S, Alkuraya F, Kneeland S, Ohn T, Aboukhalil A, Howell G, et al. Mutations in the RNA granule component TDRD7 cause cataract and glaucoma. Science. 2011;331:1571-6 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings demonstrate a role for RGs in vertebrate organogenesis. ..
  54. Xiao X, Zuo X, Davis A, McMillan D, Curry B, Richardson J, et al. HSF1 is required for extra-embryonic development, postnatal growth and protection during inflammatory responses in mice. EMBO J. 1999;18:5943-52 pubmed
  55. Choi S, Lee H, Jin Y, Jang J, Kang G, Lee M, et al. MMP9 processing of HSPB1 regulates tumor progression. PLoS ONE. 2014;9:e85509 pubmed publisher
    ..Previously, we demonstrated that soluble heat shock protein B1 (HSPB1) is released primarily from endothelial cells (ECs) and regulates angiogenesis via direct interaction with ..
  56. Gaestel M, Gotthardt R, Muller T. Structure and organisation of a murine gene encoding small heat-shock protein Hsp25. Gene. 1993;128:279-83 pubmed
    The structure and sequence of a gene encoding the mouse small heat-shock protein, Hsp25, is presented and compared to the human hsp27. In contrast to the human hsp27, only two copies of hsp25 could be detected in the mouse genome...
  57. Meeson A, Radford N, Shelton J, Mammen P, DiMaio J, Hutcheson K, et al. Adaptive mechanisms that preserve cardiac function in mice without myoglobin. Circ Res. 2001;88:713-20 pubmed
  58. Wakayama T, Iseki S. Specific expression of the mRNA for 25 kDA heat-shock protein in the spermatocytes of mouse seminiferous tubules. Anat Embryol (Berl). 1999;199:419-25 pubmed
    The 25 kDa heat-shock protein (Hsp25) is a member of the family of small heat-shock proteins...
  59. Mauchley D, Meng X, Johnson T, Teitelbaum J, Babu A, Fullerton D, et al. Heat shock protein 27: induction by gastroduodenal reflux in vivo and augmentation of human esophageal mucosal cell growth in vitro. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2010;139:1019-25 pubmed publisher
    ..determine the influence of gastroduodenal reflux on esophageal mucosal heat shock protein 27 gene (murine analog Hspb1, human HSPB1) expression in vivo and the effect of HSPB1 overexpression on proliferation of esophageal mucosal ..
  60. Rane M, Song Y, Jin S, Barati M, Wu R, Kausar H, et al. Interplay between Akt and p38 MAPK pathways in the regulation of renal tubular cell apoptosis associated with diabetic nephropathy. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2010;298:F49-61 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus PTEN or Hsp25 could serve as potential therapeutic targets to modulate Akt activation and control p38 MAPK-mediated diabetic ..
  61. Jantschitsch C, Trautinger F, Klosner G, Gsur A, Herbacek I, Micksche M, et al. Overexpression of Hsp25 in K1735 murine melanoma cells enhances susceptibility to natural killer cytotoxicity. Cell Stress Chaperones. 2002;7:107-17 pubmed
    In the present study we used a murine melanoma model to investigate the effect of the 25-kDa heat shock protein (Hsp25) on natural killer (NK) cytotoxicity...
  62. Huey K, Meador B. Contribution of IL-6 to the Hsp72, Hsp25, and alphaB-crystallin [corrected] responses to inflammation and exercise training in mouse skeletal and cardiac muscle. J Appl Physiol (1985). 2008;105:1830-6 pubmed publisher
    The heat shock proteins (Hsps) Hsp72, Hsp25, and alphaB-crystallin (alphaB C) [corrected]may protect tissues during exercise and/or inflammatory insults; however, no studies have investigated whether exercise training increases both ..
  63. Percec I, Thorvaldsen J, Plenge R, Krapp C, Nadeau J, Willard H, et al. An N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea mutagenesis screen for epigenetic mutations in the mouse. Genetics. 2003;164:1481-94 pubmed
  64. O Shaughnessy R, Welti J, Cooke J, Avilion A, Monks B, Birnbaum M, et al. AKT-dependent HspB1 (Hsp27) activity in epidermal differentiation. J Biol Chem. 2007;282:17297-305 pubmed
    ..A key protein in these processes is filaggrin. We show that one target of Akt in granular keratinocytes is HspB1 (heat shock protein 27). Loss of epidermal HspB1 caused hyperkeratinization and misprocessing of filaggrin...
  65. Escobedo J, Pucci A, Koh T. HSP25 protects skeletal muscle cells against oxidative stress. Free Radic Biol Med. 2004;37:1455-62 pubmed
    ..This differentiation-induced resistance to oxidative stress was associated with increased protein expression of HSP25, increased glutathione levels, and glutathione peroxidase activity, but little change in catalase activity...
  66. Seo H, Chung H, Lee Y, Bae S, Lee S, Lee Y. p27Cip/Kip is involved in hsp25 or inducible hsp70 mediated adaptive response by low dose radiation. J Radiat Res. 2006;47:83-90 pubmed
    ..fibrosarcoma (RIF) cells have been reported to show adaptive response to 1 cGy of low dose radiation, and hsp25 and inducible hsp70 are involved in this process...
  67. Armstrong C, Vogel M, Hawkes R. Development of Hsp25 expression compartments is not constrained by Purkinje cell defects in the Lurcher mouse mutant. J Comp Neurol. 2005;491:69-78 pubmed
    ..advantage of the dynamic developmental timetable of another Purkinje cell antigen, the small heat shock protein Hsp25. Using immunohistochemistry we demonstrate that cerebellar maturation anterior to the CZ/PZ transverse boundary ..
  68. McGuire V, Gray A, Monk C, Santos S, Lee K, Aubareda A, et al. Cross talk between the Akt and p38? pathways in macrophages downstream of Toll-like receptor signaling. Mol Cell Biol. 2013;33:4152-65 pubmed publisher
    ..These data describe a novel role for p38?-MK2/3 in regulating TLR-induced Akt activation in macrophages. ..
  69. Cooper L, Uoshima K. Differential estrogenic regulation of small M(r) heat shock protein expression in osteoblasts. J Biol Chem. 1994;269:7869-73 pubmed
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