Gene Symbol: SFRP1
Description: secreted frizzled related protein 1
Alias: FRP, FRP-1, FRP1, FrzA, SARP2, secreted frizzled-related protein 1, SARP-2, frizzled-related protein, sFRP-1, secreted apoptosis-related protein 2
Species: human
Products:     SFRP1

Top Publications

  1. Shih Y, Hsieh C, Lai H, Yan M, Hsieh T, Chao Y, et al. SFRP1 suppressed hepatoma cells growth through Wnt canonical signaling pathway. Int J Cancer. 2007;121:1028-35 pubmed
    ..However, the role of SFRPs in HCC is not clear. Recently, we have shown that SFRP1 is frequently downregulated through promoter hypermethylation...
  2. Yang Z, Liu G, Bollig Fischer A, Haddad R, Tarca A, Ethier S. Methylation-associated silencing of SFRP1 with an 8p11-12 amplification inhibits canonical and non-canonical WNT pathways in breast cancers. Int J Cancer. 2009;125:1613-21 pubmed publisher
    ..We found that SFRP1 (Secreted frizzled related protein 1) is frequently under expressed even in breast tumours with copy number increases in this genomic ..
  3. Awakura Y, Nakamura E, Ito N, Kamoto T, Ogawa O. Methylation-associated silencing of SFRP1 in renal cell carcinoma. Oncol Rep. 2008;20:1257-63 pubmed
    Secreted frizzled-related protein 1 (SFRP1) is a candidate tumor suppressor gene located at 8p11.2 and antagonizes the Wnt signaling pathway...
  4. Fukui T, Kondo M, Ito G, Maeda O, Sato N, Yoshioka H, et al. Transcriptional silencing of secreted frizzled related protein 1 (SFRP 1) by promoter hypermethylation in non-small-cell lung cancer. Oncogene. 2005;24:6323-7 pubmed
    b>Secreted frizzled related protein 1 (SFRP 1) is an antagonist of the transmembrane frizzled receptor, a component of the Wnt signaling pathway, and has been suggested to be a candidate tumor suppressor in several human malignancies...
  5. Finch P, He X, Kelley M, Uren A, Schaudies R, Popescu N, et al. Purification and molecular cloning of a secreted, Frizzled-related antagonist of Wnt action. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1997;94:6770-5 pubmed
    ..This protein, called Frizzled-related protein (FRP), was first identified as a heparin-binding polypeptide that copurified with hepatocyte growth factor/scatter ..
  6. Kongkham P, Northcott P, Croul S, Smith C, Taylor M, Rutka J. The SFRP family of WNT inhibitors function as novel tumor suppressor genes epigenetically silenced in medulloblastoma. Oncogene. 2010;29:3017-24 pubmed publisher
    ..Using a genome-wide approach, we identified the secreted frizzled-related protein 1, 2 and 3 (SFRP1, SFRP2 and SFRP3) family of WNT inhibitors as putative tumor suppressor genes silenced by promoter region ..
  7. Zhang Y, Miao Y, Yi J, Geng J, Wang R, Chen L. Transcriptional inactivation of secreted frizzled-related protein 1 by promoter hypermethylation as a potential biomarker for non-small cell lung cancer. Neoplasma. 2010;57:228-33 pubmed
    ..The expression of four SFRP members (SFRP1, 2, 4, and 5) in NSCLC samples was screened by RT-PCR and quantitative real-time PCR...
  8. Shin H, Kim J, Lee Y, Lee Y. Change in gene expression profiles of secreted frizzled-related proteins (SFRPs) by sodium butyrate in gastric cancers: induction of promoter demethylation and histone modification causing inhibition of Wnt signaling. Int J Oncol. 2012;40:1533-42 pubmed publisher
    ..Sodium butyrate (NaB) induced demethylation and histone modification at the promoter region of SFRP1/2 restoring the SFRP expression in human gastric cancer cells...
  9. Xavier C, Melikova M, Chuman Y, Uren A, Baljinnyam B, Rubin J. Secreted Frizzled-related protein potentiation versus inhibition of Wnt3a/?-catenin signaling. Cell Signal. 2014;26:94-101 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we present evidence that sFRP1 either inhibits or enhances signaling in the Wnt3a/?-catenin pathway, depending on its concentration and the ..

More Information


  1. Gumz M, Zou H, Kreinest P, Childs A, Belmonte L, LeGrand S, et al. Secreted frizzled-related protein 1 loss contributes to tumor phenotype of clear cell renal cell carcinoma. Clin Cancer Res. 2007;13:4740-9 pubmed in clear cell RCC (cRCC), we investigated the antitumor activity of secreted frizzled-related protein 1 (sFRP1), a negative regulator of Wnt signaling...
  2. Huang J, Zhang Y, Teng X, Lin Y, Zheng D, Yang P, et al. Down-regulation of SFRP1 as a putative tumor suppressor gene can contribute to human hepatocellular carcinoma. BMC Cancer. 2007;7:126 pubmed
    Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most common cancers in the world. SFRP1 (the secreted frizzled-related protein 1), a putative tumor suppressor gene mapped onto chromosome 8p12-p11...
  3. Dahl E, Wiesmann F, Woenckhaus M, Stoehr R, Wild P, Veeck J, et al. Frequent loss of SFRP1 expression in multiple human solid tumours: association with aberrant promoter methylation in renal cell carcinoma. Oncogene. 2007;26:5680-91 pubmed
    ..of specific pathway regulators like the putative tumour suppressor secreted frizzled-related protein 1 (SFRP1), may be causally involved in the carcinogenesis of many human solid tumours including breast, colon and kidney ..
  4. Clement G, Braunschweig R, Pasquier N, Bosman F, Benhattar J. Alterations of the Wnt signaling pathway during the neoplastic progression of Barrett's esophagus. Oncogene. 2006;25:3084-92 pubmed
    ..expression pattern of Wnt ligands, Frizzled receptors and APC, as well as the methylation status of the APC, SFRP1 and SFRP2 promoter genes were investigated in normal esophageal mucosa and in preneoplastic and neoplastic lesions ..
  5. Bodine P, Billiard J, Moran R, Ponce de Leon H, McLarney S, Mangine A, et al. The Wnt antagonist secreted frizzled-related protein-1 controls osteoblast and osteocyte apoptosis. J Cell Biochem. 2005;96:1212-30 pubmed
    ..Likewise, over-expression of sFRP-1 in HOBs accelerated the rate of cell death threefold. These results establish sFRP-1 as an important negative regulator of human osteoblast and osteocyte survival. ..
  6. Ugolini F, Charafe Jauffret E, Bardou V, Geneix J, Adelaide J, Labat Moleur F, et al. WNT pathway and mammary carcinogenesis: loss of expression of candidate tumor suppressor gene SFRP1 in most invasive carcinomas except of the medullary type. Oncogene. 2001;20:5810-7 pubmed
    Secreted Frizzled-related protein 1 (SFRP1) encodes a member of a protein family that contains a cysteine-rich domain similar to the WNT-binding site of Frizzled receptors and regulates the WNT pathway...
  7. Uren A, Reichsman F, Anest V, Taylor W, Muraiso K, Bottaro D, et al. Secreted frizzled-related protein-1 binds directly to Wingless and is a biphasic modulator of Wnt signaling. J Biol Chem. 2000;275:4374-82 pubmed
    ..These results provide new insights about the Wnt binding and biological activity of sFRPs. ..
  8. Shulewitz M, Soloviev I, Wu T, Koeppen H, Polakis P, Sakanaka C. Repressor roles for TCF-4 and Sfrp1 in Wnt signaling in breast cancer. Oncogene. 2006;25:4361-9 pubmed
    ..We searched for relationships in the expression of Wnt pathway genes and found that both secreted frizzled related protein 1 (Sfrp1) and TCF-4 transcripts were all highly downregulated in a common subset of breast cancers ..
  9. Chung M, Lai H, Sytwu H, Yan M, Shih Y, Chang C, et al. SFRP1 and SFRP2 suppress the transformation and invasion abilities of cervical cancer cells through Wnt signal pathway. Gynecol Oncol. 2009;112:646-53 pubmed publisher
    ..Recently, we have shown that SFRP1 and SFRP2 are frequently downregulated through promoter hypermethylation...
  10. Matsuda Y, Schlange T, Oakeley E, Boulay A, Hynes N. WNT signaling enhances breast cancer cell motility and blockade of the WNT pathway by sFRP1 suppresses MDA-MB-231 xenograft growth. Breast Cancer Res. 2009;11:R32 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, many breast tumors show hypermethylation of the secreted Frizzled-related protein 1 (sFRP1) promoter region, causing low expression of this WNT antagonist...
  11. Rogler A, Hoja S, Socher E, Nolte E, Wach S, Wieland W, et al. Role of two single nucleotide polymorphisms in secreted frizzled related protein 1 and bladder cancer risk. Int J Clin Exp Pathol. 2013;6:1984-98 pubmed, we determined the genotype distribution of two single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in secreted frizzled related protein 1 (SFRP1), rs3242 and rs921142, in a Caucasian bladder cancer case-control study...
  12. Martin Manso G, Calzada M, Chuman Y, Sipes J, Xavier C, Wolf V, et al. sFRP-1 binds via its netrin-related motif to the N-module of thrombospondin-1 and blocks thrombospondin-1 stimulation of MDA-MB-231 breast carcinoma cell adhesion and migration. Arch Biochem Biophys. 2011;509:147-56 pubmed publisher
    ..These results demonstrate that sFRP-1 can modulate breast cancer cell responses by interacting with thrombospondin-1 in addition to its known effects on Wnt signaling. ..
  13. Lo P, Mehrotra J, D Costa A, Fackler M, Garrett Mayer E, Argani P, et al. Epigenetic suppression of secreted frizzled related protein 1 (SFRP1) expression in human breast cancer. Cancer Biol Ther. 2006;5:281-6 pubmed
    Expression of Secreted frizzled related protein 1 (SFRP1), a recently identified tumor suppressor gene encoding a WNT signaling antagonist, has been found to be frequently down-regulated in breast cancer and is associated with disease ..
  14. Bhat R, Stauffer B, Komm B, Bodine P. Structure-function analysis of secreted frizzled-related protein-1 for its Wnt antagonist function. J Cell Biochem. 2007;102:1519-28 pubmed
    ..The structure-function analysis studies of sFRP-1 clearly demonstrate the interaction of several functional domains for its optimal Wnt antagonist function. ..
  15. Bafico A, Gazit A, Pramila T, Finch P, Yaniv A, Aaronson S. Interaction of frizzled related protein (FRP) with Wnt ligands and the frizzled receptor suggests alternative mechanisms for FRP inhibition of Wnt signaling. J Biol Chem. 1999;274:16180-7 pubmed
    ..We demonstrated that FRP antagonizes the Wnt-induced increase in uncomplexed beta-catenin in both transient cotransfection and stable ..
  16. Wawrzak D, Metioui M, Willems E, Hendrickx M, De Genst E, Leyns L. Wnt3a binds to several sFRPs in the nanomolar range. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2007;357:1119-23 pubmed
    ..Here we show, using surface plasmon resonance and purified proteins, that sFRP1, sFRP2, sFRP4, and Frzb bind directly to Wnt3a with affinities in the nanomolar range...
  17. Veeck J, Niederacher D, An H, Klopocki E, Wiesmann F, Betz B, et al. Aberrant methylation of the Wnt antagonist SFRP1 in breast cancer is associated with unfavourable prognosis. Oncogene. 2006;25:3479-88 pubmed
    ..The gene for secreted frizzled-related protein 1 (SFRP1) encodes a soluble Wnt antagonist and is located in a chromosomal region (8p22-p12) that is often deleted in ..
  18. Huang D, Yu B, Deng Y, Sheng W, Peng Z, Qin W, et al. SFRP4 was overexpressed in colorectal carcinoma. J Cancer Res Clin Oncol. 2010;136:395-401 pubmed publisher
    ..The protein expression of SFRP1 and SFRP4 were verified by Western blot in those 20 paired samples and were further detected by ..
  19. Oberschmid B, Dietmaier W, Hartmann A, Dahl E, Klopocki E, Beatty B, et al. Distinct secreted Frizzled receptor protein 1 staining pattern in patients with hyperplastic polyposis coli syndrome. Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2004;128:967-73 pubmed
    ..These findings may help identify precursor lesions in the proposed hyperplasia-carcinoma pathway of colorectal carcinogenesis. ..
  20. Liu Y, El Serag H, Jiao L, Lee J, Moore D, Franco L, et al. WNT signaling pathway gene polymorphisms and risk of hepatic fibrosis and inflammation in HCV-infected patients. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e84407 pubmed publisher
    ..19, 95% CI 1.48-3.23, P = 0.00004), and seven were significantly associated with inflammation risk (e.g., SFRP1 rs16890282: OR = 2.15, 95% CI 1.39-3.16, P = 0.0004)...
  21. Joesting M, Perrin S, Elenbaas B, Fawell S, Rubin J, Franco O, et al. Identification of SFRP1 as a candidate mediator of stromal-to-epithelial signaling in prostate cancer. Cancer Res. 2005;65:10423-30 pubmed
    ..Further investigation of one of these genes, secreted frizzled related protein 1 (SFRP1), revealed that its expression parallels prostatic growth with high expression during ..
  22. Caldwell G, Jones C, Gensberg K, Jan S, Hardy R, Byrd P, et al. The Wnt antagonist sFRP1 in colorectal tumorigenesis. Cancer Res. 2004;64:883-8 pubmed
    ..The preserved sFRP1 alleles in the remaining seven tumors each contained a polymorphic three-base insertion in the signal sequence, ..
  23. Fukuhara K, Kariya M, Kita M, Shime H, Kanamori T, Kosaka C, et al. Secreted frizzled related protein 1 is overexpressed in uterine leiomyomas, associated with a high estrogenic environment and unrelated to proliferative activity. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2002;87:1729-36 pubmed
    b>Secreted frizzled related protein 1 (sFRP1) is a modulator of Wnt signaling. Recently, aberrations of Wnt signaling were reported to be involved in the pathology of various human neoplasms...
  24. Elzi D, Song M, Hakala K, Weintraub S, Shiio Y. Wnt antagonist SFRP1 functions as a secreted mediator of senescence. Mol Cell Biol. 2012;32:4388-99 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we report that secreted Frizzled-related protein 1 (SFRP1), a secreted antagonist of Wnt signaling, is oversecreted upon cellular senescence caused by DNA damage or ..
  25. Buim M, Soares F, Sarkis A, Nagai M. The transcripts of SFRP1,CEP63 and EIF4G2 genes are frequently downregulated in transitional cell carcinomas of the bladder. Oncology. 2005;69:445-54 pubmed
    ..Among the differentially expressed genes, SFRP1,CEP63 and EIF4G2 were further validated by quantitative RT-PCR in a series of 50 transitional cell carcinomas...
  26. Delic S, Lottmann N, Stelzl A, Liesenberg F, Wolter M, Götze S, et al. MiR-328 promotes glioma cell invasion via SFRP1-dependent Wnt-signaling activation. Neuro Oncol. 2014;16:179-90 pubmed publisher
    ..Secreted Frizzled-related protein 1 (SFRP1), an inhibitor of Wnt signaling, was then pinpointed as a direct miR-328 target...
  27. Tanaka J, Watanabe T, Kanazawa T, Tada T, Kazama Y, Tanaka T, et al. Silencing of secreted frizzled-related protein genes in MSI colorectal carcinogenesis. Hepatogastroenterology. 2008;55:1265-8 pubmed
    ..Methylation-specific polymerase chain reaction was performed to detect the methylation status of SFRP1, 2 and 5 genes. All of the samples showed hypermethylation in the promoter region of SFRP1...
  28. Jamshidi K, Givehchian B, Mirzaei A. Florid reactive periostitis of the long bone: A case series of seven patients. J Orthop Sci. 2017;22:560-565 pubmed publisher
    Florid reactive periostitis (FRP) is a rare benign periosteal lesion, which mostly involves the tubular bones of the extremities. FRP of the long bone is especially rare...
  29. Hirata H, Hinoda Y, Shahryari V, Deng G, Tanaka Y, Tabatabai Z, et al. Genistein downregulates onco-miR-1260b and upregulates sFRP1 and Smad4 via demethylation and histone modification in prostate cancer cells. Br J Cancer. 2014;110:1645-54 pubmed publisher
    ..Two target genes (sFRP1 and Smad4) of miR-1260b were identified based on computer algorithm and 3'UTR luciferase assay was carried out to ..
  30. Eskander R, Ali S, Dellinger T, Lankes H, Randall L, Ramirez N, et al. Expression Patterns of the Wnt Pathway Inhibitors Dickkopf3 and Secreted Frizzled-Related Proteins 1 and 4 in Endometrial Endometrioid Adenocarcinoma: An NRG Oncology/Gynecologic Oncology Group Study. Int J Gynecol Cancer. 2016;26:125-32 pubmed publisher determine the differential expression patterns of the wingless-type (Wnt) pathway inhibitors Dkk3 (Dickkopf 3), SFRP1 (secreted frizzled-related protein 1), and SFRP4 in normal müllerian tissue and endometrial endometrioid ..
  31. Pannone G, Bufo P, Santoro A, Franco R, Aquino G, Longo F, et al. WNT pathway in oral cancer: epigenetic inactivation of WNT-inhibitors. Oncol Rep. 2010;24:1035-41 pubmed
    ..This study suggests that a cause of catenin delocalization in oral cancer could be due to WNT pathway activation, by epigenetic alterations of SFRP, WIF-1 and DKK-3 genes. ..
  32. Galamb O, Kalmár A, Barták B, Patai A, Leiszter K, Péterfia B, et al. Aging related methylation influences the gene expression of key control genes in colorectal cancer and adenoma. World J Gastroenterol. 2016;22:10325-10340 pubmed publisher
    ..Among the differentially methylated age-related genes, secreted frizzled related protein 1 (SFRP1) promoter methylation was further investigated in colonic tissue from 8 healthy ..
  33. Li H, Liang J, Kuo Y, Lee H, Calkins M, Chang H, et al. miR-105/93-3p promotes chemoresistance and circulating miR-105/93-3p acts as a diagnostic biomarker for triple negative breast cancer. Breast Cancer Res. 2017;19:133 pubmed publisher
    ..miR-105/93-3p activates Wnt/?-catenin signaling by downregulating SFRP1 and thereby promotes stemness, chemoresistance, and metastasis in TNBC cells...
  34. Zhao C, Bu X, Zhang N. Hypermethylation and aberrant expression of Wnt antagonist secreted frizzled-related protein 1 in gastric cancer. World J Gastroenterol. 2007;13:2214-7 pubmed
    To identify the methylation of secreted frizzled-related protein 1 (SFRP1) in gastric cancer and to investigate the aberrant expression of SFRP1 and its correlation with the clinical pathological features of patients...
  35. Zhong X, Desilva T, Lin L, Bodine P, Bhat R, Presman E, et al. Regulation of secreted Frizzled-related protein-1 by heparin. J Biol Chem. 2007;282:20523-33 pubmed
    ..The study has revealed a multifaceted regulation on sFRP-1 protein by heparin. ..
  36. Takagi H, Sasaki S, Suzuki H, Toyota M, Maruyama R, Nojima M, et al. Frequent epigenetic inactivation of SFRP genes in hepatocellular carcinoma. J Gastroenterol. 2008;43:378-89 pubmed publisher
    ..We detected methylation of SFRP family genes in liver cancer cell lines (SFRP1, 9/12, 75%; SFRP2, 7/12, 58%; SFRP4, 3/12, 25%; SFRP5, 7/12, 58%) and primary HCCs (SFRP1, 9/19, 47%; SFRP2, 12/19,..
  37. Naito M, Ohashi A, Takahashi T. Dexamethasone inhibits chondrocyte differentiation by suppression of Wnt/β-catenin signaling in the chondrogenic cell line ATDC5. Histochem Cell Biol. 2015;144:261-72 pubmed publisher
    ..PCR analysis showed that Dex increased the mRNA expression levels of secreted frizzled-related protein 1 (sFRP1) and Axin2...
  38. Tabata N, Ido M, Suga S, Ohgimoto S, Tsurudome M, Kawano M, et al. Protein tyrosine kinase activation provides an early and obligatory signal in anti-FRP-1/CD98/4F2 monoclonal antibody induced cell fusion mediated by HIV gp160. Med Microbiol Immunol. 1997;186:115-23 pubmed
    The mechanism by which anti-fusion regulatory protein-1 (FRP-1) monoclonal antibody (mAb) induced cell fusion was investigated using U2ME-7 cells that are CD4+U937 cells transfected with the HIV gp160 gene...
  39. Ma Y, Shan X. Spasm and flexion-relaxation phenomenon response to large lifting load during the performance of a trunk flexion-extension exercise. BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2017;18:505 pubmed publisher
    The flexion relaxation phenomenon (FRP) has been widely investigated. Nevertheless, no study has been reported on the FRP as well as spasm response to large lifting load...
  40. Douglas G, Lürling M, Spears B. Assessment of changes in potential nutrient limitation in an impounded river after application of lanthanum-modified bentonite. Water Res. 2016;97:47-54 pubmed publisher
    ..Application of LMB resulted in rapid and effective removal of filterable reactive P (FRP) from the water column and also effectively intercepted FRP released from bottom sediments until the advent of a ..
  41. Pinheiro C, dos Santos M, Chaves T. Flexion-relaxation ratio in computer workers with and without chronic neck pain. J Electromyogr Kinesiol. 2016;26:8-17 pubmed publisher
    This study evaluated the flexion-relaxation phenomenon (FRP) and flexion-relaxation ratios (FR-ratios) using surface electromyography (sEMG) of the cervical extensor muscles of computer workers with and without chronic neck pain, as well ..
  42. Miao C, Qin D, Du C, Ye H, Shi W, Xiong Y, et al. DNMT1 activates the canonical Wnt signaling in rheumatoid arthritis model rats via a crucial functional crosstalk between miR-152 and the DNMT1, MeCP2. Int Immunopharmacol. 2015;28:344-53 pubmed publisher
    ..The effects of DNMT1 on the canonical Wnt signaling, the pathogenesis of RA model rats and the SFRP1 expression were detected by the real time qPCR, Western blotting, ELISA, MTT and viable cell number assay...
  43. Sahm F, Bissel J, Koelsche C, Schweizer L, Capper D, Reuss D, et al. AKT1E17K mutations cluster with meningothelial and transitional meningiomas and can be detected by SFRP1 immunohistochemistry. Acta Neuropathol. 2013;126:757-62 pubmed publisher
    ..We observed strong up-regulation of SFRP1 expression in all meningiomas with AKT1E17K mutation and in HEK293 cells after transfection with mutant AKT1E17K, ..
  44. Kinoshita T, Nomoto S, Kodera Y, Koike M, Fujiwara M, Nakao A. Decreased expression and aberrant hypermethylation of the SFRP genes in human gastric cancer. Hepatogastroenterology. 2011;58:1051-6 pubmed
    ..SFRP genes have recently been mapped on chromosome 8p12-p12.1 (SFRP1), 4q31.3 (SFRP2) and 10q24.1 (SFRP5), respectively...
  45. Yokota T, Oritani K, Garrett K, Kouro T, Nishida M, Takahashi I, et al. Soluble frizzled-related protein 1 is estrogen inducible in bone marrow stromal cells and suppresses the earliest events in lymphopoiesis. J Immunol. 2008;181:6061-72 pubmed
    ..Bone-lining stromal cells express sFRP1, and the transcripts were elevated by pregnancy or estrogen injection...
  46. Dufourcq P, Leroux L, Ezan J, Descamps B, Lamazière J, Costet P, et al. Regulation of endothelial cell cytoskeletal reorganization by a secreted frizzled-related protein-1 and frizzled 4- and frizzled 7-dependent pathway: role in neovessel formation. Am J Pathol. 2008;172:37-49 pubmed
    ..This study illustrates a regulated pathway by sFRP-1 involving GSK-3beta and Rac-1 in endothelial cell cytoskeletal reorganization and in neovessel formation. ..
  47. Borri A, Castori G, Corradi M. Masonry Columns Confined by Steel Fiber Composite Wraps. Materials (Basel). 2011;4:311-326 pubmed publisher
    ..It is concluded that SRP-confined masonry behaves very much like fiber reinforced polymers (FRP)-confined masonry...
  48. Pouliot B, Jbel M, Mercier A, Labbe S. abc3+ encodes an iron-regulated vacuolar ABC-type transporter in Schizosaccharomyces pombe. Eukaryot Cell. 2010;9:59-73 pubmed publisher
    ..abc3Delta cells exhibited increased levels of expression of the frp1(+)-encoded ferric reductase, suggesting a loss of Fep1 repression and, consequently, the activation of Fep1-..
  49. Tausif M, Pliakas A, O Haire T, Goswami P, Russell S. Mechanical Properties of Nonwoven Reinforced Thermoplastic Polyurethane Composites. Materials (Basel). 2017;10: pubmed publisher
    Reinforcement of flexible fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) composites with standard textile fibres is a potential low cost solution to less critical loading applications...
  50. Lu Y, Liu H, Saer R, Li V, Zhang H, Shi L, et al. A Molecular Mechanism for Nonphotochemical Quenching in Cyanobacteria. Biochemistry. 2017;56:2812-2823 pubmed publisher
    ..of the PBS-OCP complex in vivo is facilitated by another protein known as the fluorescence recovery protein (FRP), which primarily exists as a dimeric complex...
  51. Wu J, Zhang J, Cao Q, Wang J, Zhan Z, Li Z. Genetic variants in the 3' untranslated region of sFRP1 gene and risk of gastric cancer in a Chinese population. Int J Biol Markers. 2017;32:e102-e107 pubmed publisher
    Secreted frizzled-related protein 1 (sFRP1), a negative regulator of the Wnt signaling pathway, is frequently inactivated in human gastric cancer...
  52. Davaadorj M, Imura S, Saito Y, Morine Y, Ikemoto T, Yamada S, et al. Loss of SFRP1 Expression Is Associated with Poor Prognosis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Anticancer Res. 2016;36:659-64 pubmed
    Secreted frizzled-related protein-1 (SFRP1) is a well-known inhibitor of the wingless type (WNT)-β-catenin signaling pathway and its inactivation plays an important role in the development and progression of various types of cancer...
  53. Pehlivan M, Sercan Z, Sercan H. sFRP1 promoter methylation is associated with persistent Philadelphia chromosome in chronic myeloid leukemia. Leuk Res. 2009;33:1062-7 pubmed publisher responsible for the observed Wnt activation in CML, we studied the methylation and mutational status of the sFRP1 promoter in 48 chronic phase CML patients...
  54. Sun J, Chen Z, Zhu T, Yu J, Ma K, Zhang H, et al. Hypermethylated SFRP1, but none of other nine genes "informative" for western countries, is valuable for bladder cancer detection in Mainland China. J Cancer Res Clin Oncol. 2009;135:1717-27 pubmed publisher
    ..The promoter CpG Islands of the following 10 genes: CDH1, FANCF, LOXL1, LOXL4, p16INK4, SFRP1, SOX9, TIG1, TIMP3, and XAF1 have been subjected to methylation-specific PCR analysis in the DNA of 2 bladder ..
  55. Xie Q, Chen L, Shan X, Shan X, Tang J, Zhou F, et al. Epigenetic silencing of SFRP1 and SFRP5 by hepatitis B virus X protein enhances hepatoma cell tumorigenicity through Wnt signaling pathway. Int J Cancer. 2014;135:635-46 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results showed that SFRP1 and SFRP5 expression were dramatically decreased by HBx in hepatoma cells...
  56. Ghoshal A, Ghosh S. Expression, purification, and therapeutic implications of recombinant sFRP1. Appl Biochem Biotechnol. 2015;175:2087-103 pubmed publisher
    ..purification, characterization, and anti-cell proliferative activity of a novel recombinant GST-tagged sFRP1 of human origin...
  57. Xu C, Shen J, Shen S, Fu H, Wu X, Wu D, et al. [Methylation status of CpG islands in secreted frizzled-related protein gene promoter region of malignant hematopoietic cell lines]. Zhongguo Shi Yan Xue Ye Xue Za Zhi. 2009;17:1487-91 pubmed
    ..None of the normal mononuclear cells showed methylation of SFRP 1-5 genes...
  58. Tribulo P, Siqueira L, Oliveira L, Scheffler T, Hansen P. Identification of potential embryokines in the bovine reproductive tract. J Dairy Sci. 2018;101:690-704 pubmed publisher
    ..CXCL10, CXCL16, DKK3, FGF10, IL18, IL33, IL34, PGF, and SFRP2), 1 gene at d 3 (WNT4), 8 at d 5 (BMP7, HGF, IL6, SFRP1, TGFB1, WIF1, WNT2, and WNT5A), and 1 at d 7 (IK)...
  59. Boudin E, Piters E, Fransen E, Nielsen T, Andersen M, Roef G, et al. Association study of common variants in the sFRP1 gene region and parameters of bone strength and body composition in two independent healthy Caucasian male cohorts. Mol Genet Metab. 2012;105:508-15 pubmed publisher
    ..Mice models showed that sFRP1 has an influence on bone formation...
  60. Chen Y, Liu D, Zhao Y, Wang H, Gao Y, Chen Y. Aberrant promoter methylation of the SFRP1 gene may contribute to colorectal carcinogenesis: a meta-analysis. Tumour Biol. 2014;35:9201-10 pubmed publisher
    ..cohort studies was conducted to evaluate whether promoter methylation of the secreted frizzled-related protein 1 (SFRP1) gene contributes to colorectal carcinogenesis...
  61. Cheng C, Li L, Cheng S, Ng K, Chan N, Ip R, et al. Secreted-frizzled related protein 1 is a transcriptional repression target of the t(8;21) fusion protein in acute myeloid leukemia. Blood. 2011;118:6638-48 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we examined SFRP1, SFRP2, SFRP4, and SFRP5 promoter methylation in 83 patients with AML (59 children and 24 adults) and found ..
  62. Xie J, Zhao T, Liu Y. Sonic hedgehog regulates the pathfinding of descending serotonergic axons in hindbrain in collaboration with Wnt5a and secreted frizzled-related protein 1. Int J Dev Neurosci. 2018;66:24-32 pubmed publisher
    ..and shaping the Wnt gradient indirectly by regulating the gradient expression of the frizzled-related protein 1 (Sfrp1). Whether such a mechanism functions in descending 5-HT axon guidance remains unknown...
  63. Quan H, Zhou F, Nie D, Chen Q, Cai X, Shan X, et al. Hepatitis C virus core protein epigenetically silences SFRP1 and enhances HCC aggressiveness by inducing epithelial-mesenchymal transition. Oncogene. 2014;33:2826-35 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we report that Hepatitis C virus (HCV) core protein downregulates SFRP1 expression when it is expressed in Huh7 and HepG2 cells...
  64. Katoh Y, Katoh M. WNT antagonist, SFRP1, is Hedgehog signaling target. Int J Mol Med. 2006;17:171-5 pubmed
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