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Gene Symbol: LOC4340567
Description: soluble starch synthase 2-3, chloroplastic/amyloplastic
Alias: ALK, SSII-3, SSS2A, soluble starch synthase 2-3, chloroplastic/amyloplastic, LOC_Os06g12450, Os06g0229800, P0525F01.23, soluble starch synthase 2A, soluble starch synthase II, soluble starch synthase II-3, starch synthase IIa
Species: Japanese rice

Top Publications

  1. Nakamura Y, Francisco P, Hosaka Y, Sato A, Sawada T, Kubo A, et al. Essential amino acids of starch synthase IIa differentiate amylopectin structure and starch quality between japonica and indica rice varieties. Plant Mol Biol. 2005;58:213-27 pubmed
    Four amino acids were variable between the 'active' indica-type and 'inactive' japonica-type soluble starch synthase IIa (SSIIa) of rice plants; Glu-88 and Gly-604 in SSIIa of indica-cultivars IR36 and Kasalath were replaced by Asp-88 ..