Gene Symbol: GATA3
Description: GATA binding protein 3
Alias: trans-acting T-cell-specific transcription factor GATA-3
Species: Japanese quail

Top Publications

  1. Merch n P, Bardet S, Puelles L, Ferrán J. Comparison of Pretectal Genoarchitectonic Pattern between Quail and Chicken Embryos. Front Neuroanat. 2011;5:23 pubmed publisher
    ..We studied the developmental pretectal expression of Bhlhb4, Dbx1, Ebf1, Gata3, Gbx2, Lim1, Meis1, Meis2, Pax3, Pax6, Six3, Tal2, and Tcf7l2 (Tcf4) mRNA, using in situ hybridization, and PAX7 ..