Gene Symbol: ZFPL1
Description: zinc finger protein like 1
Alias: D11S750, MCG4, zinc finger protein-like 1, zinc finger protein MCG4, zinc-finger protein in MEN1 region
Species: human
Products:     ZFPL1

Top Publications

  1. Clark A, Glanowski S, Nielsen R, Thomas P, Kejariwal A, Todd M, et al. Inferring nonneutral evolution from human-chimp-mouse orthologous gene trios. Science. 2003;302:1960-3 pubmed
    ..In addition to suggesting adaptive physiological differences between chimps and humans, human-accelerated genes are significantly more likely to underlie major known Mendelian disorders. ..
  2. Cai M, Zhan F, Kong X, Zhu S, Cui Y, Wang Q. RING domain of zinc finger protein like 1 is essential for cell proliferation in endometrial cancer cell line RL95-2. Gene. 2018;677:17-23 pubmed publisher
    ..In our study, we found that zinc finger protein like 1 (ZFPL1) was highly expressed in EC tissues and the EC cell line RL95-2, as detected via RT-qPCR and ..
  3. Medvar B, Raghuram V, Pisitkun T, Sarkar A, Knepper M. Comprehensive database of human E3 ubiquitin ligases: application to aquaporin-2 regulation. Physiol Genomics. 2016;48:502-12 pubmed publisher
    ..likely to interact with AQP2 as (in order of probability): NEDD4 and NEDD4L (tied for first), AMFR, STUB1, ITCH, ZFPL1. Significantly, the two E3 ligases tied for top rank have also been studied extensively in the reductionist ..
  4. Guru S, Agarwal S, Manickam P, Olufemi S, Crabtree J, Weisemann J, et al. A transcript map for the 2.8-Mb region containing the multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 locus. Genome Res. 1997;7:725-35 pubmed
    ..8-Mb D11S480-D11S913 interval. Fifteen candidate genes (of which 10 were examined exhaustively) were evaluated by Southern blot and/or dideoxy fingerprinting analysis to identify the gene harboring disease-causing mutations. ..
  5. Hoppener J, de Wit M, Simarro Doorten A, Roijers J, van Herrewaarden H, Lips C, et al. A putative human zinc-finger gene (ZFPL1) on 11q13, highly conserved in the mouse and expressed in exocrine pancreas. The European Consortium on MEN 1. Genomics. 1998;50:251-9 pubmed
    ..This gene (named ZFPL1, for zinc-finger protein-like 1) is expressed strongly in the exocrine pancreas as a 1...
  6. Chiu C, Ghanekar Y, Frost L, Diao A, Morrison D, McKenzie E, et al. ZFPL1, a novel ring finger protein required for cis-Golgi integrity and efficient ER-to-Golgi transport. EMBO J. 2008;27:934-47 pubmed publisher
    ..We report here the identification of zinc finger protein-like 1 (ZFPL1) as a novel structural component of the Golgi apparatus...
  7. Xie Y, Ma W, Meng J, Ren X. Knockdown of ZFPL1 results in increased autophagy and autophagy‑related cell death in NCI‑N87 and BGC‑823 human gastric carcinoma cell lines. Mol Med Rep. 2017;15:2633-2642 pubmed publisher
    ..The present study demonstrated that knockdown of zinc finger protein like 1 (ZFPL1) induces autophagy and increases autophagic cell death in NCI‑N87 and BGC‑823 human gastric ..