Gene Symbol: Dll4
Description: delta like canonical Notch ligand 4
Alias: Delta4, delta-like protein 4, delta-like 4, drosophila Delta homolog 4
Species: mouse
Products:     Dll4

Top Publications

  1. del Monte G, Grego Bessa J, González Rajal A, Bolós V, de la Pompa J. Monitoring Notch1 activity in development: evidence for a feedback regulatory loop. Dev Dyn. 2007;236:2594-614 pubmed
    ..We found that Notch1 transcription and activity was severely reduced in zebrafish and mouse Notch pathway mutants, suggesting that vertebrate Notch1 expression is regulated by a positive feedback loop. ..
  2. Benedito R, Rocha S, Woeste M, Zamykal M, Radtke F, Casanovas O, et al. Notch-dependent VEGFR3 upregulation allows angiogenesis without VEGF-VEGFR2 signalling. Nature. 2012;484:110-4 pubmed publisher
    ..Signalling triggered by VEGF-A (also known as VEGF) has been shown to induce expression of the Notch ligand DLL4 in angiogenic vessels and, most prominently, in the tip of endothelial sprouts...
  3. Benedito R, Duarte A. Expression of Dll4 during mouse embryogenesis suggests multiple developmental roles. Gene Expr Patterns. 2005;5:750-5 pubmed
    ..Here, we report the expression pattern of a Delta gene family member, Delta-like 4 (Dll4)...
  4. Claxton S, Fruttiger M. Periodic Delta-like 4 expression in developing retinal arteries. Gene Expr Patterns. 2004;5:123-7 pubmed
    ..We studied expression of Notch 1-4 and its ligand Delta-like 4 (Dll4) in the developing retinal vasculature...
  5. Tammela T, Zarkada G, Wallgard E, Murtomäki A, Suchting S, Wirzenius M, et al. Blocking VEGFR-3 suppresses angiogenic sprouting and vascular network formation. Nature. 2008;454:656-60 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results implicate VEGFR-3 as a regulator of vascular network formation. Targeting VEGFR-3 may provide additional efficacy for anti-angiogenic therapies, especially towards vessels that are resistant to VEGF or VEGFR-2 inhibitors. ..
  6. Mukherjee S, Schaller M, Neupane R, Kunkel S, Lukacs N. Regulation of T cell activation by Notch ligand, DLL4, promotes IL-17 production and Rorc activation. J Immunol. 2009;182:7381-8 pubmed publisher
    ..In the present studies we have investigated the role of a specific notch ligand, delta-like 4 (Dll4)...
  7. de La Coste A, Six E, Fazilleau N, Mascarell L, Legrand N, Mailhé M, et al. In vivo and in absence of a thymus, the enforced expression of the Notch ligands delta-1 or delta-4 promotes T cell development with specific unique effects. J Immunol. 2005;174:2730-7 pubmed
  8. Yamanda S, Ebihara S, Asada M, Okazaki T, Niu K, Ebihara T, et al. Role of ephrinB2 in nonproductive angiogenesis induced by Delta-like 4 blockade. Blood. 2009;113:3631-9 pubmed publisher
    Delta-like 4 (DLL4) is one of the Notch ligands and plays an important role in vascular development...
  9. Niessen K, Zhang G, Ridgway J, Chen H, Kolumam G, Siebel C, et al. The Notch1-Dll4 signaling pathway regulates mouse postnatal lymphatic development. Blood. 2011;118:1989-97 pubmed publisher
    ..In this report, we show that blockade of Notch1 and Dll4, with specific function-blocking antibodies, results in defective postnatal lymphatic development in mice...

More Information


  1. Hozumi K, Mailhos C, Negishi N, Hirano K, Yahata T, Ando K, et al. Delta-like 4 is indispensable in thymic environment specific for T cell development. J Exp Med. 2008;205:2507-13 pubmed publisher
    ..in vitro studies have shown that when hematopoietic progenitors acquire Notch signaling via Delta-like (Dll)1 or Dll4, they differentiate into the T cell lineage in the absence of a thymic microenvironment...
  2. del Toro R, Prahst C, Mathivet T, Siegfried G, Kaminker J, Larrivee B, et al. Identification and functional analysis of endothelial tip cell-enriched genes. Blood. 2010;116:4025-33 pubmed publisher
    ..Expression of the Notch ligand Delta-like-4 (Dll4) in tip cells suppresses tip cell fate in neighboring stalk cells via Notch signaling...
  3. Yan X, Sarmiento U, Sun Y, Huang G, Guo J, Juan T, et al. A novel Notch ligand, Dll4, induces T-cell leukemia/lymphoma when overexpressed in mice by retroviral-mediated gene transfer. Blood. 2001;98:3793-9 pubmed
    ..The biological role of a novel Notch ligand, Dll4, in mice was explored by reconstituting lethally irradiated mice with bone marrow (BM) cells transduced with Dll4 ..
  4. Billiard F, Kirshner J, Tait M, Danave A, Taheri S, Zhang W, et al. Ongoing Dll4-Notch signaling is required for T-cell homeostasis in the adult thymus. Eur J Immunol. 2011;41:2207-16 pubmed publisher
    The essential role of the Delta-like ligand 4 (Dll4)-Notch signaling pathway in T-lymphocyte development is well established...
  5. Seo S, Fujita H, Nakano A, Kang M, Duarte A, Kume T. The forkhead transcription factors, Foxc1 and Foxc2, are required for arterial specification and lymphatic sprouting during vascular development. Dev Biol. 2006;294:458-70 pubmed
    ..of Foxc genes in vitro induces expression of arterial markers such as Notch1 and its ligand Delta-like 4 (Dll4), and Foxc1 and Foxc2 directly activate the Dll4 promoter via a Foxc-binding site...
  6. Ridgway J, Zhang G, Wu Y, Stawicki S, Liang W, Chanthery Y, et al. Inhibition of Dll4 signalling inhibits tumour growth by deregulating angiogenesis. Nature. 2006;444:1083-7 pubmed
    Haploinsufficiency of Dll4, a vascular-specific Notch ligand, has shown that it is essential for embryonic vascular development and arteriogenesis...
  7. Sacilotto N, Monteiro R, Fritzsche M, Becker P, Sánchez del Campo L, Liu K, et al. Analysis of Dll4 regulation reveals a combinatorial role for Sox and Notch in arterial development. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013;110:11893-8 pubmed publisher
    ..characterization of two arterial endothelial cell-specific gene enhancers for the Notch ligand Delta-like ligand 4 (Dll4), we show that arterial Dll4 expression requires the direct binding of both the RBPJ/Notch intracellular domain and ..
  8. Ito T, Schaller M, Hogaboam C, Standiford T, Sandor M, Lukacs N, et al. TLR9 regulates the mycobacteria-elicited pulmonary granulomatous immune response in mice through DC-derived Notch ligand delta-like 4. J Clin Invest. 2009;119:33-46 pubmed publisher
    ..cytokine profile, decreased accumulation of granuloma-associated myeloid DCs, and profoundly impaired delta-like 4 (dll4) Notch ligand expression...
  9. Wu B, Zhang Z, Lui W, Chen X, Wang Y, Chamberlain A, et al. Endocardial cells form the coronary arteries by angiogenesis through myocardial-endocardial VEGF signaling. Cell. 2012;151:1083-96 pubmed publisher
    ..This information may help develop better cell therapies for coronary artery disease...
  10. Copeland J, Feng Y, Neradugomma N, Fields P, Vivian J. Notch signaling regulates remodeling and vessel diameter in the extraembryonic yolk sac. BMC Dev Biol. 2011;11:12 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose a role for Notch signaling in elaborating the microenvironment of the nascent arteriole, suggesting novel regulatory connections between Notch signaling and other signaling pathways during endothelial differentiation. ..
  11. Hellstrom M, Phng L, Hofmann J, Wallgard E, Coultas L, Lindblom P, et al. Dll4 signalling through Notch1 regulates formation of tip cells during angiogenesis. Nature. 2007;445:776-80 pubmed
    ..Here we present evidence that delta-like 4 (Dll4)-Notch1 signalling regulates the formation of appropriate numbers of tip cells to control vessel sprouting and ..
  12. Koch U, Fiorini E, Benedito R, Besseyrias V, Schuster Gossler K, Pierres M, et al. Delta-like 4 is the essential, nonredundant ligand for Notch1 during thymic T cell lineage commitment. J Exp Med. 2008;205:2515-23 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, they strongly suggest that N1-expressing thymic progenitors interact with DL4-expressing TECs to suppress B lineage potential and to induce the first steps of intrathymic T cell development. ..
  13. Red Horse K, Ueno H, Weissman I, Krasnow M. Coronary arteries form by developmental reprogramming of venous cells. Nature. 2010;464:549-53 pubmed publisher
    ..Understanding this new reprogramming process and identifying the endogenous signals should suggest more natural ways of engineering coronary bypass grafts and revascularizing the heart. ..
  14. Skokos D, Nussenzweig M. CD8- DCs induce IL-12-independent Th1 differentiation through Delta 4 Notch-like ligand in response to bacterial LPS. J Exp Med. 2007;204:1525-31 pubmed
    ..Thus, activation of the two DC subsets by TLR4 leads to Th1 responses by two distinct MyD88-dependent pathways. ..
  15. Schaller M, Neupane R, Rudd B, Kunkel S, Kallal L, Lincoln P, et al. Notch ligand Delta-like 4 regulates disease pathogenesis during respiratory viral infections by modulating Th2 cytokines. J Exp Med. 2007;204:2925-34 pubmed
    ..Using quantitative polymerase chain reaction, we observed that only Delta-like 4 (dll4) was up-regulated on bone marrow-derived dendritic cells after respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection, and ..
  16. Gale N, Dominguez M, Noguera I, Pan L, Hughes V, Valenzuela D, et al. Haploinsufficiency of delta-like 4 ligand results in embryonic lethality due to major defects in arterial and vascular development. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004;101:15949-54 pubmed
    ..One potential such regulator is delta-like 4 ligand (Dll4), a recently identified partner for the Notch receptors...
  17. Shutter J, Scully S, Fan W, Richards W, Kitajewski J, Deblandre G, et al. Dll4, a novel Notch ligand expressed in arterial endothelium. Genes Dev. 2000;14:1313-8 pubmed
    We report the cloning and characterization of a new member of the Delta family of Notch ligands, which we have named Dll4. Like other Delta genes, Dll4 is predicted to encode a membrane-bound ligand, characterized by an extracellular ..
  18. Sugimoto A, Yamamoto M, Suzuki M, Inoue T, Nakamura S, Motoda R, et al. Delta-4 Notch ligand promotes erythroid differentiation of human umbilical cord blood CD34+ cells. Exp Hematol. 2006;34:424-32 pubmed
    ..By modifying Delta-4 expression of the stromal cells and using the recombinant protein, we demonstrated that Delta-4 had a differentiation promoting activity for human primitive hematopoietic cells into erythroid lineage. ..
  19. Duarte A, Hirashima M, Benedito R, Trindade A, Diniz P, Bekman E, et al. Dosage-sensitive requirement for mouse Dll4 in artery development. Genes Dev. 2004;18:2474-8 pubmed
    ..In mice, the Notch4 receptor and the Delta-like 4 (Dll4) ligand are specifically expressed in arterial endothelial cells, suggesting a similar role...
  20. Trindade A, Kumar S, Scehnet J, Lopes da Costa L, Becker J, Jiang W, et al. Overexpression of delta-like 4 induces arterialization and attenuates vessel formation in developing mouse embryos. Blood. 2008;112:1720-9 pubmed publisher
    ..endothelial cells (ECs) and the observed vascular phenotypes in mutants of Notch receptors or ligands, especially Dll4. DLL4 is specifically expressed in arterial ECs during development, and haplo-insufficiency is embryonically lethal ..
  21. Cristofaro B, Shi Y, Faria M, Suchting S, Leroyer A, Trindade A, et al. Dll4-Notch signaling determines the formation of native arterial collateral networks and arterial function in mouse ischemia models. Development. 2013;140:1720-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The Notch ligand Delta-like 4 (Dll4) promotes arterial differentiation and restricts vessel branching...
  22. Tsukamoto N, Itoi M, Nishikawa M, Amagai T. Lack of Delta like 1 and 4 expressions in nude thymus anlages. Cell Immunol. 2005;234:77-80 pubmed
    ..We investigated the expressions of Delta like (Dll) 1 and Dll4 in the mouse thymus anlages...
  23. Corada M, Nyqvist D, Orsenigo F, Caprini A, Giampietro C, Taketo M, et al. The Wnt/beta-catenin pathway modulates vascular remodeling and specification by upregulating Dll4/Notch signaling. Dev Cell. 2010;18:938-49 pubmed publisher
    ..Both in vivo and in vitro data show that beta-catenin upregulates Dll4 transcription and strongly increases Notch signaling in the endothelium, leading to functional and morphological ..
  24. Mohtashami M, Shah D, Nakase H, Kianizad K, Petrie H, Zuniga Pflucker J. Direct comparison of Dll1- and Dll4-mediated Notch activation levels shows differential lymphomyeloid lineage commitment outcomes. J Immunol. 2010;185:867-76 pubmed publisher
    ..However, using cocultures, either Dll4 or Dll1 were shown to support T lymphopoiesis...
  25. Scehnet J, Jiang W, Kumar S, Krasnoperov V, Trindade A, Benedito R, et al. Inhibition of Dll4-mediated signaling induces proliferation of immature vessels and results in poor tissue perfusion. Blood. 2007;109:4753-60 pubmed
    ..Notch receptors and ligands (Jagged and Delta-like) play a critical role in this process in addition to VEGF. Dll4 is one of the Notch ligands that regulates arterial specification and maturation events...
  26. Hozumi K, Negishi N, Suzuki D, Abe N, Sotomaru Y, Tamaoki N, et al. Delta-like 1 is necessary for the generation of marginal zone B cells but not T cells in vivo. Nat Immunol. 2004;5:638-44 pubmed
    ..Thus, Notch signaling is essential for lymphocyte development in vivo, but there is a redundancy of Notch-Notch ligand signaling that can drive T cell development within the thymus. ..
  27. Pellegrinet L, Rodilla V, Liu Z, Chen S, Koch U, Espinosa L, et al. Dll1- and dll4-mediated notch signaling are required for homeostasis of intestinal stem cells. Gastroenterology. 2011;140:1230-1240.e1-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, we investigated whether the induction of goblet cell differentiation that results from loss of Notch requires the transcription factor Krüppel-like factor 4 (Klf4)...
  28. Lobov I, Renard R, Papadopoulos N, Gale N, Thurston G, Yancopoulos G, et al. Delta-like ligand 4 (Dll4) is induced by VEGF as a negative regulator of angiogenic sprouting. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007;104:3219-24 pubmed
    ..To better define the role of Dll4 during vascular growth and differentiation, we selected the postnatal retina as a model because its vasculature ..
  29. Noguera Troise I, Daly C, Papadopoulos N, Coetzee S, Boland P, Gale N, et al. Blockade of Dll4 inhibits tumour growth by promoting non-productive angiogenesis. Nature. 2006;444:1032-7 pubmed
    ..We report that VEGF dynamically regulates tumour endothelial expression of Delta-like ligand 4 (Dll4), which was previously shown to be absolutely required for normal embryonic vascular development...
  30. Benedito R, Roca C, Sörensen I, Adams S, Gossler A, Fruttiger M, et al. The notch ligands Dll4 and Jagged1 have opposing effects on angiogenesis. Cell. 2009;137:1124-35 pubmed publisher
    ..is inhibited by Notch signaling, which is activated by binding of the Notch receptor to its ligand Delta-like 4 (Dll4)...
  31. Wythe J, Dang L, Devine W, Boudreau E, Artap S, He D, et al. ETS factors regulate Vegf-dependent arterial specification. Dev Cell. 2013;26:45-58 pubmed publisher
    ..signaling specifies arterial fate during early vascular development by inducing the transcription of Delta-like 4 (Dll4), the earliest Notch ligand gene expressed in arterial precursor cells...
  32. Bassil R, Zhu B, Lahoud Y, Riella L, Yagita H, Elyaman W, et al. Notch ligand delta-like 4 blockade alleviates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by promoting regulatory T cell development. J Immunol. 2011;187:2322-8 pubmed publisher
    ..However, the role of Dll4 in Th1/Th17-mediated autoimmune diseases remains largely unknown...
  33. Mohtashami M, Zuniga Pflucker J. Three-dimensional architecture of the thymus is required to maintain delta-like expression necessary for inducing T cell development. J Immunol. 2006;176:730-4 pubmed
    ..to fetal thymic organ cultures, TSMC fail to maintain expression of the Notch ligands, Delta-like (Dll) 1 and Dll4, and concomitantly lose the ability to support T lymphopoiesis...
  34. Krebs L, Shutter J, Tanigaki K, Honjo T, Stark K, Gridley T. Haploinsufficient lethality and formation of arteriovenous malformations in Notch pathway mutants. Genes Dev. 2004;18:2469-73 pubmed
    ..Here we show that mouse embryos heterozygous for a targeted mutation in the gene encoding the DLL4 ligand exhibit haploinsufficient lethality because of defects in vascular remodeling...
  35. Hainaud P, Contreres J, Villemain A, Liu L, Plouet J, Tobelem G, et al. The role of the vascular endothelial growth factor-Delta-like 4 ligand/Notch4-ephrin B2 cascade in tumor vessel remodeling and endothelial cell functions. Cancer Res. 2006;66:8501-10 pubmed
    Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and Delta-like 4 ligand (DLL4) are the only genes whose haploinsufficiency results in vascular abnormalities...
  36. Real C, Remédio L, Caiado F, Igreja C, Borges C, Trindade A, et al. Bone marrow-derived endothelial progenitors expressing Delta-like 4 (Dll4) regulate tumor angiogenesis. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e18323 pubmed publisher
    ..growth factor (VEGF), recent findings show the Notch signalling pathway, in particular the ligand Delta-like 4 (Dll4), is also essential for adequate tumor angiogenesis; Dll4 inhibition results in impaired, non-functional, ..
  37. Mailhos C, Modlich U, Lewis J, Harris A, Bicknell R, Ish Horowicz D. Delta4, an endothelial specific notch ligand expressed at sites of physiological and tumor angiogenesis. Differentiation. 2001;69:135-44 pubmed
    ..We report the expression of Delta4 (D14) in arterial endothelium during mouse embryogenesis and in the endothelium of tumor blood vessels...
  38. Villa N, Walker L, Lindsell C, Gasson J, Iruela Arispe M, Weinmaster G. Vascular expression of Notch pathway receptors and ligands is restricted to arterial vessels. Mech Dev. 2001;108:161-4 pubmed
    ..Here, we report that Notch1, Notch3, Notch4, Delta4, Jagged1 and Jagged2 are all expressed in arteries, but are not expressed by veins...
  39. Murta D, Batista M, Silva E, Trindade A, Henrique D, Duarte A, et al. Dynamics of Notch pathway expression during mouse testis post-natal development and along the spermatogenic cycle. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e72767 pubmed publisher
    ..This expression at key testis developmental events prompt for a role of Notch signaling in pre-pubertal spermatogonia quiescence, onset of spermatogenesis, and regulation of the spermatogenic cycle. ..
  40. Krebs L, Xue Y, Norton C, Shutter J, Maguire M, Sundberg J, et al. Notch signaling is essential for vascular morphogenesis in mice. Genes Dev. 2000;14:1343-52 pubmed
    ..Analysis of the expression patterns of genes encoding ligands for Notch family receptors indicated that only the Dll4 gene is expressed in a pattern consistent with that expected for a gene encoding a ligand for the Notch1 and Notch4 ..
  41. Djokovic D, Trindade A, Gigante J, Badenes M, Silva L, Liu R, et al. Combination of Dll4/Notch and Ephrin-B2/EphB4 targeted therapy is highly effective in disrupting tumor angiogenesis. BMC Cancer. 2010;10:641 pubmed publisher
    b>Dll4/Notch and Ephrin-B2/EphB4 pathways play critical roles in tumor vessel development and maturation...
  42. Ramasamy S, Lenka N. Notch exhibits ligand bias and maneuvers stage-specific steering of neural differentiation in embryonic stem cells. Mol Cell Biol. 2010;30:1946-57 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, our investigation underscores a multifaceted role of Notch, demonstrating the interdependency of ligand usage and lineage specification and Notch acting as a master switch, displaying stage-specific influence on neurogenesis. ..
  43. Feyerabend T, Terszowski G, Tietz A, Blum C, Luche H, Gossler A, et al. Deletion of Notch1 converts pro-T cells to dendritic cells and promotes thymic B cells by cell-extrinsic and cell-intrinsic mechanisms. Immunity. 2009;30:67-79 pubmed publisher
    ..Chimeric mice lacking the Notch ligand delta-like 4 (Dll4) in thymus epithelium revealed an essential role for Dll4 in T cell development...
  44. High F, Zhang M, Proweller A, Tu L, Parmacek M, Pear W, et al. An essential role for Notch in neural crest during cardiovascular development and smooth muscle differentiation. J Clin Invest. 2007;117:353-63 pubmed
    ..These results provide a molecular and cellular framework for understanding the role of Notch signaling in the etiology of congenital heart disease. ..
  45. Suchting S, Freitas C, Le Noble F, Benedito R, Breant C, Duarte A, et al. The Notch ligand Delta-like 4 negatively regulates endothelial tip cell formation and vessel branching. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007;104:3225-30 pubmed
    Delta-like 4 (Dll4) is a transmembrane ligand for Notch receptors that is expressed in arterial blood vessels and sprouting endothelial cells...
  46. Laranjeiro R, Alcobia I, Neves H, Gomes A, Saavedra P, Carvalho C, et al. The notch ligand delta-like 4 regulates multiple stages of early hemato-vascular development. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e34553 pubmed publisher
    In mouse embryos, homozygous or heterozygous deletions of the gene encoding the Notch ligand Dll4 result in early embryonic death due to major defects in endothelial remodeling in the yolk sac and embryo...
  47. Ren K, Yuan J, Yang M, Gao X, Ding X, Zhou J, et al. KCTD10 is involved in the cardiovascular system and Notch signaling during early embryonic development. PLoS ONE. 2014;9:e112275 pubmed publisher
    ..Our studies suggest that KCTD10 plays crucial roles in embryonic angiogenesis and heart development in mammalians by negatively regulating the Notch signaling pathway. ..
  48. James A, Szot J, Iyer K, Major J, Pursglove S, Chapman G, et al. Notch4 reveals a novel mechanism regulating Notch signal transduction. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2014;1843:1272-84 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings indicate a role of NOTCH4 in fine-tuning the forming vascular plexus. ..
  49. Lucitti J, Tarte N, Faber J. Chloride intracellular channel 4 is required for maturation of the cerebral collateral circulation. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2015;309:H1141-50 pubmed publisher
    ..CLIC4 is not required for collaterogenesis but is essential for perinatal maturation of nascent collaterals through a mechanism that supports VEGF signaling. ..
  50. Okamura Y, Saga Y. Notch signaling is required for the maintenance of enteric neural crest progenitors. Development. 2008;135:3555-65 pubmed publisher
  51. Stenzel D, Franco C, Estrach S, Mettouchi A, Sauvaget D, Rosewell I, et al. Endothelial basement membrane limits tip cell formation by inducing Dll4/Notch signalling in vivo. EMBO Rep. 2011;12:1135-43 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we show that laminin ?4 (Lama4) regulates tip cell numbers and vascular density by inducing endothelial Dll4/Notch signalling in vivo...
  52. Benedito R, Trindade A, Hirashima M, Henrique D, da Costa L, Rossant J, et al. Loss of Notch signalling induced by Dll4 causes arterial calibre reduction by increasing endothelial cell response to angiogenic stimuli. BMC Dev Biol. 2008;8:117 pubmed publisher
    In the vascular system, Notch receptors and ligands are expressed mainly on arteries, with Delta-like 4 (Dll4) being the only ligand known to be expressed early during the development of arterial endothelial cells and capillaries...
  53. Chong D, Koo Y, Xu K, Fu S, Cleaver O. Stepwise arteriovenous fate acquisition during mammalian vasculogenesis. Dev Dyn. 2011;240:2153-65 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, our results provide a first spatiotemporal analysis of mammalian AV cell fate establishment and anatomy, as well as a delineation of a molecular toolkit for analysis of arteries and veins during early vessel development. ..
  54. Cormier S, Vandormael Pournin S, Babinet C, Cohen Tannoudji M. Developmental expression of the Notch signaling pathway genes during mouse preimplantation development. Gene Expr Patterns. 2004;4:713-7 pubmed
    ..Finally, we show that all the above genes are expressed both in Embryonic and Trophoblast Stem cells (ES and TS cells, respectively). Our results suggest that the Notch pathway may be active during mouse preimplantation development. ..
  55. Leimeister C, Schumacher N, Gessler M. Expression of Notch pathway genes in the embryonic mouse metanephros suggests a role in proximal tubule development. Gene Expr Patterns. 2003;3:595-8 pubmed
    ..Our results point to a Lfng-dependent role for Notch signalling in the development of nephron segments, especially the proximal tubules. ..
  56. Abe N, Hozumi K, Hirano K, Yagita H, Habu S. Notch ligands transduce different magnitudes of signaling critical for determination of T-cell fate. Eur J Immunol. 2010;40:2608-17 pubmed publisher
    ..Stromal cells expressing Dll4 or Dll1, but not Jagged1, support T lymphopoiesis in vitro, but the molecular basis of this functional divergence ..
  57. Liu B, Liu Y, Du Y, Mardaryev A, Yang W, Chen H, et al. Cbx4 regulates the proliferation of thymic epithelial cells and thymus function. Development. 2013;140:780-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, these data establish Cbx4 as a crucial regulator for the generation and maintenance of the thymic epithelium and, hence, for thymocyte development...
  58. García Pascual C, Ferrero H, Zimmermann R, Simon C, Pellicer A, Gomez R. Inhibition of Delta-like 4 mediated signaling induces abortion in mice due to deregulation of decidual angiogenesis. Placenta. 2014;35:501-8 pubmed publisher
    To explore whether the Dll4/Notch1 pathway plays a key role in regulating the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)/VEGF receptor 2 (VEGFR2) driven decidual angiogenesis and related pregnancy through induction of a tip/stalk phenotype...
  59. Preuße K, Tveriakhina L, Schuster Gossler K, Gaspar C, Rosa A, Henrique D, et al. Context-Dependent Functional Divergence of the Notch Ligands DLL1 and DLL4 In Vivo. PLoS Genet. 2015;11:e1005328 pubmed publisher
    ..Among the ligands are two Delta paralogues, DLL1 and DLL4, that are conserved in mammals and share a similar structure and sequence...
  60. Gazit R, Krizhanovsky V, Ben Arie N. Math1 controls cerebellar granule cell differentiation by regulating multiple components of the Notch signaling pathway. Development. 2004;131:903-13 pubmed
    ..Taken together, our data demonstrate that CGC differentiation, but not specification, depends on Math1, which acts by regulating the level of multiple components of the Notch signaling pathway. ..
  61. Anderson G, Udan R, Dickinson M, Henkelman R. Cardiovascular Patterning as Determined by Hemodynamic Forces and Blood Vessel Genetics. PLoS ONE. 2015;10:e0137175 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Dll4 mutant mice, which have well-characterized arterial blood vessel specification defects, showed distinct differences ..