Gene Symbol: Fnbp1
Description: formin binding protein 1
Alias: 1110057E06Rik, 2210010H06Rik, FBP1, Fbp17, formin-binding protein 1, formin binding protein 17
Species: mouse
Products:     Fnbp1

Top Publications

  1. Morin F, Vannier B, Houdart F, Regnacq M, Berges T, Voisin P. A proline-rich domain in the gamma subunit of phosphodiesterase 6 mediates interaction with SH3-containing proteins. Mol Vis. 2003;9:449-59 pubmed
    ..A clone was isolated twice, that consisted essentially of the SH3 domain of the formin-binding protein 17 (FBP17). This interaction was confirmed by GST pull-down...
  2. Schebelle L, Wolf C, Stribl C, Javaheri T, SchnĆ¼tgen F, Ettinger A, et al. Efficient conditional and promoter-specific in vivo expression of cDNAs of choice by taking advantage of recombinase-mediated cassette exchange using FlEx gene traps. Nucleic Acids Res. 2010;38:e106 pubmed publisher
    ..The use of the RMCE system presented in this work requires one single-cloning step followed by one overnight gateway clonase reaction and subsequent cassette exchange in ES cells with efficiencies of 40% in average. ..
  3. Chan D, Bedford M, Leder P. Formin binding proteins bear WWP/WW domains that bind proline-rich peptides and functionally resemble SH3 domains. EMBO J. 1996;15:1045-54 pubmed
    ..Our results suggest that these novel protein interaction domains can perform functions similar to those of SH3 domains and, thus, might regulate SH3 interactions with target proteins through competitive binding. ..
  4. Kamioka Y, Fukuhara S, Sawa H, Nagashima K, Masuda M, Matsuda M, et al. A novel dynamin-associating molecule, formin-binding protein 17, induces tubular membrane invaginations and participates in endocytosis. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:40091-9 pubmed
    ..Here, we have investigated a new dynamin-associating molecule, formin-binding protein 17 (FBP17), involved in deforming the plasma membrane and in endocytosis...
  5. Furuta D, Yamane M, Tsujiuchi T, Moriyama R, Fukushima N. Lysophosphatidic acid induces neurite branch formation through LPA3. Mol Cell Neurosci. 2012;50:21-34 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that the novel signaling pathway involving LPA(3), G(q), and Rnd2 may play an important role in neuronal network formation. ..