Gene Symbol: WNT5A
Description: Wnt family member 5A
Alias: hWNT5A, protein Wnt-5a, WNT-5A protein, wingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 5A
Species: human
Products:     WNT5A

Top Publications

  1. Blumenthal A, Ehlers S, Lauber J, Buer J, Lange C, Goldmann T, et al. The Wingless homolog WNT5A and its receptor Frizzled-5 regulate inflammatory responses of human mononuclear cells induced by microbial stimulation. Blood. 2006;108:965-73 pubmed
    Microarray--assisted gene--expression screens of human macrophages revealed WNT5A, a homolog of Wingless, a key regulator of Drosophila melanogaster embryonic segmentation and patterning, to be consistently up-regulated following ..
  2. Wang Q, Williamson M, Bott S, Brookman Amissah N, Freeman A, Nariculam J, et al. Hypomethylation of WNT5A, CRIP1 and S100P in prostate cancer. Oncogene. 2007;26:6560-5 pubmed
    ..Hypomethylation of wingless-related MMTV integration site 5A (WNT5A), S100 calcium-binding protein P (S100P) and cysteine-rich protein 1(CRIP1) was confirmed in the cancer cells by ..
  3. Pereira C, Schaer D, Bachli E, Kurrer M, Schoedon G. Wnt5A/CaMKII signaling contributes to the inflammatory response of macrophages and is a target for the antiinflammatory action of activated protein C and interleukin-10. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2008;28:504-10 pubmed publisher
    ..interferon (IFN)-gamma in the presence or absence of recombinant activated protein C (APC) or IL-10 and identified Wnt5A as one of the transcripts most highly induced by LPS/IFN-gamma and suppressed by APC and IL-10...
  4. Kawano Y, Diez S, Uysal Onganer P, Darrington R, Waxman J, Kypta R. Secreted Frizzled-related protein-1 is a negative regulator of androgen receptor activity in prostate cancer. Br J Cancer. 2009;100:1165-74 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Wnt5a also inhibited AR and expression of Wnt5a and sFRP1 together did not further inhibit AR, suggesting that Wnt5a and ..
  5. Medrek C, Landberg G, Andersson T, Leandersson K. Wnt-5a-CKI{alpha} signaling promotes {beta}-catenin/E-cadherin complex formation and intercellular adhesion in human breast epithelial cells. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:10968-79 pubmed publisher
  6. Dai J, Hall C, Escara Wilke J, Mizokami A, Keller J, Keller E. Prostate cancer induces bone metastasis through Wnt-induced bone morphogenetic protein-dependent and independent mechanisms. Cancer Res. 2008;68:5785-94 pubmed publisher
    ..The goal of this study was to define this relationship. Wnt3a and Wnt5a administration or knockdown of DKK-1, a Wnt inhibitor, induced BMP-4 and 6 expression and promoter activation in ..
  7. Clark C, Cohen I, Eichstetter I, Cannizzaro L, McPherson J, Wasmuth J, et al. Molecular cloning of the human proto-oncogene Wnt-5A and mapping of the gene (WNT5A) to chromosome 3p14-p21. Genomics. 1993;18:249-60 pubmed
    ..Finally, using a combination of Southern blotting, PCR amplification, and in situ hybridization, the human Wnt-5A (WNT5A) gene was mapped to chromosome 3p14-p21.
  8. Ye Z, Zhang C, Tu T, Sun M, Liu D, Lu D, et al. Wnt5a uses CD146 as a receptor to regulate cell motility and convergent extension. Nat Commun. 2013;4:2803 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we report that Wnt5a uses CD146 as a receptor to regulate cell migration and zebrafish embryonic convergent extension...
  9. Vuga L, Ben Yehudah A, Kovkarova Naumovski E, Oriss T, Gibson K, Feghali Bostwick C, et al. WNT5A is a regulator of fibroblast proliferation and resistance to apoptosis. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2009;41:583-9 pubmed publisher
    ..We found that WNT5A was significantly increased in fibroblasts obtained from UIP lung tissues compared with normal lung fibroblasts, ..

More Information


  1. Fukuda T, Chen L, Endo T, Tang L, Lu D, Castro J, et al. Antisera induced by infusions of autologous Ad-CD154-leukemia B cells identify ROR1 as an oncofetal antigen and receptor for Wnt5a. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008;105:3047-52 pubmed publisher
    ..ROR1 could bind Wnt5a, which induced activation of NF-kappaB when coexpressed with ROR1 in HEK293 cells and enhanced the survival of CLL ..
  2. Zhao C, Ma H, Bu X, Wang W, Zhang N. SFRP5 inhibits gastric epithelial cell migration induced by macrophage-derived Wnt5a. Carcinogenesis. 2013;34:146-52 pubmed publisher
    ..This study found that macrophages over-produced Wnt5a under the stimulation of Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) or Helicobacter pylori, the most common infectious agent in ..
  3. Wang Z, Chen H. Genistein increases gene expression by demethylation of WNT5a promoter in colon cancer cell line SW1116. Anticancer Res. 2010;30:4537-45 pubmed
    ..Both Novasoy and GEN inhibited cell proliferation in all three cell lines. WNT5a mRNA showed a time-dependent induction by Novasoy and GEN in DLD-1 cells but only by GEN in SW1116 cells...
  4. Pourreyron C, Reilly L, Proby C, Panteleyev A, Fleming C, McLean K, et al. Wnt5a is strongly expressed at the leading edge in non-melanoma skin cancer, forming active gradients, while canonical Wnt signalling is repressed. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e31827 pubmed publisher
    b>Wnt5a is one of the so-called non-canonical Wnt ligands which do not act through ?-catenin. In normal development, Wnt5a is secreted and directs the migration of target cells along concentration gradients...
  5. Kanzawa M, Semba S, Hara S, Itoh T, Yokozaki H. WNT5A is a key regulator of the epithelial-mesenchymal transition and cancer stem cell properties in human gastric carcinoma cells. Pathobiology. 2013;80:235-44 pubmed publisher
    Direct interaction with cancer-associated fibroblasts triggers WNT5A expression in human gastric carcinoma (GC) cells...
  6. Bilkovski R, Schulte D, Oberhauser F, Gomolka M, Udelhoven M, Hettich M, et al. Role of WNT-5a in the determination of human mesenchymal stem cells into preadipocytes. J Biol Chem. 2010;285:6170-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data suggest that WNT-5a is necessary to maintain osteogenic potential of MSC and that inhibition of WNT-5a signaling therefore plays a role in their determination into PA in humans. ..
  7. Lee G, Kang D, Ha Y, Jung Y, Chung J, Min K, et al. Prostate cancer bone metastases acquire resistance to androgen deprivation via WNT5A-mediated BMP-6 induction. Br J Cancer. 2014;110:1634-44 pubmed publisher
    ..Further studies revealed that WNT5A derived from bone stromal cells induced the expression of BMP-6 by CaP cells; BMP-6 in turn stimulated cellular ..
  8. Thiele S, Rauner M, Goettsch C, Rachner T, Benad P, Fuessel S, et al. Expression profile of WNT molecules in prostate cancer and its regulation by aminobisphosphonates. J Cell Biochem. 2011;112:1593-600 pubmed publisher
    ..Several members of the WNT pathway, including WNT5A, FZD5, and DKK1 were highly up-regulated in PCa tissue from patients with advanced PCa...
  9. Bergenfelz C, Medrek C, Ekström E, Jirstrom K, Janols H, Wullt M, et al. Wnt5a induces a tolerogenic phenotype of macrophages in sepsis and breast cancer patients. J Immunol. 2012;188:5448-58 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study we show that under proinflammatory conditions the noncanonical Wnt protein, Wnt5a, induces immunosuppressive macrophages...
  10. Saitoh T, Katoh M. Expression and regulation of WNT5A and WNT5B in human cancer: up-regulation of WNT5A by TNFalpha in MKN45 cells and up-regulation of WNT5B by beta-estradiol in MCF-7 cells. Int J Mol Med. 2002;10:345-9 pubmed
    ..We have also reported frequent up-regulation of WNT2 and WNT5A in primary gastric cancer, which is probably due to cancer-stromal interaction...
  11. Bi L, Liu X, Wang C, Cao Y, Mao R, Li P, et al. Wnt5a involved in regulation of the biological behavior of hepatocellular carcinoma. Int J Clin Exp Pathol. 2014;7:987-95 pubmed
    b>Wnt5a has been shown to be involved in cancer progression in a variety of tumor types. Previous experimental studies have indicated that it has been shown to be down-regulated in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)...
  12. Pukrop T, Klemm F, Hagemann T, Gradl D, Schulz M, Siemes S, et al. Wnt 5a signaling is critical for macrophage-induced invasion of breast cancer cell lines. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006;103:5454-9 pubmed
    ..Wnt 5a detection in tumor-associated macrophages in breast cancer biopsies supports the assumption that similar events play a role in vivo. ..
  13. Peng C, Zhang X, Yu H, Wu D, Zheng J. Wnt5a as a predictor in poor clinical outcome of patients and a mediator in chemoresistance of ovarian cancer. Int J Gynecol Cancer. 2011;21:280-8 pubmed publisher
    b>Wnt5a regulates numerous signaling pathways controlling a wide range of cellular processes, including cell proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis...
  14. McCall K, Harii N, Lewis C, Malgor R, Kim W, Saji M, et al. High basal levels of functional toll-like receptor 3 (TLR3) and noncanonical Wnt5a are expressed in papillary thyroid cancer and are coordinately decreased by phenylmethimazole together with cell proliferation and migration. Endocrinology. 2007;148:4226-37 pubmed
    High basal levels of TLR3 and Wnt5a RNA are present in papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) cell lines consistent with their overexpression and colocalization in PTC cells in vivo...
  15. Baksh D, Tuan R. Canonical and non-canonical Wnts differentially affect the development potential of primary isolate of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells. J Cell Physiol. 2007;212:817-26 pubmed
    ..Immunohistochemical analysis of BM revealed co-localization of Wnt5a protein, a non-canonical Wnt, with CD45(+) cells and CD45(-) STRO-1(+) cells, while Wnt3a expression, a canonical ..
  16. Enomoto M, Hayakawa S, Itsukushima S, Ren D, Matsuo M, Tamada K, et al. Autonomous regulation of osteosarcoma cell invasiveness by Wnt5a/Ror2 signaling. Oncogene. 2009;28:3197-208 pubmed publisher
    The receptor tyrosine kinase Ror2 regulates cell migration by acting as a receptor or co-receptor for Wnt5a. Although Wnt5a has been implicated in the invasiveness of several types of tumors, the role of Ror2 in tumor invasion remains ..
  17. Lee K, Johmura Y, Yu L, Park J, Gao Y, Bang J, et al. Identification of a novel Wnt5a-CK1?-Dvl2-Plk1-mediated primary cilia disassembly pathway. EMBO J. 2012;31:3104-17 pubmed publisher
    ..We demonstrated that Dvl2 is phosphorylated at S143 and T224 in a manner that requires both non-canonical Wnt5a ligand and casein kinase 1 epsilon (CK1?), and that this event is critical to interact with Plk1 in early stages ..
  18. O Connell M, Fiori J, Baugher K, Indig F, French A, Camilli T, et al. Wnt5A activates the calpain-mediated cleavage of filamin A. J Invest Dermatol. 2009;129:1782-9 pubmed publisher
    We have previously shown that Wnt5A and ROR2, an orphan tyrosine kinase receptor, interact to mediate melanoma cell motility. In other cell types, this can occur through the interaction of ROR2 with the cytoskeletal protein filamin A...
  19. Kim J, Kim J, Kim D, Ha Y, Ihm M, Kim H, et al. Wnt5a induces endothelial inflammation via beta-catenin-independent signaling. J Immunol. 2010;185:1274-82 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Wnt5a induces cyclooxygenase-2 expression and enhances inflammatory cytokines rapidly, whereas Wnt3a shows limited ..
  20. Sato A, Yamamoto H, Sakane H, Koyama H, Kikuchi A. Wnt5a regulates distinct signalling pathways by binding to Frizzled2. EMBO J. 2010;29:41-54 pubmed publisher
    b>Wnt5a regulates multiple intracellular signalling cascades, but how Wnt5a determines the specificity of these pathways is not well understood...
  21. Griesmann H, Ripka S, Pralle M, Ellenrieder V, Baumgart S, Buchholz M, et al. WNT5A-NFAT signaling mediates resistance to apoptosis in pancreatic cancer. Neoplasia. 2013;15:11-22 pubmed
    b>WNT5A belongs to the Wnt family of secreted signaling molecules...
  22. Huang Y, Liu G, Zhang B, Xu G, Xiong W, Yang H. Wnt-5a regulates proliferation in lung cancer cells. Oncol Rep. 2010;23:177-81 pubmed
    ..The human plasmids containing Wnt-5a sense gene and siRNA eukaryotic expression vector was successfully constructed and transfection to human cancer cells induces cell proliferation. siRNA actively suppressed Wnt-5a expression. ..
  23. Katula K, Joyner Powell N, Hsu C, Kuk A. Differential regulation of the mouse and human Wnt5a alternative promoters A and B. DNA Cell Biol. 2012;31:1585-97 pubmed publisher
    b>Wnt5a is an extracellular glycoprotein that activates Wnt signaling pathways, important in development and tissue homeostasis. Wnt5a expression is often misregulated during cancer progression...
  24. Christman M, Goetz D, Dickerson E, McCall K, Lewis C, Benencia F, et al. Wnt5a is expressed in murine and human atherosclerotic lesions. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2008;294:H2864-70 pubmed publisher
    Atherosclerosis is an inflammatory disease involving the accumulation of macrophages in the intima. Wnt5a is a noncanonical member of the Wnt family of secreted glycoproteins...
  25. Rauner M, Stein N, Winzer M, Goettsch C, Zwerina J, Schett G, et al. WNT5A is induced by inflammatory mediators in bone marrow stromal cells and regulates cytokine and chemokine production. J Bone Miner Res. 2012;27:575-85 pubmed publisher
    b>WNT5A has recently been implicated in inflammatory processes, but its role as a bone marrow stromal cell (BMSC)-derived mediator of joint inflammation in arthritis is unclear...
  26. Jin Z, Zhao C, Han X, Han Y. Wnt5a promotes ewing sarcoma cell migration through upregulating CXCR4 expression. BMC Cancer. 2012;12:480 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we aimed to explore whether Wnt5a, a putative pro-metastatic factor, plays a role in ES metastasis...
  27. Ying J, Li H, Yu J, Ng K, Poon F, Wong S, et al. WNT5A exhibits tumor-suppressive activity through antagonizing the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling, and is frequently methylated in colorectal cancer. Clin Cancer Res. 2008;14:55-61 pubmed publisher
    ..b>WNT5A is a member of the nontransforming Wnt protein family, whose role in tumorigenesis is still ambiguous...
  28. Wang Q, Symes A, Kane C, Freeman A, Nariculam J, Munson P, et al. A novel role for Wnt/Ca2+ signaling in actin cytoskeleton remodeling and cell motility in prostate cancer. PLoS ONE. 2010;5:e10456 pubmed publisher
    ..A quantitative analysis of the expression of Wnt5A protein in human tissue arrays, containing 600 prostate tissue cores, showed >50% increase in malignant ..
  29. Witze E, Litman E, Argast G, Moon R, Ahn N. Wnt5a control of cell polarity and directional movement by polarized redistribution of adhesion receptors. Science. 2008;320:365-9 pubmed publisher
    ..We show that acute responses to Wnt5a involve recruitment of actin, myosin IIB, Frizzled 3, and melanoma cell adhesion molecule into an intracellular ..
  30. Oue N, Sato A, Hasegawa Y, Yamamoto H, Matsubara A, Yasui W, et al. Wnt5a signaling is involved in the aggressiveness of prostate cancer and expression of metalloproteinase. Oncogene. 2010;29:2036-46 pubmed publisher
    b>Wnt5a is a representative ligand that activates the beta-catenin-independent pathway in Wnt signaling...
  31. Ripka S, Konig A, Buchholz M, Wagner M, Sipos B, Kloppel G, et al. WNT5A--target of CUTL1 and potent modulator of tumor cell migration and invasion in pancreatic cancer. Carcinogenesis. 2007;28:1178-87 pubmed
    ..Using high-throughput approaches, we identified several putative downstream effectors of CUTL1, among them WNT5A, a secreted member of the Wnt multigene family...
  32. Zhu Y, Tian Y, Du J, Hu Z, Yang L, Liu J, et al. Dvl2-dependent activation of Daam1 and RhoA regulates Wnt5a-induced breast cancer cell migration. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e37823 pubmed publisher
    The Dishevelled (Dvl) and Dishevelled-associated activator of morphogenesis 1 (Daam1) pathway triggered by Wnt5a regulates cellular polarity during development and tissue homoeostasis...
  33. Martin V, Valencia A, Agirre X, Cervera J, San Jose Eneriz E, Vilas Zornoza A, et al. Epigenetic regulation of the non-canonical Wnt pathway in acute myeloid leukemia. Cancer Sci. 2010;101:425-32 pubmed publisher
    b>Wnt5a is a member of the Wnt family of proteins that signals through the non-canonical Wnt/Ca(2+)pathway to suppress cyclin D1...
  34. Camilli T, Xu M, O Connell M, Chien B, Frank B, Subaran S, et al. Loss of Klotho during melanoma progression leads to increased filamin cleavage, increased Wnt5A expression, and enhanced melanoma cell motility. Pigment Cell Melanoma Res. 2011;24:175-86 pubmed publisher
    We have previously shown that Wnt5A-mediated signaling can promote melanoma metastasis. It has been shown that Wnt signaling is antagonized by the protein Klotho, which has been implicated in aging...
  35. Saitoh T, Mine T, Katoh M. Frequent up-regulation of WNT5A mRNA in primary gastric cancer. Int J Mol Med. 2002;9:515-9 pubmed
    ..Here, we investigated expression of human WNT5A mRNA in various normal tissues, 66 primary tumors derived from various tissues, and 15 human cancer cell lines...
  36. Bellon M, Ko N, Lee M, Yao Y, Waldmann T, Trepel J, et al. Adult T-cell leukemia cells overexpress Wnt5a and promote osteoclast differentiation. Blood. 2013;121:5045-54 pubmed publisher
    ..Interestingly, ATL cells overexpressed the osteolytic-associated genes-Wnt5a, PTHLH, and RANKL...
  37. Ren D, Minami Y, Nishita M. Critical role of Wnt5a-Ror2 signaling in motility and invasiveness of carcinoma cells following Snail-mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transition. Genes Cells. 2011;16:304-15 pubmed publisher
    ..Expression of Wnt5a, its receptor Ror2 and matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-2 is induced in Snail/A431, but not in control A431 cells...
  38. Weeraratna A, Jiang Y, Hostetter G, Rosenblatt K, Duray P, Bittner M, et al. Wnt5a signaling directly affects cell motility and invasion of metastatic melanoma. Cancer Cell. 2002;1:279-88 pubmed
    ..The gene WNT5A best determined in vitro invasive behavior...
  39. Romanowska M, Evans A, Kellock D, Bray S, McLean K, Donandt S, et al. Wnt5a exhibits layer-specific expression in adult skin, is upregulated in psoriasis, and synergizes with type 1 interferon. PLoS ONE. 2009;4:e5354 pubmed publisher
    b>Wnt5a is a member of the wingless-type patterning regulators important in pre-natal development...
  40. Bitler B, Nicodemus J, Li H, Cai Q, Wu H, Hua X, et al. Wnt5a suppresses epithelial ovarian cancer by promoting cellular senescence. Cancer Res. 2011;71:6184-94 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Wnt5a is a noncanonical Wnt ligand that plays a context-dependent role in human cancers...
  41. Murphy L, Hughes C. Endothelial cells stimulate T cell NFAT nuclear translocation in the presence of cyclosporin A: involvement of the wnt/glycogen synthase kinase-3 beta pathway. J Immunol. 2002;169:3717-25 pubmed
    ..Finally, a secreted, dominant-negative form of frizzled-5 blocks EC-mediated CsA resistance. Thus, EC promote CsA-resistant nuclear localization of NFAT and subsequent IL-2 synthesis through a noncanonical wnt-dependent pathway. ..
  42. Ishitani T, Kishida S, Hyodo Miura J, Ueno N, Yasuda J, Waterman M, et al. The TAK1-NLK mitogen-activated protein kinase cascade functions in the Wnt-5a/Ca(2+) pathway to antagonize Wnt/beta-catenin signaling. Mol Cell Biol. 2003;23:131-9 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that the TAK1-NLK MAPK cascade is activated by the noncanonical Wnt-5a/Ca(2+) pathway and antagonizes canonical Wnt/beta-catenin signaling. ..
  43. Nanbara H, Wara aswapati N, Nagasawa T, Yoshida Y, Yashiro R, Bando Y, et al. Modulation of Wnt5a expression by periodontopathic bacteria. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e34434 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, Wnt5a signaling is essential for the general inflammatory response of human macrophages...
  44. Danielson K, Pillarisetti J, Cohen I, Sholehvar B, Huebner K, Ng L, et al. Characterization of the complete genomic structure of the human WNT-5A gene, functional analysis of its promoter, chromosomal mapping, and expression in early human embryogenesis. J Biol Chem. 1995;270:31225-34 pubmed
    ..This study provides the molecular basis for discerning the regulation of the WNT-5A gene and offers the opportunity to investigate genetic disorders linked to this important gene. ..
  45. Li J, Ying J, Fan Y, Wu L, Ying Y, Chan A, et al. WNT5A antagonizes WNT/?-catenin signaling and is frequently silenced by promoter CpG methylation in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. Cancer Biol Ther. 2010;10:617-24 pubmed
    b>WNT5A is classified as a non-transforming WNT family member whose role in carcinogenesis is still ambiguous...
  46. Bergenfelz C, Janols H, Wullt M, Jirstrom K, Bredberg A, Leandersson K. Wnt5a inhibits human monocyte-derived myeloid dendritic cell generation. Scand J Immunol. 2013;78:194-204 pubmed publisher
    b>Wnt5a is a non-canonical Wnt protein that is expressed at elevated levels in inflammatory conditions...
  47. Li B, Zhong L, Yang X, Andersson T, Huang M, Tang S. WNT5A signaling contributes to A?-induced neuroinflammation and neurotoxicity. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e22920 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we present evidence that reveals a crucial role of Wnt5a signaling in this process...
  48. Habu M, Koyama H, Kishida M, Kamino M, Iijima M, Fuchigami T, et al. Ryk is essential for Wnt-5a-dependent invasiveness in human glioma. J Biochem. 2014;156:29-38 pubmed publisher
    ..Taking these findings together, Fz-2 and Ryk could be therapeutic or pharmacological target molecules for the control of Wnt-5a-dependent invasion of human glioma in the near future. ..
  49. Kumawat K, Menzen M, Bos I, Baarsma H, Borger P, Roth M, et al. Noncanonical WNT-5A signaling regulates TGF-?-induced extracellular matrix production by airway smooth muscle cells. FASEB J. 2013;27:1631-43 pubmed publisher
    ..Collectively, these findings demonstrate that noncanonical WNT-5A signaling is activated by and necessary for TGF-?-induced ECM production by airway smooth muscle cells, which could have significance in asthma pathogenesis. ..
  50. Gudjonsson J, Johnston A, Stoll S, Riblett M, Xing X, Kochkodan J, et al. Evidence for altered Wnt signaling in psoriatic skin. J Invest Dermatol. 2010;130:1849-59 pubmed publisher
    ..b>WNT5A transcripts were upregulated fivefold in lesional skin, accompanied by increased Wnt-5a protein levels...
  51. Hansen C, Howlin J, Tengholm A, Dyachok O, Vogel W, Nairn A, et al. Wnt-5a-induced phosphorylation of DARPP-32 inhibits breast cancer cell migration in a CREB-dependent manner. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:27533-43 pubmed publisher
  52. Leandersson K, Riesbeck K, Andersson T. Wnt-5a mRNA translation is suppressed by the Elav-like protein HuR in human breast epithelial cells. Nucleic Acids Res. 2006;34:3988-99 pubmed
    ..We propose that the lack of Wnt-5a protein expression in invasive human breast tumours is caused by a HuR-mediated suppression of Wnt-5a mRNA translation. ..
  53. Masckauchan T, Agalliu D, Vorontchikhina M, Ahn A, Parmalee N, Li C, et al. Wnt5a signaling induces proliferation and survival of endothelial cells in vitro and expression of MMP-1 and Tie-2. Mol Biol Cell. 2006;17:5163-72 pubmed
    Wnts are lipid-modified secreted glycoproteins that regulate diverse biological processes. We report that Wnt5a, which functions in noncanonical Wnt signaling, has activity on endothelial cells...
  54. Macleod R, Hayes M, Pacheco I. Wnt5a secretion stimulated by the extracellular calcium-sensing receptor inhibits defective Wnt signaling in colon cancer cells. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2007;293:G403-11 pubmed
    ..High Ca(2+) stimulated the upregulation (as assessed by RT-PCR) and the secretion of Wnt5a (assessed by Western blot), a noncanonical Wnt family member...
  55. Dissanayake S, Olkhanud P, O Connell M, Carter A, French A, Camilli T, et al. Wnt5A regulates expression of tumor-associated antigens in melanoma via changes in signal transducers and activators of transcription 3 phosphorylation. Cancer Res. 2008;68:10205-14 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we show that the noncanonical Wnt ligand, Wnt5A, can increase melanoma metastasis in vivo while down-regulating the expression of tumor-associated antigens ..
  56. Pukrop T, Binder C. The complex pathways of Wnt 5a in cancer progression. J Mol Med (Berl). 2008;86:259-66 pubmed
  57. Liu X, Wang L, Zhang S, Lin J, Zhang S, Feitelson M, et al. Mutations in the C-terminus of the X protein of hepatitis B virus regulate Wnt-5a expression in hepatoma Huh7 cells: cDNA microarray and proteomic analyses. Carcinogenesis. 2008;29:1207-14 pubmed publisher
    ..A negative correlation was found between the expression of Wnt-5a and HBx COOH mutations in HCC tissues. HBx mutants may participate in the development and progression of HCC, at least in part through the Wnt-5a pathway. ..
  58. Da Forno P, Pringle J, Hutchinson P, Osborn J, Huang Q, Potter L, et al. WNT5A expression increases during melanoma progression and correlates with outcome. Clin Cancer Res. 2008;14:5825-32 pubmed publisher
    ..Expression microarray analysis correlates one member of this family, WNT5A, to a subclass of melanomas with increased motility and invasion...
  59. Roman Gomez J, Jimenez Velasco A, Cordeu L, Vilas Zornoza A, San Jose Eneriz E, Garate L, et al. WNT5A, a putative tumour suppressor of lymphoid malignancies, is inactivated by aberrant methylation in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Eur J Cancer. 2007;43:2736-46 pubmed
    b>Wnt5a is a member of the Wnt family of proteins that signals through the non-canonical Wnt/Ca(2+) pathway to suppress cyclin D1 expression and negatively regulate B cell proliferation suggesting that it acts as an tumour suppressor for ..
  60. He X, Saint Jeannet J, Wang Y, Nathans J, Dawid I, Varmus H. A member of the Frizzled protein family mediating axis induction by Wnt-5A. Science. 1997;275:1652-4 pubmed
    ..Wnt-5A/hFz5 signaling was antagonized by glycogen synthase kinase-3 and by the amino-terminal ectodomain of hFz5. These results identify hFz5 as a receptor for Wnt-5A. ..
  61. Oishi I, Suzuki H, Onishi N, Takada R, Kani S, Ohkawara B, et al. The receptor tyrosine kinase Ror2 is involved in non-canonical Wnt5a/JNK signalling pathway. Genes Cells. 2003;8:645-54 pubmed
    ..Both Ror2-/- and Wnt5a-/- mice exhibit dwarfism, facial abnormalities, short limbs and tails, dysplasia of lungs and genitals, and ..
  62. Menck K, Klemm F, Gross J, Pukrop T, Wenzel D, Binder C. Induction and transport of Wnt 5a during macrophage-induced malignant invasion is mediated by two types of extracellular vesicles. Oncotarget. 2013;4:2057-66 pubmed
    ..Although of different biogenesis, both populations share common features regarding function and Evi-dependent secretion of non-canonical Wnts. ..
  63. Dejmek J, Säfholm A, Kamp Nielsen C, Andersson T, Leandersson K. Wnt-5a/Ca2+-induced NFAT activity is counteracted by Wnt-5a/Yes-Cdc42-casein kinase 1alpha signaling in human mammary epithelial cells. Mol Cell Biol. 2006;26:6024-36 pubmed
  64. Zhu Y, Shen T, Liu J, Zheng J, Zhang Y, Xu R, et al. Rab35 is required for Wnt5a/Dvl2-induced Rac1 activation and cell migration in MCF-7 breast cancer cells. Cell Signal. 2013;25:1075-85 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Wnt5a, a non-canonical Wnt family member, is implicated in the activation of small GTPases in breast cancer...
  65. Bilkovski R, Schulte D, Oberhauser F, Mauer J, Hampel B, Gutschow C, et al. Adipose tissue macrophages inhibit adipogenesis of mesenchymal precursor cells via wnt-5a in humans. Int J Obes (Lond). 2011;35:1450-4 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, our data indicate that macrophages alter adipogenesis of 3T3-L1 cells not only via classical proinflammatory cytokines, but also via wnt signalling molecules. ..
  66. Peng L, Ren L, Dong G, Wang C, Xu P, Ye L, et al. Wnt5a promotes differentiation of human dental papilla cells. Int Endod J. 2010;43:404-12 pubmed publisher
    To investigate the role of Wnt5a in the process of differentiation of human dental papilla cells (HDPCs).
  67. O Connell M, Fiori J, Xu M, Carter A, Frank B, Camilli T, et al. The orphan tyrosine kinase receptor, ROR2, mediates Wnt5A signaling in metastatic melanoma. Oncogene. 2010;29:34-44 pubmed publisher
    ..As ROR2 has been shown to specifically interact with the non-canonical Wnt ligand, Wnt5A, this corroborates our earlier data implicating Wnt5A as a mediator of melanoma metastasis...
  68. O Connell M, Fiori J, Kershner E, Frank B, Indig F, Taub D, et al. Heparan sulfate proteoglycan modulation of Wnt5A signal transduction in metastatic melanoma cells. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:28704-12 pubmed publisher
    ..Previous studies have demonstrated that Wnt5A increases the invasiveness of melanoma cells...
  69. Kitadai Y, Yamamoto H, Oue N, Ohdan H, Yasui W, Kikuchi A. Laminin gamma2 mediates Wnt5a-induced invasion of gastric cancer cells. Gastroenterology. 2009;137:242-52, 252.e1-6 pubmed
    b>Wnt5a expression stimulates in vitro migration and invasion of cultured gastric cancer cells by an unknown mechanism and is also correlated with aggressiveness of gastric tumors...
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