Gene Symbol: RGPD6
Description: RANBP2-like and GRIP domain containing 6
Alias: RGP6, RGPD7, RanBP2L1, RanBP2L2, RANBP2-like and GRIP domain-containing protein 5/6, RANBP2-like and GRIP domain-containing protein 7, ran-binding protein 2-like 1/2, ranBP2-like 1/2
Species: human
Products:     RGPD6

Top Publications

  1. Chen C, Lin S, Lee C, Chern S, Wu P, Chen Y, et al. Recurrent 2q13 microduplication encompassing MALL, NPHP1, RGPD6, and BUB1 associated with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, and liver disorder. Taiwan J Obstet Gynecol. 2017;56:98-101 pubmed publisher
    ..5-kb 2q13 microduplication encompassing MALL, NPHP1, RGPD6, and BUB1 in the elder brother, a 658...
  2. Zhang J, Fan J, Zhou C, Qi Y. miR-363-5p as potential prognostic marker for hepatocellular carcinoma indicated by weighted co-expression network analysis of miRNAs and mRNA. BMC Gastroenterol. 2017;17:81 pubmed publisher
    ..Targets of hsa-miR-363-5p were found distributed in the gene network modules, such as RGPD5, RGPD6, ZNF445 and ZNF780B...
  3. Ciccarelli F, von Mering C, Suyama M, Harrington E, Izaurralde E, Bork P. Complex genomic rearrangements lead to novel primate gene function. Genome Res. 2005;15:343-51 pubmed
    ..We have experimentally verified that at least one of the newly formed proteins has a cellular localization different from RanBP2's, and we show that positive selection did act on specific domains during evolution. ..
  4. Leparc G, Mitra R. Non-EST-based prediction of novel alternatively spliced cassette exons with cell signaling function in Caenorhabditis elegans and human. Nucleic Acids Res. 2007;35:3192-202 pubmed
    ..Overall, PASE was able to uncover 59 novel alternative cassette exons in C. elegans and humans through a genome-wide ab initio prediction method that enriches for exons involved in signaling. ..
  5. Cantin G, Yi W, Lu B, Park S, Xu T, Lee J, et al. Combining protein-based IMAC, peptide-based IMAC, and MudPIT for efficient phosphoproteomic analysis. J Proteome Res. 2008;7:1346-51 pubmed publisher
  6. Dephoure N, Zhou C, Villen J, Beausoleil S, Bakalarski C, Elledge S, et al. A quantitative atlas of mitotic phosphorylation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008;105:10762-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Analysis of non-proline site-containing phosphopeptides identified two unique motifs that suggest there are at least two undiscovered mitotic kinases. ..
  7. Nothwang H, Rensing C, Kubler M, Denich D, Brandl B, Stubanus M, et al. Identification of a novel Ran binding protein 2 related gene (RANBP2L1) and detection of a gene cluster on human chromosome 2q11-q12. Genomics. 1998;47:383-92 pubmed
    ..screening of cDNA libraries indicates that this transcript, called RanBP2alpha (HGMW-approved symbol RANBP2L1), is expressed in several tissues...