tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2


Gene Symbol: tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2
Description: tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2
Alias: PP5, REF1, TFPI-2, tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2, placental protein 5, retinal pigment epithelium cell factor 1
Species: human

Top Publications

  1. Siegling S, Thyzel E, Brinkmann T, Prohaska W, Glahn J, Gotting C, et al. Genetic variations in the human TFPI-2 gene and its promoter region by denaturing high performance liquid chromatography. Thromb Res. 2004;113:341-3 pubmed
  2. Jian P, Yan W, Chao S, Liang P, Zhen L, Ling Q, et al. Promoter of TFPI-2 is hypermethylated in Chinese pediatric acute myeloid leukemia. J Pediatr Hematol Oncol. 2012;34:43-6 pubmed publisher
    ..8, P<0.001). Patients with methylated TFPI-2 gene had significantly lower TFPI-2 transcript than those patients without methylated TFPI-2 (P=0.04). Promoter hypermethylation of TFPI-2 is frequent and specific event in pediatric AML. ..
  3. Glöckner S, Dhir M, Yi J, McGarvey K, Van Neste L, Louwagie J, et al. Methylation of TFPI2 in stool DNA: a potential novel biomarker for the detection of colorectal cancer. Cancer Res. 2009;69:4691-9 pubmed publisher
    We have used a gene expression array-based strategy to identify the methylation of tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 (TFPI2), a potential tumor suppressor gene, as a frequent event in human colorectal cancers (CRC)...
  4. Wojtukiewicz M, Sierko E, Zimnoch L, Kozlowski L, Kisiel W. Immunohistochemical localization of tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 in human tumor tissue. Thromb Haemost. 2003;90:140-6 pubmed
    ..Recently, a second inhibitor of tissue factor dependent pathway, TFPI-2 (also known as placental protein 5 [PP5] or matrix-associated serine protease inhibitor [MSPI]), has been described...
  5. Takada H, Wakabayashi N, Dohi O, Yasui K, Sakakura C, Mitsufuji S, et al. Tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 (TFPI2) is frequently silenced by aberrant promoter hypermethylation in gastric cancer. Cancer Genet Cytogenet. 2010;197:16-24 pubmed publisher
    ..Aberrant methylation of TFPI2 promoter CpG island occurred not only in GC cells but also in primary GC tissues at a high frequency, suggesting that epigenetic silencing of TFPI2 may contribute to gastric carcinogenesis. ..
  6. Rao C, Reddy P, Liu Y, O TOOLE E, Reeder D, Foster D, et al. Extracellular matrix-associated serine protease inhibitors (Mr 33,000, 31,000, and 27,000) are single-gene products with differential glycosylation: cDNA cloning of the 33-kDa inhibitor reveals its identity to tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2. Arch Biochem Biophys. 1996;335:82-92 pubmed
    ..None or very little of the inhibitors (0-2%) remained in a conditioned medium. Because they are primarily associated with ECM, the inhibitors may play a major role in ECM remodeling and turnover. ..
  7. Sato N, Parker A, Fukushima N, Miyagi Y, Iacobuzio Donahue C, Eshleman J, et al. Epigenetic inactivation of TFPI-2 as a common mechanism associated with growth and invasion of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Oncogene. 2005;24:850-8 pubmed
    ..One of the genes identified was tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 (TFPI-2), which encodes for a broad-spectrum serine proteinase inhibitor that negatively regulates ..
  8. Rollin J, Iochmann S, Blechet C, Hube F, Regina S, Guyetant S, et al. Expression and methylation status of tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 gene in non-small-cell lung cancer. Br J Cancer. 2005;92:775-83 pubmed
    ..02). These results suggest that silencing of the TFPI-2 gene by hypermethylation might contribute to tumour progression in NSCLC. ..
  9. Zhou Q, Xiong Y, Chen Y, Du Y, Zhang J, Mu J, et al. Effects of tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 expression on biological behavior of BeWo and JEG-3 cell lines. Clin Appl Thromb Hemost. 2012;18:526-33 pubmed publisher
    ..TFPI-2 expression caused invasion and proliferation impair and induced apoptosis in TFPI-2 regulated BeWo and JEG-3 cells. It provides a clue for potential role of TFPI-2 in trophoblast. ..

More Information


  1. Sprecher C, Kisiel W, Mathewes S, Foster D. Molecular cloning, expression, and partial characterization of a second human tissue-factor-pathway inhibitor. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1994;91:3353-7 pubmed
    ..TFPI-2 at high concentrations weakly inhibited the amidolytic activity of human factor Xa, but had no measurable effect on the amidolytic activity of human thrombin. ..
  2. Miyagi Y, Koshikawa N, Yasumitsu H, Miyagi E, Hirahara F, Aoki I, et al. cDNA cloning and mRNA expression of a serine proteinase inhibitor secreted by cancer cells: identification as placental protein 5 and tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2. J Biochem. 1994;116:939-42 pubmed
    ..Analysis of its partial amino acid sequences indicated that this protein was identical to placental protein 5 (PP5), a placenta-derived glycoprotein with serine proteinase inhibitor activity, the amino acid sequence ..
  3. Wang S, Xiao X, Zhou X, Huang T, Du C, Yu N, et al. TFPI-2 is a putative tumor suppressor gene frequently inactivated by promoter hypermethylation in nasopharyngeal carcinoma. BMC Cancer. 2010;10:617 pubmed publisher
    ..Epigenetic inactivation of TFPI-2 by promoter hypermethylation is a frequent and tumor specific event in NPC. TFPI-2 might be considering as a putative tumor suppressor gene in NPC. ..
  4. Udagawa K, Yasumitsu H, Esaki M, Sawada H, Nagashima Y, Aoki I, et al. Subcellular localization of PP5/TFPI-2 in human placenta: a possible role of PP5/TFPI-2 as an anti-coagulant on the surface of syncytiotrophoblasts. Placenta. 2002;23:145-53 pubmed
    b>Placental protein 5 (PP5)/tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 (TFPI-2), a serine proteinase inhibitor, is homologous to tissue factor pathway inhibitor (TFPI) and commonly found in peripheral blood of pregnant woman...
  5. Konduri S, Yanamandra N, Dinh D, Olivero W, Gujrati M, Foster D, et al. Physiological and chemical inducers of tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 in human glioma cells. Int J Oncol. 2003;22:1277-83 pubmed
  6. Ivanciu L, Gerard R, Tang H, Lupu F, Lupu C. Adenovirus-mediated expression of tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 inhibits endothelial cell migration and angiogenesis. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2007;27:310-6 pubmed
    ..Our data suggest that TFPI-2 may be an important regulator of aberrant angiogenesis associated with tumor growth/metastasis, cardiovascular diseases, chronic inflammation, or diabetes. ..
  7. Torres Collado A, Kisiel W, Iruela Arispe M, Rodríguez Manzaneque J. ADAMTS1 interacts with, cleaves, and modifies the extracellular location of the matrix inhibitor tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2. J Biol Chem. 2006;281:17827-37 pubmed
  8. Hibi K, Goto T, Kitamura Y, Yokomizo K, Sakuraba K, Shirahata A, et al. Methylation of TFPI2 gene is frequently detected in advanced well-differentiated colorectal cancer. Anticancer Res. 2010;30:1205-7 pubmed
    ..TFPI2 may act as a tumour suppressor in colorectal carcinomas and TFPI2 methylation may present a potential risk of malignancy in colorectal cancer. ..
  9. Miyagi Y, Yasumitsu H, Eki T, Miyata S, Kkawa N, Hirahara F, et al. Assignment of the human PP5/TFPI-2 gene to 7q22 by FISH and PCR-based human/rodent cell hybrid mapping panel analysis. Genomics. 1996;35:267-8 pubmed
  10. Tang Z, Geng G, Huang Q, Xu G, Hu H, Chen J, et al. Prognostic significance of tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 in pancreatic carcinoma and its effect on tumor invasion and metastasis. Med Oncol. 2010;27:867-75 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data suggest that TFPI-2 plays a significant role in the invasion and metastasis of pancreatic carcinoma cell in vitro and in vivo and is determined to be an important prognostic factor for pancreatic carcinoma patients. ..
  11. Kamei S, Kazama Y, Kuijper J, Foster D, Kisiel W. Genomic structure and promoter activity of the human tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 gene. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2001;1517:430-5 pubmed
    Human type-2 tissue factor pathway inhibitor (TFPI-2), also known as placental protein 5, is a 32 kDa serine proteinase inhibitor consisting of three tandemly arranged Kunitz-type inhibitor domains homologous to tissue factor pathway ..
  12. Chand H, Du X, Ma D, Inzunza H, Kamei S, Foster D, et al. The effect of human tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 on the growth and metastasis of fibrosarcoma tumors in athymic mice. Blood. 2004;103:1069-77 pubmed
    ..Our collective data demonstrate that secretion of inhibitory TFPI-2 by a highly metastatic tumor cell markedly inhibits its growth and metastasis in vivo by regulating pericellular extracellular matrix (ECM) remodeling and angiogenesis. ..
  13. Vaitkiene P, Skiriute D, Skauminas K, Tamasauskas A. Associations between TFPI-2 methylation and poor prognosis in glioblastomas. Medicina (Kaunas). 2012;48:345-9 pubmed
    ..The epigenetic silencing of tumor suppressor genes plays an important role in gliomagenesis. Recently, tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 (TFPI-2) has been suggested as a tumor suppressor gene involved in tumorigenesis and metastasis in ..
  14. Butzow R, Huhtala M, Bohn H, Virtanen I, Seppala M. Purification and characterization of placental protein 5. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1988;150:483-90 pubmed
    This report describes the purification of placental protein 5, PP5, from the human placenta by two affinity chromatography steps, the first with Heparin-Sepharose and the second with Sepharose-linked monoclonal anti-PP5 antibody...
  15. Xu Z, Maiti D, Kisiel W, Duh E. Tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 is upregulated by vascular endothelial growth factor and suppresses growth factor-induced proliferation of endothelial cells. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2006;26:2819-25 pubmed
    ..TFPI-2, or derivatives of TFPI-2, may be novel therapeutics for treatment of angiogenic disease processes. ..
  16. Guo H, Lin Y, Zhang H, Liu J, Zhang N, Li Y, et al. Tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 was repressed by CpG hypermethylation through inhibition of KLF6 binding in highly invasive breast cancer cells. BMC Mol Biol. 2007;8:110 pubmed
  17. Jia Y, Yang Y, Brock M, Cao B, Zhan Q, Li Y, et al. Methylation of TFPI-2 is an early event of esophageal carcinogenesis. Epigenomics. 2012;4:135-46 pubmed publisher
    ..TFPI-2 is frequently methylated in esophageal cancer with a progression tendency. TFPI-2 is a potential tumor suppressor in esophageal cancer. ..
  18. Ribarska T, Ingenwerth M, Goering W, Engers R, Schulz W. Epigenetic inactivation of the placentally imprinted tumor suppressor gene TFPI2 in prostate carcinoma. Cancer Genomics Proteomics. 2010;7:51-60 pubmed
    ..Epigenetic disturbances in the 7q21 cluster affect imprinted genes in a non-coordinate manner suggesting an unstable epigenetic state prone to selection for specific expression changes. ..
  19. Hube F, Reverdiau P, Iochmann S, Cherpi Antar C, Gruel Y. Characterization and functional analysis of TFPI-2 gene promoter in a human choriocarcinoma cell line. Thromb Res. 2003;109:207-15 pubmed
    ..Moreover, negative regulatory regions included AP-1 binding sites were identified. This study demonstrates that the TFPI-2 gene promoter exhibits typical features of a housekeeping gene. ..
  20. Chand H, Schmidt A, Bajaj S, Kisiel W. Structure-function analysis of the reactive site in the first Kunitz-type domain of human tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:17500-7 pubmed
    ..Thus, together with the P(1) residue, the nature of other residues flanking the P(1) residue, particularly at P(6) and P(5)', strongly influences the inhibitory activity and specificity of human TFPI-2. ..
  21. Petersen L, Sprecher C, Foster D, Blumberg H, Hamamoto T, Kisiel W. Inhibitory properties of a novel human Kunitz-type protease inhibitor homologous to tissue factor pathway inhibitor. Biochemistry. 1996;35:266-72 pubmed
    ..TFPI-2 recently has been shown to be identical to placental protein 5 (PP5), a glycoprotein originally isolated from placenta that exhibits serine protease inhibitory activity...
  22. Gessler F, Voss V, Seifert V, Gerlach R, Kogel D. Knockdown of TFPI-2 promotes migration and invasion of glioma cells. Neurosci Lett. 2011;497:49-54 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings underscore the important role of TFPI-2 as a tumor suppressor gene and indicate that TFPI-2 may be a useful diagnostic marker for the aggressive phenotype of glial tumors. ..
  23. Gaud G, Iochmann S, Guillon Munos A, Brillet B, Petiot S, Seigneuret F, et al. TFPI-2 silencing increases tumour progression and promotes metalloproteinase 1 and 3 induction through tumour-stromal cell interactions. J Cell Mol Med. 2011;15:196-208 pubmed publisher
  24. Hisaka T, Lardeux B, Lamireau T, Wuestefeld T, Lalor P, Neaud V, et al. Expression of tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 in murine and human liver regulation during inflammation. Thromb Haemost. 2004;91:569-75 pubmed
    ..The large difference in the level of liver expression of human and murine TFPI-2 suggests that despite significant sequence similarities, these proteins presumably have different functions in the two species. ..
  25. Shinoda E, Yui Y, Hattori R, Tanaka M, Inoue R, Aoyama T, et al. Tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 is a novel mitogen for vascular smooth muscle cells. J Biol Chem. 1999;274:5379-84 pubmed
    ..However, structurally similar TFPI-2 was found to have a mitogenic activity for the smooth muscle cell. ..
  26. Hube F, Reverdiau P, Iochmann S, Trassard S, Thibault G, Gruel Y. Demonstration of a tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 messenger RNA synthesis by pure villous cytotrophoblast cells isolated from term human placentas. Biol Reprod. 2003;68:1888-94 pubmed
    b>Tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 (TFPI-2), a Kunitz-type proteinase inhibitor, might play an important role during placenta growth by regulating trophoblast invasion and differentiation...
  27. Wong C, Ng Y, Lee J, Wong C, Cheung O, Chan C, et al. Tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 as a frequently silenced tumor suppressor gene in hepatocellular carcinoma. Hepatology. 2007;45:1129-38 pubmed
    ..Moreover, ectopic overexpression of TFPI-2 significantly suppressed the proliferation and invasiveness of HCC cells. Our findings suggest that TFPI-2 is a candidate tumor suppressor gene in human HCC. ..
  28. Kempaiah P, Chand H, Kisiel W. Identification of a human TFPI-2 splice variant that is upregulated in human tumor tissues. Mol Cancer. 2007;6:20 pubmed
  29. Ran Y, Pan J, Hu H, Zhou Z, Sun L, Peng L, et al. A novel role for tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 in the therapy of human esophageal carcinoma. Hum Gene Ther. 2009;20:41-9 pubmed publisher
  30. Kempaiah P, Kisiel W. Human tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 induces caspase-mediated apoptosis in a human fibrosarcoma cell line. Apoptosis. 2008;13:702-15 pubmed publisher
    ..Collectively, our results demonstrate that treatment of HT-1080 cells exogenously with either TFPI-2 or R24K KD1 activates caspase-mediated, pro-apoptotic signaling pathways resulting in apoptosis. ..
  31. Iino M, Foster D, Kisiel W. Quantification and characterization of human endothelial cell-derived tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 1998;18:40-6 pubmed
    Tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 (TFPI-2), also known as placental protein 5, is a serine protease inhibitor consisting of three tandemly-arranged Kunitz-type protease inhibitor domains...
  32. Konduri S, Osman F, Rao C, Srinivas H, Yanamandra N, Tasiou A, et al. Minimal and inducible regulation of tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 in human gliomas. Oncogene. 2002;21:921-8 pubmed
    ..We conclude that the -312 to +1 region is critical for the minimal and inducible regulation of TFPI-2 in non-invasive (Hs683) and highly invasive (SNB19) human glioma cell lines. ..
  33. Jiang P, Watanabe H, Okada G, Ohtsubo K, Mouri H, Tsuchiyama T, et al. Diagnostic utility of aberrant methylation of tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 in pure pancreatic juice for pancreatic carcinoma. Cancer Sci. 2006;97:1267-73 pubmed
    The tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 (TFPI-2) is a Kunitz-type serine proteinase inhibitor. Recently, the aberrant methylation of TFPI-2 was detected frequently in pancreatic carcinoma (PCa) tissues but not in normal pancreatic tissues...
  34. Tang Z, Geng G, Huang Q, Xu G, Hu H, Chen J, et al. Expression of tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 in human pancreatic carcinoma and its effect on tumor growth, invasion, and migration in vitro and in vivo. J Surg Res. 2011;167:62-9 pubmed publisher
    b>Tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 (TFPI-2), also known as placental protein and matrix-associated serine protease inhibitor, plays an important role in angiogenesis, intravascular fibrinolysis, wound healing, tumor invasion, metastasis ..
  35. Siegling S, Thyzel E, Glahn J, Kleesiek K, Gotting C. Analysis of sequence variations in the promoter region of the human tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 gene in apoplectic patients and blood donors. Ann Hematol. 2006;85:32-7 pubmed
    b>Tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 (TFPI-2) is a Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor with homology to TFPI-1, an important regulator of the extrinsic pathway of blood coagulation...
  36. Konduri S, Srivenugopal K, Yanamandra N, Dinh D, Olivero W, Gujrati M, et al. Promoter methylation and silencing of the tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 (TFPI-2), a gene encoding an inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinases in human glioma cells. Oncogene. 2003;22:4509-16 pubmed
    ..These studies establish that TFPI-2 is transcriptionally silenced through promoter methylation in SNB19 cells. ..
  37. Udagawa K, Miyagi Y, Hirahara F, Miyagi E, Nagashima Y, Minaguchi H, et al. Specific expression of PP5/TFPI2 mRNA by syncytiotrophoblasts in human placenta as revealed by in situ hybridization. Placenta. 1998;19:217-23 pubmed
    b>Placental protein 5 (PP5) is a placenta-derived glycoprotein with serine proteinase-inhibiting activity. To date its physiological functions have not been well elucidated...
  38. Liu Y, Stack S, Lakka S, Khan A, Woodley D, Rao J, et al. Matrix localization of tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2/matrix-associated serine protease inhibitor (TFPI-2/MSPI) involves arginine-mediated ionic interactions with heparin and dermatan sulfate: heparin accelerates the activity of TFPI-2/MSPI toward. Arch Biochem Biophys. 1999;370:112-8 pubmed
  39. Rao C, Segawa T, Navari J, Xu L, Srivastava S, Moul J, et al. Methylation of TFPI-2 gene is not the sole cause of its silencing. Int J Oncol. 2003;22:843-8 pubmed
  40. Nobeyama Y, Okochi Takada E, Furuta J, Miyagi Y, Kikuchi K, Yamamoto A, et al. Silencing of tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 gene in malignant melanomas. Int J Cancer. 2007;121:301-7 pubmed
    ..The results showed that TFPI-2 is silenced in human malignant melanomas by methylation of its promoter CGI and suggested that its silencing is involved in melanoma metastasis. ..
  41. Karkanas P, Brown K, Fisher E, Jacobs Z, Marean C. Interpreting human behavior from depositional rates and combustion features through the study of sedimentary microfacies at site Pinnacle Point 5-6, South Africa. J Hum Evol. 2015;85:1-21 pubmed publisher
    Using fine and coarse resolution geoarchaeological studies at the Middle Stone Age site of PP5-6 at Pinnacle Point, Mossel Bay, South Africa, we discovered different patterns of anthropogenic input and changes in behavior through time...
  42. Hsieh F, Chen Y, Hung M, Chu P, Tsai M, Chen L, et al. Palbociclib induces activation of AMPK and inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma in a CDK4/6-independent manner. Mol Oncol. 2017;11:1035-1049 pubmed publisher
    ..cells through a mechanism involving 5' AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) activation and protein phosphatase 5 (PP5) inhibition...
  43. Chu X, Zhao P, Lv Y, Liu L. Decreased expression of TFPI-2 correlated with increased expression of CD133 in cholangiocarcinoma. Int J Clin Exp Pathol. 2015;8:328-36 pubmed
    ..The expression of TFPI-2 may be inversely correlative with the expression of CD133. ..
  44. Rollin J, Regina S, Vourc H P, Iochmann S, Blechet C, Reverdiau P, et al. Influence of MMP-2 and MMP-9 promoter polymorphisms on gene expression and clinical outcome of non-small cell lung cancer. Lung Cancer. 2007;56:273-80 pubmed
    ..6-fold in -735CC patients (p=0.045; 95% CI=1.0-6.7). The results of this study suggest that the -735C/T MMP-2 polymorphism might be an independent prognostic marker in NSCLC, but this should be confirmed in a larger cohort of patients. ..
  45. Hu H, Chen X, Wang C, Jiang Y, Li J, Ying X, et al. The role of TFPI2 hypermethylation in the detection of gastric and colorectal cancer. Oncotarget. 2017;8:84054-84065 pubmed publisher
    Gastrointestinal cancer is a prevalent disease with high morbidity and mortality. Tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 (TFPI2) gene could protect the extracellular matrix of cancer cells from degradation and tumor invasion...
  46. Kasetty G, Smeds E, Holmberg E, Wrange L, Adikesavan S, Papareddy P. Vertebrate TFPI-2 C-terminal peptides exert therapeutic applications against Gram-negative infections. BMC Microbiol. 2016;16:129 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest that the evolutionary conserved C-terminal part of TFPI-2 is an interesting agent for the development of novel antimicrobial therapies. ..
  47. Ma J, Yang Q, Deng C, Jin H, Gong W, Wang S, et al. [Screening and diagnostic value of the molecular markers of DNA methylation in colorectal neoplasma]. Zhonghua Wei Chang Wai Ke Za Zhi. 2015;18:1149-53 pubmed
    ..007). The area under curve(AUC) of SNCA, SPG20, and FBN1 methylation for diagnosing colorectal cancer was 0.890, 0.730 and 0.880 respectively. SNCA, SPG20 and FBN1 are potential genes with screening value for colorectal neoplasma. ..
  48. Xiao X, Tao X, Wang Y, Zhu L, Ye Y, Liu H, et al. Hypomethylation of tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 in human placenta of preeclampsia. Thromb Res. 2017;152:7-13 pubmed publisher
    To investigate the expression, DNA methylation status and its regulatory mechanism of tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 (TFPI-2) in human placenta tissues of preeclampsia (PE)...
  49. Peraramelli S, Thomassen S, Heinzmann A, Hackeng T, Hartmann R, Scheiflinger F, et al. Role of exosite binding modulators in the inhibition of Fxa by TFPI. Thromb Haemost. 2016;115:580-90 pubmed publisher
    ..Physiological protein S and FV concentrations both enhanced FXa inhibition by TFPI 2- to 3-fold. In contrast, thrombin-activated FV (FVa) impaired the ability of TFPI to inhibit FXa...
  50. Hashem R, Hassanin K, Rashed L, Mahmoud M, Hassan M. Effect of silibinin and vitamin E on the ASK1-p38 MAPK pathway in D-galactosamine/lipopolysaccharide induced hepatotoxicity. Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2016;241:1250-7 pubmed publisher
    ..the negative modulators of ASK1, thioredoxin1 (Trx1), thioredoxin reductase1 (TrxR1), and the protein phosphatase (PP5), whereas they have previously proven to have hepatoprotective effect...
  51. Lai Y, He R, Chou J, Chan M, Li Y, Tai C. Promoter hypermethylation and silencing of tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 in oral squamous cell carcinoma. J Transl Med. 2014;12:237 pubmed publisher
    ..The loss of TFPI-2 expression is a key event for oral tumorigenesis, especially in the process of tumor metastasis. ..
  52. Arakawa N, Kobayashi H, Yonemoto N, Masuishi Y, Ino Y, Shigetomi H, et al. Clinical Significance of Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor 2, a Serum Biomarker Candidate for Ovarian Clear Cell Carcinoma. PLoS ONE. 2016;11:e0165609 pubmed publisher
    ..Previously, using a proteome-based approach, we identified tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 (TFPI2) as a candidate serum biomarker for CCC...
  53. Gao F, Wang F, Liu R, Xue F, Zhang J, Xu G, et al. Epigenetic silencing of miR-130a ameliorates hemangioma by targeting tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 through FAK/PI3K/Rac1/mdm2 signaling. Int J Oncol. 2017;50:1821-1831 pubmed publisher
    ..miR?130a inhibitor also induced a cell cycle arrest at G2/M phase. Further studies revealed that tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 (TFPI2) was a novel miR-130a target, due to miR-130a bound directly to its 3'-untranslated region ..
  54. Takayama M, Soma H, Saito T, Isaka K, Kashiwagi H, Ogawa T, et al. Circulating levels of placental protein 5 in normal and abnormal pregnancies. Gynecol Obstet Invest. 1983;16:13-26 pubmed
    Serum concentrations of PP5 were measured by radioimmunoassay in 219 women with normal pregnancies and 163 women whose pregnancies were complicated...
  55. Hibi K, Goto T, Kitamura Y, Sakuraba K, Shirahata A, Mizukami H, et al. Methylation of the TFPI2 gene is frequently detected in advanced gastric carcinoma. Anticancer Res. 2010;30:4131-3 pubmed
    ..A significant difference was observed in maximal tumour size (p=0.0084), extent of tumour (p=0.0068), and TNM stage (p=0.0392). TFPI2 is frequently methylated in advanced gastric carcinomas. ..
  56. Zawadzki C, Chatelain N, Delestre M, Susen S, Quesnel B, Juthier F, et al. Tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 gene methylation is associated with low expression in carotid atherosclerotic plaques. Atherosclerosis. 2009;204:e4-14 pubmed publisher
    ..Methylation of the TFPI-2 gene takes place in atherosclerotic plaques and is associated with decreased TFPI-2 expression. The place of this process in atherosclerosis progression remains to be investigated. ..
  57. Du X, Deng F, Chand H, Kisiel W. Molecular cloning, expression, and characterization of bovine tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2. Arch Biochem Biophys. 2003;417:96-104 pubmed
    ..Similar to human TFPI-2, both bovine TFPI-2 isoforms exhibited strong inhibitory activity towards trypsin and plasmin, and weak inhibitory activity towards the factor VIIa-tissue factor complex. ..
  58. Du X, Chand H, Kisiel W. Human tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 does not bind or inhibit activated matrix metalloproteinase-1. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2003;1621:242-5 pubmed
    ..These data provide presumptive evidence that TFPI-2 does not bind to MMP-2, MMP-9 and MMP-1, or regulate MMP-1, in the extracellular matrix. ..
  59. Crawley J, Goulding D, Ferreira V, Severs N, Lupu F. Expression and localization of tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 in normal and atherosclerotic human vessels. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2002;22:218-24 pubmed
  60. Dong Y, Tan Q, Tao L, Pan X, Pang L, Liang W, et al. Hypermethylation of TFPI2 correlates with cervical cancer incidence in the Uygur and Han populations of Xinjiang, China. Int J Clin Exp Pathol. 2015;8:1844-54 pubmed
    b>Tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 (TFPI2) is a Kunitz-type serine proteinase inhibitor, which plays an important role in the etiology of human malignancies...
  61. Xu Y, Qin X, Zhou J, Tu Z, Bi X, Li W, et al. Tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 inhibits the growth and invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma cells and is inactivated in human hepatocellular carcinoma. Oncol Lett. 2011;2:779-783 pubmed
    ..Restored expression of TFPI-2 in HepG(2) cells inhibits cell proliferation and invasion. Taken together, the results suggest that TFPI-2 has a tumor-suppression action and its inactivation may contribute to HCC. ..
  62. Zhu L, Wang J, Mu J, Wang H, Zhang C, Wang J, et al. Expression and characterization of Kunitz domain 3 and C-terminal of human tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2. Acta Biochim Biophys Sin (Shanghai). 2009;41:948-54 pubmed
    ..The interaction of hTFPI-2/KD3C with heparin calcium was investigated by CD. It was found that heparin calcium induced b-strands in hTFPI-2/ KD3C to different extents depending on the ratio of hTFPI-2/KD3C and heparin calcium. ..
  63. Kempaiah P, Chand H, Kisiel W. Human tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 is internalized by cells and translocated to the nucleus by the importin system. Arch Biochem Biophys. 2009;482:58-65 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results provide the initial description of TFPI-2 internalization and translocation to the nucleus in a number of cells. ..
  64. Vadivel K, Kumar Y, Ogueli G, Ponnuraj S, Wongkongkathep P, Loo J, et al. S2'-subsite variations between human and mouse enzymes (plasmin, factor XIa, kallikrein) elucidate inhibition differences by tissue factor pathway inhibitor -2 domain1-wild-type, Leu17Arg-mutant and aprotinin. J Thromb Haemost. 2016;14:2509-2523 pubmed publisher
    ..Conclusions Inhibitor potencies differ between antifibrinolytic agents against human and mouse enzymes. KD1L17R -KT is effective in reducing blood loss in a tail-amputation model that mimics extremity injury. ..
  65. Hube F, Reverdiau P, Iochmann S, Gruel Y. Computer model of the interaction of human TFPI-2 Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor with human plasmin. Thromb Res. 2003;111:197-8 pubmed
  66. Zanoli L, Lentini P, Fatuzzo P. Digoxin and Hypermagnesuria. Nephron. 2017;: pubmed publisher
    In a recent issue of Nephron, Abu-Amer et al.[<xref ref-type="bibr" rid="ref1">1</xref>] reported the presence of hypermagnesuria in patients following acute intravenous administration of digoxin and suggested that the Na+/K+-..