Gene Symbol: UL46
Description: modulates transactivating tegument protein VP16; possibly involved in gene regulation
Alias: modulates transactivating tegument protein VP16, possibly involved in gene regulation, tegument protein VP11/12
Species: Human herpesvirus 2

Top Publications

  1. Matsuzaki A, Yamauchi Y, Kato A, Goshima F, Kawaguchi Y, Yoshikawa T, et al. US3 protein kinase of herpes simplex virus type 2 is required for the stability of the UL46-encoded tegument protein and its association with virus particles. J Gen Virol. 2005;86:1979-85 pubmed
    ..However, the role of US3 PK in virus replication and pathogenicity is not well understood. The UL46 gene encodes virion tegument phosphoproteins, the properties and functions of which are poorly understood...
  2. Colgrove R, Diaz F, Newman R, Saif S, Shea T, Young S, et al. Genomic sequences of a low passage herpes simplex virus 2 clinical isolate and its plaque-purified derivative strain. Virology. 2014;450-451:140-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Because HG52 virus is less virulent than other HSV-2 strains and may not be representative of wildtype HSV-2 strains, we propose that the HSV-2 SD90e genome serve as the new HSV-2 reference genome. ..