Gene Symbol: Ccna2
Description: cyclin A2
Alias: AA408589, Ccn-1, Ccn1, Ccna, CycA2, Cyca, cyclin-A2, Cyclin A2 (Cyclin A), cyclin-A
Species: mouse
Products:     Ccna2

Top Publications

  1. Sweeney C, Murphy M, Kubelka M, Ravnik S, Hawkins C, Wolgemuth D, et al. A distinct cyclin A is expressed in germ cells in the mouse. Development. 1996;122:53-64 pubmed
    ..In contrast cyclin A2, which has greatest sequence identity with human cyclin A and Xenopus cyclin A2, is expressed in all tissues ..
  2. Katsuno Y, Suzuki A, Sugimura K, Okumura K, Zineldeen D, Shimada M, et al. Cyclin A-Cdk1 regulates the origin firing program in mammalian cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009;106:3184-9 pubmed publisher
    ..We demonstrate here the essential role of cyclin A2-Cdk1 in the regulation of late origin firing...
  3. Kalaszczynska I, Geng Y, Iino T, Mizuno S, Choi Y, Kondratiuk I, et al. Cyclin A is redundant in fibroblasts but essential in hematopoietic and embryonic stem cells. Cell. 2009;138:352-65 pubmed publisher
    ..Mammalian cells encode two A-type cyclins, testis-specific cyclin A1 and ubiquitously expressed cyclin A2. Here, we tested the requirement for cyclin A function using conditional knockout mice lacking both A-type ..
  4. Arsic N, Bendris N, Peter M, Begon Pescia C, Rebouissou C, Gadea G, et al. A novel function for Cyclin A2: control of cell invasion via RhoA signaling. J Cell Biol. 2012;196:147-62 pubmed publisher
    b>Cyclin A2 plays a key role in cell cycle regulation. It is essential in embryonic cells and in the hematopoietic lineage yet dispensable in fibroblasts...
  5. Murphy M, Stinnakre M, Senamaud Beaufort C, Winston N, Sweeney C, Kubelka M, et al. Delayed early embryonic lethality following disruption of the murine cyclin A2 gene. Nat Genet. 1997;15:83-6 pubmed
    ..A-type cyclins are involved at both G1/S and G2/M transitions of the cell cycle. Cyclin A2 activates cdc2 (Cdk1) on passage into mitosis and Cdk2 at the G1/S transition...
  6. Panic L, Tamarut S, Sticker Jantscheff M, Barkic M, Solter D, Uzelac M, et al. Ribosomal protein S6 gene haploinsufficiency is associated with activation of a p53-dependent checkpoint during gastrulation. Mol Cell Biol. 2006;26:8880-91 pubmed
    ..Thus, a p53-dependent checkpoint is activated during gastrulation in response to ribosome insufficiency to prevent improper execution of the developmental program. ..
  7. Wheeler L, Lents N, Baldassare J. Cyclin A-CDK activity during G1 phase impairs MCM chromatin loading and inhibits DNA synthesis in mammalian cells. Cell Cycle. 2008;7:2179-88 pubmed
    ..b>Cyclin A-CDK2 and cyclin A-CDK1 phosphorylate nuclear substrates during S and G(2) phases, respectfully...
  8. Chaudhry H, Dashoush N, Tang H, Zhang L, Wang X, Wu E, et al. Cyclin A2 mediates cardiomyocyte mitosis in the postmitotic myocardium. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:35858-66 pubmed
    ..We now report that cyclin A2, normally silenced in the postnatal heart, induces cardiac enlargement because of cardiomyocyte hyperplasia when ..
  9. Berthet C, Aleem E, Coppola V, Tessarollo L, Kaldis P. Cdk2 knockout mice are viable. Curr Biol. 2003;13:1775-85 pubmed
    ..b>Cyclin A2 complexes were active in primary mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs), embryo extracts and in spleen extracts from ..

More Information


  1. Kozar K, Ciemerych M, Rebel V, Shigematsu H, Zagozdzon A, Sicinska E, et al. Mouse development and cell proliferation in the absence of D-cyclins. Cell. 2004;118:477-91 pubmed
    ..Lastly, we found that cells lacking D-cyclins display reduced susceptibility to the oncogenic transformation. Our results reveal the presence of alternative mechanisms that allow cell cycle progression in a cyclin D-independent fashion. ..
  2. Spruck C, Strohmaier H, Watson M, Smith A, Ryan A, Krek T, et al. A CDK-independent function of mammalian Cks1: targeting of SCF(Skp2) to the CDK inhibitor p27Kip1. Mol Cell. 2001;7:639-50 pubmed
    ..CKS1-/- mice are abnormally small, and cells derived from them proliferate poorly, particularly under limiting mitogen conditions, possibly due to elevated levels of p27Kip1. ..
  3. Kohn K. Molecular interaction map of the mammalian cell cycle control and DNA repair systems. Mol Biol Cell. 1999;10:2703-34 pubmed
    ..The map shows how multiprotein complexes could assemble and function at gene promoter sites and at sites of DNA damage. It also portrays the richness of connections between the p53-Mdm2 subsystem and other parts of the network. ..
  4. Wenzel P, Chong J, Sáenz Robles M, Ferrey A, Hagan J, Gomez Y, et al. Cell proliferation in the absence of E2F1-3. Dev Biol. 2011;351:35-45 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, these data implicate E2F1-3 in mediating transcriptional repression by Rb during cell cycle exit and point to a critical role for their repressive functions in cell survival. ..
  5. Touati S, Cladière D, Lister L, Leontiou I, Chambon J, Rattani A, et al. Cyclin A2 is required for sister chromatid segregation, but not separase control, in mouse oocyte meiosis. Cell Rep. 2012;2:1077-87 pubmed publisher
    ..Using mouse oocytes, our study reveals that cyclin A2 promotes entry into meiosis, as well as an additional unexpected role; namely, its requirement for separase-..
  6. Ravnik S, Wolgemuth D. Regulation of meiosis during mammalian spermatogenesis: the A-type cyclins and their associated cyclin-dependent kinases are differentially expressed in the germ-cell lineage. Dev Biol. 1999;207:408-18 pubmed
    ..during meiosis in the male, we have examined the developmental and cellular distribution of the cyclin A1 and cyclin A2 proteins, as well as their candidate cyclin-dependent kinase partners, Cdk1 and Cdk2, in the spermatogenic ..
  7. Tane S, Ikenishi A, Okayama H, Iwamoto N, Nakayama K, Takeuchi T. CDK inhibitors, p21(Cip1) and p27(Kip1), participate in cell cycle exit of mammalian cardiomyocytes. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2014;443:1105-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Exactly how the cell cycle exit occurs remains largely unknown. Previously, we showed that cyclin E- and cyclin A-CDK activities are inhibited before the CDKs levels decrease in postnatal stages...
  8. Fei Q, Guo C, Xu X, Gao J, Zhang J, Chen T, et al. Osteogenic growth peptide enhances the proliferation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells from osteoprotegerin-deficient mice by CDK2/cyclin A. Acta Biochim Biophys Sin (Shanghai). 2010;42:801-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Results showed that OGP stimulated MSC proliferation and increased the expression of CDK2 and cyclin A in MSCs both at mRNA and protein levels...
  9. Bao Z, Jacobsen D, Young M. Briefly bound to activate: transient binding of a second catalytic magnesium activates the structure and dynamics of CDK2 kinase for catalysis. Structure. 2011;19:675-90 pubmed publisher
    We have determined high-resolution crystal structures of a CDK2/Cyclin A transition state complex bound to ADP, substrate peptide, and MgF(3)(-)...
  10. Bai T, Chen C, Lau L. Matricellular protein CCN1 activates a proinflammatory genetic program in murine macrophages. J Immunol. 2010;184:3223-32 pubmed publisher
    b>CCN1 (CYR61) is a matricellular protein that is highly expressed at sites of inflammation and wound repair...
  11. Chang W, Bryce D, D Souza S, Dagnino L. The DP-1 transcription factor is required for keratinocyte growth and epidermal stratification. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:51343-53 pubmed
    ..dnDP-1 mutant interferes with binding of E2F/DP-1 heterodimers to DNA and inhibits DNA replication, as well as cyclin A mRNA and protein expression...
  12. Soh Y, Mikedis M, Kojima M, Godfrey A, de Rooij D, Page D. Meioc maintains an extended meiotic prophase I in mice. PLoS Genet. 2017;13:e1006704 pubmed publisher
    ..Meioc-deficient spermatocytes that have initiated synapsis mis-express CYCLIN A2, which is normally expressed in mitotic spermatogonia, suggesting a failure to properly transition to a meiotic ..
  13. Waclaw R, Chatot C. Patterns of expression of cyclins A, B1, D, E and cdk 2 in preimplantation mouse embryos. Zygote. 2004;12:19-30 pubmed
    ..b>Cyclin A was maintained at moderate levels throughout the first two cell cycles but showed a somatic-like pattern with a ..
  14. Otero J, Kalaszczynska I, Michowski W, Wong M, Gygli P, Gokozan H, et al. Cerebellar cortical lamination and foliation require cyclin A2. Dev Biol. 2014;385:328-39 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we tested requirements for cyclin A1 and cyclin A2 function in cerebellar development...
  15. Carvalho L, Teixeira L, Carrossini N, Caldeira A, Ansel K, Rao A, et al. The NFAT1 transcription factor is a repressor of cyclin A2 gene expression. Cell Cycle. 2007;6:1789-95 pubmed
    ..Here, we demonstrate that cyclin A2 expression is upregulated in the absence of NFAT1 in lymphocytes...
  16. Spaeth J, Hunter C, Bonatakis L, Guo M, French C, Slack I, et al. The FOXP1, FOXP2 and FOXP4 transcription factors are required for islet alpha cell proliferation and function in mice. Diabetologia. 2015;58:1836-44 pubmed publisher
    ..e. decreased Ccna2, Ccnb1 and Ccnd2 activators, and increased Cdkn1a inhibitor)...
  17. Wolgemuth D. Function of cyclins in regulating the mitotic and meiotic cell cycles in male germ cells. Cell Cycle. 2008;7:3509-13 pubmed
    ..Embryonic lethality has obviated understanding of the germline functions of cyclin A2 and cyclin B1, while yet other cyclins, although expressed at specific stages of germ cell development, may have ..
  18. Xu Z, Zhao L, Yang X, Ma S, Ge Y, Liu Y, et al. Mmu-miR-125b overexpression suppresses NO production in activated macrophages by targeting eEF2K and CCNA2. BMC Cancer. 2016;16:252 pubmed publisher
    ..b>CCNA2 and eEF2K are the direct and functional targets of mmu-miR-125b in macrophages; CCNA2 and eEF2K expression was ..
  19. Winston N. Regulation of early embryo development: functional redundancy between cyclin subtypes. Reprod Fertil Dev. 2001;13:59-67 pubmed
    ..These studies have shown that cyclin A1 is not essential for early embryonic development and cyclin A2 only becomes essential for development beyond the stage of implantation...
  20. Sobecki M, Mrouj K, Camasses A, Parisis N, Nicolas E, Llères D, et al. The cell proliferation antigen Ki-67 organises heterochromatin. elife. 2016;5:e13722 pubmed publisher
    ..Altogether, our results suggest that Ki-67 expression in proliferating cells spatially organises heterochromatin, thereby controlling gene expression. ..
  21. Barton K, Levine E. Expression patterns and cell cycle profiles of PCNA, MCM6, cyclin D1, cyclin A2, cyclin B1, and phosphorylated histone H3 in the developing mouse retina. Dev Dyn. 2008;237:672-82 pubmed publisher
    ..The combined utilization of the markers tested and the use of flow cytometry should further facilitate the study of stem and progenitor cell behavior during development and in adult tissues. ..
  22. Zhang Y, Sheu T, Hoak D, Shen J, Hilton M, Zuscik M, et al. CCN1 Regulates Chondrocyte Maturation and Cartilage Development. J Bone Miner Res. 2016;31:549-59 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we report that the matricellular protein, CCN1, is induced by WNT/β-CATENIN signaling in chondrocytes...
  23. Han J, Ito Y, Yeo J, Sucov H, Maas R, Chai Y. Cranial neural crest-derived mesenchymal proliferation is regulated by Msx1-mediated p19(INK4d) expression during odontogenesis. Dev Biol. 2003;261:183-96 pubmed
    ..Genetic mutation of Msx1 may alternatively instruct the fate of these progenitor cells during craniofacial development. ..
  24. Katayama H, Murashima T, Saeki Y, Nishizawa Y. The pure anti-androgen bicalutamide inhibits cyclin A expression both in androgen-dependent and -independent cell lines. Int J Oncol. 2010;36:553-62 pubmed
    ..testosterone induced DNA synthesis, shift of cell cycle distribution from G0/G1 to S/G2/M and expression of cyclin A. The induction was preceded by that of fibroblast growth factor 8 (FGF-8), and completely blocked by monoclonal ..
  25. Kamiya K, Sakakibara K, Ryer E, Hom R, Leof E, Kent K, et al. Phosphorylation of the cyclic AMP response element binding protein mediates transforming growth factor beta-induced downregulation of cyclin A in vascular smooth muscle cells. Mol Cell Biol. 2007;27:3489-98 pubmed
    ..demonstrate that the TGFbeta-induced growth arrest of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) is associated with cyclin A downregulation...
  26. Choiniere J, Wu J, Wang L. Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Kinase 4 Deficiency Results in Expedited Cellular Proliferation through E2F1-Mediated Increase of Cyclins. Mol Pharmacol. 2017;91:189-196 pubmed publisher
    ..mouse liver exhibited a consistent increase in cell cycle regulator proteins, including cyclin D1, cyclin E1, cyclin A2, some associated CDKs, and transcription factor E2F1...
  27. Cheung C, Bendris N, Paul C, Hamieh A, Anouar Y, Hahne M, et al. Cyclin A2 modulates EMT via β-catenin and phospholipase C pathways. Carcinogenesis. 2015;36:914-24 pubmed publisher
    We have previously demonstrated that Cyclin A2 is involved in cytoskeletal dynamics, epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and metastasis. This phenotype was potentiated by activated oncogenic H-Ras...
  28. Bendris N, Cheung C, Leong H, Lewis J, Chambers A, Blanchard J, et al. Cyclin A2, a novel regulator of EMT. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2014;71:4881-94 pubmed publisher
    Our previous work showed that Cyclin A2 deficiency promotes cell invasion in fibroblasts...
  29. Frontini M, Kukalev A, Leo E, Ng Y, Cervantes M, Cheng C, et al. The CDK subunit CKS2 counteracts CKS1 to control cyclin A/CDK2 activity in maintaining replicative fidelity and neurodevelopment. Dev Cell. 2012;23:356-70 pubmed publisher
    ..Unopposed CKS1 activity in Cks2(-/-) cells leads to loss of p27. The resulting unrestricted cyclin A/CDK2 activity is accompanied by shortening of the cell cycle, increased replication fork velocity, and DNA damage...
  30. Chen Q, Liang D, Fromm L, Overbeek P. Inhibition of lens fiber cell morphogenesis by expression of a mutant SV40 large T antigen that binds CREB-binding protein/p300 but not pRb. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:17667-73 pubmed
  31. Choi J, Chiang A, Taulier N, Gros R, Pirani A, Husain M. A calmodulin-binding site on cyclin E mediates Ca2+-sensitive G1/s transitions in vascular smooth muscle cells. Circ Res. 2006;98:1273-81 pubmed
    ..Taken together, these findings reveal CaM-dependent cyclin E/CDK2 activity as a mediator of the known Ca2+ sensitivity of the G1/S transition of VSMC. ..
  32. Berthet C, Klarmann K, Hilton M, Suh H, Keller J, Kiyokawa H, et al. Combined loss of Cdk2 and Cdk4 results in embryonic lethality and Rb hypophosphorylation. Dev Cell. 2006;10:563-73 pubmed
    ..of Retinoblastoma protein (Rb) phosphorylation and reduced expression of E2F-target genes, like Cdc2 and cyclin A2, during embryogenesis and in embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs)...
  33. Anger M, Bryja V, Jirmanova L, Hampl A, Carrington M, Motlik J, et al. The appearance of truncated cyclin A2 correlates with differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2003;302:825-30 pubmed
    The presence of a form of cyclin A2 with an N-terminal truncation has recently been reported in various murine cell lines and tissues. The truncated cyclin A2 binds to and activates the cyclin-dependent kinase 2 (CDK2)...
  34. Ludwig L, Cho H, Wakabayashi A, Eng J, Ulirsch J, Fleming M, et al. Genome-wide association study follow-up identifies cyclin A2 as a regulator of the transition through cytokinesis during terminal erythropoiesis. Am J Hematol. 2015;90:386-91 pubmed publisher
    ..The close linkage disequilibrium block at this locus harbors the CCNA2 gene that encodes cyclin A2. CCNA2 mRNA is highly expressed in human and murine erythroid progenitor cells and regulated by the essential ..
  35. Berg T, Didon L, Nord M. Ectopic expression of C/EBPalpha in the lung epithelium disrupts late lung development. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2006;291:L683-93 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, our results show a role for C/EBPalpha in lung development and suggest a function in the later stages of lung branching morphogenesis. ..
  36. Xue Y, Raharja A, Sim W, Wong E, Rahmat S, Lane D. The hot-spot p53R172H mutant promotes formation of giant spermatogonia triggered by DNA damage. Oncogene. 2017;36:2002-2013 pubmed publisher
    ..The formation of GSG does not translate to higher efficacy of testicular tumorigenesis arising from mutant p53 cells, which might be due to the presence of delayed-onset of p53-independent apoptosis. ..
  37. Sunters A, Thomas D, Yeudall W, Grigoriadis A. Accelerated cell cycle progression in osteoblasts overexpressing the c-fos proto-oncogene: induction of cyclin A and enhanced CDK2 activity. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:9882-91 pubmed
    ..Ectopic c-Fos resulted in increased expression of cyclins A and E protein levels, and premature activation of cyclin A-, cyclin E-, and cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) 2-associated kinase activities, although cyclin D levels and CDK4 ..
  38. Milewski D, Pradhan A, Wang X, Cai Y, Le T, Turpin B, et al. FoxF1 and FoxF2 transcription factors synergistically promote rhabdomyosarcoma carcinogenesis by repressing transcription of p21Cip1 CDK inhibitor. Oncogene. 2017;36:850-862 pubmed publisher
    ..Because of the robust oncogenic activity in RMS tumors, FoxF1 and FoxF2 may represent promising targets for anti-tumor therapy. ..
  39. Jaime M, Pujol M, Serratosa J, Pantoja C, Canela N, Casanovas O, et al. The p21(Cip1) protein, a cyclin inhibitor, regulates the levels and the intracellular localization of CDC25A in mice regenerating livers. Hepatology. 2002;35:1063-71 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, premature translocation of CDC25A to the nucleus might be involved in the advanced induction of cyclin E/CDK2 activity and DNA replication in cells from animals lacking p21(Cip1). ..
  40. Holt J, Pye V, Boon E, Stewart J, Garcia Higuera I, Moreno S, et al. The APC/C activator FZR1 is essential for meiotic prophase I in mice. Development. 2014;141:1354-65 pubmed publisher
  41. Krupczak Hollis K, Wang X, Kalinichenko V, Gusarova G, Wang I, Dennewitz M, et al. The mouse Forkhead Box m1 transcription factor is essential for hepatoblast mitosis and development of intrahepatic bile ducts and vessels during liver morphogenesis. Dev Biol. 2004;276:74-88 pubmed
  42. Timchenko N, Wilde M, Darlington G. C/EBPalpha regulates formation of S-phase-specific E2F-p107 complexes in livers of newborn mice. Mol Cell Biol. 1999;19:2936-45 pubmed
    ..S-phase-specific E2F complexes containing E2F, DP, cdk2, cyclin A, and p107 are observed in the developing liver...
  43. Philips A, Huet X, Plet A, Rech J, Vie A, Blanchard J. Anchorage-dependent expression of cyclin A in primary cells requires a negative DNA regulatory element and a functional Rb. Oncogene. 1999;18:1819-25 pubmed
    Many cells, when cultured in suspension, fail to express cyclin A, a regulatory component of cell cycle kinases cdc2 and cdk2 and as a consequence, do not enter S phase...
  44. Wu X, Gu X, Han X, Du A, Jiang Y, Zhang X, et al. A novel function for Foxm1 in interkinetic nuclear migration in the developing telencephalon and anxiety-related behavior. J Neurosci. 2014;34:1510-22 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, ablation of Foxm1 causes anxiety-related behaviors in adulthood. Thus, this study provides evidence of linkages among the cell cycle regulator Foxm1, INM, and adult behavior. ..
  45. Domashenko A, Latham K, Hatton K. Expression of myc-family, myc-interacting, and myc-target genes during preimplantation mouse development. Mol Reprod Dev. 1997;47:57-65 pubmed
    ..Another putative MYC target gene, cyclin A, was expressed both as a maternal mRNA and as an embryonic transcript...
  46. Bhoumik A, Takahashi S, Breitweiser W, Shiloh Y, Jones N, RONAI Z. ATM-dependent phosphorylation of ATF2 is required for the DNA damage response. Mol Cell. 2005;18:577-87 pubmed
    ..ATF2 requires neither JNK/p38 nor its DNA binding domain for recruitment to IRIF and the S phase checkpoint. Our findings identify a role for ATF2 in the DNA damage response that is uncoupled from its transcriptional activity. ..
  47. Hirai M, Arita Y, McGlade C, Lee K, Chen J, Evans S. Adaptor proteins NUMB and NUMBL promote cell cycle withdrawal by targeting ERBB2 for degradation. J Clin Invest. 2017;127:569-582 pubmed publisher
  48. Casado Vela J, Martínez Torrecuadrada J, Casal J. Differential phosphorylation patterns between the Cyclin-A2/CDK2 complex and their monomers. Protein Expr Purif. 2009;66:15-21 pubmed publisher
  49. Kanakkanthara A, Jeganathan K, Limzerwala J, Baker D, Hamada M, Nam H, et al. Cyclin A2 is an RNA binding protein that controls Mre11 mRNA translation. Science. 2016;353:1549-1552 pubmed
    b>Cyclin A2 activates the cyclin-dependent kinases Cdk1 and Cdk2 and is expressed at elevated levels from S phase until early mitosis. We found that mutant mice that cannot elevate cyclin A2 are chromosomally unstable and tumor-prone...
  50. Gygli P, Chang J, Gokozan H, Catacutan F, Schmidt T, Kaya B, et al. Cyclin A2 promotes DNA repair in the brain during both development and aging. Aging (Albany NY). 2016;8:1540-70 pubmed publisher
    Various stem cell niches of the brain have differential requirements for Cyclin A2. Cyclin A2 loss results in marked cerebellar dysmorphia, whereas forebrain growth is retarded during early embryonic development yet achieves normal size ..
  51. Ikeda Y, Matsunaga Y, Takiguchi M, Ikeda M. Expression of cyclin E in postmitotic neurons during development and in the adult mouse brain. Gene Expr Patterns. 2011;11:64-71 pubmed publisher
    ..Our report presents the first detailed analysis of cyclin E expression in postmitotic neurons during development and in the adult mouse brain. ..
  52. Pan J, Nakade K, Huang Y, Zhu Z, Masuzaki S, Hasegawa H, et al. Suppression of cell-cycle progression by Jun dimerization protein-2 (JDP2) involves downregulation of cyclin-A2. Oncogene. 2010;29:6245-56 pubmed publisher
    ..JDP2 was recruited to the promoter of the gene for cyclin-A2 (ccna2) at the AP-1 site. Cells lacking Jdp2 had elevated levels of cyclin-A2 mRNA...
  53. Costoya J, Hobbs R, Barna M, Cattoretti G, Manova K, Sukhwani M, et al. Essential role of Plzf in maintenance of spermatogonial stem cells. Nat Genet. 2004;36:653-9 pubmed
    ..These results identify Plzf as a spermatogonia-specific transcription factor in the testis that is required to regulate self-renewal and maintenance of the stem cell pool. ..
  54. Wolgemuth D, Lele K, Jobanputra V, Salazar G. The A-type cyclins and the meiotic cell cycle in mammalian male germ cells. Int J Androl. 2004;27:192-9 pubmed
    There are two mammalian A-type cyclins, cyclin Al and A2. While cyclin A1 is limited to male germ cells, cyclin A2 is widely expressed...
  55. Sasaki T, Ito Y, Xu X, Han J, Bringas P, Maeda T, et al. LEF1 is a critical epithelial survival factor during tooth morphogenesis. Dev Biol. 2005;278:130-43 pubmed
    ..Inhibition of apoptotic activity by FGF4 rescues the tooth development in the Lef1 null mutant. Our studies suggest that LEF1 is a critical survival factor for the dental epithelial cells during tooth morphogenesis. ..
  56. Perucho L, Artero Castro A, Guerrero S, Ramon Y Cajal S, Lleonart M, Wang Z. RPLP1, a crucial ribosomal protein for embryonic development of the nervous system. PLoS ONE. 2014;9:e99956 pubmed publisher
    ..cell proliferation arrest and apoptosis due to the dysregulation of key cell cycle and apoptosis regulators (cyclin A, cyclin E, p21CIP1, p27KIP1, p53)...
  57. Cecchini M, Thwaites M, Talluri S, MacDonald J, Passos D, Chong J, et al. A retinoblastoma allele that is mutated at its common E2F interaction site inhibits cell proliferation in gene-targeted mice. Mol Cell Biol. 2014;34:2029-45 pubmed publisher
    ..This suggests that non-E2F-, pRB-dependent pathways may have a more relevant role in proliferative control than previously identified. ..
  58. Matsuda S, Kominato K, Koide Yoshida S, Miyamoto K, Isshiki K, Tsuji A, et al. PCTAIRE kinase 3/cyclin-dependent kinase 18 is activated through association with cyclin A and/or phosphorylation by protein kinase A. J Biol Chem. 2014;289:18387-400 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we describe the mechanisms of catalytic activation of PCTK3 by cyclin A2 and cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA)...
  59. Cheng R, Asai T, Tang H, Dashoush N, Kara R, Costa K, et al. Cyclin A2 induces cardiac regeneration after myocardial infarction and prevents heart failure. Circ Res. 2007;100:1741-8 pubmed
    ..Here we present a novel model system in which mice constitutively expressing cyclin A2 in the myocardium elicit a regenerative response after infarction and exhibit significantly limited ventricular ..
  60. Ezhevsky S, Toyoshima H, Hunter T, Scott D. Role of cyclin A and p27 in anti-IgM induced G1 growth arrest of murine B-cell lymphomas. Mol Biol Cell. 1996;7:553-64 pubmed
    ..Using unsynchronized cells, we previously demonstrated that cyclin A-associated and Cdk2-dependent GST-pRb kinase activity were inhibited in WEHI-231 cells treated with anti-IgM...
  61. Fuchimoto D, Mizukoshi A, Schultz R, Sakai S, Aoki F. Posttranscriptional regulation of cyclin A1 and cyclin A2 during mouse oocyte meiotic maturation and preimplantation development. Biol Reprod. 2001;65:986-93 pubmed
    ..Although cyclin A1 is proposed to regulate M phase in the meiotic cell cycle, and cyclin A2 is proposed to regulate S and M phases in the mitotic cell cycle, little is known about changes in the ..
  62. He Y, Cress W. E2F-3B is a physiological target of cyclin A. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:23493-9 pubmed
    ..Among the mechanisms that modulate the activity of the E2F proteins, cyclin A has been found to be important for the down-regulation of E2F-1, -2, and -3A activity after cells have progressed ..
  63. Persson J, Zhang Q, Wang X, Ravnik S, Muhlrad S, Wolgemuth D. Distinct roles for the mammalian A-type cyclins during oogenesis. Reproduction. 2005;130:411-22 pubmed
    There are two A-type cyclins in higher vertebrates, cyclin A1 and A2. Targeted mutagenesis has shown that cyclin A2 is essential for early embryonic development while cyclin A1 is required only for male meiosis...
  64. Porse B, Pedersen T, Hasemann M, Schuster M, Kirstetter P, Luedde T, et al. The proline-histidine-rich CDK2/CDK4 interaction region of C/EBPalpha is dispensable for C/EBPalpha-mediated growth regulation in vivo. Mol Cell Biol. 2006;26:1028-37 pubmed
    ..Surprisingly, control experiments performed in C/EBPalpha null fetal livers yielded similar results. ..
  65. Aleem E, Kiyokawa H, Kaldis P. Cdc2-cyclin E complexes regulate the G1/S phase transition. Nat Cell Biol. 2005;7:831-6 pubmed
    ..p27 binds to Cdc2, cyclin B1, cyclin A2, or suc1 complexes in wild-type and Cdk2(-/-) extracts. In addition, cyclin E binds to and activates Cdc2...
  66. Bailey A, Batista P, Gold R, Chen Y, de Rooij D, Chang H, et al. The conserved RNA helicase YTHDC2 regulates the transition from proliferation to differentiation in the germline. elife. 2017;6: pubmed publisher
    ..YTHDC2-deficient male germ cells enter meiosis but have a mixed identity, maintaining expression of Cyclin A2 and failing to properly express many meiotic markers...
  67. Reneker L, Overbeek P. Lens-specific expression of PDGF-A alters lens growth and development. Dev Biol. 1996;180:554-65 pubmed
    ..Higher than normal levels of cyclin A and cyclin D2 expression were also detected in transgenic lens epithelium...
  68. Cicero S, Herrup K. Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 is essential for neuronal cell cycle arrest and differentiation. J Neurosci. 2005;25:9658-68 pubmed
    ..These data indicate that Cdk5 is necessary for both neuronal differentiation and cell cycle inhibition. ..
  69. Sekiya S, Suzuki A. Glycogen synthase kinase 3 ?-dependent Snail degradation directs hepatocyte proliferation in normal liver regeneration. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011;108:11175-80 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, GSK-3?-dependent Snail degradation acts as a fundamental cue for the initiation of hepatocyte proliferation in liver regeneration. ..
  70. Das E, Jana N, Bhattacharyya N. MicroRNA-124 targets CCNA2 and regulates cell cycle in STHdh(Q111)/Hdh(Q111) cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2013;437:217-24 pubmed publisher
    ..We observed that expression of Cyclin A2 (CCNA2), a putative target of miR-124 was increased in mutant STHdh(Q111)/Hdh(Q111) cells and brains of R6/2 ..
  71. Chung H, Kim H, Jang K, Kim M, Yang J, Kang K, et al. Comprehensive analysis of differential gene expression profiles on D-galactosamine-induced acute mouse liver injury and regeneration. Toxicology. 2006;227:136-44 pubmed
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