Gene Symbol: fdx5
Description: ferredoxin 5
Alias: GRMZM2G122327, ferredoxin-5, chloroplastic, PCO142214, PCO142214(187), chloroplast ferredoxin 5, fd V, ferredoxin V, ferredoxin-1, ferredoxin5, pFD5
Species: maize

Top Publications

  1. Cheng Y, Liu Z, Xu J, Zhou T, Wang M, Chen Y, et al. HC-Pro protein of sugar cane mosaic virus interacts specifically with maize ferredoxin-5 in vitro and in planta. J Gen Virol. 2008;89:2046-54 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we show that the chloroplast precursor of ferredoxin-5 (Fd V) from maize (Zea mays) interacts with the multifunctional HC-Pro protein of sugar cane mosaic virus (SCMV) in yeast,..
  2. Hase T, Kimata Y, Yonekura K, Matsumura T, Sakakibara H. Molecular cloning and differential expression of the maize ferredoxin gene family. Plant Physiol. 1991;96:77-83 pubmed
    ..This organ specific accumulation of Fd mRNAs corresponds exactly to the distribution pattern of Fd isoproteins. ..