Gene Symbol: MRCV_sS7gp2
Description: non-structural protein
Alias: non-structural protein, ORF2
Species: Mal de Rio Cuarto virus

Top Publications

  1. Guzm n F, Dist fano A, Arneodo J, Hopp H, Lenardon S, del Vas M, et al. Sequencing of the bicistronic genome segments S7 and S9 of Mal de Río Cuarto virus (Fijivirus, Reoviridae) completes the genome of this virus. Arch Virol. 2007;152:565-73 pubmed publisher
    ..The topology of the trees obtained using the complete nucleotide and amino acid sequences of MRCV S7 and MRCV S9 was consistent with the analysis of the other MRCV segments previously published...