Gene Symbol: Dync1i1
Description: dynein cytoplasmic 1 intermediate chain 1
Alias: DH IC-1, DHIC-1, DIC, Dncic1, IC74, cytoplasmic dynein 1 intermediate chain 1, Dynein intermediate chain 1, cytosolic (DH IC-1) (Cytoplasmic dynein intermediate chain 1), cytoplasmic dynein intermediate chain 1 isoform 1.6, dynein, cytoplasmic, intermediate chain 1
Species: mouse
Products:     Dync1i1

Top Publications

  1. Crackower M, Sinasac D, Xia J, Motoyama J, Prochazka M, Rommens J, et al. Cloning and characterization of two cytoplasmic dynein intermediate chain genes in mouse and human. Genomics. 1999;55:257-67 pubmed
    ..A dynamic expression profile was also found for Dnci2 in the developing mouse limb bud. The data presented here provide a framework for the further analysis of the functional role of Dnci1 and Dnci2 in mouse and DNCI1 in human. ..
  2. Mok Y, Lo K, Zhang M. Structure of Tctex-1 and its interaction with cytoplasmic dynein intermediate chain. J Biol Chem. 2001;276:14067-74 pubmed
    ..We further demonstrated that Tctex-1 binds directly to the intermediate chain (DIC) of dynein...
  3. Pfister K, Fisher E, Gibbons I, Hays T, Holzbaur E, McIntosh J, et al. Cytoplasmic dynein nomenclature. J Cell Biol. 2005;171:411-3 pubmed
    ..This nomenclature recognizes the two distinct cytoplasmic dynein complexes and has the flexibility to accommodate the discovery of new subunits and isoforms. ..
  4. Hafezparast M, Klocke R, Ruhrberg C, Marquardt A, Ahmad Annuar A, Bowen S, et al. Mutations in dynein link motor neuron degeneration to defects in retrograde transport. Science. 2003;300:808-12 pubmed
    ..These mutations exclusively perturb neuron-specific functions of dynein. ..
  5. King S, Barbarese E, Dillman J, Patel King R, Carson J, Pfister K. Brain cytoplasmic and flagellar outer arm dyneins share a highly conserved Mr 8,000 light chain. J Biol Chem. 1996;271:19358-66 pubmed
    ..centrifugation and immunoprecipitation with a monoclonal antibody specific for the 74-kDa intermediate chain (IC74). Quantitative densitometry indicates that there is one copy of the Mr 8,000 polypeptide per IC74...
  6. Shen Y, Li N, Wu S, Zhou Y, Shan Y, Zhang Q, et al. Nudel binds Cdc42GAP to modulate Cdc42 activity at the leading edge of migrating cells. Dev Cell. 2008;14:342-53 pubmed publisher
    ..Nudel facilitates cell migration by sequestering Cdc42GAP at the leading edge to stabilize active Cdc42 in response to extracellular stimuli. Excess active Cdc42 may in turn control its own activity by recruiting Cdc42GAP from Nudel. ..
  7. Caviston J, Ross J, Antony S, Tokito M, Holzbaur E. Huntingtin facilitates dynein/dynactin-mediated vesicle transport. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007;104:10045-50 pubmed
    ..Together these findings indicate that Htt binds to dynein and acts in a complex along with dynactin and Htt-associated protein-1 to facilitate vesicular transport. ..
  8. Calderilla Barbosa L, Seibenhener M, Du Y, Diaz Meco M, Moscat J, Yan J, et al. Interaction of SQSTM1 with the motor protein dynein--SQSTM1 is required for normal dynein function and trafficking. J Cell Sci. 2014;127:4052-63 pubmed publisher
    ..In this model, SQSTM1 would not only affect the association of polyubiquitylated protein aggregates and endosomes with dynein, but would also be required for normal dynein function. ..
  9. Zhang J, Twelvetrees A, Lazarus J, Blasier K, Yao X, Inamdar N, et al. Establishing a novel knock-in mouse line for studying neuronal cytoplasmic dynein under normal and pathologic conditions. Cytoskeleton (Hoboken). 2013;70:215-27 pubmed publisher
    ..regulation in neurons, we established a novel knock-in mouse line in which the neuron-specific cytoplasmic dynein 1 intermediate chain 1 (IC-1) is tagged with both GFP and a 3xFLAG tag at its C-terminus...

More Information


  1. Van Campenhout C, Eitelhuber A, Gloeckner C, Giallonardo P, Gegg M, Oller H, et al. Dlg3 trafficking and apical tight junction formation is regulated by nedd4 and nedd4-2 e3 ubiquitin ligases. Dev Cell. 2011;21:479-91 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings reveal an unexpected evolutionary diversification of the vertebrate Dlg family in basolateral epithelium formation. ..
  2. Schnyder T, Castello A, Feest C, Harwood N, Oellerich T, Urlaub H, et al. B cell receptor-mediated antigen gathering requires ubiquitin ligase Cbl and adaptors Grb2 and Dok-3 to recruit dynein to the signaling microcluster. Immunity. 2011;34:905-18 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus we identify a surprising but pivotal role for dynein and the microtubule network alongside Grb2, Dok-3, and Cbl in antigen gathering during B cell activation. ..
  3. Shibata M, Hattori H, Sasaki T, Gotoh J, Hamada J, Fukuuchi Y. Temporal profiles of the subcellular localization of Bim, a BH3-only protein, during middle cerebral artery occlusion in mice. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2002;22:810-20 pubmed
    ..During MCAO, Bad did not show any change in phosphorylation state or subcellular localization. ..
  4. Tarkar A, Loges N, Slagle C, Francis R, Dougherty G, Tamayo J, et al. DYX1C1 is required for axonemal dynein assembly and ciliary motility. Nat Genet. 2013;45:995-1003 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, we propose that DYX1C1 is a newly identified dynein axonemal assembly factor (DNAAF4)...
  5. Ono R, Nakamura K, Inoue K, Naruse M, Usami T, Wakisaka Saito N, et al. Deletion of Peg10, an imprinted gene acquired from a retrotransposon, causes early embryonic lethality. Nat Genet. 2006;38:101-6 pubmed
    ..This indicates that Peg10 is critical for mouse parthenogenetic development and provides the first direct evidence of an essential role of an evolutionarily conserved retrotransposon-derived gene in mammalian development...
  6. Birnbaum R, Everman D, Murphy K, Gurrieri F, Schwartz C, Ahituv N. Functional characterization of tissue-specific enhancers in the DLX5/6 locus. Hum Mol Genet. 2012;21:4930-8 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, they highlight specific enhancers in which mutations could lead to non-syndromic hearing loss, craniofacial defects or limb malformations. ..
  7. Birnbaum R, Clowney E, Agamy O, Kim M, Zhao J, Yamanaka T, et al. Coding exons function as tissue-specific enhancers of nearby genes. Genome Res. 2012;22:1059-68 pubmed publisher
    ..Using ChIP, 3C, and DNA FISH, we further show that one of these exonic limb enhancers, Dync1i1 exon 15, has active enhancer marks and physically interacts with Dlx5/6 promoter regions 900 kb away...
  8. Davies T, Ning Y, SANCHEZ E. A new first step in activation of steroid receptors: hormone-induced switching of FKBP51 and FKBP52 immunophilins. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:4597-600 pubmed
  9. Dell E, Connor J, Chen S, Stebbins E, Skiba N, Mochly Rosen D, et al. The betagamma subunit of heterotrimeric G proteins interacts with RACK1 and two other WD repeat proteins. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:49888-95 pubmed
  10. Choi J, Park H, Seok C. How does a registry change in dynein's coiled-coil stalk drive binding of dynein to microtubules?. Biochemistry. 2011;50:7629-36 pubmed publisher
  11. Aumais J, Tunstead J, McNeil R, Schaar B, McConnell S, Lin S, et al. NudC associates with Lis1 and the dynein motor at the leading pole of neurons. J Neurosci. 2001;21:RC187 pubmed
    ..These data suggest a biochemical and functional interaction of NudC with Lis1 and the dynein motor complex during neuronal migration in vivo. ..
  12. Twelvetrees A, Pernigo S, Sanger A, Guedes Dias P, Schiavo G, Steiner R, et al. The Dynamic Localization of Cytoplasmic Dynein in Neurons Is Driven by Kinesin-1. Neuron. 2016;90:1000-15 pubmed publisher
    ..video abstract. ..
  13. Millien G, Spira A, Hinds A, Wang J, Williams M, Ramirez M. Alterations in gene expression in T1 alpha null lung: a model of deficient alveolar sac development. BMC Dev Biol. 2006;6:35 pubmed
    ..Many genes identified were not previously associated with lung development and may participate in formation of alveolar sacs prenatally. ..
  14. Kuta A, Deng W, Morsi El Kadi A, Banks G, Hafezparast M, Pfister K, et al. Mouse cytoplasmic dynein intermediate chains: identification of new isoforms, alternative splicing and tissue distribution of transcripts. PLoS ONE. 2010;5:e11682 pubmed publisher
    ..In mammals this multiprotein complex includes dynein intermediate chains 1 and 2 which are encoded by two genes, Dync1i1 and Dync1i2...
  15. Dixit R, Ross J, Goldman Y, Holzbaur E. Differential regulation of dynein and kinesin motor proteins by tau. Science. 2008;319:1086-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The differential modulation of dynein and kinesin motility suggests that MAPs can spatially regulate the balance of microtubule-dependent axonal transport. ..
  16. McKenney R, Weil S, Scherer J, Vallee R. Mutually exclusive cytoplasmic dynein regulation by NudE-Lis1 and dynactin. J Biol Chem. 2011;286:39615-22 pubmed publisher
    ..Together these results reveal an unanticipated mechanism for preventing dual regulation of individual dynein molecules, and identify the IC as a nexus for regulatory interactions within the dynein complex. ..
  17. Pandey J, Smith D. A Cdk5-dependent switch regulates Lis1/Ndel1/dynein-driven organelle transport in adult axons. J Neurosci. 2011;31:17207-19 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data raise the possibility that defects in a Lis1/Ndel1 regulatory switch could contribute to neurodegenerative diseases linked to axonal pathology in adults...
  18. Lee K, Lee S, Kim B, Chang S, Kim S, Paick J, et al. Dazl can bind to dynein motor complex and may play a role in transport of specific mRNAs. EMBO J. 2006;25:4263-70 pubmed
    ..The Dazl-bound mRNAs may be stored at specific sites and would be available for future developmental processes. Our study revealed the presence of an active mRNA transport system in mouse male germ cells. ..
  19. Ye S, Fowler T, Pavlos N, Ng P, Liang K, Feng Y, et al. LIS1 regulates osteoclast formation and function through its interactions with dynein/dynactin and Plekhm1. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e27285 pubmed publisher
    ..These results indicate that LIS1 is a previously unrecognized regulator of osteoclast formation, microtubule organization, and lysosomal secretion by virtue of its ability to modulate dynein function and Plekhm1. ..
  20. Puthalakath H, Huang D, O Reilly L, King S, Strasser A. The proapoptotic activity of the Bcl-2 family member Bim is regulated by interaction with the dynein motor complex. Mol Cell. 1999;3:287-96 pubmed
    ..This freed Bim to translocate together with LC8 to Bcl-2 and to neutralize its antiapoptotic activity. This process did not require caspase activity and therefore constitutes an initiating event in apoptosis signaling. ..
  21. Yamada M, Toba S, Takitoh T, Yoshida Y, Mori D, Nakamura T, et al. mNUDC is required for plus-end-directed transport of cytoplasmic dynein and dynactins by kinesin-1. EMBO J. 2010;29:517-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings have uncovered an essential role of mNUDC for anterograde transport of dynein and dynactin by kinesin-1. ..
  22. Sasaki S, Shionoya A, Ishida M, Gambello M, Yingling J, Wynshaw Boris A, et al. A LIS1/NUDEL/cytoplasmic dynein heavy chain complex in the developing and adult nervous system. Neuron. 2000;28:681-96 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that LIS1 and NUDEL regulate CDHC activity during neuronal migration and axonal retrograde transport in a Cdk5/p35-dependent fashion. ..
  23. Papal S, Cortese M, Legendre K, Sorusch N, Dragavon J, Sahly I, et al. The giant spectrin ?V couples the molecular motors to phototransduction and Usher syndrome type I proteins along their trafficking route. Hum Mol Genet. 2013;22:3773-88 pubmed publisher
  24. Perlson E, Hanz S, Ben Yaakov K, Segal Ruder Y, Seger R, Fainzilber M. Vimentin-dependent spatial translocation of an activated MAP kinase in injured nerve. Neuron. 2005;45:715-26 pubmed
    ..Thus, soluble vimentin enables spatial translocation of pErk by importins and dynein in lesioned nerve. ..
  25. Suzuki K, Mansson J. Animal models of lysosomal disease: an overview. J Inherit Metab Dis. 1998;21:540-7 pubmed
    ..After all, the mouse is not human. ..
  26. Banks G, Haas M, Line S, Shepherd H, AlQatari M, Stewart S, et al. Behavioral and other phenotypes in a cytoplasmic Dynein light intermediate chain 1 mutant mouse. J Neurosci. 2011;31:5483-94 pubmed publisher
    ..These results demonstrate the important role that dynein-controlled processes play in the correct development and function of the mammalian nervous system. ..
  27. Inaba Y, Shinohara K, Botilde Y, Nabeshima R, Takaoka K, Ajima R, et al. Transport of the outer dynein arm complex to cilia requires a cytoplasmic protein Lrrc6. Genes Cells. 2016;21:728-39 pubmed publisher
    ..The IC2-IC1 interaction, which is the first step of ODA assembly, was normal in Lrrc6(-/-) mice testes. Our results suggest that ODA proteins may be transported from the cytoplasm to the cilia by an Lrrc6-dependent mechanism. ..