Gene Symbol: Cxcl5
Description: chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 5
Alias: AMCF-II, Cxcl6, ENA-78, GCP-2, LIX, Scyb5, Scyb6, C-X-C motif chemokine 5, cytokine LIX, granulocyte chemotactic protein-2, small inducible cytokine B subfamily, member 5, small inducible cytokine subfamily B, member 15, small-inducible cytokine B5
Species: mouse
Products:     Cxcl5

Top Publications

  1. Wuyts A, Haelens A, Proost P, Lenaerts J, Conings R, Opdenakker G, et al. Identification of mouse granulocyte chemotactic protein-2 from fibroblasts and epithelial cells. Functional comparison with natural KC and macrophage inflammatory protein-2. J Immunol. 1996;157:1736-43 pubmed
    ..In view of the absence of a murine homologue for IL-8, NH2-terminally processed GCP-2 can be considered a major neutrophil chemoattractant in the mouse during the inflammatory response. ..
  2. Fan X, Patera A, Pong Kennedy A, Deno G, Gonsiorek W, Manfra D, et al. Murine CXCR1 is a functional receptor for GCP-2/CXCL6 and interleukin-8/CXCL8. J Biol Chem. 2007;282:11658-66 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, murine CXCR1 is not responsive to the human CXCR2 ligands ENA-78/CXCL5, NAP-2/CXCL7, GRO-alpha, -beta, -gamma/CXCL1-3, or rat CINC-1-3...
  3. Roca H, Jones J, Purica M, Weidner S, Koh A, Kuo R, et al. Apoptosis-induced CXCL5 accelerates inflammation and growth of prostate tumor metastases in bone. J Clin Invest. 2018;128:248-266 pubmed publisher
    ..efferocytosis of prostate cancer cells in vitro induced the expression of proinflammatory cytokines such as CXCL5 by activating Stat3 and NF-?B(p65) signaling...
  4. Lombard R, Doz E, Carreras F, Epardaud M, Le Vern Y, Buzoni Gatel D, et al. IL-17RA in Non-Hematopoietic Cells Controls CXCL-1 and 5 Critical to Recruit Neutrophils to the Lung of Mycobacteria-Infected Mice during the Adaptive Immune Response. PLoS ONE. 2016;11:e0149455 pubmed publisher
    ..In absence of this receptor, curtailed CXCL-1 and 5 production in the lung restrained neutrophil recruitment. CXCL-1 and 5 instillation reconstituted lung neutrophil recruitment in BCG-infected IL17RA-/- mice. ..
  5. Nouailles G, Dorhoi A, Koch M, Zerrahn J, Weiner J, Fae K, et al. CXCL5-secreting pulmonary epithelial cells drive destructive neutrophilic inflammation in tuberculosis. J Clin Invest. 2014;124:1268-82 pubmed publisher
    ..tuberculosis infection promotes upregulation of Cxcr2 and its ligand Cxcl5. To determine the contribution of CXCL5 in pulmonary PMN recruitment, we generated Cxcl5(-/-) mice and analyzed ..
  6. Song J, Wu C, Zhang X, Sorokin L. In vivo processing of CXCL5 (LIX) by matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-2 and MMP-9 promotes early neutrophil recruitment in IL-1?-induced peritonitis. J Immunol. 2013;190:401-10 pubmed publisher
    ..neutrophil entry into the peritoneal cavity, where MMP-2 and MMP-9 act synergistically to potentiate the action of CXCL5 (ENA-78/ LIX), thereby, promoting neutrophil migration into the peritoneal cavity...
  7. Hosking M, Liu L, Ransohoff R, Lane T. A protective role for ELR+ chemokines during acute viral encephalomyelitis. PLoS Pathog. 2009;5:e1000648 pubmed publisher
    ..with increased expression of transcripts specific for the CXCR2 ELR-positive chemokine ligands CXCL1, CXCL2, and CXCL5 within the brain...
  8. Jeyaseelan S, Manzer R, Young S, Yamamoto M, Akira S, Mason R, et al. Induction of CXCL5 during inflammation in the rodent lung involves activation of alveolar epithelium. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2005;32:531-9 pubmed
    ..We have previously described a role for C-X-C chemokine (CXCL5) in neutrophil trafficking during lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced lung inflammation in mice...
  9. Singh U, Singh S, Boyaka P, McGhee J, Lillard J. Granulocyte chemotactic protein-2 mediates adaptive immunity in part through IL-8Rbeta interactions. J Leukoc Biol. 2004;76:1240-7 pubmed
    ..In contrast, cytokine and costimulatory molecule enhancement by GCP-2 was not induced by lymphocytes from IL-8Rbeta-/- mice, suggesting that GCP-2 modulates cellular immunity in part through IL-8Rbeta interactions. ..

More Information


  1. Ohneda O, Ohneda K, Nomiyama H, Zheng Z, Gold S, Arai F, et al. WECHE: a novel hematopoietic regulatory factor. Immunity. 2000;12:141-50 pubmed
    ..WECHE hindered the growth of yolk sac-derived endothelial cells. WECHE was also chemotactic for bone marrow cells. Thus, WECHE is a novel chemokine that regulates hematopoietic differentiation. ..
  2. Madorin W, Rui T, Sugimoto N, Handa O, Cepinskas G, Kvietys P. Cardiac myocytes activated by septic plasma promote neutrophil transendothelial migration: role of platelet-activating factor and the chemokines LIX and KC. Circ Res. 2004;94:944-51 pubmed
    ..These myocytes also released the CXC chemokines LIX and KC; an event prevented by MG 132. Antibodies against LIX and KC abrogated the myocyte-induced PMN migration...
  3. Besnard A, Struyf S, Guabiraba R, Fauconnier L, Rouxel N, Proost P, et al. CXCL6 antibody neutralization prevents lung inflammation and fibrosis in mice in the bleomycin model. J Leukoc Biol. 2013;94:1317-23 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we asked whether CXCL6/GCP-2, a member of the CXC chemokine superfamily, may be involved in IPF development...
  4. Pan Y, Decker W, Huq A, Craigen W. Retrotransposition of glycerol kinase-related genes from the X chromosome to autosomes: functional and evolutionary aspects. Genomics. 1999;59:282-90 pubmed
    ..A comparison of the human and mouse GyK-like gene sequences demonstrates the evolutionary relationships between each autosomal isoform and its corresponding X-linked ancestral locus. ..
  5. Rowland K, Diaz Miron J, Guo J, Erwin C, Mei J, Worthen G, et al. CXCL5 is required for angiogenesis, but not structural adaptation after small bowel resection. J Pediatr Surg. 2014;49:976-80; discussion 980 pubmed publisher
    ..Since we have previously shown enhanced expression of the proangiogenic chemokine CXCL5 after SBR, the purpose of this study was to determine the effect of disrupted CXCL5 expression on intestinal ..
  6. Zhang C, Thornton M, Kowalska M, Sachis B, Feldman M, Poncz M, et al. Localization of distal regulatory domains in the megakaryocyte-specific platelet basic protein/platelet factor 4 gene locus. Blood. 2001;98:610-7 pubmed
    ..Blood. 2001;98:610-617) ..
  7. Kelchtermans H, Struyf S, De Klerck B, Mitera T, Alen M, Geboes L, et al. Protective role of IFN-gamma in collagen-induced arthritis conferred by inhibition of mycobacteria-induced granulocyte chemotactic protein-2 production. J Leukoc Biol. 2007;81:1044-53 pubmed
    ..These results may also be applicable to other experimental models of autoimmunity that rely on the use of CFA. ..
  8. Verdoni A, Smith R, Ikeda A, Ikeda S. Defects in actin dynamics lead to an autoinflammatory condition through the upregulation of CXCL5. PLoS ONE. 2008;3:e2701 pubmed publisher
    ..The inflammatory chemokine, CXCL5, was ectopically expressed in the corneal epithelial cells of Dstn(corn1) mice, and targeting of the receptor for ..
  9. Modi W, Amarante M, Hanson M, Womack J, Chidambaram A. Assignment of the mouse and cow CXC chemokine genes. Cytogenet Cell Genet. 1998;81:213-6 pubmed
    ..2 cM proximal to a group comprising Ifi10, Mig, and Scyb5. The bovine genes IL8, GRO1, and GRO3, mapped using bovine x hamster somatic cell hybrids, were all found to be ..
  10. Takasuga S, Horie Y, Sasaki J, Sun Wada G, Kawamura N, Iizuka R, et al. Critical roles of type III phosphatidylinositol phosphate kinase in murine embryonic visceral endoderm and adult intestine. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013;110:1726-31 pubmed publisher
  11. Heilmann A, Schinke T, Bindl R, Wehner T, Rapp A, Haffner Luntzer M, et al. The Wnt serpentine receptor Frizzled-9 regulates new bone formation in fracture healing. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e84232 pubmed publisher
    ..of established differentiation markers was not altered in the absence of Fzd9, whereas chemokines Ccl2 and Cxcl5 seemed to be reduced...
  12. Mei J, Liu Y, Dai N, Favara M, Greene T, Jeyaseelan S, et al. CXCL5 regulates chemokine scavenging and pulmonary host defense to bacterial infection. Immunity. 2010;33:106-17 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we demonstrate, using mice with a targeted deletion in CXCL5, that CXCL5 bound erythrocyte DARC and impaired its chemokine scavenging in blood...
  13. Liu Y, Mei J, Gonzales L, Yang G, Dai N, Wang P, et al. IL-17A and TNF-? exert synergistic effects on expression of CXCL5 by alveolar type II cells in vivo and in vitro. J Immunol. 2011;186:3197-205 pubmed publisher
    b>CXCL5, a member of the CXC family of chemokines, contributes to neutrophil recruitment during lung inflammation, but its regulation is poorly understood...
  14. Unruh D, Srinivasan R, Benson T, Haigh S, Coyle D, Batra N, et al. Red Blood Cell Dysfunction Induced by High-Fat Diet: Potential Implications for Obesity-Related Atherosclerosis. Circulation. 2015;132:1898-908 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings may have implications for the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis in obesity, a worldwide epidemic. ..
  15. Chandrasekar B, Melby P, Sarau H, Raveendran M, Perla R, Marelli Berg F, et al. Chemokine-cytokine cross-talk. The ELR+ CXC chemokine LIX (CXCL5) amplifies a proinflammatory cytokine response via a phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-NF-kappa B pathway. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:4675-86 pubmed
    ..Exposure of rat cardiac-derived endothelial cells (CDEC) to lipopolysaccharide-induced CXC chemokine (LIX), and to a lesser extent to KC and MIP-2, activated NF-kappaB and induced kappaB-driven promoter activity...
  16. Choong M, Yong Y, Tan A, Luo B, Lodish H. LIX: a chemokine with a role in hematopoietic stem cells maintenance. Cytokine. 2004;25:239-45 pubmed
    b>LIX is a chemokine usually associated with cell migration and activation in neutrophil...
  17. Yoon K, Cho H, Shin H, Cho J. Differential regulation of CXCL5 by FGF2 in osteoblastic and endothelial niche cells supports hematopoietic stem cell migration. Stem Cells Dev. 2012;21:3391-402 pubmed publisher
    ..selected genes that function in the extracellular region and identified the CXCR2-related chemokine candidate LIX/Cxcl5. A chemotaxis assay showed that CXCL5 induced the migration of HSCs (CD34(-/low)LSK)...
  18. Najjar Y, Rayman P, Jia X, Pavicic P, Rini B, Tannenbaum C, et al. Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cell Subset Accumulation in Renal Cell Carcinoma Parenchyma Is Associated with Intratumoral Expression of IL1β, IL8, CXCL5, and Mip-1α. Clin Cancer Res. 2017;23:2346-2355 pubmed publisher
    ..We analyzed levels of IL1β, IL8, CXCL5, Mip-1α, MCP-1, and Rantes...
  19. Disteldorf E, Krebs C, Paust H, Turner J, Nouailles G, Tittel A, et al. CXCL5 drives neutrophil recruitment in TH17-mediated GN. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2015;26:55-66 pubmed publisher
    ..of crescentic GN, we show that the pathogenic TH17/IL-17 immune response induces chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 5 (CXCL5) expression in kidney tubular cells, which recruits destructive neutrophils that contribute to renal tissue injury...
  20. Nunemaker C, Chung H, Verrilli G, Corbin K, Upadhye A, Sharma P. Increased serum CXCL1 and CXCL5 are linked to obesity, hyperglycemia, and impaired islet function. J Endocrinol. 2014;222:267-76 pubmed publisher
    ..Similarly, increased CXCL1 (+68%) and CXCL5 (+40%) were associated with increased obesity in db/db mice; note that these effects could not be entirely ..
  21. Labelle M, Begum S, Hynes R. Platelets guide the formation of early metastatic niches. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014;111:E3053-61 pubmed publisher
    ..quot; Granulocyte recruitment relies on the secretion of CXCL5 and CXCL7 chemokines by platelets upon contact with tumor cells...
  22. Gibbs J, Ince L, Matthews L, Mei J, Bell T, Yang N, et al. An epithelial circadian clock controls pulmonary inflammation and glucocorticoid action. Nat Med. 2014;20:919-26 pubmed publisher
    ..These drive circadian neutrophil recruitment to the lung via the chemokine CXCL5. Genetic ablation of the clock gene Bmal1 (also called Arntl or MOP3) in bronchiolar cells disrupts rhythmic Cxcl5 ..
  23. Wuyts A, D Haese A, Cremers V, Menten P, Lenaerts J, De Loof A, et al. NH2- and COOH-terminal truncations of murine granulocyte chemotactic protein-2 augment the in vitro and in vivo neutrophil chemotactic potency. J Immunol. 1999;163:6155-63 pubmed
    ..The truncated isoform GCP-2(9-78) was 30-fold more potent than intact GCP-2(1-92)/LPS-induced CXC chemokine (LIX) at inducing an intracellular calcium increase in human neutrophils...
  24. Balamayooran G, Batra S, Cai S, Mei J, Worthen G, Penn A, et al. Role of CXCL5 in leukocyte recruitment to the lungs during secondhand smoke exposure. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2012;47:104-11 pubmed publisher
    ..To explore the role of CXCL5, we generated CXCL5 gene-deficient mice and exposed them to secondhand smoke (SHS) for 5 hours/day for 5 days/week ..
  25. Chavey C, Lazennec G, Lagarrigue S, Clapé C, Iankova I, Teyssier J, et al. CXC ligand 5 is an adipose-tissue derived factor that links obesity to insulin resistance. Cell Metab. 2009;9:339-49 pubmed publisher
    We show here high levels of expression and secretion of the chemokine CXC ligand 5 (CXCL5) in the macrophage fraction of white adipose tissue (WAT)...
  26. Moldobaeva A, Baek A, Eldridge L, Wagner E. Differential activity of pro-angiogenic CXC chemokines. Microvasc Res. 2010;80:18-22 pubmed publisher a mouse model of lung ischemia-induced angiogenesis, enhanced expression of the three ELR+ CXC chemokines (KC, LIX, and MIP-2) and that blockade of the ligand receptor CXCR(2) limited neovascularization...
  27. Traber K, Hilliard K, Allen E, Wasserman G, Yamamoto K, Jones M, et al. Induction of STAT3-Dependent CXCL5 Expression and Neutrophil Recruitment by Oncostatin-M during Pneumonia. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2015;53:479-88 pubmed publisher
    ..Intratracheal administration of recombinant OSM was sufficient to recapitulate the effect on CXCL5 induction, associated with robust activation of the signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3) ..
  28. Duchene J, Lecomte F, Ahmed S, Cayla C, Pesquero J, Bader M, et al. A novel inflammatory pathway involved in leukocyte recruitment: role for the kinin B1 receptor and the chemokine CXCL5. J Immunol. 2007;179:4849-56 pubmed
    ..This effect in B1KO mice was correlated with a selective down-regulation of IL-1beta-induced CXCL5 mRNA and protein expression compared with WT mice...
  29. Sachidanandan C, Sambasivan R, Dhawan J. Tristetraprolin and LPS-inducible CXC chemokine are rapidly induced in presumptive satellite cells in response to skeletal muscle injury. J Cell Sci. 2002;115:2701-12 pubmed
    ..rapid activation of two genes in response to muscle injury; these transcripts encode LPS-inducible CXC chemokine (LIX), a neutrophil chemoattractant, and Tristetraprolin (TTP), an RNA-binding protein implicated in the regulation of ..
  30. Smith J, Herschman H. Glucocorticoid-attenuated response genes encode intercellular mediators, including a new C-X-C chemokine. J Biol Chem. 1995;270:16756-65 pubmed
    ..Of the five GARG cDNAs not previously known, one encodes a novel member of the CXC chemokine family, designated LIX (LPS-induced CXC chemokine)...
  31. Rousselle A, Qadri F, Leukel L, Yilmaz R, Fontaine J, Sihn G, et al. CXCL5 limits macrophage foam cell formation in atherosclerosis. J Clin Invest. 2013;123:1343-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Using a mouse model of atherosclerosis, we found that CXCL5 expression was upregulated during disease progression, both locally and systemically, but was not associated with ..
  32. Mei J, Liu Y, Dai N, Hoffmann C, Hudock K, Zhang P, et al. Cxcr2 and Cxcl5 regulate the IL-17/G-CSF axis and neutrophil homeostasis in mice. J Clin Invest. 2012;122:974-86 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, enterocyte-derived Cxcl5 in the gut regulates IL-17/G-CSF levels and contributes to Cxcr2-dependent neutrophil homeostasis...
  33. McMellen M, Wakeman D, Erwin C, Guo J, Warner B. Epidermal growth factor receptor signaling modulates chemokine (CXC) ligand 5 expression and is associated with villus angiogenesis after small bowel resection. Surgery. 2010;148:364-70 pubmed publisher
    ..Increased levels of the proangiogenic chemokine ligand 5 (CXCL5) have been found within the adapting bowel in which angiogenesis is increased...
  34. Smith J, Wadleigh D, Xia Y, Mar R, Herschman H, Lusis A. Cloning and genomic localization of the murine LPS-induced CXC chemokine (LIX) gene, Scyb5. Immunogenetics. 2002;54:599-603 pubmed
    ..The organization of the LIX gene ( Scyb5) is similar to those of the human ENA-78 ( SCYB5) and GCP-2 ( SCYB6) genes. The intron-exon boundaries of the three genes are exactly conserved, and the introns have similar sizes...
  35. Mylonas K, Turner N, Bageghni S, Kenyon C, White C, McGregor K, et al. 11β-HSD1 suppresses cardiac fibroblast CXCL2, CXCL5 and neutrophil recruitment to the heart post MI. J Endocrinol. 2017;233:315-327 pubmed publisher
    ..gene expression of a subset of neutrophil chemoattractants, including the chemokines Cxcl2 and Cxcl5, was selectively increased in the myocardium of Hsd11b1-/-
  36. Hol J, Wilhelmsen L, Haraldsen G. The murine IL-8 homologues KC, MIP-2, and LIX are found in endothelial cytoplasmic granules but not in Weibel-Palade bodies. J Leukoc Biol. 2010;87:501-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we explored the distribution of the functional IL-8 homologues CXCL1/KC, CXCL2/MIP-2, and CXCL5-6/LIX in resting and inflamed murine vessels by confocal microscopy and paired immunostaining with markers of WPB, ..