Gene Symbol: D5Mit188
Description: DNA segment, Chr 5, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 188
Alias: Tgfbm1, transforming growth factor beta, modifier 1
Species: mouse

Top Publications

  1. Guerra C, Koza R, Walsh K, Kurtz D, Wood P, Kozak L. Abnormal nonshivering thermogenesis in mice with inherited defects of fatty acid oxidation. J Clin Invest. 1998;102:1724-31 pubmed
    ..From a clinical perspective, it is important to determine whether defects in thermogenesis may be a phenotype in human neonates with inherited deficiencies in fatty acid beta-oxidation. ..
  2. Mahler M, Bristol I, Sundberg J, Churchill G, Birkenmeier E, Elson C, et al. Genetic analysis of susceptibility to dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis in mice. Genomics. 1999;55:147-56 pubmed
    ..We conclude that multiple genes control susceptibility to DSS colitis in mice. Possible Dssc candidate genes are discussed in terms of current knowledge of inflammatory bowel disease susceptibility loci in humans. ..
  3. Bonyadi M, Rusholme S, Cousins F, Su H, Biron C, Farrall M, et al. Mapping of a major genetic modifier of embryonic lethality in TGF beta 1 knockout mice. Nat Genet. 1997;15:207-11 pubmed
  4. Bussoli T, Kelly A, Steel K. Localization of the bronx waltzer (bv) deafness gene to mouse chromosome 5. Mamm Genome. 1997;8:714-7 pubmed
    ..nds4 (afp)]-d5mit87-[d5mit205, 20, 88, 208, 93-d5mit338]-d5mit25-d5mit209-bv-d5mit188-d5m it367-d5mit95-d5mit43-d5mit102...
  5. . British Society of Audiology short papers meeting on experimental studies of hearing and deafness. Cambridge, United Kingdom, 22-23 September 1996. Abstracts. Br J Audiol. 1997;31:73-132 pubmed
  6. Lu C, Vihtelic T, Hyde D, Li T. A neuronal-specific mammalian homolog of the Drosophila retinal degeneration B gene with expression restricted to the retina and dentate gyrus. J Neurosci. 1999;19:7317-25 pubmed
    ..Because transgenic expression of M-RdgB2 does not restore the wild-type phenotype to rdgB2 mutant flies to the same extent as M-RdgB1, functional differences likely exist between the two M-RdgB homologs. ..
  7. Urosevic N, Mansfield J, Mackenzie J, Shellam G. Low resolution mapping around the flavivirus resistance locus (Flv) on mouse chromosome 5. Mamm Genome. 1995;6:454-8 pubmed
  8. Perera E, Martin H, Seeherunvong T, Kos L, Hughes I, Hawkins J, et al. Tescalcin, a novel gene encoding a putative EF-hand Ca(2+)-binding protein, Col9a3, and renin are expressed in the mouse testis during the early stages of gonadal differentiation. Endocrinology. 2001;142:455-63 pubmed
    ..5 dpc. RENIN: mRNA was localized in cells of the interstitium and cells at the border between the gonad and mesonephros. Expression of RENIN: in the ovary was not detected using standard conditions. ..
  9. Mock B, Lowry D, Rehman I, Padlan C, Yuspa S, Hennings H. Multigenic control of skin tumor susceptibility in SENCARA/Pt mice. Carcinogenesis. 1998;19:1109-15 pubmed
    ..In general, no evidence was seen for loss of heterozygosity in microsatellite markers on Chrs 5, 9 and 11 in 17 microdissected papillomas from (BALB/c x SENCARA)F1 hybrid mice. ..