Gene Symbol: WDR11
Description: WD repeat domain 11
Alias: BRWD2, DR11, HH14, SRI1, WDR15, WD repeat-containing protein 11, WD repeat domain 15, WD repeat-containing protein 15, bromodomain and WD repeat-containing protein 2, sensitization to ricin complex subunit 1
Species: human
Products:     WDR11

Top Publications

  1. Fahira A, Li Z, Liu N, Shi Y. Prediction of causal genes and gene expression analysis of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in the different brain region, a comprehensive integrative analysis of ADHD. Behav Brain Res. 2019;364:183-192 pubmed publisher
    ..prioritized, the most promising genes were LSG1, HYAL3, PIDD, PNPLA2, BLOC1S2, PLK1S1, CALN1, KAT2B, CTNNB1 and WDR11. Whereas, the CALN1, KAT2B, and WDR11 were previously associated with schizophrenia (SZ), bipolar (BP) and drug ..
  2. Sutani A, Shima H, Hijikata A, Hosokawa S, Katoh Fukui Y, Takasawa K, et al. WDR11 is another causative gene for coloboma, cardiac anomaly and growth retardation in 10q26 deletion syndrome. Eur J Med Genet. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..WD repeat domain 11 (WDR11), located at 10q25-26, was recently identified as a causative gene in hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, but other ..
  3. Voo K, Peng G, Guo Z, Fu T, Li Y, Frappier L, et al. Functional characterization of EBV-encoded nuclear antigen 1-specific CD4+ helper and regulatory T cells elicited by in vitro peptide stimulation. Cancer Res. 2005;65:1577-86 pubmed
    ..that recognize naturally processed EBNA1-P(607-619) and -P(561-573) peptides in the context of HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DR11, -DR12, and -DR13 molecules, respectively...
  4. Han M, Hu Z, Chen C, Chen Y, Gucek M, Li Z, et al. Dysbindin-associated proteome in the p2 synaptosome fraction of mouse brain. J Proteome Res. 2014;13:4567-80 pubmed publisher
    ..The interactions of several selected candidates, including WDR11, FAM91A1, snapin, muted, pallidin, and two proteasome subunits, PSMD9 and PSMA4, were verified by ..
  5. Kiniwa Y, Li J, Wang M, Sun C, Lee J, Wang R, et al. Identification of DRG-1 As a Melanoma-Associated Antigen Recognized by CD4+ Th1 Cells. PLoS ONE. 2015;10:e0124094 pubmed publisher
    ..of developmentally regulated GTP-binding protein 1 (DRG-1) as a melanoma-associated antigen recognized by HLA-DR11-restricted CD4(+) Th1 cells...
  6. Endres R, Kleinman S, Carrick D, Steele W, Wright D, Norris P, et al. Identification of specificities of antibodies against human leukocyte antigens in blood donors. Transfusion. 2010;50:1749-60 pubmed publisher
    ..3%-15.6% Class I and 0.4%-18% Class II; p < 0.00001). The highest frequency antibodies were DR11 and B15 (4.4% of women with prior pregnancies)...
  7. Galperin M, Farenc C, Mukhopadhyay M, Jayasinghe D, Decroos A, Benati D, et al. CD4+ T cell-mediated HLA class II cross-restriction in HIV controllers. Sci Immunol. 2018;3: pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we determine the structures of a prototypical public TCR bound to HLA-DR1, HLA-DR11, and HLA-DR15 molecules presenting the Gag293 epitope...
  8. Skrodeniene E, Marciulionyte D, Padaiga Z, Jasinskiene E, Sadauskaite Kuehne V, Sanjeevi C, et al. HLA class II alleles and haplotypes in Lithuanian children with type 1 diabetes and healthy children (HLA and type 1 diabetes). Medicina (Kaunas). 2010;46:505-10 pubmed
    ..75 and 12.93 times, respectively (P<0.001). Protective haplotypes (DR2)-DQA1*0102-B1*0602, (DR11/12/13)-DQA1*05-DQB1*0301, and (DR13)-DQA1*0103-DQB1*0603 were significantly more prevalent among controls than ..
  9. Setiawan L, Gijsbers E, van Nuenen A, Kootstra N. Viral evolution in HLA-B27-restricted CTL epitopes in human immunodeficiency virus type 1-infected individuals. J Gen Virol. 2015;96:2372-80 pubmed publisher
    ..Sequence variations were observed in the HLA-B27-restricted CTL epitopes IK9 and DR11, and the immunodominant KK10 epitope...

More Information


  1. Xu H, Niu Y, Wang T, Liu S, Xu H, Wang S, et al. Novel FGFR1 and KISS1R Mutations in Chinese Kallmann Syndrome Males with Cleft Lip/Palate. Biomed Res Int. 2015;2015:649698 pubmed publisher
    ..of KS males with CLP, we performed genetic screening for 15 known causal IHH genes (KAL1, FGFR1, NELF, FGF8, CHD7, WDR11, SEMA3A, KISS1R, KISS1, PROKR2, PROK2, TAC3, TACR3, GNRH1, and GNRHR) in four KS with CLP patients and six IHH ..
  2. Hrdinova J, Verbij F, Kaijen P, Hartholt R, van Alphen F, Lardy N, et al. Mass spectrometry-assisted identification of ADAMTS13-derived peptides presented on HLA-DR and HLA-DQ. Haematologica. 2018;103:1083-1092 pubmed publisher
    ..In total, 12 different core-peptide sequences were identified on HLA-DR and 8 on HLA-DQ. For HLA-DR11, several potential new core-peptides were found; 4 novel core-peptides were exclusively identified on HLA-DQ...
  3. Ayers K, Bouty A, Robevska G, Van Den Bergen J, Juniarto A, Listyasari N, et al. Variants in congenital hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism genes identified in an Indonesian cohort of 46,XY under-virilised boys. Hum Genomics. 2017;11:1 pubmed publisher
    ..Interestingly, many of these patients had hypospadias. We postulate that variants in CHH genes, in particular PROKR2, PROK2, WDR11 and FGFR1 with CHD7, may contribute to under-virilisation phenotypes including hypospadias in Indonesia.
  4. Hamzeh A, Nair P, Al Khaja N, Al Ali M. Association of HLA-DQA1 and -DQB1 alleles with type I diabetes in Arabs: a meta-analyses. Tissue Antigens. 2015;86:21-7 pubmed publisher
    ..The haplotypes DR7 and DR11 were strongly suggested to be protective in Arabs...
  5. Dai C, Chu C, Chen S, Sun C, Lin M, Lee C. Association between human leucocyte antigen subtypes and risk of end stage renal disease in Taiwanese: a retrospective study. BMC Nephrol. 2015;16:177 pubmed publisher
    ..The current work suggests that HLA-DR3 (odds ratio = 1.91, 95 % CI = 1.098-3.324, P = 0.024, Pc = 0.312) and HLA-DR11 (odds ratio = 2.06, 95 % CI = 1.133-3.761, P = 0.021, Pc = 0...
  6. Mao J, Chen R, Wu X, Liu Z, Zheng J, Wang X, et al. [Association of the extra-gonadal manifestations with different pathogenic gene mutations in male patients with congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism]. Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi. 2015;95:3424-7 pubmed
    ..PROKR2 (n=19), CHD7 (n=16), KAL1 (n=14) and other genes (n=14), such as PROK2, FGF8, GNRHR, KISS1R, NELF and WDR11. Patients with KAL1 mutation displayed CHH related family history (n=5) and obesity (n=3)...
  7. Di Iorgi N, Morana G, Allegri A, Napoli F, Gastaldi R, Calcagno A, et al. Classical and non-classical causes of GH deficiency in the paediatric age. Best Pract Res Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2016;30:705-736 pubmed publisher
    ..SOX2, SOX3, LHX3, LHX4, PROP1, POU1F1, PITX, GLI3, GLI2, OTX2, ARNT2, IGSF1, FGF8, FGFR1, PROKR2, PROK2, CHD7, WDR11, NFKB2, PAX6, TCF7L1, IFT72, GPR161 and CDON - have been associated with pituitary dysfunction and abnormal ..
  8. Cerci Gurbuz B, Soyoz M, Ozkale Okyay D, Kılıcaslan Ayna T, Pirim I. Comparison of Anti-HLA Antibody Production According to Gestational Periods in Pregnant Women. Transplant Proc. 2017;49:464-466 pubmed publisher
    ..8, 0.1-2.0, and 0.3-0.7], respectively; P > .05). The most frequently detected antibodies were A2, B7, DR7, DR4, DR11, DR13, DQ2, and DQ8...
  9. Kim Y, Osborn D, Lee J, Araki M, Araki K, Mohun T, et al. WDR11-mediated Hedgehog signalling defects underlie a new ciliopathy related to Kallmann syndrome. EMBO Rep. 2018;19:269-289 pubmed publisher
    b>WDR11 has been implicated in congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (CHH) and Kallmann syndrome (KS), human developmental genetic disorders defined by delayed puberty and infertility...
  10. Chernova O, Hunyadi A, Malaj E, Pan H, Crooks C, Roe B, et al. A novel member of the WD-repeat gene family, WDR11, maps to the 10q26 region and is disrupted by a chromosome translocation in human glioblastoma cells. Oncogene. 2001;20:5378-92 pubmed
    ..Positional cloning of this translocation breakpoint resulted in the identification of a novel chromosome 10 gene, WDR11, which is a member of the WD-repeat gene family...
  11. Taylor K, Mossman K. Cellular Protein WDR11 Interacts with Specific Herpes Simplex Virus Proteins at the trans-Golgi Network To Promote Virus Replication. J Virol. 2015;89:9841-52 pubmed publisher
    ..further, we identified a novel cytoplasmic interaction between ICP0 and the poorly characterized cellular protein WDR11. During an HSV infection, WDR11 undergoes a dramatic change in localization at late times in the viral replication ..
  12. Navarro Negredo P, Edgar J, Manna P, Antrobus R, Robinson M. The WDR11 complex facilitates the tethering of AP-1-derived vesicles. Nat Commun. 2018;9:596 pubmed publisher
    ..trafficking produced two hits, the adaptor protein-1 (AP-1 complex), which facilitates vesicle budding, and WDR11. Here we demonstrate that WDR11 forms a stable complex with two other proteins, which localises to the TGN region ..
  13. Gilardin L, Delignat S, Peyron I, Ing M, Lone Y, Gangadharan B, et al. The ADAMTS131239-1253 peptide is a dominant HLA-DR1-restricted CD4+ T-cell epitope. Haematologica. 2017;102:1833-1841 pubmed publisher
    ..Interestingly, the ADAMTS131239-1253 peptide demonstrated promiscuity towards HLA-DR11 and HLA-DR15...
  14. Morgan M, Rickels R, Collings C, He X, Cao K, Herz H, et al. A cryptic Tudor domain links BRWD2/PHIP to COMPASS-mediated histone H3K4 methylation. Genes Dev. 2017;31:2003-2014 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we identify an evolutionarily conserved factor, BRWD2/PHIP, which colocalizes with histone H3K4 methylation genome-wide in human cells, mouse embryonic stem cells, and <..
  15. Kim H, Ahn J, Kurth I, Ullmann R, Kim H, Kulharya A, et al. WDR11, a WD protein that interacts with transcription factor EMX1, is mutated in idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and Kallmann syndrome. Am J Hum Genet. 2010;87:465-79 pubmed publisher
    ..with Kallmann syndrome and scanning genes in its vicinity in unrelated hypogonadal subjects, we have identified WDR11 as a gene involved in human puberty...
  16. Katoh M, Katoh M. Recombination cluster around FGFR2-WDR11-HTPAPL locus on human chromosome 10q26. Int J Mol Med. 2003;11:579-83 pubmed
    FGFR2 is an oncogene amplified in diffuse-type gastric cancer, and WDR11 is a tumor suppressor gene disrupted in glial tumor. WDR11-FGFR2 locus on human chromosome 10q26 is one of cancer-related recombination hot spots...
  17. Wu Y, Gao H, Li H, Tabara Y, Nakatochi M, Chiu Y, et al. A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies for adiponectin levels in East Asians identifies a novel locus near WDR11-FGFR2. Hum Mol Genet. 2014;23:1108-19 pubmed publisher
    ..We identified a novel adiponectin-associated locus on chromosome 10 near WDR11-FGFR2 (P = 3.0 × 10(-14)) and provided suggestive evidence for a locus on chromosome 12 near OR8S1-LALBA (P = 1...
  18. Spracklen C, Chen P, Kim Y, Wang X, Cai H, Li S, et al. Association analyses of East Asian individuals and trans-ancestry analyses with European individuals reveal new loci associated with cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Hum Mol Genet. 2017;26:1770-1784 pubmed publisher
    ..4?×?10-9), NCOA2 (P?=?1.6?×?10-8), and NID2-PTGDR (P?=?4.2?×?10-8), and one novel locus associated with TG near WDR11-FGFR2 (P?=?2.7?×?10-10). Conditional analyses identified a second signal near CD163-APOBEC1...
  19. Wei L, Murphy B, Wu G, Parker M, Easton J, Gilbertson R, et al. Exome sequencing analysis of murine medulloblastoma models identifies WDR11 as a potential tumor suppressor in Group 3 tumors. Oncotarget. 2017;8:64685-64697 pubmed publisher
    ..mouse tumor, four novel candidate genes harbored non-silent somatic mutations, Lrfn2, Smyd1, Ubn2 and Wdr11. Extended survival was found in mice harboring mouse G3 overexpressing WDR11 but not the other three ..
  20. Bassik M, Kampmann M, Lebbink R, Wang S, Hein M, Poser I, et al. A systematic mammalian genetic interaction map reveals pathways underlying ricin susceptibility. Cell. 2013;152:909-22 pubmed publisher
    ..The ability to rapidly generate mammalian GI maps provides a potentially transformative tool for defining gene function and designing combination therapies based on synergistic pairs. ..
  21. Katoh M, Katoh M. FGFR2 and WDR11 are neighboring oncogene and tumor suppressor gene on human chromosome 10q26. Int J Oncol. 2003;22:1155-9 pubmed
    ..FGFR2 gene on human chromosome 10q26 is amplified in diffuse-type gastric cancer, while WDR11 gene on human chromosome 10q26 is disrupted in glial tumors...
  22. McCormack S, Li D, Kim Y, Lee J, Kim S, Rapaport R, et al. Digenic Inheritance of PROKR2 and WDR11 Mutations in Pituitary Stalk Interruption Syndrome. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2017;102:2501-2507 pubmed publisher
    ..To investigate the effects of one candidate variant on mutant WDR11 function, Western blotting and coimmunofluorescence were used to assess binding capacity, and leptomycin B ..
  23. Shin J, Gillingham A, Begum F, Chadwick J, Munro S. TBC1D23 is a bridging factor for endosomal vesicle capture by golgins at the trans-Golgi. Nat Cell Biol. 2017;19:1424-1432 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, TBC1D23 is a specificity determinant that links the vesicle to the target membrane during endosome-to-Golgi trafficking. ..