Gene Symbol: XPO5
Description: exportin 5
Alias: exp5, exportin-5, ran-binding protein 21
Species: human
Products:     XPO5

Top Publications

  1. Calado A, Treichel N, Müller E, Otto A, Kutay U. Exportin-5-mediated nuclear export of eukaryotic elongation factor 1A and tRNA. EMBO J. 2002;21:6216-24 pubmed
    ..identified eukaryotic elongation factor 1A (eEF1A) and tRNA as RanGTP-dependent binding partners of exportin-5 (Exp5). Exp5 stimulates nuclear export of eEF1A when microinjected into the nucleus of Xenopus laevis oocytes...
  2. Brownawell A, Macara I. Exportin-5, a novel karyopherin, mediates nuclear export of double-stranded RNA binding proteins. J Cell Biol. 2002;156:53-64 pubmed
    ..We propose that exportin-5 is not an RNA export factor but instead participates in the regulated translocation of dsRBD proteins to the cytoplasm where they interact with target mRNAs. ..
  3. Yi R, Doehle B, Qin Y, Macara I, Cullen B. Overexpression of exportin 5 enhances RNA interference mediated by short hairpin RNAs and microRNAs. RNA. 2005;11:220-6 pubmed
    ..Here, we demonstrate that overexpressed shRNAs can saturate the activity of endogenous Exportin 5, a factor required for nuclear export of both shRNAs and pre-miRNAs...
  4. Bennasser Y, Chable Bessia C, Triboulet R, Gibbings D, Gwizdek C, Dargemont C, et al. Competition for XPO5 binding between Dicer mRNA, pre-miRNA and viral RNA regulates human Dicer levels. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2011;18:323-7 pubmed publisher
    ..This saturation also occurred during adenoviral infection and enhanced viral replication. Our study reveals an important cross-regulatory mechanism between pre-miRNA or viral small RNAs and Dicer through exportin-5. ..
  5. Lund E, Güttinger S, Calado A, Dahlberg J, Kutay U. Nuclear export of microRNA precursors. Science. 2004;303:95-8 pubmed
    ..We show that Exportin-5 (Exp5) mediates efficient nuclear export of short miRNA precursors (pre-miRNAs) and that its depletion by RNA ..
  6. Yi R, Qin Y, Macara I, Cullen B. Exportin-5 mediates the nuclear export of pre-microRNAs and short hairpin RNAs. Genes Dev. 2003;17:3011-6 pubmed
    ..Together, these findings define an additional cellular cofactor required for miRNA biogenesis and function. ..
  7. Bohnsack M, Czaplinski K, Gorlich D. Exportin 5 is a RanGTP-dependent dsRNA-binding protein that mediates nuclear export of pre-miRNAs. RNA. 2004;10:185-91 pubmed
    ..An unbiased affinity chromatography approach with immobilized pre-miRNAs identified exportin 5 as the pre-miRNA-specific export carrier...
  8. Bohnsack M, Regener K, Schwappach B, Saffrich R, Paraskeva E, Hartmann E, et al. Exp5 exports eEF1A via tRNA from nuclei and synergizes with other transport pathways to confine translation to the cytoplasm. EMBO J. 2002;21:6205-15 pubmed
    ..here the translation elongation factor 1A (eEF1A) as the predominant nuclear export substrate of RanBP21/exportin 5 (Exp5)...
  9. Horikawa Y, Wood C, Yang H, Zhao H, Ye Y, Gu J, et al. Single nucleotide polymorphisms of microRNA machinery genes modify the risk of renal cell carcinoma. Clin Cancer Res. 2008;14:7956-62 pubmed publisher
    ..We genotyped 40 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) from 11 miRNA processing genes (DROSHA, DGCR8, XPO5, RAN, DICER1, TARBP2, AGO1, AGO2, GEMIN3, GEMIN4, HIWI) and 15 miRNA genes in 279 Caucasian patients with renal ..

More Information


  1. Jaramillo M, Guzmán F, da Fonseca G, Margis R, Muller Y, Ammar D, et al. microRNAs in Macrobrachium olfersii embryos: Identification, their biogenesis components and potential targets. Comput Biol Chem. 2019;78:205-216 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, eight key components of miRNA biogenesis (DROSHA, PASHA/DGCR8, XPO5, RAN, DICER, TRBP2, AGO, and PIWI) were identified in M. olfersii embryos unigenes...
  2. Wu K, He J, Pu W, Peng Y. The Role of Exportin-5 in MicroRNA Biogenesis and Cancer. Genomics Proteomics Bioinformatics. 2018;16:120-126 pubmed publisher
    ..and Dicer, and transportation of precursor miRNAs (pre-miRNAs) from the nucleus to the cytoplasm by exportin-5 (XPO5)...
  3. Carraco G, Gonçalves A, Serra C, Andrade R. MicroRNA processing machinery in the developing chick embryo. Gene Expr Patterns. 2014;16:114-21 pubmed publisher
    ..Herein, we report a detailed characterization of the expression patterns of DROSHA, DGCR8, XPO5 and DICER1 in the developing chick embryo, from HH1 (when the egg is laid) to HH25 (5-days incubation), using whole ..
  4. Okamura M, Inose H, Masuda S. RNA Export through the NPC in Eukaryotes. Genes (Basel). 2015;6:124-49 pubmed publisher
    ..tRNAs and miRNAs are exported by Xpot and Xpo5. However, multiple export receptors are involved in the export of some RNAs, such as 60S ribosomal subunit...
  5. Krawczynski K, Najmula J, Bauersachs S, Kaczmarek M. MicroRNAome of porcine conceptuses and trophoblasts: expression profile of micrornas and their potential to regulate genes crucial for establishment of pregnancy. Biol Reprod. 2015;92:21 pubmed publisher
    ..we examined mRNA levels of 10 genes encoding proteins involved in miRNA synthesis and transport: DROSHA, DGCR8, XPO5, DICER1, TARBP2, TNRC6A, AGO1, AGO2, AGO3, and AGO4. Custom, multispecies microarrays were used to profile miRNAs...
  6. Huang S, Zhou Z, Zheng S, Liu D, Ye X, Zeng C, et al. Association of variants of miRNA processing genes with cervical precancerous lesion risk in a southern Chinese population. Biosci Rep. 2018;38: pubmed publisher
    ..Five single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), including Ran-GTP (RAN) rs14035, exportin-5 (XPO5) rs11077, DICER1 rs3742330, DICER1 rs13078, and TARBP2 rs784567, were genotyped in a case-..
  7. Yamamoto H, Imai K. Microsatellite instability: an update. Arch Toxicol. 2015;89:899-921 pubmed publisher
    ..TGFBR2 and ACVR2A), apoptosis (BAX), epigenetic regulation (HDAC2 and ARID1A), and miRNA processing (TARBP2 and XPO5), and a subset of MSI+ CRCs reportedly shows the mutated miRNA machinery phenotype...
  8. Celen E, Ertosun M, Kocak H, Dinckan A, Yoldas B. Expression Profile of MicroRNA Biogenesis Components in Renal Transplant Patients. Transplant Proc. 2017;49:472-476 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, gene and protein expression profiles of Dicer, Drosha, Pasha (DGCR8), Exportin5 (XPO5), and Argonaute2 (AGO2) in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) of renal transplant patients were evaluated ..
  9. Sun H, Cui R, Zhou J, Teng K, Hsiao Y, Nakanishi K, et al. ERK Activation Globally Downregulates miRNAs through Phosphorylating Exportin-5. Cancer Cell. 2016;30:723-736 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we show that ERK suppresses pre-miRNA export from the nucleus through phosphorylation of exportin-5 (XPO5) at T345/S416/S497...
  10. Kim M, Kim J, Lee S, Park H, Lee J, Rim K, et al. Variation in the Dicer and RAN Genes Are Associated with Survival in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma. PLoS ONE. 2016;11:e0162279 pubmed publisher
    ..models for six polymorphic loci-DICER (rs3742330 and rs13078), DROSHA (rs10719 and rs6877842), RAN (rs14035) and XPO5 (rs11077)-one allele combination (A-A-T-C-C-C) showed synergistic effects in terms of an increased risk of HCC ..
  11. Guo Y, Sun J, Lai D. Role of microRNAs in premature ovarian insufficiency. Reprod Biol Endocrinol. 2017;15:38 pubmed publisher
    ..The present review addresses the association of miRNAs' machinery genes (Dicer, Drosha, and XPO5) with POI and the miRNA expression profiles in the plasma of patients with POI...
  12. Vaidyanathan S, Thangavelu P, Duijf P. Overexpression of Ran GTPase Components Regulating Nuclear Export, but not Mitotic Spindle Assembly, Marks Chromosome Instability and Poor Prognosis in Breast Cancer. Target Oncol. 2016;11:677-686 pubmed
    ..We identify Exportin 2/CSE1L, Exportin 3/XPOT, Exportin 5/XPO5, and RANBP1 as novel potential targets...
  13. Colicino E, Giuliano G, Power M, Lepeule J, Wilker E, Vokonas P, et al. Long-term exposure to black carbon, cognition and single nucleotide polymorphisms in microRNA processing genes in older men. Environ Int. 2016;88:86-93 pubmed publisher
    ..71, -0.13)) relative to the major variant. BC-MMSE association was stronger in heterozygous carriers of rs11077 XPO5 (OR=1.99; 95%CI: (1.39, 2.85)) and minor variant carriers of GEMIN4 rs2740348 (OR=1.34; 95%CI: (1.05, 1...
  14. Triozzi P, Achberger S, Aldrich W, Crabb J, Saunthararajah Y, Singh A. Association of tumor and plasma microRNA expression with tumor monosomy-3 in patients with uveal melanoma. Clin Epigenetics. 2016;8:80 pubmed publisher
    ..Tumors manifesting monosomy-3 were also characterized by higher levels of TARBP2 and DDX17 and by lower levels of XPO5 and HIWI, miR biogenesis factors...
  15. Krawczynski K, Bauersachs S, Reliszko Z, Graf A, Kaczmarek M. Expression of microRNAs and isomiRs in the porcine endometrium: implications for gene regulation at the maternal-conceptus interface. BMC Genomics. 2015;16:906 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, expression profiles of ten genes related to miRNA synthesis and transport such as DROSHA, DGCR8, XPO5, DICER, TARBP2, TNRC6A, and AGO1-4 were determined...
  16. Berardino B, Fesser E, Cánepa E. Perinatal protein malnutrition alters expression of miRNA biogenesis genes Xpo5 and Ago2 in mice brain. Neurosci Lett. 2017;647:38-44 pubmed publisher
    ..and lactation reduced the hippocampal weight, delayed offspring's development and deregulated the expression of Xpo5 and Ago2 genes in hippocampus and hypothalamus of weanling mice...
  17. Roberts T. The microRNA Machinery. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2015;887:15-30 pubmed publisher
    ..e. DROSHA and DGCR8); (2) traffic the miRNA hairpin between nucleus and cytoplasm (i.e. XPO5); (3) remove the loop sequence of the hairpin by a second nucleolytic cleavage reaction (i.e...
  18. Dattilo V, D Antona L, Talarico C, Capula M, Catalogna G, Iuliano R, et al. SGK1 affects RAN/RANBP1/RANGAP1 via SP1 to play a critical role in pre-miRNA nuclear export: a new route of epigenomic regulation. Sci Rep. 2017;7:45361 pubmed publisher
    ..The levels of pri-miRNAs, DROSHA, DICER and the compartmental distribution of XPO5 were documented...
  19. Hasler D, Lehmann G, Murakawa Y, Klironomos F, Jakob L, Grässer F, et al. The Lupus Autoantigen La Prevents Mis-channeling of tRNA Fragments into the Human MicroRNA Pathway. Mol Cell. 2016;63:110-24 pubmed publisher
    ..Instead, Exportin-5 (Xpo5) recognizes it as miRNA precursor and transports it into the cytoplasm for Dicer processing and Ago loading.
  20. Li C, Chen S, Li H, Chen L, Zhao Y, Jiang Y, et al. MicroRNA-16 Modulates Melatonin-Induced Cell Growth in the Mouse-Derived Spermatogonia Cell Line GC-1 spg Cells by Targeting Ccnd1. Biol Reprod. 2016;95:57 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, the expression levels of testicular miRNA machinery genes, namely, Dgcr8 and Xpo5, were significantly increased by melatonin...
  21. Li J, Pu W, Sun H, Zhou J, Fan X, Zheng Y, et al. Pin1 impairs microRNA biogenesis by mediating conformation change of XPO5 in hepatocellular carcinoma. Cell Death Differ. 2018;25:1612-1624 pubmed publisher
    ..We previously demonstrated that ERK-induced phosphorylation of XPO5 followed by peptidyl-prolyl cis/trans isomerase Pin1-mediated isomerization downregulates miRNA expression and ..
  22. Ohtsuka M, Ling H, Doki Y, Mori M, Calin G. MicroRNA Processing and Human Cancer. J Clin Med. 2015;4:1651-67 pubmed publisher
    ..miRNA processing can be divided into three steps: processing by RNAse in the nucleus; transportation by Exportin-5 (XPO5) from the nucleus; and processing by the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC) in the cytoplasm...
  23. de Larrea C, Navarro A, Tejero R, Tovar N, Diaz T, Cibeira M, et al. Impact of MiRSNPs on survival and progression in patients with multiple myeloma undergoing autologous stem cell transplantation. Clin Cancer Res. 2012;18:3697-704 pubmed publisher
    ..AFF1 (rs17703261), FAM179b (rs1053667), and MIR196A2 (rs11614913) for miRNA target genes and TRBP (rs784567) and XPO5 (rs11077) for miRNA biogenesis pathway...
  24. Wilker E, Baccarelli A, Suh H, Vokonas P, Wright R, Schwartz J. Black carbon exposures, blood pressure, and interactions with single nucleotide polymorphisms in MicroRNA processing genes. Environ Health Perspect. 2010;118:943-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Although the mechanisms underlying these associations are not well understood, they suggest a role for miRNA genesis and processing in influencing BC effects. ..
  25. Cho S, Ko J, Kim J, Jeon Y, Yoo J, Oh J, et al. 3'-UTR Polymorphisms in the MiRNA Machinery Genes DROSHA, DICER1, RAN, and XPO5 Are Associated with Colorectal Cancer Risk in a Korean Population. PLoS ONE. 2015;10:e0131125 pubmed publisher
    ..and T allele carriers (CT + TT) genotypes had lower risk of CRC, while the DICER1 rs3742330, DROSHA rs10719, and XPO5 rs11077 polymorphisms were not associated with CRC in the full study sample...
  26. Subramanian K, Dziedzic R, Nelson H, Stern M, Roggero V, Bondzi C, et al. Multiple exportins influence thyroid hormone receptor localization. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2015;411:86-96 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data indicate that multiple exportins influence TR localization, highlighting a fine balance of nuclear import, retention, and export that modulates TR function. ..
  27. Kim J, Choi Y, Jin G, Kang H, Choi J, Jeon H, et al. Association of a common AGO1 variant with lung cancer risk: a two-stage case-control study. Mol Carcinog. 2010;49:913-21 pubmed publisher
    ..In stage 1 of the study, 24 SNPs in the 11 miRNA biosynthesis genes (DROSHA, DGCR8, RAN, XPO5, DICER, AGO1, AGO2, HIWI, GEMIN3, GEMIN4, and TRBP) were genotyped in 100 lung cancer patients and 100 healthy ..
  28. Hoti N, Yang S, Aiyetan P, Kumar B, Hu Y, Clark D, et al. Overexpression of Exportin-5 Overrides the Inhibitory Effect of miRNAs Regulation Control and Stabilize Proteins via Posttranslation Modifications in Prostate Cancer. Neoplasia. 2017;19:817-829 pubmed publisher
    Although XPO5 has been characterized to have tumor-suppressor features in the miRNA biogenesis pathway, the impact of altered expression of XPO5 in cancers is unexplored...
  29. Gwizdek C, Ossareh Nazari B, Brownawell A, Evers S, Macara I, Dargemont C. Minihelix-containing RNAs mediate exportin-5-dependent nuclear export of the double-stranded RNA-binding protein ILF3. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:884-91 pubmed
    ..Exportin-5 thus appears as the first example of a nuclear export receptor that mediates RNA export but also promotes transport of proteinaceous cargo through appropriate and specific RNA adaptors. ..
  30. Gadd S, Huff V, Walz A, Ooms A, Armstrong A, Gerhard D, et al. A Children's Oncology Group and TARGET initiative exploring the genetic landscape of Wilms tumor. Nat Genet. 2017;49:1487-1494 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition to genes previously implicated in Wilms tumors (WT1, CTNNB1, AMER1, DROSHA, DGCR8, XPO5, DICER1, SIX1, SIX2, MLLT1, MYCN, and TP53), we identified mutations in genes not previously recognized as ..
  31. Wang C, Dong H, Fan H, Wu J, Wang G. Genetic polymorphisms of microRNA machinery genes predict overall survival of esophageal squamous carcinoma. J Clin Lab Anal. 2017;: pubmed publisher
    ..Six miR-SNPs in miRNA processing machinery genes, including Dicer (rs3742330), RAN (rs14035), XPO5 (rs11077), TNRC6B (rs9623117), GEMIN3 (rs197412), and GEMIN4 (rs2740348), were evaluated for their association with ..
  32. Gwizdek C, Ossareh Nazari B, Brownawell A, Doglio A, Bertrand E, Macara I, et al. Exportin-5 mediates nuclear export of minihelix-containing RNAs. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:5505-8 pubmed
  33. Rah H, Jeon Y, Lee B, Kim J, Shim S, Lee W, et al. Association of polymorphisms in microRNA machinery genes (DROSHA, DICER1, RAN, and XPO5) with risk of idiopathic primary ovarian insufficiency in Korean women. Menopause. 2013;20:1067-73 pubmed publisher
    ..single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs; DROSHA rs6877842 and rs10719; DICER1 rs13078 and rs3742330; RAN rs14035; and XPO5 rs34324334, rs2257082, rs11544382, and rs11077) by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length ..
  34. Han Y, Liu Y, Gui Y, Cai Z. Inducing cell proliferation inhibition and apoptosis via silencing Dicer, Drosha, and Exportin 5 in urothelial carcinoma of the bladder. J Surg Oncol. 2013;107:201-5 pubmed publisher
    MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are aberrantly expressed in cancers. Dicer, Drosha, and Exportin 5 are essential for miRNA processing...
  35. Kim Y, Kim B, Kim V. Re-evaluation of the roles of DROSHA, Export in 5, and DICER in microRNA biogenesis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016;113:E1881-9 pubmed publisher
    ..processing of primary miRNA (pri-miRNA) by DROSHA, nuclear export of precursor miRNA (pre-miRNA) by Export in 5 (XPO5), and cytoplasmic processing of pre-miRNA by DICER...
  36. Ott C, Linck L, Kremmer E, Meister G, Bosserhoff A. Induction of exportin-5 expression during melanoma development supports the cellular behavior of human malignant melanoma cells. Oncotarget. 2016;7:62292-62304 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, we investigated whether the pre-miRNA transporter Exportin-5 (XPO5) was involved in altered miRNA maturation and functional consequences in melanoma...
  37. Melo S, Moutinho C, Ropero S, Calin G, Rossi S, Spizzo R, et al. A genetic defect in exportin-5 traps precursor microRNAs in the nucleus of cancer cells. Cancer Cell. 2010;18:303-15 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Exportin 5 (XPO5) mediates pre-miRNA nuclear export and herein we demonstrate the presence of XPO5-inactivating mutations ..
  38. Screaton R, Kiessling S, Sansom O, Millar C, Maddison K, Bird A, et al. Fas-associated death domain protein interacts with methyl-CpG binding domain protein 4: a potential link between genome surveillance and apoptosis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003;100:5211-6 pubmed
    ..The nuclear localization of FADD and its interaction with a genome surveillance/DNA repair protein that can regulate apoptosis suggests a novel function of FADD distinct from direct participation in death receptor signaling complexes. ..
  39. Shigeyasu K, Okugawa Y, Toden S, Boland C, Goel A. Exportin-5 Functions as an Oncogene and a Potential Therapeutic Target in Colorectal Cancer. Clin Cancer Res. 2017;23:1312-1322 pubmed publisher
    b>Purpose: Dysregulated expression of miRNAs has emerged as a hallmark feature in human cancers. Exportin-5 (XPO5), a karyopherin family member, is a key protein responsible for transporting precursor miRNAs from the nucleus to the ..
  40. Fritz J, Strehblow A, Taschner A, Schopoff S, Pasierbek P, Jantsch M. RNA-regulated interaction of transportin-1 and exportin-5 with the double-stranded RNA-binding domain regulates nucleocytoplasmic shuttling of ADAR1. Mol Cell Biol. 2009;29:1487-97 pubmed publisher
    ..This finding may have implications for other proteins containing dsRBDs and suggests a selective nuclear export mechanism for substrates interacting with these proteins. ..
  41. Okada C, Yamashita E, Lee S, Shibata S, Katahira J, Nakagawa A, et al. A high-resolution structure of the pre-microRNA nuclear export machinery. Science. 2009;326:1275-9 pubmed publisher
    ..RNA recognition by Exp-5:RanGTP does not depend on RNA sequence, implying that Exp-5:RanGTP can recognize a variety of pre-miRNAs. ..
  42. Fernandez Perez D, Brieño Enriquez M, Isoler Alcaraz J, Larriba E, del Mazo J. MicroRNA dynamics at the onset of primordial germ and somatic cells sex differentiation during mouse embryonic gonad development. RNA. 2017;: pubmed publisher
    ..uncovered sexually and developmentally specific expression, char-acterized by the decay of Drosha, Dgcr8 and Xpo5 expression along gonadal develop-ment...
  43. Li J, Chen Y, Qin X, Wen J, Ding H, Xia W, et al. MiR-138 downregulates miRNA processing in HeLa cells by targeting RMND5A and decreasing Exportin-5 stability. Nucleic Acids Res. 2014;42:458-74 pubmed publisher
    ..We also found that miR-138 could significantly inhibit HeLa cell migration by targeting RMND5A. Our study therefore identifies miR-138-RMND5A-Exportin-5 as a previously unknown miRNA processing regulatory pathway in HeLa cells...
  44. Zhang H, Xu M, Zhao Q, Sun K, Gong W, Zhang Q, et al. Association between Polymorphism of Exportin-5 and Susceptibility to Lead Poisoning in a Chinese Population. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2016;14: pubmed publisher
    ..One SNP in XPO5 extron (rs2257082) was significantly associated with lead-poisoning (p = 0.022, odds rate (OR) = 1...
  45. Mingot J, Vega S, Cano A, Portillo F, Nieto M. eEF1A mediates the nuclear export of SNAG-containing proteins via the Exportin5-aminoacyl-tRNA complex. Cell Rep. 2013;5:727-37 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, we describe a nuclear role for eEF1A and provide a mechanism for protein nuclear export that attenuates the activity of SNAG-containing transcription factors. ..
  46. Li Y, Wang X, He B, Cai H, Gao Y. Downregulation and tumor-suppressive role of XPO5 in hepatocellular carcinoma. Mol Cell Biochem. 2016;415:197-205 pubmed publisher
    XPO5 (Exp5, Exportin-5) is a transporter protein mainly mediating pre-microRNAs' nuclear export. Recent studies have demonstrated that XPO5 may play crucial roles in a few of cancers...
  47. Wild T, Horvath P, Wyler E, Widmann B, Badertscher L, Zemp I, et al. A protein inventory of human ribosome biogenesis reveals an essential function of exportin 5 in 60S subunit export. PLoS Biol. 2010;8:e1000522 pubmed publisher
    ..Unexpectedly, our RNAi screen uncovered a requirement for the export receptor Exportin 5 (Exp5) in nuclear export of 60S subunits in human cells...
  48. Görücü Yilmaz Ş, Erdal M, Avci Özge A, Sungur M. SNP Variation in MicroRNA Biogenesis Pathway Genes as a New Innovation Strategy for Alzheimer Disease Diagnostics: A Study of 10 Candidate Genes in an Understudied Population From the Eastern Mediterranean. Alzheimer Dis Assoc Disord. 2016;30:203-9 pubmed publisher
    ..528, P=0.104) and allele (P=0.035). Functional SNP variations in the other 8 candidate genes (DGCR8, XPO5, RAN, DICER1, AGO1, AGO2, GEMIN3, and GEMIN4) did not associate with AD in our sample...
  49. Chen T, Brownawell A, Macara I. Nucleocytoplasmic shuttling of JAZ, a new cargo protein for exportin-5. Mol Cell Biol. 2004;24:6608-19 pubmed
    ..Together, these data suggest that JAZ is exported by exportin-5 but translocates back into nuclei by a facilitated diffusion mechanism. ..
  50. Braun D, Sadowski C, Kohl S, Lovric S, Astrinidis S, Pabst W, et al. Mutations in nuclear pore genes NUP93, NUP205 and XPO5 cause steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome. Nat Genet. 2016;48:457-65 pubmed publisher
    ..we identify in eight families with SRNS mutations in NUP93, its interaction partner NUP205 or XPO5 (encoding exportin 5) as hitherto unrecognized monogenic causes of SRNS. NUP93 mutations caused disrupted NPC assembly...
  51. Wen J, Gao Q, Wang N, Zhang W, Cao K, Zhang Q, et al. Association of microRNA-related gene XPO5 rs11077 polymorphism with susceptibility to thyroid cancer. Medicine (Baltimore). 2017;96:e6351 pubmed publisher
    b>Exportin 5 (XPO5) is a microRNA (miRNA)-related nuclear export protein, and its disorder may lead to the dysregulation of miRNAs...
  52. Wang X, Zhang X, Peng L, Liu Z, Yang Y, He Z, et al. Bardoxolone methyl (CDDO-Me or RTA402) induces cell cycle arrest, apoptosis and autophagy via PI3K/Akt/mTOR and p38 MAPK/Erk1/2 signaling pathways in K562 cells. Am J Transl Res. 2017;9:4652-4672 pubmed
    ..A total of 1,555 proteins responded to CDDO-Me exposure, including FANCI, SRPK2, XPO5, HP1BP3, NELFCD, Na+,K+-ATPase 1, etc. in K562 cells...
  53. Lin J, Horikawa Y, Tamboli P, Clague J, Wood C, Wu X. Genetic variations in microRNA-related genes are associated with survival and recurrence in patients with renal cell carcinoma. Carcinogenesis. 2010;31:1805-12 pubmed publisher
    ..Future investigation in larger populations and functional characterizations are necessary to validate these results. ..
  54. Boni V, Zarate R, Villa J, Bandres E, Gomez M, Maiello E, et al. Role of primary miRNA polymorphic variants in metastatic colon cancer patients treated with 5-fluorouracil and irinotecan. Pharmacogenomics J. 2011;11:429-36 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest that miRNA polymorphic variants might be useful predictors of clinical outcome in mCRC patients treated with 5-fluorouracil and CPT-11 combination. ..
  55. Geng J, Wang X, Li L, Zhao J, Wu S, Yu G, et al. MicroRNA-related single-nucleotide polymorphism of XPO5 is strongly correlated with the prognosis and chemotherapy response in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer patients. Tumour Biol. 2016;37:2257-65 pubmed publisher
    This study was performed to investigate if the microRNA-related single-nucleotide polymorphisms (miR-SNPs) of XPO5 gene predicted the prognosis and pathological features of advanced non-small-cell lung cancer patients receiving ..