Gene Symbol: US11
Description: dsRNA-binding protein; antagonizes PKR; inhibits stress-induced translational arrest; involved in translational regulation
Alias: dsRNA-binding protein, antagonizes PKR, inhibits stress-induced translational arrest, involved in translational regulation, tegument protein US11
Species: Human herpesvirus 2

Top Publications

  1. Kolb A, Larsen I, Cuellar J, Brandt C. Genomic, phylogenetic, and recombinational characterization of herpes simplex virus 2 strains. J Virol. 2015;89:6427-34 pubmed publisher
  2. Luo C, Nawa A, Yamauchi Y, Kohno S, Ushijima Y, Goshima F, et al. Intercellular trafficking and cytotoxicity of recombinant HSV-1 thymidine kinase fused with HSV-2 US11 RXP repeat peptide. Virus Genes. 2007;34:263-72 pubmed
    ..have made recombinant tk chimeras fused with the arginine-rich (RXP) repeat of herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) US11 and examined their activity of intercellular trafficking and cytotoxicity...

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