Gene Symbol: Hdac8
Description: histone deacetylase 8
Alias: 2610007D20Rik, histone deacetylase 8, HD8
Species: mouse
Products:     Hdac8

Top Publications

  1. Chen W, Chen L, Zhang Z, Meng F, Huang G, Sheng P, et al. MicroRNA-455-3p modulates cartilage development and degeneration through modification of histone H3 acetylation. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2016;1863:2881-2891 pubmed publisher
    ..observed that miR-455-3p was highly expressed in proliferating and pre-hypertrophic chondrocytes, while HDAC2 and HDAC8 were primarily expressed in hypertrophic chondrocytes...
  2. Ha S, Reid C, Meshkibaf S, Kim S. Inhibition of Interleukin 1β (IL-1β) Expression by Anthrax Lethal Toxin (LeTx) Is Reversed by Histone Deacetylase 8 (HDAC8) Inhibition in Murine Macrophages. J Biol Chem. 2016;291:8745-55 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we show that inhibition of the histone deacetylase 8 (HDAC8) by either the HDAC8-specific inhibitor PCI-34051 or small interference (si)RNAs rendered LeTx-..
  3. Chang S, Young B, Li S, Qi X, Richardson J, Olson E. Histone deacetylase 7 maintains vascular integrity by repressing matrix metalloproteinase 10. Cell. 2006;126:321-34 pubmed
  4. Witt O, Deubzer H, Milde T, Oehme I. HDAC family: What are the cancer relevant targets?. Cancer Lett. 2009;277:8-21 pubmed publisher
    ..The aim of this review is to discuss individual HDAC family members as drug targets in cancer taking into consideration their function under physiological conditions and their oncogenic potential in malignant disease. ..
  5. Tian Y, Wong V, Wong G, Yang W, Sun H, Shen J, et al. Histone Deacetylase HDAC8 Promotes Insulin Resistance and β-Catenin Activation in NAFLD-Associated Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Cancer Res. 2015;75:4803-16 pubmed publisher
    ..models through quantitative expression profiling and characterize the oncogenic activities of histone deacetylase HDAC8 in NAFLD-associated hepatocarcinogenesis...
  6. Murko C, Lagger S, Steiner M, Seiser C, Schoefer C, Pusch O. Expression of class I histone deacetylases during chick and mouse development. Int J Dev Biol. 2010;54:1527-37 pubmed publisher
    ..A significant species-specific spatio-temporal expression pattern was observed for HDAC8. Whereas HDAC8 is exclusively found in fore- and midbrain regions during early mouse embryogenesis, the chick ..
  7. Tang J, Yan Y, Zhao T, Bayliss G, Yan H, Zhuang S. Class I histone deacetylase activity is required for proliferation of renal epithelial cells. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2013;305:F244-54 pubmed publisher
    ..Collectively, these data reveal a critical role of class I HDACs in mediating proliferation of renal epithelial cells through activation of the EGFR/STAT3 signaling pathway. ..
  8. Tang J, Yan Y, Zhao T, Gong R, Bayliss G, Yan H, et al. Class I HDAC activity is required for renal protection and regeneration after acute kidney injury. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2014;307:F303-16 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, renal EGFR signaling is subject to regulation by this class of HDACs. ..
  9. Katayama S, Morii A, Makanga J, Suzuki T, Miyata N, Inazu T. HDAC8 regulates neural differentiation through embryoid body formation in P19 cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2018;498:45-51 pubmed publisher
    ..However, as a member of the HDAC family, HDAC8 function during neurodevelopment is currently unknown...

More Information


  1. Verdin E, Dequiedt F, Kasler H. Class II histone deacetylases: versatile regulators. Trends Genet. 2003;19:286-93 pubmed
    ..We discuss their emerging biological functions and the molecular mechanisms by which they are regulated. ..
  2. Wilson B, Tremblay A, Deblois G, Sylvain Drolet G, Giguere V. An acetylation switch modulates the transcriptional activity of estrogen-related receptor alpha. Mol Endocrinol. 2010;24:1349-58 pubmed publisher
    ..PCAF reduced the transcriptional activity of ERRalpha and, reciprocally, a deacetylase screen identified histone deacetylase 8 (HDAC8) and sirtuin 1 homolog (Sirt1) as independent enhancers of ERRalpha transcriptional function...
  3. Haberland M, Mokalled M, Montgomery R, Olson E. Epigenetic control of skull morphogenesis by histone deacetylase 8. Genes Dev. 2009;23:1625-30 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we provide evidence that Hdac8 specifically controls patterning of the skull by repressing a subset of transcription factors in cranial neural ..
  4. Ajamian F, Suuronen T, Salminen A, Reeben M. Upregulation of class II histone deacetylases mRNA during neural differentiation of cultured rat hippocampal progenitor cells. Neurosci Lett. 2003;346:57-60 pubmed
    ..mRNAs for HDAC 4, 8 and 10 were not detectable by Northern analysis. We suggest that the changes in HDAC mRNA expression levels might be connected with chromatin rearrangement during neural differentiation. ..
  5. Li S, Fossati G, Marchetti C, Modena D, Pozzi P, Reznikov L, et al. Specific inhibition of histone deacetylase 8 reduces gene expression and production of proinflammatory cytokines in vitro and in vivo. J Biol Chem. 2015;290:2368-78 pubmed publisher
    ..ITF3056, an analog of ITF2357, inhibits only HDAC8 (IC50 of 285 nm)...
  6. Chang S, McKinsey T, Zhang C, Richardson J, Hill J, Olson E. Histone deacetylases 5 and 9 govern responsiveness of the heart to a subset of stress signals and play redundant roles in heart development. Mol Cell Biol. 2004;24:8467-76 pubmed
    ..These findings reveal central roles for HDACs 5 and 9 in the suppression of a subset of cardiac stress signals as well as redundant functions in the control of cardiac development. ..
  7. Tiwari S, Dharmarajan S, Shivanna M, Otteson D, Belecky Adams T. Histone deacetylase expression patterns in developing murine optic nerve. BMC Dev Biol. 2014;14:30 pubmed publisher
    ..These HDACs are candidates for further research to understand how chromatin remodeling through acetylation, deacetylation and methylation contributes to glial development as well as their injury response. ..
  8. Yan M, Chen C, Gong W, Yin Z, Zhou L, Chaugai S, et al. miR-21-3p regulates cardiac hypertrophic response by targeting histone deacetylase-8. Cardiovasc Res. 2015;105:340-52 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, western blot assays showed that histone deacetylase-8 (HDAC8) was silenced by miR-21-3p, and luciferase reporter assays showed that miR-21-3p binds to the 3' UTR of HDAC8...
  9. Zhang L, He X, Liu L, Jiang M, Zhao C, Wang H, et al. Hdac3 Interaction with p300 Histone Acetyltransferase Regulates the Oligodendrocyte and Astrocyte Lineage Fate Switch. Dev Cell. 2016;36:316-30 pubmed publisher
  10. Vega R, Matsuda K, Oh J, Barbosa A, Yang X, Meadows E, et al. Histone deacetylase 4 controls chondrocyte hypertrophy during skeletogenesis. Cell. 2004;119:555-66 pubmed
    ..These results establish HDAC4 as a central regulator of chondrocyte hypertrophy and skeletogenesis and suggest general roles for class II HDACs in the control of cellular hypertrophy. ..
  11. Hua W, Qi J, Cai Q, Carnahan E, Ayala Ramirez M, Li L, et al. HDAC8 regulates long-term hematopoietic stem-cell maintenance under stress by modulating p53 activity. Blood. 2017;130:2619-2630 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we show that Hdac8 is most highly expressed in the phenotypic LT-HSC population within the adult hematopoietic hierarchy...
  12. Lopez G, Bill K, Bid H, Braggio D, Constantino D, Prudner B, et al. HDAC8, A Potential Therapeutic Target for the Treatment of Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors (MPNST). PLoS ONE. 2015;10:e0133302 pubmed publisher
    ..against class I isoforms poses difficulties as they share high homology among their catalytic sites; however, HDAC8 is structurally unique compared to other class I isoforms...