Gene Symbol: TCF12
Description: transcription factor 12
Alias: CRS3, HEB, HTF4, HsT17266, TCF-12, bHLHb20, p64, transcription factor 12, DNA-binding protein HTF4, E-box-binding protein, class B basic helix-loop-helix protein 20, helix-loop-helix transcription factor 4, transcription factor HTF-4
Species: human
Products:     TCF12

Top Publications

  1. Zhang J, Kalkum M, Yamamura S, Chait B, Roeder R. E protein silencing by the leukemogenic AML1-ETO fusion protein. Science. 2004;305:1286-9 pubmed
  2. Gardini A, Cesaroni M, Luzi L, Okumura A, Biggs J, Minardi S, et al. AML1/ETO oncoprotein is directed to AML1 binding regions and co-localizes with AML1 and HEB on its targets. PLoS Genet. 2008;4:e1000275 pubmed publisher
    ..The DNA binding profile of the E-protein HEB was grossly rearranged upon expression of AML1/ETO, and the fusion protein was found to co-localize with both AML1 ..
  3. Huguet G, Temel Y, Kádár E, Pol S, Casaca Carreira J, Segura Torres P, et al. Altered expression of dopaminergic cell fate regulating genes prior to manifestation of symptoms in a transgenic rat model of Huntington's disease. Brain Res. 2019;1712:101-108 pubmed publisher
    ..tgHD rats, Msx1 was upregulated, which correlated with an altered expression of transcription factors Zbtb16 and Tcf12. Zbtb16 was upregulated in the DRN and it was the only gene that showed a correlated expression in the tgHD rats ..
  4. Kikuchi M, Kizaki K, Shigeno S, Toji N, Ishiguro Oonuma T, Koshi K, et al. Newly identified interferon tau-responsive Hes family BHLH transcription factor 4 and cytidine/uridine monophosphate kinase 2 genes in peripheral blood granulocytes during early pregnancy in cows. Domest Anim Endocrinol. 2019;68:64-72 pubmed publisher
    ..These genes may function as new ISGs in the context of implantation and may participate in the coordination of the feto-maternal interface in cows. ..
  5. Pham A, Maurer A, Pillen K, Brien C, Dowling K, Berger B, et al. Genome-wide association of barley plant growth under drought stress using a nested association mapping population. BMC Plant Biol. 2019;19:134 pubmed publisher
    ..In the present study, a nested association mapping population named HEB-25, consisting of 1420 BC1S3 lines that were developed by crossing 25 different wild barley ..
  6. Piskacek M, Vasku A, Hajek R, Knight A. Shared structural features of the 9aaTAD family in complex with CBP. Mol Biosyst. 2015;11:844-51 pubmed publisher
    A number of transactivation domains for transcription factors including p53, E2A/HEB, MLL, cMyb, CREB, FOXO3, Gcn4, Oaf1 and Pdr1 have been reported to interact with the KIX domain of general transcriptional mediators CBP, p300 or MED15...
  7. Dong Z, Zhong X, Lei Q, Chen F, Cui H. Transcriptional activation of SIRT6 via FKHRL1/FOXO3a inhibits the Warburg effect in glioblastoma cells. Cell Signal. 2019;60:100-113 pubmed publisher
    ..FKHRL1 silencing promoted glycolysis and cell growth of HEB gliocytes...
  8. Pud D. The psychometric properties of the Hebrew version of the Memorial Symptom Assessment scale (MSAS-Heb) in patients with breast cancer. J Pain Symptom Manage. 2015;49:790-5 pubmed publisher, no report of the psychometric properties of the Hebrew version of the Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale (MSAS-Heb) has been available, which may be a barrier to comprehensively assessing symptom frequency, severity, and distress ..
  9. Emmanuel A, Arnovitz S, Haghi L, Mathur P, Mondal S, Quandt J, et al. TCF-1 and HEB cooperate to establish the epigenetic and transcription profiles of CD4+CD8+ thymocytes. Nat Immunol. 2018;19:1366-1378 pubmed publisher
    Thymocyte development requires a complex orchestration of multiple transcription factors. Ablating either TCF-1 or HEB in CD4+CD8+ thymocytes elicits similar developmental outcomes including increased proliferation, ..

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  1. Goumenos A, Tsoutsou E, Traeger Synodinos J, Petychakis D, Gavra M, Kolialexi A, et al. Two novel variants in the TCF12 gene identified in cases with craniosynostosis. Appl Clin Genet. 2019;12:19-25 pubmed publisher
    ..In this report, we describe two unrelated cases that presented with coronal CS. TCF12 sequencing analysis revealed novel frameshift nucleotide variants, which were evaluated as pathogenic ..
  2. Liu N, Song J, Xie Y, Wang X, Rong B, Man N, et al. Different roles of E proteins in t(8;21) leukemia: E2-2 compromises the function of AETFC and negatively regulates leukemogenesis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2019;116:890-899 pubmed publisher
    ..Among these AETFC components, HEB and E2A, two members of the ubiquitously expressed E proteins, directly interact with AML1-ETO, confer new DNA-..
  3. Hellwig M, Lauffer M, Bockmayr M, Spohn M, Merk D, Harrison L, et al. TCF4 (E2-2) harbors tumor suppressive functions in SHH medulloblastoma. Acta Neuropathol. 2019;137:657-673 pubmed publisher
  4. Cui P, Shao W, Huang C, Wu C, Jiang B, Lin D. Metabolic derangements of skeletal muscle from a murine model of glioma cachexia. Skelet Muscle. 2019;9:3 pubmed publisher
    ..BALB/c nude mice were orthotopicly implanted with normal glial (HEB) and glioma (WHO II CHG5 and WHO IV U87) cells...
  5. Dai Z, Wu J, Chen F, Cheng Q, Zhang M, Wang Y, et al. CXCL5 promotes the proliferation and migration of glioma cells in autocrine- and paracrine-dependent manners. Oncol Rep. 2016;36:3303-3310 pubmed publisher
    ..higher in human glioma cell lines (U87, U251, U373 and A172), when compared with those in normal human gliocyte HEB cells...
  6. Shapira Galitz Y, Yousovich R, Halperin D, Wolf M, Lahav Y, Drendel M. Does the Hebrew Eating Assessment Tool-10 Correlate with Pharyngeal Residue, Penetration and Aspiration on Fiberoptic Endoscopic Examination of Swallowing?. Dysphagia. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..The objective of this study was to translate and validate the EAT-10Heb and to test for a correlation between its score and residue, penetration and aspiration on Fiberoptic ..
  7. Yang J, Mei Y, Hook A, Taylor M, Urquhart A, Bogatyrev S, et al. Polymer surface functionalities that control human embryoid body cell adhesion revealed by high throughput surface characterization of combinatorial material microarrays. Biomaterials. 2010;31:8827-38 pubmed publisher
    ..The adhesion of human embryoid body (hEB) cells to a large number (496) of different acrylate polymers synthesized in a microarray format is screened using ..
  8. Wu K, Li S, Bodhinathan K, Meyers C, Chen W, Campbell Thompson M, et al. Enhanced expression of Pctk1, Tcf12 and Ccnd1 in hippocampus of rats: Impact on cognitive function, synaptic plasticity and pathology. Neurobiol Learn Mem. 2012;97:69-80 pubmed publisher
    ..In the current study, we expressed three of these genes (Pctk1, Tcf12 and Ccnd1), which had shown increased transcription in aged, learning impaired rats, in the hippocampus of young ..
  9. Pettinato G, Vanden Berg Foels W, Zhang N, Wen X. ROCK inhibitor is not required for embryoid body formation from singularized human embryonic stem cells. PLoS ONE. 2014;9:e100742 pubmed publisher
    ..b>hEB formation was tested under four conditions: +ROCKi/+spin, +ROCKi/-spin, -ROCKi/+spin, and -ROCKi/-spin...
  10. Choi T, Kragt L, Goos J, Mathijssen I, Wolvius E, Ongkosuwito E. Deviating dental arch morphology in mild coronal craniosynostosis syndromes. Clin Oral Investig. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..determine whether the intramaxillary relationship of patients with Muenke syndrome and Saethre-Chotzen syndrome or TCF12-related craniosynostosis are systematically different than those of a control group...
  11. Zhang F, Fuss I, Yang Z, Strober W. Transcription of RORγt in developing Th17 cells is regulated by E-proteins. Mucosal Immunol. 2014;7:521-32 pubmed publisher
    ..In key studies, we found that cells from mice with major deletions of E-protein transcription factors, E2A and HEB, display greatly reduced RORγt/IL-17 expression and that E-protein-deficient mice exhibit greatly diminished IL-..
  12. Yuan Q, Gao W, Liu B, Ye W. Upregulation of miR-184 enhances the malignant biological behavior of human glioma cell line A172 by targeting FIH-1. Cell Physiol Biochem. 2014;34:1125-36 pubmed publisher
    ..Downregulation of miR-184 inhibited cell viability and increased the HEB cell apoptotic rate...
  13. Abeyagunawardene L. Walter Patrick's contribution toward public health education in Sri Lanka. Asia Pac J Public Health. 2015;27:15-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Walter obtained his MPH from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and was posted to the Health Education Bureau (HEB) in Sri Lanka's Ministry of Health where he was placed in charge of the Education and Training Subunit...
  14. Goodings C, Tripathi R, Cleveland S, Elliott N, Guo Y, Shyr Y, et al. Enforced expression of E47 has differential effects on Lmo2-induced T-cell leukemias. Leuk Res. 2015;39:100-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The latter transcription factors heterodimerize with E2A proteins like E47 and Heb to bind E boxes...
  15. Aihara K, Mukasa A, Nagae G, Nomura M, Yamamoto S, Ueda H, et al. Genetic and epigenetic stability of oligodendrogliomas at recurrence. Acta Neuropathol Commun. 2017;5:18 pubmed publisher
    ..FUBP1 mutation, loss of chr. 9p21, and TCF12 mutation were among a few recurrent de novo alterations that were found at recurrence, indicating that these ..
  16. Cao J, Wei J, Yang P, Zhang T, Chen Z, He F, et al. Genome-scale CRISPR-Cas9 knockout screening in gastrointestinal stromal tumor with Imatinib resistance. Mol Cancer. 2018;17:121 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study has finally revealed 9 genes (DBP, NR3C1, TCF12, TP53, ZNF12, SOCS6, ZFP36, ACYP1, and DRD1) involved in imatinib-resistant GIST-T1 cells...
  17. Su F, Xue Y, Wang Y, Zhang L, Chen W, Hu S. Protective effect of ginsenosides Rg1 and Re on lipopolysaccharide-induced sepsis by competitive binding to Toll-like receptor 4. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2015;59:5654-63 pubmed publisher
    We previously demonstrated that ginsenosides Rg1 and Re enhanced the immune response in C3H/HeB mice but not in C3H/HeJ mice carrying a mutation in the Tlr4 gene...
  18. Fischer B, Azim K, Hurtado Chong A, Ramelli S, Fernández M, Raineteau O. E-proteins orchestrate the progression of neural stem cell differentiation in the postnatal forebrain. Neural Dev. 2014;9:23 pubmed publisher combination with RT-qPCR to measure and compare the level of expression of E-protein transcripts (E2-2, E2A, and HEB) in the neonatal and adult SVZ as well as in magnetic affinity cell sorted progenitor cells and neuroblasts...
  19. Pan Y, Deng Z, Zheng S, Chen X, Zhang B, Li H. Daily Dietary Antioxidant Interactions Are Due to Not Only the Quantity but Also the Ratios of Hydrophilic and Lipophilic Phytochemicals. J Agric Food Chem. 2018;66:9107-9120 pubmed publisher
    The hydrophilic extracts of mulberry (HEM) and blueberry (HEB) and lipophilic extracts of mango (LEM) and watermelon (LEW) were mixed in different ratios to assess the antioxidant interactions by chemical-based (DPPH and ABTS assays) and ..
  20. Wei L, He F, Zhang W, Chen W, Yu B. Bioinformatics analysis of microarray data to reveal the pathogenesis of diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. Biol Res. 2018;51:26 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, the expression levels of several genes were validated in human glioma cell line U251 and normal glia HEB cells through real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR)...
  21. Sandberg M, Taher L, Hu J, Black B, Nord A, Rubenstein J. Genomic analysis of transcriptional networks directing progression of cell states during MGE development. Neural Dev. 2018;13:21 pubmed publisher
    ..aREs are associated with basic-Helix-Loop-Helix (bHLH) TFs. Deletion of hs623, an intragenic Tcf12 aRE, caused a reduction of Tcf12 expression in the sub-ventricular zone (SVZ) and mantle zone (MZ) of the MGE...
  22. Yang H, Chen Y, Qiao C, Xu C, Yan M, Xin X, et al. Two different genotypes of H1N2 swine influenza virus isolated in northern China and their pathogenicity in animals. Vet Microbiol. 2015;175:224-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Six-week-old female BALB/c mice infected with the Sw/HeB/10/06 and Sw/TJ/1/07 viruses showed an average weight loss of 12.8% and 8.1%, respectively...
  23. Feng L, Ma J, Ji H, Liu Y, Hu W. miR-330-5p suppresses glioblastoma cell proliferation and invasiveness through targeting ITGA5. Biosci Rep. 2017;37: pubmed publisher
    ..expressions of miR-330-5p and ITGA5 mRNA in GBM cell lines (U87, U251, and U373) and normal brain glial cell line (HEB) were detected using RT-qPCR. Protein expression of ITGA5 was examined using Western blot...
  24. Pettinato G, Wen X, Zhang N. Formation of well-defined embryoid bodies from dissociated human induced pluripotent stem cells using microfabricated cell-repellent microwell arrays. Sci Rep. 2014;4:7402 pubmed publisher
    ..In parallel, we have tested our microwell-based system for homogeneous hEB formation from dissociated human embryonic stem cells (hESCs)...
  25. Krishnamoorthy V, Carr T, de Pooter R, Emanuelle A, Akinola E, Gounari F, et al. Repression of Ccr9 transcription in mouse T lymphocyte progenitors by the Notch signaling pathway. J Immunol. 2015;194:3191-200 pubmed publisher
    ..article, we show that key regulators of T cell development, Notch1 and the E protein transcription factors E2A and HEB, coordinately control the expression of Ccr9...
  26. Yoon S, Foley J, Baker J. HEB associates with PRC2 and SMAD2/3 to regulate developmental fates. Nat Commun. 2015;6:6546 pubmed publisher
    ..We demonstrate that the helix-loop-helix (HLH) protein, HEB, directly associates with the Polycomb repressive complex 2 (PRC2) at a subset of developmental promoters, ..
  27. Rautela J, Dagley L, Kratina T, Anthony A, Goh W, Surgenor E, et al. Generation of novel Id2 and E2-2, E2A and HEB antibodies reveals novel Id2 binding partners and species-specific expression of E-proteins in NK cells. Mol Immunol. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..We detected clear expression of E2 A and HEB, and to a lesser extent E2-2 in murine NK cells...
  28. Gaur M, Ritner C, Sievers R, Pedersen A, Prasad M, Bernstein H, et al. Timed inhibition of p38MAPK directs accelerated differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into cardiomyocytes. Cytotherapy. 2010;12:807-17 pubmed publisher
    ..1-fold enrichment of spontaneously beating human embryoid bodies (hEB) at 21 days of differentiation, and that 25% of treated cells expressed cardiac-specific ?-myosin heavy chain...
  29. Pettinato G, Wen X, Zhang N. Engineering Strategies for the Formation of Embryoid Bodies from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells. Stem Cells Dev. 2015;24:1595-609 pubmed publisher
    ..In this review, the existing methods for hEB production from hPSCs and the results on the downstream differentiation of the hEBs are described with emphases on ..
  30. Park C, Park I, Lee S, Sun C, Koh Y, Park S, et al. Genomic dynamics associated with malignant transformation in IDH1 mutated gliomas. Oncotarget. 2015;6:43653-66 pubmed publisher the machinery regulating gene expression, including the spliceosome complex (U2AF2), transcription factors (TCF12), and chromatin remodelers (ARID1A)...
  31. Gil C, Lee J, Seo J, Park S, Park Z, Kim J, et al. Well-defined differentiation of hESC-derived hemangioblasts by embryoid body formation without enzymatic treatment. Biotechnol Lett. 2015;37:1315-22 pubmed publisher
    ..dissociation that is adaptable to various hESC lines and increase the initial induction potential of embryoid body (hEB)...
  32. Maurer A, Draba V, Jiang Y, Schnaithmann F, Sharma R, Schumann E, et al. Modelling the genetic architecture of flowering time control in barley through nested association mapping. BMC Genomics. 2015;16:290 pubmed publisher
    ..We developed the first barley nested association mapping (NAM) population, HEB-25, by crossing 25 wild barleys with one elite barley cultivar, and used it to dissect the genetic architecture of ..
  33. Droog M, Nevedomskaya E, Kim Y, Severson T, Flach K, Opdam M, et al. Comparative Cistromics Reveals Genomic Cross-talk between FOXA1 and ERα in Tamoxifen-Associated Endometrial Carcinomas. Cancer Res. 2016;76:3773-84 pubmed publisher
    ..and FOXA1 together with the enhancer-enriched transcriptional regulators p300, FOXM1, TEAD4, FNFIC, CEBP8, and TCF12. Immunohistochemical analysis of 230 primary endometrial tumor specimens showed that lack of FOXA1 and ERα ..
  34. Du C, Pan P, Jiang Y, Zhang Q, Bao J, Liu C. Microarray data analysis to identify crucial genes regulated by CEBPB in human SNB19 glioma cells. World J Surg Oncol. 2016;14:258 pubmed
    ..In the PPI network, CCND1 (degree?=?29) and CCL2 (degree?=?12) were hub nodes. Additionally, CEBPB and TCF12 might function in glioma through targeting others (CEBPB???TCF12, CEBPB???TGFBR2, and TCF12???TGFBR2)...
  35. Fan C, Chen W, Chen L, Chen C, Hsu Y, Chua K, et al. Osteopontin-integrin engagement induces HIF-1α-TCF12-mediated endothelial-mesenchymal transition to exacerbate colorectal cancer. Oncotarget. 2018;9:4998-5015 pubmed publisher
    ..through a PI3K/Akt/TSC2-mediated and mTORC1-dependent protein synthesis pathway, which in turn trans-activates TCF12 gene expression...
  36. Schrankel C, Solek C, Buckley K, Anderson M, Rast J. A conserved alternative form of the purple sea urchin HEB/E2-2/E2A transcription factor mediates a switch in E-protein regulatory state in differentiating immune cells. Dev Biol. 2016;416:149-161 pubmed publisher
    ..In mammals, these are encoded by three loci: E2-2 (ITF-2/ME2/SEF2/TCF4), E2A (TCF3), and HEB (ME1/REB/TCF12)...
  37. Shen Z, Liu X, Chen C, Lu J. Knockdown of E2F3 Inhibits Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion and Increases Apoptosis in Glioma Cells. Oncol Res. 2017;25:1555-1566 pubmed publisher
    ..E2F3a was highly expressed in glioma cell lines compared with normal HEB cell lines...
  38. Yang T, Sun Y, Zhang W, Wang Z, Liu X, Fu P, et al. Evolutionary processes and sources of high-nitrate haze episodes over Beijing, Spring. J Environ Sci (China). 2017;54:142-151 pubmed publisher
    ..The haze episode (HE) was divided into three sub-episodes, HEa, HEb, and HEc...
  39. Tang X, Hou Y, Yang G, Wang X, Tang S, Du Y, et al. Stromal miR-200s contribute to breast cancer cell invasion through CAF activation and ECM remodeling. Cell Death Differ. 2016;23:132-45 pubmed publisher
    ..CAF activation may be governed by the targets of miR-200 s, Fli-1 and TCF12, which are responsible for cell development and differentiation; Fli-1 and TCF12 were obviously elevated in CAFs...
  40. Moran G, Zisman Ilani Y, Garber Epstein P, Roe D. Adaptation and psychometric assessment of the Hebrew version of the Recovery Promoting Relationships Scale (RPRS). Psychiatr Rehabil J. 2014;37:31-36 pubmed publisher
    ..The RPRS was translated to Hebrew (RPRS-Heb) using multiple strategies to assure conceptual soundness...
  41. Kuznetsov N, Almuzzaini B, Kritikou J, Baptista M, Oliveira M, Keszei M, et al. Nuclear Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein co-regulates T cell factor 1-mediated transcription in T cells. Genome Med. 2017;9:91 pubmed publisher
    ..WASp KO thymocytes had reduced nuclear TCF12 whereas thymocytes expressing constitutively active WASpL272P and WASpI296T had increased ..
  42. Ren L, Tang C, Li W, Cui J, Tan X, Xiong Y, et al. Determination of dosage compensation and comparison of gene expression in a triploid hybrid fish. BMC Genomics. 2017;18:38 pubmed publisher
    ..a model to determine the extent and direction of expression level dominance (ELD) and homoeolog expression bias (HEB) based on the relative expression level among the parents and their triploid offspring...
  43. Burridge P, Thompson S, Millrod M, Weinberg S, Yuan X, Peters A, et al. A universal system for highly efficient cardiac differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells that eliminates interline variability. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e18293 pubmed publisher
    ..variables to develop a universal cardiac differentiation system that produced contracting human embryoid bodies (hEB) with an improved efficiency of 94.7±2...
  44. Maurer A, Draba V, Pillen K. Genomic dissection of plant development and its impact on thousand grain weight in barley through nested association mapping. J Exp Bot. 2016;67:2507-18 pubmed publisher
    ..To do this, we used the wild barley nested association mapping (NAM) population HEB-25, comprising 1420 BC1S3 lines, to map quantitative trait loci (QTLs) controlling five developmental traits, plant ..
  45. Chen Y, Yang C, Kao S, Liu C, Lin S, Chang K. MicroRNA-211 Enhances the Oncogenicity of Carcinogen-Induced Oral Carcinoma by Repressing TCF12 and Increasing Antioxidant Activity. Cancer Res. 2016;76:4872-86 pubmed publisher
    ..In silico and experimental evidence further revealed that miR-211 directly targeted transcription factor 12 (TCF12), which mediated suppressor activities in OSCC cells and was drastically downregulated in tumor ..
  46. Wei Y, Xu G, Zhang G, Wen C, Anwar F, Wang S, et al. Antigenic evolution of H9N2 chicken influenza viruses isolated in China during 2009-2013 and selection of a candidate vaccine strain with broad cross-reactivity. Vet Microbiol. 2016;182:1-7 pubmed publisher
    ..A vaccine candidate, Ck/HeB/YT/10, was selected and provided significant protection against viruses from different antigenic groups in terms of ..
  47. Srivastava R, Zhang Y, Xiong X, Zhang X, Pan X, Dong X, et al. Prediction and Validation of Transcription Factors Modulating the Expression of Sestrin3 Gene Using an Integrated Computational and Experimental Approach. PLoS ONE. 2016;11:e0160228 pubmed publisher
    ..TF-TF network analysis established hubs of interaction that include SMAD3, TCF3, SMAD2, HDAC2, SOX2, TAL1 and TCF12 as well as the likely protein complexes formed between them...
  48. Song N, Ma J, Yu Y, Yang Z, Li Y. New observations on PAH pollution in old heavy industry cities in northeastern China. Environ Pollut. 2015;205:415-23 pubmed publisher
    ..adsorbed on street dust near various industries in the three typical industrialized cities of Daqing (DQ), Harbin (HEB) and Jilin (JL) in northeastern China. The mean ∑PAHs concentrations in street dust of DQ, HEB and JL were 1...
  49. Miyazaki M, Miyazaki K, Chen K, Jin Y, Turner J, Moore A, et al. The E-Id Protein Axis Specifies Adaptive Lymphoid Cell Identity and Suppresses Thymic Innate Lymphoid Cell Development. Immunity. 2017;46:818-834.e4 pubmed publisher
    ..Using multiple genetic strategies, we demonstrated that E proteins E2A and HEB acted in synergy in the thymus to establish T cell identity and to suppress the aberrant development of ILCs, ..
  50. Yue H, Zhu J, Xie S, Li F, Xu Q. MDC1-AS, an antisense long noncoding RNA, regulates cell proliferation of glioma. Biomed Pharmacother. 2016;81:203-9 pubmed publisher
    ..downregulated in glioma tissues compared with normal brain tissues, and in glioma cell lines U87MG, U251 and HEB. Overexpression of MDC1-AS resulted in significant inhibition of cell proliferation and cell cycle in U87MG and ..
  51. Biolo G, Agostini F, Simunic B, Sturma M, Torelli L, Preiser J, et al. Positive energy balance is associated with accelerated muscle atrophy and increased erythrocyte glutathione turnover during 5 wk of bed rest. Am J Clin Nutr. 2008;88:950-8 pubmed
    ..Groups with higher (HEB) or lower (LEB) energy balance were identified according to median values of inactivity-induced changes in fat mass ..
  52. Kharbanda M, Kannike K, Lampe A, Berg J, Timmusk T, Sepp M. Partial deletion of TCF4 in three generation family with non-syndromic intellectual disability, without features of Pitt-Hopkins syndrome. Eur J Med Genet. 2016;59:310-4 pubmed publisher
    ..We suggest that screening for mutations in TCF4 could be considered in the investigation of NSID. ..
  53. Cignini P, Vitale S, Laganà A, Biondi A, La Rosa V, Cutillo G. Preoperative work-up for definition of lymph node risk involvement in early stage endometrial cancer: 5-year follow-up. Updates Surg. 2017;69:75-82 pubmed publisher
    ..cohort study aimed to analyze the accuracy of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and hysteroscopic excisional biopsy (HEB) for predicting the low- and high-risk patients with endometrial carcinoma for nodal involvement at preoperative ..
  54. Zhang H, Yu J, Yang L, Kramer L, Zhang X, Na W, et al. Identification of genome-wide SNP-SNP interactions associated with important traits in chicken. BMC Genomics. 2017;18:892 pubmed publisher
    ..There were 32 Refgenes on GGA10, including TCF12 which is predicted to be a target gene of miR-142-5p...
  55. Hoang T, Lambert J, Martin R. SCL/TAL1 in Hematopoiesis and Cellular Reprogramming. Curr Top Dev Biol. 2016;118:163-204 pubmed publisher
    ..SCL activates transcription by recruiting a core complex on DNA that necessarily includes E2A/HEB, GATA1-3, LIM-only proteins LMO1/2, LDB1, and an extended complex comprising ETO2, RUNX1, ERG, or FLI1...
  56. Murakami M, Kataoka K, Tominaga J, Nakagawa O, Kurihara H. Differential cooperation between dHAND and three different E-proteins. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2004;323:168-74 pubmed
    ..By contrast, little signal was detected in the heart, suggesting that dHAND complexes with partners other than E-proteins in cardiac tissue. ..
  57. Yi S, Yu M, Yang S, Miron R, Zhang Y. Tcf12, A Member of Basic Helix-Loop-Helix Transcription Factors, Mediates Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell Osteogenic Differentiation In Vitro and In Vivo. Stem Cells. 2017;35:386-397 pubmed publisher
    ..In the present study, Tcf12 was investigated for its involvement in the osteoblastic cell commitment of MSCs...
  58. Yeh Y, Lin C, Chen T. Human IGF-I Eb-peptide induces cell attachment and lamellipodia outspread of metastatic breast carcinoma cells (MDA-MB-231). Exp Cell Res. 2017;358:199-208 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we were able to produce two-tagged recombinant human Eb-peptide (hEb) of pro-IGF-I with a purity over 99%...
  59. In T, Trotman Grant A, Fahl S, Chen E, Zarin P, Moore A, et al. HEB is required for the specification of fetal IL-17-producing γδ T cells. Nat Commun. 2017;8:2004 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we show that HEB (HeLa E-box binding protein, encoded by Tcf12) is required for the generation of a newly defined subset of fetal-derived CD73- γδT17 cells...
  60. Sommer L, Hagenbuchle O, Wellauer P, Strubin M. Nuclear targeting of the transcription factor PTF1 is mediated by a protein subunit that does not bind to the PTF1 cognate sequence. Cell. 1991;67:987-94 pubmed
    ..However, if beta is coinjected with purified 75 kd protein or a particular size fraction of pancreatic mRNA, it can be converted to alpha and imported into the nucleus. ..
  61. Zhang Y, Babin J, Feldhaus A, Singh H, Sharp P, Bina M. HTF4: a new human helix-loop-helix protein. Nucleic Acids Res. 1991;19:4555 pubmed
  62. Dear T, Hainzl T, Follo M, Nehls M, Wilmore H, Matena K, et al. Identification of interaction partners for the basic-helix-loop-helix protein E47. Oncogene. 1997;14:891-8 pubmed
    ..A cDNA encoding part of the nucleolin protein sequence interacted with the E47 basic-helix-loop-helix only when fused to a beta-galactosidase tag. ..
  63. Adell T, Gómez Cuadrado A, Skoudy A, Pettengill O, Longnecker D, Real F. Role of the basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor p48 in the differentiation phenotype of exocrine pancreas cancer cells. Cell Growth Differ. 2000;11:137-47 pubmed
    ..Pancreas transcription factor 1 is a heterooligomer of pancreas-specific (p48) and ubiquitous (p75/E2A and p64/HEB) basic helix-loop-helix proteins...
  64. Knöfler M, Meinhardt G, Bauer S, Loregger T, Vasicek R, Bloor D, et al. Human Hand1 basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) protein: extra-embryonic expression pattern, interaction partners and identification of its transcriptional repressor domains. Biochem J. 2002;361:641-51 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, the data suggest that Hand1 can act as a repressor by two independent mechanisms; sequestration of class A bHLH factors from E-boxes and inhibition of their transcriptional activity. ..
  65. Lasorella A, Iavarone A. The protein ENH is a cytoplasmic sequestration factor for Id2 in normal and tumor cells from the nervous system. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006;103:4976-81 pubmed
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