Gene Symbol: C1s2
Description: complement component 1, s subcomponent 2
Alias: C1sb, EG317677, Gm5077, complement C1s-B subcomponent, C1 esterase, complement component 1 subcomponent s-B, complement component 1, s-B subcomponent, complement component C1SB
Species: mouse
Products:     C1s2

Top Publications

  1. Garnier G, Circolo A, Xu Y, Volanakis J. Complement C1r and C1s genes are duplicated in the mouse: differential expression generates alternative isomorphs in the liver and in the male reproductive system. Biochem J. 2003;371:631-40 pubmed
    ..The other two genes, termed c1rB and c1sB, are expressed exclusively in male reproductive tissues, specifically the coagulating gland and the prostate...