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Gene Symbol: hyp1
Description: hybrid proline-rich protein 1
Alias: GRMZM2G304378, hybrid proline-rich protein 1, 36.4 kDa proline-rich protein, Hyprp, PCO123892, PCO123892(660), QCI38g03, gnp_QCI38g03, gpm672, proline rich protein
Species: maize

Top Publications

  1. José Estanyol M, Puigdomenech P. Cellular localization of the embryo-specific hybrid PRP from Zea mays, and characterization of promoter regulatory elements of its gene. Plant Mol Biol. 2012;80:325-35 pubmed publisher
    ..By selective deletion or mutation of ZmHyPRP regulatory promoter elements we conclude that the promoter expression is attenuated by the NE2 element as well as by the G-box2 and the Sph1-2 box together with the G-box2. ..