Gene Symbol: z1A1_7
Description: alpha zein
Alias: GRMZM2G353268, ZE19, prolamin 19 kDa alpha zein z1A1_7, 19 kDa zein A30, z1A alpha zein protein, zein-alpha A30, zein-alpha A30-like
Species: maize

Top Publications

  1. Hu N, Peifer M, Heidecker G, Messing J, Rubenstein I. Primary structure of a genomic zein sequence of maize. EMBO J. 1982;1:1337-42 pubmed
    ..The amino acid composition of the polypeptide specified by the Z4 nucleotide sequence is similar to the known composition of zein proteins. ..
  2. Geraghty D, Peifer M, Rubenstein I, Messing J. The primary structure of a plant storage protein: zein. Nucleic Acids Res. 1981;9:5163-74 pubmed
    ..The data presented represent the first complete amino acid sequence of a plant storage protein. ..
  3. Xu J, Wang R, Li X, Miclaus M, Messing J. Locus- and Site-Specific DNA Methylation of 19 kDa Zein Genes in Maize. PLoS ONE. 2016;11:e0146416 pubmed publisher
    ..Because tissue culture is used to produce transgenic plants, these studies provide new insights into variation of gene expression of integrated sequences. ..