Gene Symbol: SLC47A2
Description: solute carrier family 47 member 2
Alias: MATE2, MATE2-B, MATE2-K, MATE2K, multidrug and toxin extrusion protein 2, kidney-specific H(+)/organic cation antiporter, solute carrier family 47 (multidrug and toxin extrusion), member 2
Species: human
Products:     SLC47A2

Top Publications

  1. Omote H, Hiasa M, Matsumoto T, Otsuka M, Moriyama Y. The MATE proteins as fundamental transporters of metabolic and xenobiotic organic cations. Trends Pharmacol Sci. 2006;27:587-93 pubmed
    ..Thus, we propose that members of the MATE family are organic cation exporters that excrete metabolic or xenobiotic organic cations from the body. ..
  2. Toyama K, Yonezawa A, Tsuda M, Masuda S, Yano I, Terada T, et al. Heterozygous variants of multidrug and toxin extrusions (MATE1 and MATE2-K) have little influence on the disposition of metformin in diabetic patients. Pharmacogenet Genomics. 2010;20:135-8 pubmed publisher
    Multidrug and toxin extrusions (MATE1/SLC47A1 and MATE2-K/SLC47A2) play important roles in the renal excretion of metformin. We have previously identified the nonsynonymous MATE variants with functional defects at low allelic frequencies...
  3. Masuda S, Terada T, Yonezawa A, Tanihara Y, Kishimoto K, Katsura T, et al. Identification and functional characterization of a new human kidney-specific H+/organic cation antiporter, kidney-specific multidrug and toxin extrusion 2. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2006;17:2127-35 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that hMATE2-K is a new human kidney-specific H+/organic cation antiporter that is responsible for the tubular secretion of cationic drugs across the brush border membranes. ..
  4. Kito T, Ito S, Mizuno T, Maeda K, Kusuhara H. Investigation of non-linear Mate1-mediated efflux of trimethoprim in the mouse kidney as the mechanism underlying drug-drug interactions between trimethoprim and organic cations in the kidney. Drug Metab Pharmacokinet. 2019;34:87-94 pubmed publisher
    ..Trimethoprim is a more potent inhibitor of MATE2-K than MATE1 with Ki values (μM) of 0.030-0.28 and 2.4-5.9, respectively...
  5. Ceckova M, Reznicek J, Deutsch B, Fromm M, Staud F. Efavirenz reduces renal excretion of lamivudine in rats by inhibiting organic cation transporters (OCT, Oct) and multidrug and toxin extrusion proteins (MATE, Mate). PLoS ONE. 2018;13:e0202706 pubmed publisher
    ..Only negligible inhibition of MATE2-K was observed in HEK-MATE2-K cells...
  6. Jia W, Du F, Liu X, Jiang R, Xu F, Yang J, et al. Renal tubular secretion of tanshinol: molecular mechanisms, impact on its systemic exposure, and propensity for dose-related nephrotoxicity and for renal herb-drug interactions. Drug Metab Dispos. 2015;43:669-78 pubmed publisher
    ..2 [OCT2], carnitine/organic cation transporter 1 [OCTN1], multidrug and toxin extrusion protein 1 [MATE1], MATE2-K, multidrug resistance-associated protein 2 [MRP2], MRP4, and breast cancer resistance protein [BCRP], and rat ..
  7. Katsube T, Miyazaki S, Narukawa Y, Hernandez Illas M, Wajima T. Drug-drug interaction of cefiderocol, a siderophore cephalosporin, via human drug transporters. Eur J Clin Pharmacol. 2018;74:931-938 pubmed publisher
    ..per cohort orally received a single dose of furosemide 20 mg (for OAT1/3), metformin 1000 mg (for OCT1/2 and MATE2-K), or rosuvastatin 10 mg (for OATP1B3) with or without co-administration with cefiderocol 2 g every 8 h with 3-..
  8. Guo D, Yang H, Li Q, Bae H, Obianom O, Zeng S, et al. Selective Inhibition on Organic Cation Transporters by Carvedilol Protects Mice from Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity. Pharm Res. 2018;35:204 pubmed publisher
    ..the uptake of the probe substrate metformin was assessed in HEK293 cells overexpressing human OCT2, OCT1, MATE1, MATE2-K, and mouse Oct2, Oct1, and Mate1...
  9. Aschauer L, Carta G, Vogelsang N, Schlatter E, Jennings P. Expression of xenobiotic transporters in the human renal proximal tubule cell line RPTEC/TERT1. Toxicol In Vitro. 2015;30:95-105 pubmed publisher
    ..RPTEC/TERT1 cells expressed OCT2, OCT3, OCTN2, MATE1, MATE2, OAT1, OAT3 and OAT4...

More Information


  1. Hanna I, Alexander N, Crouthamel M, Davis J, Natrillo A, Tran P, et al. Transport properties of valsartan, sacubitril and its active metabolite (LBQ657) as determinants of disposition. Xenobiotica. 2018;48:300-313 pubmed publisher
    ..5.?None of the compounds inhibited OCT1/OCT2, MATE1/MATE2-K, P-gp, or BCRP...
  2. Zhang Y, Warren M, Zhang X, Diamond S, Williams B, Punwani N, et al. Impact on creatinine renal clearance by the interplay of multiple renal transporters: a case study with INCB039110. Drug Metab Dispos. 2015;43:485-9 pubmed publisher
    ..individual or multiple transporters were used, including a novel quintuple-transporter model OAT2/OCT2/OCT3/MATE1/MATE2-K...
  3. Tega Y, Akanuma S, Kubo Y, Hosoya K. Involvement of the H+/organic cation antiporter in nicotine transport in rat liver. Drug Metab Dispos. 2015;43:89-92 pubmed publisher
    ..The pattern of inhibition and ion dependence is suggestive of an H(+)/organic cation antiporter-mediated nicotine transport system. ..
  4. Pedersen A, Stage T, Glintborg D, Andersen M, Christensen M. The Pharmacogenetics of Metformin in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Randomized Trial. Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol. 2018;122:239-244 pubmed publisher OCT1 (rs12208357 and rs72552763), HNF1A (rs1169288 and rs2464196), MATE1 (rs2289669 and rs2252281), MATE2-K (rs12943590) and ATM (rs11212617) were studied in 40 women with PCOS randomized to 12 months of treatment with ..
  5. Kawasaki T, Matsumoto T, Iwai Y, Kawakami M, Juge N, Omote H, et al. Purification and reconstitution of polyspecific H+/organic cation antiporter human MATE1. Biochim Biophys Acta Biomembr. 2018;1860:2456-2464 pubmed publisher
    ..Purification and reconstitution of hMATE1 is considered to be suitable for understanding the detailed molecular mechanisms of hMATE1. The results suggest that Glu273 of hMATE1 plays essential roles in substrate binding and transport. ..
  6. Bergagnini Kolev M, Hebert M, Easterling T, Lin Y. Pregnancy Increases the Renal Secretion of N1-methylnicotinamide, an Endogenous Probe for Renal Cation Transporters, in Patients Prescribed Metformin. Drug Metab Dispos. 2017;45:325-329 pubmed publisher
    ..activity of organic cation transporter 2 (OCT2) and multidrug and toxin extrusion proteins 1 and 2-K (MATE1 and MATE2-K)...
  7. Ivanyuk A, Livio F, Biollaz J, Buclin T. Renal Drug Transporters and Drug Interactions. Clin Pharmacokinet. 2017;56:825-892 pubmed publisher
    ..transporter (OCT) 2 on the basolateral side, and multidrug and toxic compound extrusion (MATE) proteins MATE1, MATE2/2-K, P-glycoprotein, organic cation and carnitine transporter (OCTN) 1 and OCTN2 on the apical side...
  8. Bruyère A, Hubert C, Le Vee M, Chedik L, Sayyed K, Stieger B, et al. Inhibition of SLC drug transporter activities by environmental bisphenols. Toxicol In Vitro. 2017;40:34-44 pubmed publisher TBBPA) and OAT3 (by BPA, BPF, BPS and TBBPA); by contrast, activities of other transporters were not impacted (MATE2-K) or were stimulated (notably OCT1 by BPS and OCT2 by BPF)...
  9. Liu J, Lu Y, Li W, Zhou Z, Li Y, Yang X, et al. Mercury sulfides are much less nephrotoxic than mercury chloride and methylmercury in mice. Toxicol Lett. 2016;262:153-160 pubmed publisher
    ..Oat3 and Oatp4c1 was decreased, while the expression of renal efflux transporter such as Mrp2, Mrp4, and Mate2 was increased following HgCl2 and MeHg. These gene expressions were unchanged after Zuotai and HgS...
  10. Mayati A, Bruyère A, Moreau A, Jouan E, Denizot C, Parmentier Y, et al. Protein Kinase C-Independent Inhibition of Organic Cation Transporter 1 Activity by the Bisindolylmaleimide Ro 31-8220. PLoS ONE. 2015;10:e0144667 pubmed publisher
    ..inhibited those of other organic cation transporters such as multidrug and toxin extrusion protein (MATE) 1 and MATE2-K, whereas, by contrast, it stimulated that of OCT2...
  11. Vermeer L, Isringhausen C, Ogilvie B, Buckley D. Evaluation of Ketoconazole and Its Alternative Clinical CYP3A4/5 Inhibitors as Inhibitors of Drug Transporters: The In Vitro Effects of Ketoconazole, Ritonavir, Clarithromycin, and Itraconazole on 13 Clinically-Relevant Drug Transporters. Drug Metab Dispos. 2016;44:453-9 pubmed publisher
    ..keto-, and N-desalkyl itraconazole) toward 13 drug transporters (OATP1B1, OATP1B3, OAT1, OAT3, OCT1, OCT2, MATE1, MATE2-K, P-gp, BCRP, MRP2, MRP3, and BSEP) were systematically assessed in transporter-expressing HEK-293 cell lines or ..
  12. Suenaga M, Schirripa M, Cao S, Zhang W, Yang D, Dadduzio V, et al. Potential role of polymorphisms in the transporter genes ENT1 and MATE1/OCT2 in predicting TAS-102 efficacy and toxicity in patients with refractory metastatic colorectal cancer. Eur J Cancer. 2017;86:197-206 pubmed publisher
    ..SNPs of TK1, ENT1, CNT1, MATE1, MATE2 and OCT2 were analysed by polymerase chain reaction-based direct DNA sequencing...
  13. Takano H, Ito S, Zhang X, Ito H, Zhang M, Suzuki H, et al. Possible Role of Organic Cation Transporters in the Distribution of [11C]Sulpiride, a Dopamine D2 Receptor Antagonist. J Pharm Sci. 2017;106:2558-2565 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, we found that sulpiride is a substrate of OCT1, OCT2, MATE1, and MATE2-K, and this suggests that [11C]sulpiride would be a useful radioligand to investigate the organic ..
  14. Kajiwara M, Ban T, Matsubara K, Nakanishi Y, Masuda S. Urinary Dopamine as a Potential Index of the Transport Activity of Multidrug and Toxin Extrusion in the Kidney. Int J Mol Sci. 2016;17: pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, MATE transporters secrete renally-synthesized dopamine, and therefore, urinary dopamine has the potential to be an index of the MATE transporter activity. ..
  15. Chung H, Oh J, Yoon S, Yu K, Cho J, Chung J. A non-linear pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic relationship of metformin in healthy volunteers: An open-label, parallel group, randomized clinical study. PLoS ONE. 2018;13:e0191258 pubmed publisher
    ..Four single nucleotide polymorphisms in MATE1, MATE2-K, and OCT2 were genotyped, and their effects on PK characteristics were additionally evaluated...
  16. Knop J, Hoier E, Ebner T, Fromm M, Müller F. Renal tubular secretion of pramipexole. Eur J Pharm Sci. 2015;79:73-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Cimetidine, a potent inhibitor of multidrug and toxin extrusion proteins 1 (MATE1) and 2-K (MATE2-K), decreases renal pramipexole clearance in humans...
  17. Knop J, Misaka S, Singer K, Hoier E, Müller F, Glaeser H, et al. Inhibitory Effects of Green Tea and (-)-Epigallocatechin Gallate on Transport by OATP1B1, OATP1B3, OCT1, OCT2, MATE1, MATE2-K and P-Glycoprotein. PLoS ONE. 2015;10:e0139370 pubmed publisher
    ..OCT1-, OCT2-, MATE1- and MATE2-K-mediated metformin uptake was significantly reduced in the presence of green tea and EGCG (P < 0.05)...
  18. Misaka S, Knop J, Singer K, Hoier E, Keiser M, Müller F, et al. The Nonmetabolized β-Blocker Nadolol Is a Substrate of OCT1, OCT2, MATE1, MATE2-K, and P-Glycoprotein, but Not of OATP1B1 and OATP1B3. Mol Pharm. 2016;13:512-9 pubmed publisher
    ..of the hepatic uptake transporters OATP1B1, OATP1B3, and OCT1 and of the renal transporters OCT2, MATE1, and MATE2-K expressed in HEK cells...
  19. Burt H, Neuhoff S, Almond L, Gaohua L, Harwood M, Jamei M, et al. Metformin and cimetidine: Physiologically based pharmacokinetic modelling to investigate transporter mediated drug-drug interactions. Eur J Pharm Sci. 2016;88:70-82 pubmed publisher
    ..The models were used to simulate inhibition of the MATE1, MATE2-K, OCT1 and OCT2 mediated transport of metformin by cimetidine...
  20. Nakada T, Kudo T, Kume T, Kusuhara H, Ito K. Quantitative analysis of elevation of serum creatinine via renal transporter inhibition by trimethoprim in healthy subjects using physiologically-based pharmacokinetic model. Drug Metab Pharmacokinet. 2018;33:103-110 pubmed publisher
    ..such as organic cation transporter 2 (OCT2), OCT3, multidrug and toxin extrusion protein 1 (MATE1), and MATE2-K...
  21. Yang H, Guo D, Obianom O, Su T, Polli J, Shu Y. Multidrug and toxin extrusion proteins mediate cellular transport of cadmium. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2017;314:55-62 pubmed publisher
    ..HEK-293 cells overexpressing the human MATE1 (HEK-hMATE1), human MATE2-K (HEK-hMATE2-K) and mouse Mate1 (HEK-mMate1) were used to study the cellular transport and toxicity of Cd2+
  22. Lacy S, Hsu B, Miles D, Aftab D, Wang R, Nguyen L. Metabolism and Disposition of Cabozantinib in Healthy Male Volunteers and Pharmacologic Characterization of Its Major Metabolites. Drug Metab Dispos. 2015;43:1190-207 pubmed publisher
    ..1 µM, respectively). In an in vitro drug transporter panel, cabozantinib inhibited most potently MATE1 and MATE2-K (IC50 = 5.94 and 3...
  23. Dujic T, Zhou K, Yee S, van Leeuwen N, de Keyser C, Javorsky M, et al. Variants in Pharmacokinetic Transporters and Glycemic Response to Metformin: A Metgen Meta-Analysis. Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2017;101:763-772 pubmed publisher
    ..transporter genes (organic cation transporter [OCT]1, OCT2, multidrug and toxin extrusion transporter [MATE]1, MATE2-K, and OCTN1) were analyzed in up to 7,968 individuals...
  24. Boddu R, Fan C, Rangarajan S, Sunil B, Bolisetty S, Curtis L. Unique sex- and age-dependent effects in protective pathways in acute kidney injury. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2017;313:F740-F755 pubmed publisher
    ..Expression of the drug transporter MATE2 did not explain the sex/age distinctions...
  25. Moraleja I, Esteban Fernández D, Lázaro A, Humanes B, Neumann B, Tejedor A, et al. Printing metal-spiked inks for LA-ICP-MS bioimaging internal standardization: comparison of the different nephrotoxic behavior of cisplatin, carboplatin, and oxaliplatin. Anal Bioanal Chem. 2016;408:2309-18 pubmed publisher
    ..The homogeneous distribution of oxaliplatin in the cortical and medullar areas could be related with its higher affinity for cellular transporters such as MATE2-k.
  26. Sauzay C, White Koning M, Hennebelle I, Deluche T, Delmas C, Imbs D, et al. Inhibition of OCT2, MATE1 and MATE2-K as a possible mechanism of drug interaction between pazopanib and cisplatin. Pharmacol Res. 2016;110:89-95 pubmed publisher
    ..A decrease of ASP+ uptake was observed in OCT2-HEK, MATE1-HEK and MATE2K-HEK cell lines after addition of pazopanib at increasing concentrations...
  27. Stocker S, Morrissey K, Yee S, Castro R, Xu L, Dahlin A, et al. The effect of novel promoter variants in MATE1 and MATE2 on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of metformin. Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2013;93:186-94 pubmed publisher
    ..66T ? C, rs2252281) and MATE2 (g.-130G ? A, rs12943590) on variation in metformin disposition and response...
  28. Kajiwara M, Terada T, Ogasawara K, Iwano J, Katsura T, Fukatsu A, et al. Identification of multidrug and toxin extrusion (MATE1 and MATE2-K) variants with complete loss of transport activity. J Hum Genet. 2009;54:40-6 pubmed publisher
    H(+)/organic cation antiporters (multidrug and toxin extrusion: MATE1 and MATE2-K) play important roles in the renal tubular secretion of cationic drugs...
  29. Elsby R, Chidlaw S, Outteridge S, Pickering S, Radcliffe A, Sullivan R, et al. Mechanistic in vitro studies confirm that inhibition of the renal apical efflux transporter multidrug and toxin extrusion (MATE) 1, and not altered absorption, underlies the increased metformin exposure observed in clinical interactions with cimetidi. Pharmacol Res Perspect. 2017;5: pubmed publisher
    ..inhibitory potencies against metformin transport by human OCT2, multidrug and toxin extrusion (MATE) 1 and MATE2-K were determined...
  30. Chowdhury S, Yung E, Pintilie M, Muaddi H, Chaib S, Yeung M, et al. MATE2 Expression Is Associated with Cancer Cell Response to Metformin. PLoS ONE. 2016;11:e0165214 pubmed publisher
    ..OCT1 and OCT2 were relatively uniformly expressed, whereas expression of OCT3, MATE1 and MATE2 showed substantial variation across lines...
  31. Ohta K, Inoue K, Yasujima T, Ishimaru M, Yuasa H. Functional characteristics of two human MATE transporters: kinetics of cimetidine transport and profiles of inhibition by various compounds. J Pharm Pharm Sci. 2009;12:388-96 pubmed
    ..Cimetidine was demonstrated to be a high affinity substrate of both hMATEs. Subsequent evaluation of the inhibition of hMATEs by various compounds indicated no major difference in function or role between hMATE1 and hMATE2-K. ..
  32. Li L, Weng Y, Wang W, Bai M, Lei H, Zhou H, et al. Multiple organic cation transporters contribute to the renal transport of sulpiride. Biopharm Drug Dispos. 2017;38:526-534 pubmed publisher
    ..The results implied that OCTN1, OCTN2, OCT2, MATE1 and MATE2-K probably contributed to the renal transfer of sulpiride, in which OCT2 mediated the uptake of sulpiride from the ..
  33. Otsuka M, Matsumoto T, Morimoto R, Arioka S, Omote H, Moriyama Y. A human transporter protein that mediates the final excretion step for toxic organic cations. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005;102:17923-8 pubmed
    ..Thus, MATE1 appears to be the long searched for polyspecific OC exporter that directly transports toxic OCs into urine and bile. ..
  34. Stopfer P, Giessmann T, Hohl K, Sharma A, Ishiguro N, Taub M, et al. Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of a Drug Transporter Cocktail Consisting of Digoxin, Furosemide, Metformin, and Rosuvastatin. Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2016;100:259-67 pubmed publisher
    ..Single oral doses of 0.25 mg digoxin (P-gp), 5 mg furosemide (OAT1 and OAT3), 500 mg metformin (OCT2, MATE1, and MATE2-K), and 10 mg rosuvastatin (OATP1B1, OATP1B3, and BCRP) were administered separately or as a cocktail in a ..
  35. Prasad B, Johnson K, Billington S, Lee C, Chung G, Brown C, et al. Abundance of Drug Transporters in the Human Kidney Cortex as Quantified by Quantitative Targeted Proteomics. Drug Metab Dispos. 2016;44:1920-1924 pubmed
    ..protein, multidrug resistance proteins (MRP2 and MRP4), and multidrug and toxin extrusion proteins (MATE1 and MATE2-K). Total membrane was isolated from the cortex of human kidneys (N = 41)...
  36. Ivliev A, t Hoen P, van Roon Mom W, Peters D, Sergeeva M. Exploring the transcriptome of ciliated cells using in silico dissection of human tissues. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e35618 pubmed publisher
    ..A multidrug-and-toxin extrusion transporter MATE2 (SLC47A2) was found as a brain-specific central gene in the ciliary module...
  37. Chedik L, Bruyère A, Le Vee M, Stieger B, Denizot C, Parmentier Y, et al. Inhibition of Human Drug Transporter Activities by the Pyrethroid Pesticides Allethrin and Tetramethrin. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0169480 pubmed publisher
    ..allethrin and tetramethrin cis-stimulated OATP2B1 activity and failed to alter activities of OATP1B3, OAT1 and MATE2-K, whereas P-glycoprotein activity was additionally moderately inhibited...
  38. Lechner C, Ishiguro N, Fukuhara A, Shimizu H, Ohtsu N, Takatani M, et al. Impact of Experimental Conditions on the Evaluation of Interactions between Multidrug and Toxin Extrusion Proteins and Candidate Drugs. Drug Metab Dispos. 2016;44:1381-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Cellular uptake assays with recombinant cells expressing human MATE1 or MATE2-K are widely used to investigate MATE-mediated transport for DDI assessment; however, the experimental conditions ..
  39. Nishimura K, Ide R, Hirota T, Kawazu K, Kodama S, Takesue H, et al. Identification and functional characterization of novel nonsynonymous variants in the human multidrug and toxin extrusion 2-K. Drug Metab Dispos. 2014;42:1432-7 pubmed publisher
    This study was performed to identify genetic polymorphisms in multidrug and toxin extrusion 2-K (MATE2-K, SLC47A2), a proton/organic cation antiporter that plays a role in the transport of organic cations across the apical membrane in ..
  40. Rizk M, Houle R, Chan G, Hafey M, Rhee E, Chu X. Raltegravir has a low propensity to cause clinical drug interactions through inhibition of major drug transporters: an in vitro evaluation. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2014;58:1294-301 pubmed publisher
    ..and showed weak inhibition of multidrug and toxin extrusion protein 1 (MATE1) (52% inhibition at 100 ?M) and MATE2-K (29% inhibition at 100 ?M)...
  41. Motohashi H, Nakao Y, Masuda S, Katsura T, Kamba T, Ogawa O, et al. Precise comparison of protein localization among OCT, OAT, and MATE in human kidney. J Pharm Sci. 2013;102:3302-8 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, the expression and distribution of apical MATE1 and MATE2-K, and basolateral OAT1, OAT3, and OCT2 were compared using serial sections of human kidney cortex...
  42. Fukuda Y, Kaishima M, Ohnishi T, Tohyama K, Chisaki I, Nakayama Y, et al. Fluid shear stress stimulates MATE2-K expression via Nrf2 pathway activation. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2017;484:358-364 pubmed publisher
    ..expression profiles of human primary proximal tubule cells under the fluidic conditions revealed upregulation of MATE2-K and activation of Nrf2 signaling in response to fluid shear stress...
  43. Yu Q, Liu Y, Zheng X, Zhu Q, Shen Z, Wang H, et al. Histone H3 Lysine 4 Trimethylation, Lysine 27 Trimethylation, and Lysine 27 Acetylation Contribute to the Transcriptional Repression of Solute Carrier Family 47 Member 2 in Renal Cell Carcinoma. Drug Metab Dispos. 2017;45:109-117 pubmed
    ..In this study, a dramatic decrease of the solute carrier family 47 member 2 (SLC47A2) mRNA in RCC comparing with the paired adjacent nontumor tissues from patients at low Tumor Node Metastasis stage ..
  44. van der Velden M, Bilos A, van den Heuvel J, Rijpma S, Hurkmans E, Sauerwein R, et al. Proguanil and cycloguanil are organic cation transporter and multidrug and toxin extrusion substrates. Malar J. 2017;16:422 pubmed publisher
    ..Using baculovirus-transduced HEK293 cells transiently expressing human OCT1, OCT2, MATE1 and MATE2K uptake and inhibition was studied by a range of anti-malarials...
  45. Yasujima T, Ohta K, Inoue K, Ishimaru M, Yuasa H. Evaluation of 4',6-diamidino-2-phenylindole as a fluorescent probe substrate for rapid assays of the functionality of human multidrug and toxin extrusion proteins. Drug Metab Dispos. 2010;38:715-21 pubmed publisher
    Multidrug and toxin extrusion protein 1 (MATE1) and MATE2-K are organic cation/H(+) antiporters that have recently been identified and suggested to be responsible for the brush border secretory transport of many cationic drugs in renal ..
  46. Tanihara Y, Masuda S, Sato T, Katsura T, Ogawa O, Inui K. Substrate specificity of MATE1 and MATE2-K, human multidrug and toxin extrusions/H(+)-organic cation antiporters. Biochem Pharmacol. 2007;74:359-71 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that hMATE1 and hMATE2-K function together as a detoxication system, by mediating the tubular secretion of intracellular ionic compounds across the brush-border membranes of the kidney. ..