Gene Symbol: Adamts20
Description: a disintegrin-like and metallopeptidase (reprolysin type) with thrombospondin type 1 motif, 20
Alias: Adamst20, A disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs 20
Species: mouse
Products:     Adamts20

Top Publications

  2. Llamazares M, Cal S, Quesada V, Lopez Otin C. Identification and characterization of ADAMTS-20 defines a novel subfamily of metalloproteinases-disintegrins with multiple thrombospondin-1 repeats and a unique GON domain. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:13382-9 pubmed
    ..These data suggest that this novel enzyme may play a role in the tissue remodeling process occurring in both normal and pathological conditions. ..
  3. Hauschka T, Jacobs B, Holdridge B. Recessive yellow and its interaction with belted in the mouse. J Hered. 1968;59:339-41 pubmed
  4. Lamoreux M. Strain-specific white-spotting patterns in laboratory mice. Pigment Cell Res. 1999;12:383-90 pubmed
    ..Thus, the Mendelian observations indicate that several loci, which differ in JU compared with B6 mice, influence the size and the location of white spots on the mouse. ..
  5. Rao C, Foernzler D, Loftus S, Liu S, McPherson J, Jungers K, et al. A defect in a novel ADAMTS family member is the cause of the belted white-spotting mutation. Development. 2003;130:4665-72 pubmed
    ..We report here that bt mice carry mutations in Adamts20, a novel member of the ADAMTS family of secreted metalloproteases...
  6. Somerville R, Longpre J, Jungers K, Engle J, Ross M, Evanko S, et al. Characterization of ADAMTS-9 and ADAMTS-20 as a distinct ADAMTS subfamily related to Caenorhabditis elegans GON-1. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:9503-13 pubmed
    ..b>ADAMTS20 is very sparingly expressed, although it is detectable in epithelial cells of the breast and lung...
  7. Enomoto H, Nelson C, Somerville R, Mielke K, Dixon L, Powell K, et al. Cooperation of two ADAMTS metalloproteases in closure of the mouse palate identifies a requirement for versican proteolysis in regulating palatal mesenchyme proliferation. Development. 2010;137:4029-38 pubmed publisher
    We have identified a role for two evolutionarily related, secreted metalloproteases of the ADAMTS family, ADAMTS20 and ADAMTS9, in palatogenesis...
  8. Noebels J, Qiao X, Bronson R, Spencer C, Davisson M. Stargazer: a new neurological mutant on chromosome 15 in the mouse with prolonged cortical seizures. Epilepsy Res. 1990;7:129-35 pubmed
  9. Stieler C, Hollander W. Location of the velvet coat mutant in linkage group VI of the mouse. J Hered. 1972;63:212-4 pubmed

More Information


  1. Di Pasquale E, Keegan K, Noebels J. Increased excitability and inward rectification in layer V cortical pyramidal neurons in the epileptic mutant mouse Stargazer. J Neurophysiol. 1997;77:621-31 pubmed
    ..This defect could lower the threshold for aberrant thalamocortical spike wave oscillations in vivo, and may contribute to the mechanism of one form of inherited absence epilepsy...
  2. Sekiguchi M, Shimai K, Guo H, Nowakowski R. Cytoarchitectonic abnormalities in hippocampal formation and cerebellum of dreher mutant mouse. Brain Res Dev Brain Res. 1992;67:105-12 pubmed
    ..In addition, the fact that the phenotypic abnormalities in homozygous dreher mice produces different abnormal morphologies in different specimens may be useful for analyzing the development of the hippocampal formation and cerebellum. ..
  3. Horton C, Davisson M, Jacobs J, Bernstein G, Retik A, Mandell J. Congenital progressive hydronephrosis in mice: a new recessive mutation. J Urol. 1988;140:1310-5 pubmed
    ..The cph mouse strain provides a reproducible model for analysis of the onset and development of obstructive uropathic conditions in the neonatal period. ..
  4. Sweet H, Green M. Progressive ankylosis, a new skeletal mutation in the mouse. J Hered. 1981;72:87-93 pubmed
    ..The new mutation is closely linked, with about 4 percent recombination, to underwhite on chr 15. ..
  5. Nandadasa S, Nelson C, Apte S. ADAMTS9-Mediated Extracellular Matrix Dynamics Regulates Umbilical Cord Vascular Smooth Muscle Differentiation and Rotation. Cell Rep. 2015;11:1519-28 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, we observed disrupted Shh signaling and perturbed orientation of the mesenchymal primary cilium. Thus, ECM dynamics is a major influence on umbilical vascular SMC fate, with ADAMTS9 acting as its principal mediator. ..
  6. Dubail J, Aramaki Hattori N, Bader H, Nelson C, Katebi N, Matuska B, et al. A new Adamts9 conditional mouse allele identifies its non-redundant role in interdigital web regression. Genesis. 2014;52:702-12 pubmed publisher
    ..Hemizygosity of the deleted Adamts9 in combination with mutant Adamts20 led to cleft palate and severe white spotting as previously described...
  7. Hogarth P, McKenzie I, Sutton V, Curnow K, Lee B, Eicher E. Mapping of the mouse Ly-6, Xp-14, and Gdc-1 loci to chromosome 15. Immunogenetics. 1987;25:21-7 pubmed
  8. Eicher E, Womack J. Chromosomal location of soluble glutamic-pyruvic transaminase-1 (Gpt-1) in the mouse. Biochem Genet. 1977;15:1-8 pubmed
    ..This is an improvement over previous methods that produced bands of nonfluorescence against a fluorescent background. ..
  9. Watanabe T, Yanagisawa M, Matsubara N, Obinata M, Matsui Y. Assignment of the murine protein kinase gene DLK to chromosome 15 in the vicinity of the bt/Koa locus by genetic linkage analysis. Genomics. 1997;40:375-6 pubmed
  10. Lane P, Liu H. Association of megacolon with a new dominant spotting gene (Dom) in the mouse. J Hered. 1984;75:435-9 pubmed
    ..6 +/- 1.6 units proximal to Ca. Hairy ears, Eh, a semidominant gene also on chr 15 is shown to have a suppressing effect on crossing over in this section of chr 15. ..
  11. Dickinson D, Abel K, Near J, Taylor B, Gross K. Genetic and tissue-specific variation in the expression of a closely linked murine multigene family on chromosome 15 that encodes salivary and lacrimal proteins. Biochem Genet. 1989;27:613-37 pubmed
    ..In contrast to Spt-1, the Spt-2 gene is not expressed at detectable levels in the lacrimal gland. ..
  12. Silver D, Hou L, Somerville R, Young M, Apte S, Pavan W. The secreted metalloprotease ADAMTS20 is required for melanoblast survival. PLoS Genet. 2008;4:e1000003 pubmed publisher
    b>ADAMTS20 (Adisintegrin-like and metalloprotease domain with thrombospondin type-1 motifs) is a member of a family of secreted metalloproteases that can process a variety of extracellular matrix (ECM) components and secreted molecules...
  13. McCulloch D, Nelson C, Dixon L, Silver D, Wylie J, Lindner V, et al. ADAMTS metalloproteases generate active versican fragments that regulate interdigital web regression. Dev Cell. 2009;17:687-98 pubmed publisher
    We show that combinatorial mouse alleles for the secreted metalloproteases Adamts5, Adamts20 (bt), and Adamts9 result in fully penetrant soft-tissue syndactyly...
  14. Dubail J, Apte S. Insights on ADAMTS proteases and ADAMTS-like proteins from mammalian genetics. Matrix Biol. 2015;44-46:24-37 pubmed publisher
    ..of spontaneous animal mutations, such as in bovine ADAMTS2, canine ADAMTS10, ADAMTS17 and ADAMTSL2 and mouse ADAMTS20. These human and animal disorders are recessive and their manifestations appear to result from a loss-of-function ..
  15. Wallace M, Mallyon S. Unusual recombination values and the mapping of the lethal miniature in the house mouse. Genet Res. 1972;20:257-62 pubmed
  16. Beier D, Morton C, Leder A, Wallace R, Leder P. Perinatal lethality (ple): a mutation caused by integration of a transgene into distal mouse chromosome 15. Genomics. 1989;4:498-504 pubmed
    ..It appears likely that a recessive insertional mutation has occurred as a result of transgene integration into a locus required for postnatal viability. We call this mutation transgenic perinatal lethality (Tg.ple). ..
  17. Davisson M, Roderick T, Akeson E, Hawes N, Sweet H. The hairy ears (Eh) mutation is closely associated with a chromosomal rearrangement in mouse chromosome 15. Genet Res. 1990;56:167-78 pubmed
    ..The effect of the inversion extends over a minimum of 30 cM, taking into account the genetic data and the cytologically determined chromosomal involvement extending to the region of the telomere. ..
  18. Cooley M, Fresco V, Dorlon M, Twal W, Lee N, Barth J, et al. Fibulin-1 is required during cardiac ventricular morphogenesis for versican cleavage, suppression of ErbB2 and Erk1/2 activation, and to attenuate trabecular cardiomyocyte proliferation. Dev Dyn. 2012;241:303-14 pubmed publisher
  19. Teicher L, Caspari E. The genetics of blind--a lethal factor in mice. J Hered. 1978;69:86-90 pubmed
    ..Evidence is presented for the presence of X-linked modifiers affecting the penetrance and possible increased viability of Bld in strain DBA. ..