Gene Symbol: C1qbp
Description: complement component 1, q subcomponent binding protein
Alias: AA407365, AA986492, D11Wsu182e, HABP1, P32, gC1qBP, complement component 1 Q subcomponent-binding protein, mitochondrial, GC1q-R protein, glycoprotein gC1qBP
Species: mouse
Products:     C1qbp

Top Publications

  1. Chowdhury A, Ghosh I, Datta K. Excessive reactive oxygen species induces apoptosis in fibroblasts: role of mitochondrially accumulated hyaluronic acid binding protein 1 (HABP1/p32/gC1qR). Exp Cell Res. 2008;314:651-67 pubmed publisher
    Constitutively expressed HABP1 in normal murine fibroblast cell line induces growth perturbation, morphological abnormalities along with initiation of apoptosis...
  2. Nicholson Weller A, Klickstein L. C1q-binding proteins and C1q receptors. Curr Opin Immunol. 1999;11:42-6 pubmed
  3. Okagaki T, Nakamura A, Suzuki T, Ohmi K, Kohama K. Assembly of smooth muscle myosin by the 38k protein, a homologue of a subunit of pre-mRNA splicing factor-2. J Cell Biol. 2000;148:653-63 pubmed
    ..The amino acid sequence of the 38k protein was not homologous to telokin, but to human p32, which was originally found in nuclei as a subunit of pre-mRNA splicing factor-2...
  4. Huang L, Grammatikakis N, Yoneda M, Banerjee S, Toole B. Molecular characterization of a novel intracellular hyaluronan-binding protein. J Biol Chem. 2000;275:29829-39 pubmed
    ..These data support the possibility that intracellular hyaluronan and its binding proteins may play important roles in cell behavior. ..
  5. Robles Flores M, Rendon Huerta E, Gonzalez Aguilar H, Mendoza Hernandez G, Islas S, Mendoza V, et al. p32 (gC1qBP) is a general protein kinase C (PKC)-binding protein; interaction and cellular localization of P32-PKC complexes in ray hepatocytes. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:5247-55 pubmed
    ..The protein was identified by NH(2)-terminal amino acid sequencing as the previously described mature form of p32 (gC1qR)...
  6. Lim B, White R, Hummel G, Schwaeble W, Lynch N, Peerschke E, et al. Characterization of the murine gene of gC1qBP, a novel cell protein that binds the globular heads of C1q, vitronectin, high molecular weight kininogen and factor XII. Gene. 1998;209:229-37 pubmed
    b>gC1qBP is a novel cell protein which was found to interact with the globular heads of C1q, high mol. wt kininogen, factor XII and the heparin-binding, multimeric form of vitronectin...
  7. Song X, Yao Z, Yang J, Zhang Z, Deng Y, Li M, et al. HCV core protein binds to gC1qR to induce A20 expression and inhibit cytokine production through MAPKs and NF-?B signaling pathways. Oncotarget. 2016;7:33796-808 pubmed publisher
    ..It represents a novel mechanism by which HCV usurps the host for persistence. ..
  8. Kato H, Takashima S, Asano Y, Shintani Y, Yamazaki S, Seguchi O, et al. Identification of p32 as a novel substrate for ATM in heart. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2008;366:885-91 pubmed
    ..with purification by reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), we successfully identified p32, an ASF/SF2-associated protein, as a novel substrate for ATM...
  9. Seo M, Lee W, Suk K. Identification of novel cell migration-promoting genes by a functional genetic screen. FASEB J. 2010;24:464-78 pubmed publisher
    ..CHCHD2 protein directly interacted with hyaluronic acid-binding protein 1 (HABP1) that possessed migration-suppressing activity...

More Information


  1. Lynch N, Reid K, van den Berg R, Daha M, Leigh L, Ghebrehiwet B, et al. Characterisation of the rat and mouse homologues of gC1qBP, a 33 kDa glycoprotein that binds to the globular 'heads' of C1q. FEBS Lett. 1997;418:111-4 pubmed
    b>gC1qBP is a 33 kDa glycoprotein that binds to the globular 'heads' of C1q. We have cloned cDNAs encoding the rat and mouse homologues of gC1qBP...
  2. Sasaki K, Gotoh K, Miake S, Setoyama D, Yagi M, Igami K, et al. p32 is Required for Appropriate Interleukin-6 Production Upon LPS Stimulation and Protects Mice from Endotoxin Shock. EBioMedicine. 2017;20:161-172 pubmed publisher
    ..We identified p32/C1QBP/HABP1 as a regulator of IL-6 production in response to lipopolysaccharide (LPS)...
  3. Caubín J, Iglesias T, Bernal J, Munoz A, Marquez G, Barbero J, et al. Isolation of genomic DNA fragments corresponding to genes modulated in vivo by a transcription factor. Nucleic Acids Res. 1994;22:4132-8 pubmed
    ..This method, extensive to other ligand-modulated transcription factors, might be useful to all transcription factors with slight modifications. ..
  4. Majumdar M, Bharadwaj A, Ghosh I, Ramachandran S, Datta K. Evidence for the presence of HABP1 pseudogene in multiple locations of mammalian genome. DNA Cell Biol. 2002;21:727-35 pubmed
    The gene encoding hyaluronan-binding protein 1 (HABP1) is expressed ubiquitously in different rat tissues, and is present in eukaryotic species from yeast to humans...
  5. Ghosh I, Chowdhury A, Rajeswari M, Datta K. Differential expression of Hyaluronic Acid Binding Protein 1 (HABP1)/P32/C1QBP during progression of epidermal carcinoma. Mol Cell Biochem. 2004;267:133-9 pubmed
    Our laboratory has characterized a novel cell surface glycoprotein, Hyaluronic Acid Binding Protein 1 (HABP1), interacting specifically with hyaluronan (HA) and regulating HA-mediated cellular event...
  6. Reef S, Shifman O, Oren M, Kimchi A. The autophagic inducer smARF interacts with and is stabilized by the mitochondrial p32 protein. Oncogene. 2007;26:6677-83 pubmed
    ..a novel means of regulation of smARF protein steady state levels through its interactions with the mitochondrial p32. The p32 protein physically interacts with both human and murine smARF, and colocalizes with these short isoforms ..
  7. Heyd F, Carmo Fonseca M, Moroy T. Differential isoform expression and interaction with the P32 regulatory protein controls the subcellular localization of the splicing factor U2AF26. J Biol Chem. 2008;283:19636-45 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, we could identify P32 as a protein that is able to interact with U2AF26 through this domain, and we demonstrate that this interaction is ..
  8. Itahana K, Zhang Y. Mitochondrial p32 is a critical mediator of ARF-induced apoptosis. Cancer Cell. 2008;13:542-53 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we report that the mitochondrial protein p32/C1QBP binds the ARF C terminus...
  9. De Graeve F, Bahr A, Chatton B, Kedinger C. A murine ATFa-associated factor with transcriptional repressing activity. Oncogene. 2000;19:1807-19 pubmed
    ..Together, these findings suggest that mAM may be involved in the fine-tuning of ATFa-regulated gene expression, by interfering with the assembly or stability of specific preinitiation transcription complexes. ..
  10. Hamzah J, Kotamraju V, Seo J, Agemy L, Fogal V, Mahakian L, et al. Specific penetration and accumulation of a homing peptide within atherosclerotic plaques of apolipoprotein E-deficient mice. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011;108:7154-9 pubmed publisher
    ..As the receptor for LyP-1, p32, is expressed in atherosclerotic plaques, we tested the ability of LyP-1 to home to plaques...
  11. Li Y, Wan O, Xie W, Chung K. p32 regulates mitochondrial morphology and dynamics through parkin. Neuroscience. 2011;199:346-58 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we have identified a mitochondrial protein p32 as a novel interactor of parkin in the brain...
  12. Yee K, Yagi H, Matsuoka R, Nakanishi T, Furukawa T. Transrepression activity of T-box1 in a gene regulation network in mouse cells. Gene. 2012;510:162-70 pubmed publisher
    ..Of the transrepressed genes, we focused on Ywhae and C1qbp and carried out promoter assays...
  13. Westman J, Smeds E, Johansson L, Morgelin M, Olin A, Malmström E, et al. Treatment with p33 curtails morbidity and mortality in a histone-induced murine shock model. J Innate Immun. 2014;6:819-30 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, application of p33 significantly improved survival in mice receiving an otherwise lethal dose of histones. Together, our data suggest that treatment with p33 is a promising therapeutic approach in severe infectious diseases. ..
  14. Krieg P, Siebert M, Kinzig A, Bettenhausen R, Marks F, Furstenberger G. Murine 12(R)-lipoxygenase: functional expression, genomic structure and chromosomal localization. FEBS Lett. 1999;446:142-8 pubmed
    ..5 kb. By interspecific backcross analysis, the 12(R)-lipoxygenase gene was localized to the central region of mouse chromosome 11. ..
  15. Watters J, Dietrich W. Genetic, physical, and transcript map of the Ltxs1 region of mouse chromosome 11. Genomics. 2001;73:223-31 pubmed
    ..Additionally, a region of 100 kb or more is deleted in the Ltxs1 interval of some strains. Our genetic, physical, and transcript map provides an important resource for the molecular cloning of Ltxs1. ..
  16. McGee A, Baines C. Complement 1q-binding protein inhibits the mitochondrial permeability transition pore and protects against oxidative stress-induced death. Biochem J. 2011;433:119-25 pubmed publisher
    ..b>C1qbp (complement 1q-binding protein) has recently been hypothesized to be an essential component of the MPT pore ..