Gene Symbol: Hrh1
Description: histamine receptor H1
Alias: Bphs, H1R, HH1R, Hir, histamine H1 receptor, Bordetella pertussis induced histamine sensitization
Species: mouse
Products:     Hrh1

Top Publications

  1. Mollet A, Lutz T, Meier S, Riediger T, Rushing P, Scharrer E. Histamine H1 receptors mediate the anorectic action of the pancreatic hormone amylin. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2001;281:R1442-8 pubmed
    ..The same applies to leptin but not to CCK. H1Rko mice showed significantly increased body weight gain compared with WT mice, supporting the role of endogenous histamine in the regulation of feeding and body weight...
  2. Inoue I, Yanai K, Kitamura D, Taniuchi I, Kobayashi T, Niimura K, et al. Impaired locomotor activity and exploratory behavior in mice lacking histamine H1 receptors. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1996;93:13316-20 pubmed
    ..To define the contribution of the histamine H1 receptors (H1R) to behavior, mutant mice lacking the H1R were generated by homologous recombination...
  3. Masaki T, Chiba S, Yasuda T, Noguchi H, Kakuma T, Watanabe T, et al. Involvement of hypothalamic histamine H1 receptor in the regulation of feeding rhythm and obesity. Diabetes. 2004;53:2250-60 pubmed
    ..In addition, centrally acting histamine H(1)-R may be a novel therapeutic target for the treatment of obesity and related metabolic disorders. ..
  4. Bryce P, Mathias C, Harrison K, Watanabe T, Geha R, Oettgen H. The H1 histamine receptor regulates allergic lung responses. J Clin Invest. 2006;116:1624-32 pubmed
    Histamine, signaling via the type 1 receptor (H1R), has been shown to suppress Th2 cytokine production by in vitro cultured T cells. We examined the role of H1R in allergic inflammation in vivo using a murine asthma model...
  5. Mobarakeh J, Sakurada S, Katsuyama S, Kutsuwa M, Kuramasu A, Lin Z, et al. Role of histamine H(1) receptor in pain perception: a study of the receptor gene knockout mice. Eur J Pharmacol. 2000;391:81-9 pubmed
    ..The difference in the effect of histamine H(1) receptors antagonist, the active (D-) and inactive (L-) isomers of chlorpheniramine on ICR mice further substantiates the evidence of the role of histamine H(1) receptors on pain threshold. ..
  6. Horvath Z, Pallinger E, Horváth G, Jelinek I, Falus A, Buzas E. Histamine H1 and H2 receptors but not H4 receptors are upregulated during bone marrow regeneration. Cell Immunol. 2006;244:110-5 pubmed
    ..b>H1R and H2R mRNA expression increased during regeneration in both histidine decarboxylase knockout (HDC-/-) and wild ..
  7. Greferath U, Kambourakis M, Barth C, Fletcher E, Murphy M. Characterization of histamine projections and their potential cellular targets in the mouse retina. Neuroscience. 2009;158:932-44 pubmed publisher
    ..This distribution of histamine and its receptors is consistent with a brain-derived source of histamine acting on diverse populations of cells in the retina, including both neurons and glia. ..
  8. Rajasekaran N, Solomon S, Watanabe T, Ohtsu H, Gajda M, Bräuer R, et al. Histidine decarboxylase but not histamine receptor 1 or 2 deficiency protects from K/BxN serum-induced arthritis. Int Immunol. 2009;21:1263-8 pubmed publisher histidine decarboxylase (HDC(-/-)) that do not produce histamine and mice deficient for histamine receptor 1 (H1R(-/-)) or histamine receptor 2 (H2R(-/-)) were injected with arthritogenic sera from the K/BxN mice, and the ..
  9. Iguchi N, Takeda Y, Sato N, Ukichi K, Katakura A, Ueda K, et al. The antihistamine olopatadine regulates T cell activation in palladium allergy. Int Immunopharmacol. 2016;35:70-76 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that histamine promotes the Type IV allergic reaction and thus, the histamine 1 receptor (H1R) might be useful therapeutic target for treatment of metal allergy.

More Information


  1. Ishiguro T, Iwase M, Kanamaru M, Izumizaki M, Ohshima Y, Homma I. Contribution of histamine type-1 receptor to metabolic and behavioral control of ventilation. J Physiol Sci. 2006;56:287-95 pubmed
    ..We concluded that histamine modulates ventilation by affecting metabolism and arousal state via H1 receptors. ..
  2. Zlomuzica A, Viggiano D, De Souza Silva M, Ishizuka T, Gironi Carnevale U, Ruocco L, et al. The histamine H1-receptor mediates the motivational effects of novelty. Eur J Neurosci. 2008;27:1461-74 pubmed publisher
    ..Histamine and histamine-1-receptor (H1R) agonists induced arousal and wakefulness in humans and rodents, e.g...
  3. Miyamoto K, Iwase M, Kimura H, Homma I. Central histamine contributes to the inspiratory off-switch mechanism via H1 receptors in mice. Respir Physiol Neurobiol. 2004;144:25-33 pubmed
    ..We conclude that alterations of inspiratory off-switch and respiratory rhythm generation change breathing pattern without affecting central chemosensitivity in H1RKO. Histamine might affect breathing pattern centrally via H1 receptors. ..
  4. Yanai K, Son L, Endou M, Sakurai E, Nakagawasai O, Tadano T, et al. Behavioural characterization and amounts of brain monoamines and their metabolites in mice lacking histamine H1 receptors. Neuroscience. 1998;87:479-87 pubmed
  5. Kimura K, Nakamura Y, Inaba Y, Matsumoto M, Kido Y, Asahara S, et al. Histidine augments the suppression of hepatic glucose production by central insulin action. Diabetes. 2013;62:2266-77 pubmed publisher
    ..Inhibition of HGP by histidine was also blocked by ICV administration of a histamine H1 receptor antagonist. Therefore, histidine activates hepatic STAT3 and suppresses HGP via central histamine action...
  6. Yanai K, Dai H, Sakurai E, Watanabe T. The roles of histamine H1 receptors on cognition. Inflamm Res. 2008;57 Suppl 1:S39-40 pubmed publisher
  7. Rossbach K, Nassenstein C, Gschwandtner M, Schnell D, Sander K, Seifert R, et al. Histamine H1, H3 and H4 receptors are involved in pruritus. Neuroscience. 2011;190:89-102 pubmed publisher
    ..Pitolisant (50 nmol/injection)-induced pruritus could be completely blocked by a combined treatment with the H1R antagonist cetirizine (15 mg/kg) and the H4R antagonist JNJ 7777120 (15 mg/kg), whereas the H2R antagonist ..
  8. Ohshima Y, Iwase M, Izumizaki M, Kanamaru M, Homma I. Time-dependent ventilatory response to poikilocapnic hypoxia during light and dark periods and the role of histamine H1 receptors in mice. J Physiol Sci. 2008;58:147-50 pubmed publisher
    ..Initial increases in ventilation were augmented during dark periods. H1 receptors had no major relationship with circadian variation, but affected the declined phase. ..
  9. Teuscher C, Poynter M, Offner H, Zamora A, Watanabe T, Fillmore P, et al. Attenuation of Th1 effector cell responses and susceptibility to experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in histamine H2 receptor knockout mice is due to dysregulation of cytokine production by antigen-presenting cells. Am J Pathol. 2004;164:883-92 pubmed
    ..CD4+ T-cells from histamine H1 receptor (H1R)-deficient (H1RKO) mice produce significantly less interferon-gamma and more interleukin (IL)-4 in in ..
  10. McIndoe R, Bohlman B, Chi E, Schuster E, Lindhardt M, Hood L. Localization of non-Mhc collagen-induced arthritis susceptibility loci in DBA/1j mice. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1999;96:2210-4 pubmed
    ..This locus (Cia4) was located on chromosome 2 and was linked to the same region as Cia2. Determining the identity of these loci may provide insights into the etiology of human rheumatoid arthritis. ..
  11. Matsui S, Murota H, Takahashi A, Yang L, Lee J, Omiya K, et al. Dynamic analysis of histamine-mediated attenuation of acetylcholine-induced sweating via GSK3? activation. J Invest Dermatol. 2014;134:326-334 pubmed publisher
    ..Both histamine receptor antagonists and H1 receptor (H1R)-knockout (KO) mice were used to determine methodological specificity...
  12. DIEHL S, McElvany B, Noubade R, Seeberger N, Harding B, Spach K, et al. G proteins G?i1/3 are critical targets for Bordetella pertussis toxin-induced vasoactive amine sensitization. Infect Immun. 2014;82:773-82 pubmed publisher
    ..Previously, by using a forward genetic approach, we identified the HA H1 receptor (Hrh1/H1R) as the gene in mice that controls differential susceptibility to B...
  13. Saligrama N, Noubade R, Case L, Poynter M, Teuscher C. H(1)R expression by CD11B(+) cells is not required for susceptibility to experimental allergic encephalomyelitis. Cell Immunol. 2012;278:27-34 pubmed publisher
    The histamine H(1) receptor (Hrh1/H(1)R) was identified as an autoimmune disease gene in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE), the principal autoimmune model of multiple sclerosis (MS)...
  14. Huang Z, Mochizuki T, Qu W, Hong Z, Watanabe T, Urade Y, et al. Altered sleep-wake characteristics and lack of arousal response to H3 receptor antagonist in histamine H1 receptor knockout mice. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006;103:4687-92 pubmed
  15. Jørgensen E, Knigge U, Watanabe T, Warberg J, Kjaer A. Histaminergic neurons are involved in the orexigenic effect of orexin-A. Neuroendocrinology. 2005;82:70-7 pubmed
    ..We conclude that the orexigenic effect of orexin-A is dependent on an intact histaminergic neuronal system and seems to involve an H(1)-receptor mechanism. ..
  16. Zhao X, Ma W, Das S, Dey S, Paria B. Blastocyst H(2) receptor is the target for uterine histamine in implantation in the mouse. Development. 2000;127:2643-51 pubmed
    ..Using multiple approaches, we demonstrate herein that uterine-derived histamine interacts with embryonic H(2) receptors in a paracrine fashion to initiate the process of implantation. ..
  17. Kukko Lukjanov T, Lintunen M, Jalava N, Laurén H, Lopez Picon F, Michelsen K, et al. Involvement of histamine 1 receptor in seizure susceptibility and neuroprotection in immature mice. Epilepsy Res. 2010;90:8-15 pubmed publisher
    ..Our present novel findings suggest that H1 receptors play a pivotal role in the regulation of seizure intensity and duration as well as seizure-induced neuronal damage in the immature P9 mice. ..
  18. Lever R, Hefni A, Moffatt J, Paul W, Page C. Effect of tecastemizole on pulmonary and cutaneous allergic inflammatory responses. Clin Exp Allergy. 2007;37:909-17 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, our data suggest an important potential steroid-sparing role for such drugs in the treatment of allergic inflammatory conditions. ..
  19. Ohinata K, Shimano T, Yamauchi R, Sakurada S, Yanai K, Yoshikawa M. The anorectic effect of neurotensin is mediated via a histamine H1 receptor in mice. Peptides. 2004;25:2135-8 pubmed
    ..The NT-induced anorectic effect was partially ameliorated in H1 knockout mice. The findings suggest that the H1 receptor in part mediates the NT-induced suppression of food intake. ..
  20. Chen Z, Li Z, Sakurai E, Izadi Mobarakeh J, Ohtsu H, Watanabe T, et al. Chemical kindling induced by pentylenetetrazol in histamine H(1) receptor gene knockout mice (H(1)KO), histidine decarboxylase-deficient mice (HDC(-/-)) and mast cell-deficient W/W(v) mice. Brain Res. 2003;968:162-6 pubmed
    ..The present study indicates that histamine plays a suppressive role in seizure development through H(1)-receptors. ..
  21. Mei F, Lehmann Horn K, Shen Y, Rankin K, Stebbins K, Lorrain D, et al. Accelerated remyelination during inflammatory demyelination prevents axonal loss and improves functional recovery. elife. 2016;5: pubmed publisher
    ..Together our findings demonstrate that accelerated remyelination supports axonal integrity and neuronal function after inflammatory demyelination. ..
  22. Banu Y, Watanabe T. Augmentation of antigen receptor-mediated responses by histamine H1 receptor signaling. J Exp Med. 1999;189:673-82 pubmed
    ..In studies of histamine H1R knockout mice, H1R-deficient T cells had low proliferative responses to anti-CD3epsilon cross-linking or antigen ..
  23. Kanjarawi R, Dy M, Bardel E, Sparwasser T, Dubois B, Mécheri S, et al. Regulatory CD4+Foxp3+ T cells control the severity of anaphylaxis. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e69183 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we investigated whether Treg action during the effector arm of the allergic response alleviates anaphylaxis...
  24. Ambrée O, Buschert J, Zhang W, Arolt V, Dere E, Zlomuzica A. Impaired spatial learning and reduced adult hippocampal neurogenesis in histamine H1-receptor knockout mice. Eur Neuropsychopharmacol. 2014;24:1394-404 pubmed publisher
    The histamine H1-receptor (H1R) is expressed in wide parts of the brain including the hippocampus, which is involved in spatial learning and memory...
  25. Zlomuzica A, Ruocco L, Sadile A, Huston J, Dere E. Histamine H1 receptor knockout mice exhibit impaired spatial memory in the eight-arm radial maze. Br J Pharmacol. 2009;157:86-91 pubmed publisher
    ..To examine the involvement of histamine H1 receptor in spatial reference and working memory formation, H1 receptor knockout mice (KO) were tested in the eight-..
  26. Dere E, Zlomuzica A, Viggiano D, Ruocco L, Watanabe T, Sadile A, et al. Episodic-like and procedural memory impairments in histamine H1 Receptor knockout mice coincide with changes in acetylcholine esterase activity in the hippocampus and dopamine turnover in the cerebellum. Neuroscience. 2008;157:532-41 pubmed publisher
    We investigated episodic-like (ELM) and procedural memory (PM) in histamine H1 receptor knockout (H1R-KO) mice...
  27. Kim S, Huang A, Snowman A, Teuscher C, Snyder S. From the Cover: Antipsychotic drug-induced weight gain mediated by histamine H1 receptor-linked activation of hypothalamic AMP-kinase. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007;104:3456-9 pubmed
    ..These findings may afford a means of developing more effective therapeutic agents and provide insight into the hypothalamic regulation of food intake. ..
  28. Masaki T, Chiba S, Tatsukawa H, Noguchi H, Kakuma T, Endo M, et al. The role of histamine H1 receptor and H2 receptor in LPS-induced liver injury. FASEB J. 2005;19:1245-52 pubmed
    ..LPS)-induced liver injury, a combination of D-galactosamine and LPS (GalN/LPS) was administered to histamine H1 receptor knockout (H1-R KO) and H2 receptor knockout (H2-R KO) mice...
  29. Oishi Y, Huang Z, Fredholm B, Urade Y, Hayaishi O. Adenosine in the tuberomammillary nucleus inhibits the histaminergic system via A1 receptors and promotes non-rapid eye movement sleep. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008;105:19992-7 pubmed publisher
    ..These results indicate that endogenous adenosine in the TMN suppresses the histaminergic system via A(1)R to promote NREM sleep. ..
  30. Zhou F, Xu J, Zhao Y, Ledoux M, Zhou F. Opposite functions of histamine H1 and H2 receptors and H3 receptor in substantia nigra pars reticulata. J Neurophysiol. 2006;96:1581-91 pubmed
    ..Functional balance of these different histamine receptors may contribute to the proper intensity and pattern of basal ganglia output and, as a consequence, exert important effects on motor control. ..
  31. Aritake K, Kado Y, Inoue T, Miyano M, Urade Y. Structural and functional characterization of HQL-79, an orally selective inhibitor of human hematopoietic prostaglandin D synthase. J Biol Chem. 2006;281:15277-86 pubmed
  32. Masaki T, Chiba S, Yoshimichi G, Yasuda T, Noguchi H, Kakuma T, et al. Neuronal histamine regulates food intake, adiposity, and uncoupling protein expression in agouti yellow (A(y)/a) obese mice. Endocrinology. 2003;144:2741-8 pubmed
    ..In addition, it appears that the histamine H(1)-R signaling pathway may be independent or downstream of the POMC/MC-4R signaling. ..
  33. Sakurada S, Watanabe H, Mizoguchi H, Yonezawa A, Orito T, Katsuyama S, et al. Involvement of the histaminergic system in the nociceptin-induced pain-related behaviors in the mouse spinal cord. Pain. 2004;112:171-82 pubmed
    ..H1 receptor knockout (H1R-KO) mice did not show the nociceptin-induced nociceptive behavior, which was observed in wild-type mice...
  34. Mahapatra S, Albrecht M, Behrens B, Jirmo A, Behrens G, Hartwig C, et al. Delineating the role of histamine-1- and -4-receptors in a mouse model of Th2-dependent antigen-specific skin inflammation. PLoS ONE. 2014;9:e87296 pubmed publisher
    ..application of H1- and H4-receptor antagonists and mast cell counts remained altogether unchanged by either H1R-, H4R- or combined antagonism...
  35. Izumizaki M, Iwase M, Kimura H, Yanai K, Watanabe T, Homma I. Lack of temperature-induced polypnea in histamine H1 receptor-deficient mice. Neurosci Lett. 2000;284:139-42 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that central histamine contributes to an increase in respiratory frequency due to a reduction in expiratory time through histamine H1 receptors when body temperature is raised. ..
  36. Gianlorenço A, Serafim K, Canto de Souza A, Mattioli R. Emotional memory consolidation impairment induced by histamine is mediated by H1 but not H2 receptors. Brain Res Bull. 2012;89:197-202 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, the H(2) antagonist RA, at the dose used in this study, did not affect memory consolidation and failed to revert histamine-induced impairment...
  37. Serafim K, Gianlorenço A, Daher F, Mattioli R. H1-histamine receptors in the amygdala are involved in emotional memory but do not mediate anxiety-related behaviors in mice submitted to EPM testing. Brain Res Bull. 2012;89:1-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these results suggest that the H(1) receptors in the amygdala are not implicated in anxiety-like behaviors but are involved in emotional states induced by the T1/T2 EPM protocol in mice. ..
  38. Tanaka Y, Nagai Y, Kuroishi T, Endo Y, Sugawara S. Stimulation of Ly-6G on neutrophils in LPS-primed mice induces platelet-activating factor (PAF)-mediated anaphylaxis-like shock. J Leukoc Biol. 2012;91:485-94 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings may be related to adult respiratory distress syndrome, although the natural ligand for Ly-6G remains to be identified. ..
  39. Vanbervliet B, Akdis M, Vocanson M, Rozieres A, Benetiere J, Rouzaire P, et al. Histamine receptor H1 signaling on dendritic cells plays a key role in the IFN-?/IL-17 balance in T cell-mediated skin inflammation. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2011;127:943-53.e1-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Many of the immediate allergic and inflammatory actions of histamine are mediated via the type 1 receptor (H1R)...
  40. Mobarakeh J, Sakurada S, Hayashi T, Orito T, Okuyama K, Sakurada T, et al. Enhanced antinociception by intrathecally-administered morphine in histamine H1 receptor gene knockout mice. Neuropharmacology. 2002;42:1079-88 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that existing H(1) receptors play an inhibitory role in morphine-induced antinociception at the spinal cord level. ..
  41. Miyamoto K, Iwase M, Nyui M, Arata S, Sakai Y, Gabazza E, et al. Histamine type 1 receptor deficiency reduces airway inflammation in a murine asthma model. Int Arch Allergy Immunol. 2006;140:215-22 pubmed
    ..histamine H1 receptors in airway allergic inflammation by comparing the development of bronchial asthma in histamine H1 receptor gene knockout (H1RKO) and wild-type mice...
  42. Suto J. Coincidence of loci for glucosuria and obesity in type 2 diabetes-prone KK-Ay mice. Med Sci Monit. 2008;14:CR65-74 pubmed
    ..A genetic relationship among glucosuria, body weight, and fasting glucose levels was confirmed. Allelism between glucosuria QTL and body weight QTL was strongly suggested. ..
  43. Parmentier R, Zhao Y, Perier M, Akaoka H, Lintunen M, Hou Y, et al. Role of histamine H1-receptor on behavioral states and wake maintenance during deficiency of a brain activating system: A study using a knockout mouse model. Neuropharmacology. 2016;106:20-34 pubmed publisher
    ..This article is part of the Special Issue entitled 'Histamine Receptors'. ..
  44. Masaki T, Yoshimatsu H, Chiba S, Watanabe T, Sakata T. Targeted disruption of histamine H1-receptor attenuates regulatory effects of leptin on feeding, adiposity, and UCP family in mice. Diabetes. 2001;50:385-91 pubmed
    Histamine neurons are widely distributed in the brain and suppress food intake through the histamine H1 receptor (H1-R) in the hypothalamus...
  45. Ma R, Gao J, Meeker N, Fillmore P, Tung K, Watanabe T, et al. Identification of Bphs, an autoimmune disease locus, as histamine receptor H1. Science. 2002;297:620-3 pubmed
    ..We report that congenic mapping links Bphs to the histamine H1 receptor gene (Hrh1/H1R) and that H1R differs at three amino acid residues in VAASH-susceptible and -resistant mice...
  46. Ishiguro T, Iwase M, Kanamaru M, Izumizaki M, Ohshima Y, Homma I. Impaired ventilation and metabolism response to hypoxia in histamine H1 receptor-knockout mice. Respir Physiol Neurobiol. 2006;154:331-41 pubmed
    ..Peripheral chemoreceptor sensitivity did not differ between genotypes. We conclude that central histamine contributes via the H1 receptor to changes in metabolic rate during hypoxia to increase HVD in conscious mice. ..
  47. Forward N, Furlong S, Yang Y, Lin T, Hoskin D. Mast cells down-regulate CD4+CD25+ T regulatory cell suppressor function via histamine H1 receptor interaction. J Immunol. 2009;183:3014-22 pubmed publisher
    ..BMMC culture supernatants or exogenous histamine also inhibited T(reg) cell suppressor function while the histamine H1 receptor-specific antagonist loratadine, but not the H2 receptor-specific antagonist famotidine, restored T(reg) ..
  48. Lu C, DIEHL S, Noubade R, Ledoux J, Nelson M, Spach K, et al. Endothelial histamine H1 receptor signaling reduces blood-brain barrier permeability and susceptibility to autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010;107:18967-72 pubmed publisher
    ..histamine sensitization (Bphs) is a monogenic intermediate phenotype of EAE controlled by histamine H(1) receptor (Hrh1/H(1)R)...
  49. Gao J, Call S, Fillmore P, Watanabe T, Meeker N, Teuscher C. Analysis of the role of Bphs/Hrh1 in the genetic control of responsiveness to pertussis toxin. Infect Immun. 2003;71:1281-7 pubmed
    ..We recently identified Bphs, the locus controlling PTX-induced hypersensitivity to the vasoactive amine histamine, as the histamine H(1) ..
  50. Yang L, Murota H, Serada S, Fujimoto M, Kudo A, Naka T, et al. Histamine contributes to tissue remodeling via periostin expression. J Invest Dermatol. 2014;134:2105-2113 pubmed publisher
    ..induction was inhibited by either H1 antagonist or ERK1/2 inhibitor treatment in vitro and was attenuated in H1R(-/-) mice. Elevated expression of periostin was found in lesional skin from atopic dermatitis patients...
  51. Jutel M, Watanabe T, Klunker S, Akdis M, Thomet O, Malolepszy J, et al. Histamine regulates T-cell and antibody responses by differential expression of H1 and H2 receptors. Nature. 2001;413:420-5 pubmed
    ..Here we report that histamine enhances TH1-type responses by triggering the histamine receptor type 1 (H1R), whereas both TH1- and TH2-type responses are negatively regulated by H2R through the activation of different ..
  52. Gotoh K, Masaki T, Chiba S, Ando H, Shimasaki T, Mitsutomi K, et al. Nesfatin-1, corticotropin-releasing hormone, thyrotropin-releasing hormone, and neuronal histamine interact in the hypothalamus to regulate feeding behavior. J Neurochem. 2013;124:90-9 pubmed publisher
    ..We also investigated whether nesfatin-1 decreases food intake in mice with targeted disruption of the histamine H1 receptor (H1KO mice) and if the H1 receptor (H1-R) co-localizes in nesfatin-1 neurons...
  53. Wiener Z, Toth S, Gócza E, Kobolak J, Falus A. Mouse embryonic stem cells express histidine decarboxylase and histamine H1 receptors. Inflamm Res. 2003;52 Suppl 1:S53-4 pubmed
  54. Kukko Lukjanov T, Grönman M, Lintunen M, Laurén H, Michelsen K, Panula P, et al. Histamine 1 receptor knock out mice show age-dependent susceptibility to status epilepticus and consequent neuronal damage. Epilepsy Res. 2012;100:80-92 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest that H1 receptors could contribute to regulation of seizures and neuronal damage age-dependently thus making the histaminergic system as a challenging target for novel drug design in epilepsy. ..
  55. Rudick C, Bryce P, Guichelaar L, Berry R, Klumpp D. Mast cell-derived histamine mediates cystitis pain. PLoS ONE. 2008;3:e2096 pubmed publisher
    ..Conversely, genetic or pharmacologic disruption of histamine receptor H1R or H2R attenuated pelvic pain without altering pathophysiology...
  56. Hirai T, Okuma C, Harada C, Mio M, Ohtsu H, Watanabe T, et al. Development of amygdaloid kindling in histidine decarboxylase-deficient and histamine H1 receptor-deficient mice. Epilepsia. 2004;45:309-13 pubmed
    ..receptors in the development of amygdaloid kindling by using histidine decarboxylase (HDC)-deficient and histamine H1 receptor (H1R)-deficient mice...
  57. Pedotti R, DeVoss J, Youssef S, Mitchell D, Wedemeyer J, Madanat R, et al. Multiple elements of the allergic arm of the immune response modulate autoimmune demyelination. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003;100:1867-72 pubmed
    ..traditionally associated with allergic responses, including prostaglandin D synthase, histamine receptor type 1 (H1R), platelet activating factor receptor, Ig Fc epsilon receptor 1 (Fc epsilon RI), and tryptase...
  58. Rozenberg I, Sluka S, Rohrer L, Hofmann J, Becher B, Akhmedov A, et al. Histamine H1 receptor promotes atherosclerotic lesion formation by increasing vascular permeability for low-density lipoproteins. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2010;30:923-30 pubmed publisher
    ..Apolipoprotein E-null (ApoE(-/-)) mice treated with a histamine H1 receptor but not an H2 receptor antagonist developed 40% fewer atherosclerotic lesions in the aorta than placebo-..
  59. Lee C, Hsu S, Jong Y, Hung C, Suen J. Inhibition of histamine H1 receptor activity modulates proinflammatory cytokine production of dendritic cells through c-Rel activity. Int Arch Allergy Immunol. 2013;160:265-74 pubmed publisher
    ..Among them, type 1 receptor (H1R) plays an important role in allergic inflammation...
  60. Suto J, Sekikawa K. Confirmation and characterization of murine body weight QTLs, Bwq1 and Bwq2, identified in C57BL/6J x KK-Ay/a F2-Ay/a mice. J Vet Med Sci. 2004;66:1039-45 pubmed
    ..There are two candidate genes, Pparg and Hrh1, which are located near the 95% confidence interval of Bwq2, and which are expressed in the adipose tissue; however,..
  61. McGlade J, Gorman S, Lenzo J, Tan J, Watanabe T, Finlay Jones J, et al. Effect of both ultraviolet B irradiation and histamine receptor function on allergic responses to an inhaled antigen. J Immunol. 2007;178:2794-802 pubmed
  62. Beghdadi W, Porcherie A, Schneider B, Dubayle D, Peronet R, Huerre M, et al. Inhibition of histamine-mediated signaling confers significant protection against severe malaria in mouse models of disease. J Exp Med. 2008;205:395-408 pubmed publisher
    ..Combined genetic and pharmacologic approaches demonstrated that histamine binding to H1R and H2R but not H3R and H4R increases the susceptibility of mice to infection with Plasmodium...
  63. Noubade R, Milligan G, Zachary J, Blankenhorn E, del Rio R, Rincon M, et al. Histamine receptor H1 is required for TCR-mediated p38 MAPK activation and optimal IFN-gamma production in mice. J Clin Invest. 2007;117:3507-18 pubmed
    Histamine receptor H1 (H1R) is a susceptibility gene in both experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) and experimental autoimmune orchitis (EAO), 2 classical T cell-mediated models of organ-specific autoimmune disease...
  64. Iwase M, Ohshima Y, Izumizaki M, Homma I. Circadian changes in respiratory responses to acute hypoxia and histamine H1 receptors in mice. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2010;669:235-8 pubmed publisher
    ..and the requirement of histamine H1 receptors for the circadian variation, using wild-type (WT) and histamine H1 receptor-knockout (H1RKO) mice...
  65. Sudweeks J, Todd J, Blankenhorn E, Wardell B, Woodward S, Meeker N, et al. Locus controlling Bordetella pertussis-induced histamine sensitization (Bphs), an autoimmune disease-susceptibility gene, maps distal to T-cell receptor beta-chain gene on mouse chromosome 6. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1993;90:3700-4 pubmed PTX, as measured by hypersensitivity following vasoactive amine challenge, is genetically controlled by the Bphs locus...
  66. Case L, Moussawi M, Roberts B, Noubade R, Huber S, Teuscher C. Histamine H(1) receptor signaling regulates effector T cell responses and susceptibility to coxsackievirus B3-induced myocarditis. Cell Immunol. 2012;272:269-74 pubmed publisher
    ..These data establish a critical role for histamine and H(1)R signaling in regulating T cell responses and susceptibility to CVB3-induced myocarditis in B6 mice. ..
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    ..In correlation to the behavioral changes in the mutant mice, 5-hydroxytryptamine release was significantly increased in the brains of mutant mice. ..
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