Gene Symbol: Cyp2a4
Description: cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily a, polypeptide 4
Alias: AI893559, Cyp15a1, D7Ucla4, cytochrome P450 2A4, CYPIIA4, cytochrome P450, 2a4, cytochrome P450-15-alpha, cytochrome P450-IIA3.1, testosterone 15-alpha-hydroxylase, testosterone 15alpha-hydroxylase
Species: mouse
Products:     Cyp2a4

Top Publications

  1. Aida K, Negishi M. A trans-acting locus regulates transcriptional repression of the female-specific steroid 15 alpha-hydroxylase gene in male mice. J Mol Endocrinol. 1993;11:213-22 pubmed
  2. Yokomori N, Nishio K, Aida K, Negishi M. Transcriptional regulation by HNF-4 of the steroid 15alpha-hydroxylase P450 (Cyp2a-4) gene in mouse liver. J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 1997;62:307-14 pubmed
    ..It appears, therefore, that HNF-4 activates the hepatic transcription of Cyp2a-4 gene through its direct binding to the regulatory element regardless of the methylation at position -50. ..
  3. Li L, Jia K, Zhou X, McCallum S, Hough L, Ding X. Impact of nicotine metabolism on nicotine's pharmacological effects and behavioral responses: insights from a Cyp2a(4/5)bgs-null mouse. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2013;347:746-54 pubmed publisher
    ..This result provides direct experimental support of the findings of pharmacogenetic studies that suggest linkage between rates of nicotine metabolism and smoking behavior in humans. ..
  4. Wang H, Donley K, Keeney D, Hoffman S. Organization and evolution of the Cyp2 gene cluster on mouse chromosome 7, and comparison with the syntenic human cluster. Environ Health Perspect. 2003;111:1835-42 pubmed
  5. Squires E, Negishi M. Reciprocal regulation of sex-dependent expression of testosterone 15 alpha-hydroxylase (P-450(15 alpha)) in liver and kidney of male mice by androgen. Evidence for a single gene. J Biol Chem. 1988;263:4166-71 pubmed
    ..Both Types I and II were repressed in male liver, which results in decreased levels of P-450(15 alpha). Androgen was responsible for the repression and expression of Type I in liver and kidney, but not Type II. ..
  6. Aida K, Moore R, Negishi M. Lack of the steroid 15 alpha-hydroxylase gene (Cyp2a-4) in wild mouse strain Mus spretus: rapid evolution of the P450 gene superfamily. Genomics. 1994;19:564-6 pubmed
    ..Evolutionarily, therefore, Cyp2a-5 is ancestral to Cyp2a-4. Moreover, the line to Cyp2a-4 descended as recently as 3 million years ago in an ancestral mouse. This evidence implies a rapid evolution of the P450 gene superfamily. ..
  7. Salonpää P, Iscan M, Pasanen M, Arvela P, Pelkonen O, Raunio H. Cerium-induced strain-dependent increase in Cyp2a-4/5 (cytochrome P4502a-4/5) expression in the liver and kidneys of inbred mice. Biochem Pharmacol. 1992;44:1269-74 pubmed
    ..These data indicate that the Cyp2a-4/5 complex is regulated in a different way in DBA/2 and C57BL/6 mice and that some association exists between the development of liver damage and COH induction. ..
  8. Pelkonen P, Honkakoski P, Geneste O, Bartsch H, Lang M. Comparison of hamster and mouse reveals interspecies differences in the regulation of hepatic CYP2A isozymes. Biochem Pharmacol. 1993;46:1681-7 pubmed
    ..Our data indicate that the modes of expression and regulation of CYP2A-related enzymes make the hamster different from mice and humans with respect to the mechanism of metabolism of certain drugs and carcinogens. ..
  9. Creasy K, Jiang J, Ren H, Peterson M, Spear B. Zinc Fingers and Homeoboxes 2 (Zhx2) Regulates Sexually Dimorphic Cyp Gene Expression in the Adult Mouse Liver. Gene Expr. 2016;17:7-17 pubmed publisher
    ..Many Cyp genes exhibit sexually dimorphic expression. For example, Cyp2a4 is expressed significantly higher in the adult liver of female mice compared to male mice...

More Information


  1. Baur J, Pearson K, Price N, Jamieson H, Lerin C, Kalra A, et al. Resveratrol improves health and survival of mice on a high-calorie diet. Nature. 2006;444:337-42 pubmed
    ..These data show that improving general health in mammals using small molecules is an attainable goal, and point to new approaches for treating obesity-related disorders and diseases of ageing. ..
  2. Lavery D, Lopez Molina L, Margueron R, Fleury Olela F, Conquet F, Schibler U, et al. Circadian expression of the steroid 15 alpha-hydroxylase (Cyp2a4) and coumarin 7-hydroxylase (Cyp2a5) genes in mouse liver is regulated by the PAR leucine zipper transcription factor DBP. Mol Cell Biol. 1999;19:6488-99 pubmed
    ..Here, we report that the Cyp2a4 gene, encoding the cytochrome P450 steroid 15alpha-hydroxylase, is a novel circadian expression gene...
  3. Yokomori N, Kobayashi R, Moore R, Sueyoshi T, Negishi M. A DNA methylation site in the male-specific P450 (Cyp 2d-9) promoter and binding of the heteromeric transcription factor GABP. Mol Cell Biol. 1995;15:5355-62 pubmed
    ..We also conclude that GABP is a methylation-sensitive transcription factor and is a potential transcription activator of the male-specific Cyp 2d-9 promoter. ..
  4. Negishi M, Lindberg R, Burkhart B, Ichikawa T, Honkakoski P, Lang M. Mouse steroid 15 alpha-hydroxylase gene family: identification of type II P-450(15)alpha as coumarin 7-hydroxylase. Biochemistry. 1989;28:4169-72 pubmed
  5. Lindberg R, Negishi M. Alteration of mouse cytochrome P450coh substrate specificity by mutation of a single amino-acid residue. Nature. 1989;339:632-4 pubmed
  6. Lindberg R, Burkhart B, Ichikawa T, Negishi M. The structure and characterization of type I P-450(15) alpha gene as major steroid 15 alpha-hydroxylase and its comparison with type II P-450(15) alpha gene. J Biol Chem. 1989;264:6465-71 pubmed
    ..The results indicated that Type I was the major steroid 15 alpha-hydroxylase. The differential 15 alpha OH-1 expression, therefore, determined the sexual dimorphism of the tissue-specific 15 alpha-hydroxylase activity in mice. ..
  7. Burkhart B, Harada N, Negishi M. Sexual dimorphism of testosterone 15 alpha-hydroxylase mRNA levels in mouse liver. cDNA cloning and regulation. J Biol Chem. 1985;260:15357-61 pubmed
    ..Sexual dimorphism in hepatic testosterone 15 alpha-hydroxylase activity is shown to result from differential mRNA regulation in females and males. ..
  8. Teglund S, McKay C, Schuetz E, van Deursen J, Stravopodis D, Wang D, et al. Stat5a and Stat5b proteins have essential and nonessential, or redundant, roles in cytokine responses. Cell. 1998;93:841-50 pubmed
    ..Conversely, the responses to a variety of cytokines that activate the Stat5 proteins, including erythropoietin, are largely unaffected. ..
  9. Burkhart B, Skow L, Negishi M. Two steroid 15 alpha-hydroxylase genes and a homologous gene family in mice. Gene. 1990;87:205-11 pubmed
    ..Analysis of a restriction fragment length polymorphism in recombinant inbred mice shows a close linkage of 15 alpha oh-1 and 15 alpha oh-2 with the Coh locus. ..