Gene Symbol: TOMM5
Description: translocase of outer mitochondrial membrane 5
Alias: C9orf105, Tom5, bA613M10.3, mitochondrial import receptor subunit TOM5 homolog, mitochondrial outer membrane protein TOM5, translocase of outer mitochondrial membrane 5 homolog
Species: human
Products:     TOMM5

Top Publications

  1. Lahiri S, Chao J, Tavassoli S, Wong A, Choudhary V, Young B, et al. A conserved endoplasmic reticulum membrane protein complex (EMC) facilitates phospholipid transfer from the ER to mitochondria. PLoS Biol. 2014;12:e1001969 pubmed publisher
    ..find that all Emc proteins interact with the mitochondrial translocase of the outer membrane (TOM) complex protein Tom5 and this interaction is important for PS transfer and cell growth, suggesting that the EMC forms a tether by ..
  2. Pasquali F, Agrimonti C, Pagano L, Zappettini A, Villani M, Marmiroli M, et al. Nucleo-mitochondrial interaction of yeast in response to cadmium sulfide quantum dot exposure. J Hazard Mater. 2017;324:744-752 pubmed publisher
    ..All of these cellular changes were correlated with several key nuclear genes, including TOM5 and FKS1, involved in the maintenance of mitochondrial organization and function...
  3. Bausewein T, Mills D, Langer J, Nitschke B, Nussberger S, Kuhlbrandt W. Cryo-EM Structure of the TOM Core Complex from Neurospora crassa. Cell. 2017;170:693-700.e7 pubmed publisher
    ..Each Tom40 pore is surrounded by the transmembrane segments of the ?-helical subunits Tom5, Tom6, and Tom7. Tom22, the central preprotein receptor, connects the two Tom40 pores at the dimer interface...
  4. Kato H, Mihara K. Identification of Tom5 and Tom6 in the preprotein translocase complex of human mitochondrial outer membrane. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2008;369:958-63 pubmed publisher
    ..TOM complex) comprises import receptors Tom70, Tom20, and Tom22, import channel Tom40, and small Tom proteins Tom5, Tom6, and Tom7, which regulate TOM complex assembly...
  5. Yeo A, Li L, Warren L, Aponte J, Fraser D, King K, et al. Pharmacogenetic meta-analysis of baseline risk factors, pharmacodynamic, efficacy and tolerability endpoints from two large global cardiovascular outcomes trials for darapladib. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0182115 pubmed publisher
    ..loci on baseline Lp-PLA2 activity (APOE, CELSR2, LPA, PLA2G7, LDLR and SCARB1) and identified three novel loci (TOMM5, FRMD5 and LPL) using the GWAS-significance threshold P?5E-08...