Gene Symbol: RND2
Description: Rho family GTPase 2
Alias: ARHN, RHO7, RhoN, rho-related GTP-binding protein RhoN, CTD-3199J23.4, GTP-binding protein Rho7, ras homolog gene family, member N, rho-related GTP-binding protein Rho7
Species: human
Products:     RND2

Top Publications

  1. Smith T, Lee M, Szabo C, Jerome N, McEuen M, Taylor M, et al. Complete genomic sequence and analysis of 117 kb of human DNA containing the gene BRCA1. Genome Res. 1996;6:1029-49 pubmed
    ..In addition to BRCA1, the contig contains two complete genes: Rho7, a member of the rho family of GTP binding proteins, and VAT1, an abundant membrane protein of cholinergic synaptic ..
  2. Gladwyn Ng I, Li S, Qu Z, Davis J, Ngo L, Haas M, et al. Bacurd2 is a novel interacting partner to Rnd2 which controls radial migration within the developing mammalian cerebral cortex. Neural Dev. 2015;10:9 pubmed publisher
    ..We previously reported that the atypical RhoA GTPase Rnd2 promotes the radial migration of mouse cerebral cortical neurons (Nature 455(7209):114-8, 2008; Neuron 69(6):1069-..
  3. Azzarelli R, Pacary E, Garg R, Garcez P, van den Berg D, Riou P, et al. An antagonistic interaction between PlexinB2 and Rnd3 controls RhoA activity and cortical neuron migration. Nat Commun. 2014;5:3405 pubmed publisher
    ..a migratory behaviour to cortical neurons by inducing the expression of the small GTP-binding proteins such as Rnd2 and Rnd3...
  4. Okado H. Regulation of brain development and brain function by the transcriptional repressor RP58. Brain Res. 2019;1705:15-23 pubmed publisher
    ..cell cycle exit in the developing cerebral cortex, and is essential for transcriptional repression of Ngn2 and Rnd2, which regulate the multipolar-to-bipolar transition during neuronal migration independently of its role in cell ..
  5. Clément O, Hemming I, Gladwyn Ng I, Qu Z, Li S, Piper M, et al. Rp58 and p27kip1 coordinate cell cycle exit and neuronal migration within the embryonic mouse cerebral cortex. Neural Dev. 2017;12:8 pubmed publisher
    ..to the cortical plate can be restored by forced expression of p27kip1 in concert with suppression of Rnd2, a downstream target gene of Rp58...
  6. McLoughlin H, Fineberg S, Ghosh L, Tecedor L, Davidson B. Dicer is required for proliferation, viability, migration and differentiation in corticoneurogenesis. Neuroscience. 2012;223:285-95 pubmed publisher
    ..Consistent with this, Reelin levels were enhanced. Doublecortin and Rnd2 were also increased and showed altered distribution, supporting a strong regulatory role for miRNAs in both early ..
  7. Gladwyn Ng I, Huang L, Ngo L, Li S, Qu Z, Vanyai H, et al. Bacurd1/Kctd13 and Bacurd2/Tnfaip1 are interacting partners to Rnd proteins which influence the long-term positioning and dendritic maturation of cerebral cortical neurons. Neural Dev. 2016;11:7 pubmed publisher
    ..The RhoA GTPases Rnd2 and Rnd3 are important for neurogenesis and cell migration within the embryonic cortex (Nat Commun 4:1635, 2013), ..
  8. Lee C, Aules Y, Sami S, Lar P, Schlect J, Robinson C. Sexual and reproductive health needs and risks of very young adolescent refugees and migrants from Myanmar living in Thailand. Confl Health. 2017;11:30 pubmed publisher
    ..the Women's Refugee Commission (WRC), Johns Hopkins University (JHU), Adolescent and Reproductive Health Network (ARHN) and Karen Youth Organization (KYO) implemented qualitative participatory research to explore the SRH needs and ..
  9. Fujita H, Katoh H, Ishikawa Y, Mori K, Negishi M. Rapostlin is a novel effector of Rnd2 GTPase inducing neurite branching. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:45428-34 pubmed
    Rho family GTPases are central regulators of neuronal morphology. Recently, Rnd proteins, Rnd1, Rnd2, and Rnd3/RhoE, have been identified as new members of Rho family GTPases...

More Information


  1. Kim Y, Hori M, Yasuda K, Ozaki H. Differences in the gestational pattern of mRNA expression of the Rnd family in rat and human myometria. Comp Biochem Physiol A Mol Integr Physiol. 2005;142:410-5 pubmed
    ..In addition to Rnd1, there are two other members, Rnd2 and Rnd3, in the Rnd family of Rho proteins...
  2. Tanaka H, Katoh H, Negishi M. Pragmin, a novel effector of Rnd2 GTPase, stimulates RhoA activity. J Biol Chem. 2006;281:10355-64 pubmed
    ..b>Rnd2 is a member of the Rnd subfamily, comprising Rnd1, Rnd2, and Rnd3...
  3. Steffensen A, Dandanell M, Jønson L, Ejlertsen B, Gerdes A, Nielsen F, et al. Functional characterization of BRCA1 gene variants by mini-gene splicing assay. Eur J Hum Genet. 2014;22:1362-8 pubmed publisher
    ..This knowledge is crucial for proper genetic counseling of patients and their family members. ..
  4. Tanaka H, Fujita H, Katoh H, Mori K, Negishi M. Vps4-A (vacuolar protein sorting 4-A) is a binding partner for a novel Rho family GTPase, Rnd2. Biochem J. 2002;365:349-53 pubmed
    Rho family GTPases are implicated in a variety of biological activities, including endocytic vesicle trafficking. Rnd2 is a new member of Rho family GTPases, but its biological functions are not known...
  5. Wennerberg K, Forget M, Ellerbroek S, Arthur W, Burridge K, Settleman J, et al. Rnd proteins function as RhoA antagonists by activating p190 RhoGAP. Curr Biol. 2003;13:1106-15 pubmed
    The Rnd proteins Rnd1, Rnd2, and Rnd3 (RhoE) comprise a unique branch of Rho-family G-proteins that lack intrinsic GTPase activity and consequently remain constitutively "active...
  6. Garcia Casado Z, Romero I, Fernandez Serra A, Rubio L, Llopis F, Garcia A, et al. A de novo complete BRCA1 gene deletion identified in a Spanish woman with early bilateral breast cancer. BMC Med Genet. 2011;12:134 pubmed publisher
    ..detected deletion started from the region surrounding the VAT1 locus to the beginning of NBR1 gene, including the RND2, ?BRCA1, BRCA1 and NBR2 complete genes...
  7. Katoh H, Harada A, Mori K, Negishi M. Socius is a novel Rnd GTPase-interacting protein involved in disassembly of actin stress fibers. Mol Cell Biol. 2002;22:2952-64 pubmed
    Rho family small GTPases are key regulators of the actin cytoskeleton in various cell types. The Rnd proteins, Rnd1, Rnd2, and Rnd3/RhoE, have been recently identified as new members of the Rho family of GTPases, and expression of Rnd1 or ..
  8. Wylie T, Garg R, Ridley A, Conte M. Analysis of the interaction of Plexin-B1 and Plexin-B2 with Rnd family proteins. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0185899 pubmed publisher
    The Rnd family of proteins, Rnd1, Rnd2 and Rnd3, are atypical Rho family GTPases, which bind to but do not hydrolyse GTP. They interact with plexins, which are receptors for semaphorins, and are hypothesised to regulate plexin signalling...
  9. McColl B, Garg R, Riou P, Riento K, Ridley A. Rnd3-induced cell rounding requires interaction with Plexin-B2. J Cell Sci. 2016;129:4046-4056 pubmed
    ..Here we show that Rnd3 interacts preferentially with plexin-B2 of the three plexin-B proteins, whereas Rnd2 interacts with all three B-type plexins, and Rnd1 shows only very weak interaction with plexin-B proteins in ..
  10. Chardin P. Small GTP-binding proteins of the ras family: a conserved functional mechanism?. Cancer Cells. 1991;3:117-26 pubmed
    ..We propose that ras proteins, by analogy with rho and rab, are involved in the lateral segregation of multi-protein complexes at the plasma membrane, and we suggest how this process may be important for mitogenic signal transduction. ..
  11. Yang X, Yang B, Li H, Ren H. Upregulation of Rho7 in the temporal lobe tissue of humans with intractable epilepsy. Mol Med Rep. 2017;16:9613-9619 pubmed publisher
    ..The present study aimed to investigate the alteration in the expression of Rho7 in brain tissue from patients with IE, and to examine the association between Rho7 protein expression and IE...
  12. Goh L, Manser E. The GTPase-deficient Rnd proteins are stabilized by their effectors. J Biol Chem. 2012;287:31311-20 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we demonstrated that Rnd1, Rnd2, and Rnd3 stability is acutely dependent on interaction with their effectors such as Syx or p190 RhoGAP...
  13. Kakimoto T, Katoh H, Negishi M. Identification of splicing variants of Rapostlin, a novel RND2 effector that interacts with neural Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein and induces neurite branching. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:14104-10 pubmed
    ..Rnd subfamily is a new branch of Rho family GTPases. Of these GTPases, Rnd2 is specifically expressed in brain. We recently identified Rapostlin as a novel effector of Rnd2...
  14. Oinuma I, Katoh H, Harada A, Negishi M. Direct interaction of Rnd1 with Plexin-B1 regulates PDZ-RhoGEF-mediated Rho activation by Plexin-B1 and induces cell contraction in COS-7 cells. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:25671-7 pubmed
    ..We propose that Rnd1 plays an important role in the regulation of Plexin-B1 signaling, leading to Rho activation during axon guidance and cell migration. ..
  15. Naud N, Touré A, Liu J, Pineau C, Morin L, Dorseuil O, et al. Rho family GTPase Rnd2 interacts and co-localizes with MgcRacGAP in male germ cells. Biochem J. 2003;372:105-12 pubmed
    ..In contrast, Rnd2, a Rho family GTPase-deficient G-protein was found to be co-expressed with MgcRacGAP in spermatocytes and ..
  16. Nobes C, Lauritzen I, Mattei M, Paris S, Hall A, Chardin P. A new member of the Rho family, Rnd1, promotes disassembly of actin filament structures and loss of cell adhesion. J Cell Biol. 1998;141:187-97 pubmed
    ..identified three proteins that form a distinct branch of the Rho family: Rnd1, expressed mostly in brain and liver; Rnd2, highly expressed in testis; and Rnd3/RhoE, showing a ubiquitous low expression...