Gene Symbol: RARA
Description: retinoic acid receptor alpha
Alias: NR1B1, RAR, retinoic acid receptor alpha, RAR-alpha, nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group B member 1, nucleophosmin-retinoic acid receptor alpha fusion protein NPM-RAR long form, retinoic acid nuclear receptor alpha variant 1, retinoic acid nuclear receptor alpha variant 2, retinoic acid receptor, alpha polypeptide
Species: human
Products:     RARA

Top Publications

  1. Hua S, Kittler R, White K. Genomic antagonism between retinoic acid and estrogen signaling in breast cancer. Cell. 2009;137:1259-71 pubmed publisher
    ..To define the genetic network regulated by RARs in breast cancer, we identified RAR genomic targets using chromatin immunoprecipitation and expression analysis...
  2. Zhao H, Ueki N, Marcelain K, Hayman M. The Ski protein can inhibit ligand induced RARalpha and HDAC3 degradation in the retinoic acid signaling pathway. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2009;383:119-24 pubmed publisher
    ..We determined that Ski can stabilize RARalpha and HDAC3. These results suggest that Ski represses RA signaling by stabilizing corepressor complex. ..
  3. Pogenberg V, Guichou J, Vivat Hannah V, Kammerer S, Pérez E, Germain P, et al. Characterization of the interaction between retinoic acid receptor/retinoid X receptor (RAR/RXR) heterodimers and transcriptional coactivators through structural and fluorescence anisotropy studies. J Biol Chem. 2005;280:1625-33 pubmed
    ..association between the heterodimer and the full-length SRC-1 NID is dictated by the combinatorial action of RAR and RXR ligands, the simultaneous presence of the two receptor agonists being required for highest binding affinity...
  4. Zeng M, Kumar A, Meng G, Gao Q, Dimri G, Wazer D, et al. Human papilloma virus 16 E6 oncoprotein inhibits retinoic X receptor-mediated transactivation by targeting human ADA3 coactivator. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:45611-8 pubmed
    ..Significantly, we demonstrate that E6 inhibits the RXR(alpha)-mediated transactivation of target genes, implying that perturbation of RXR-mediated transactivation by E6 could contribute to HPV oncogenesis. ..
  5. Tsuzuki S, Towatari M, Saito H, Enver T. Potentiation of GATA-2 activity through interactions with the promyelocytic leukemia protein (PML) and the t(15;17)-generated PML-retinoic acid receptor alpha oncoprotein. Mol Cell Biol. 2000;20:6276-86 pubmed
    ..The B-box region of PML is retained in the PML-RARalpha (retinoic acid receptor alpha) fusion protein generated by the t(15;17) translocation characteristic of acute promyelocytic leukemia (..
  6. De The H, Lavau C, Marchio A, Chomienne C, Degos L, Dejean A. The PML-RAR alpha fusion mRNA generated by the t(15;17) translocation in acute promyelocytic leukemia encodes a functionally altered RAR. Cell. 1991;66:675-84 pubmed
    ..the t(15;17) translocation specifically associated with acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) fuses the retinoic acid receptor alpha (RAR alpha) locus to an as yet unknown gene, initially called myl and now renamed PML...
  7. Ross Innes C, Stark R, Holmes K, Schmidt D, Spyrou C, Russell R, et al. Cooperative interaction between retinoic acid receptor-alpha and estrogen receptor in breast cancer. Genes Dev. 2010;24:171-82 pubmed publisher
    Retinoic acid receptor-alpha (RAR alpha) is a known estrogen target gene in breast cancer cells. The consequence of RAR alpha induction by estrogen was previously unknown...
  8. Bourguet W, Vivat V, Wurtz J, Chambon P, Gronemeyer H, Moras D. Crystal structure of a heterodimeric complex of RAR and RXR ligand-binding domains. Mol Cell. 2000;5:289-98 pubmed
    ..quot; Specific conformational changes suggest the structural basis of pure and partial antagonism. The RAR-RXR heterodimer interface is similar to that observed in most nuclear receptor (NR) homodimers...
  9. Zhao J, Zhang Z, Vucetic Z, Soprano K, Soprano D. HACE1: A novel repressor of RAR transcriptional activity. J Cell Biochem. 2009;107:482-93 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, HACE1 represses the endogenous RAR-regulated genes CRABP II, RIG1 and RARbeta(2), but not RAI3 in CAOV3 cells...

More Information


  1. Carbone R, Botrugno O, Ronzoni S, Insinga A, Di Croce L, Pelicci P, et al. Recruitment of the histone methyltransferase SUV39H1 and its role in the oncogenic properties of the leukemia-associated PML-retinoic acid receptor fusion protein. Mol Cell Biol. 2006;26:1288-96 pubmed
    ..The acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL)-associated fusion protein PML-retinoic acid receptor (RAR) behaves as an aberrant transcriptional repressor, due to its ability to induce chromatin modifications (histone ..
  2. Rice K, Hormaeche I, Doulatov S, Flatow J, Grimwade D, Mills K, et al. Comprehensive genomic screens identify a role for PLZF-RARalpha as a positive regulator of cell proliferation via direct regulation of c-MYC. Blood. 2009;114:5499-511 pubmed publisher
    ..APL), involving the production of reciprocal fusion proteins, promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger-retinoic acid receptor alpha (PLZF-RARalpha) and RARalpha-PLZF...
  3. Baudino T, Kraichely D, Jefcoat S, Winchester S, Partridge N, MacDonald P. Isolation and characterization of a novel coactivator protein, NCoA-62, involved in vitamin D-mediated transcription. J Biol Chem. 1998;273:16434-41 pubmed
    ..These data indicate that NCoA-62 may be classified into an emerging set of transcriptional coactivator proteins that function to facilitate vitamin D- and other nuclear receptor-mediated transcriptional pathways. ..
  4. Zhong S, Delva L, Rachez C, Cenciarelli C, Gandini D, Zhang H, et al. A RA-dependent, tumour-growth suppressive transcription complex is the target of the PML-RARalpha and T18 oncoproteins. Nat Genet. 1999;23:287-95 pubmed
    PML and Tif1a are fused to RARA and Braf, respectively, resulting in the production of PML-RARalpha and Tif1alpha-B-Raf (T18) oncoproteins...
  5. Villa R, Pasini D, Gutierrez A, Morey L, Occhionorelli M, Viré E, et al. Role of the polycomb repressive complex 2 in acute promyelocytic leukemia. Cancer Cell. 2007;11:513-25 pubmed
    ..Our results demonstrate that the direct targeting of Polycomb group proteins by an oncogene plays a key role during carcinogenesis. ..
  6. Perlmann T, Jansson L. A novel pathway for vitamin A signaling mediated by RXR heterodimerization with NGFI-B and NURR1. Genes Dev. 1995;9:769-82 pubmed
    ..In this respect they are similar to heterodimers formed between RXR and the receptor for all-trans retinoic acid, RAR. However, whereas RXR is inhibited in the RXR-RAR heterodimer, NGFI-B/NURR1 promote efficient activation in ..
  7. Epping M, Wang L, Edel M, Carlée L, Hernandez M, Bernards R. The human tumor antigen PRAME is a dominant repressor of retinoic acid receptor signaling. Cell. 2005;122:835-47 pubmed
    ..acid (RA) induces proliferation arrest, differentiation, and apoptosis, and defects in retinoic acid receptor (RAR) signaling have been implicated in cancer...
  8. Srinivas H, Xia D, Moore N, Uray I, Kim H, Ma L, et al. Akt phosphorylates and suppresses the transactivation of retinoic acid receptor alpha. Biochem J. 2006;395:653-62 pubmed
    ..We previously showed that RARalpha (retinoic acid receptor alpha) phosphorylation by c-Jun N-terminal kinase contributes to retinoid resistance in a subset of NSCLC ..
  9. Chen J, Evans R. A transcriptional co-repressor that interacts with nuclear hormone receptors. Nature. 1995;377:454-7 pubmed
    ..Together, our results identify a new class of cofactors which may be important mediators of hormone action. ..
  10. Li H, Haque Z, Chen A, Mendelsohn M. RIF-1, a novel nuclear receptor corepressor that associates with the nuclear matrix. J Cell Biochem. 2007;102:1021-35 pubmed
    ..b>RAR transcriptional activities are mediated by a growing family of nuclear receptor (NR) coregulators...
  11. Chen Z, Guidez F, Rousselot P, Agadir A, Chen S, Wang Z, et al. PLZF-RAR alpha fusion proteins generated from the variant t(11;17)(q23;q21) translocation in acute promyelocytic leukemia inhibit ligand-dependent transactivation of wild-type retinoic acid receptors. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1994;91:1178-82 pubmed
    ..leukemia (APL) which juxtaposes PLZF, a gene encoding a zinc finger protein, to RARA, encoding retinoic acid receptor alpha (RAR alpha)...
  12. De Matteis S, Nervi C, Tomassoni L, Gelmetti V, Cioce M, Fanelli M, et al. Fusion proteins of the retinoic acid receptor-alpha recruit histone deacetylase in promyelocytic leukaemia. Nature. 1998;391:815-8 pubmed
    ..with RA induces differentiation of leukaemic blast cells and disease remission in PML-RARalpha APLs, whereas PLZF-RARa APLs are resistant to RA...
  13. Dhordain P, Albagli O, Lin R, Ansieau S, Quief S, Leutz A, et al. Corepressor SMRT binds the BTB/POZ repressing domain of the LAZ3/BCL6 oncoprotein. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1997;94:10762-7 pubmed
    ..These results define SMRT as a corepressor of LAZ3/BCL6 and suggest that LAZ3/BCL6 and nuclear hormone receptors repress transcription through shared mechanisms involving SMRT recruitment and histone deacetylation. ..
  14. Lee H, Park U, Kim E, Um S. MED25 is distinct from TRAP220/MED1 in cooperating with CBP for retinoid receptor activation. EMBO J. 2007;26:3545-57 pubmed
    We isolated MED25, which associates with retinoic acid (RA)-bound retinoic acid receptor (RAR) through the C-terminal nuclear hormone receptor (NR) box/LxxLL motif, and increases RAR/RXR-mediated transcription...
  15. Wang K, Wang P, Shi J, Zhu X, He M, Jia X, et al. PML/RARalpha targets promoter regions containing PU.1 consensus and RARE half sites in acute promyelocytic leukemia. Cancer Cell. 2010;17:186-97 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, selective targeting of PU.1-regulated genes by PML/RARalpha is a critical mechanism for the pathogenesis of APL. ..
  16. Martens J, Brinkman A, Simmer F, Francoijs K, Nebbioso A, Ferrara F, et al. PML-RARalpha/RXR Alters the Epigenetic Landscape in Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. Cancer Cell. 2010;17:173-85 pubmed publisher
    ..as a local chromatin modulator and that specific recruitment of histone deacetylase activities to genes important for hematopoietic differentiation, RAR signaling, and epigenetic control is crucial to its transforming potential.
  17. Mouchon A, Delmotte M, Formstecher P, Lefebvre P. Allosteric regulation of the discriminative responsiveness of retinoic acid receptor to natural and synthetic ligands by retinoid X receptor and DNA. Mol Cell Biol. 1999;19:3073-85 pubmed
    ..Conformationally restricted retinoids are used to achieve selective activation of RAR isotype alpha, beta or gamma, which reduces side effects in therapeutical applications...
  18. Nasr R, Guillemin M, Ferhi O, Soilihi H, Peres L, Berthier C, et al. Eradication of acute promyelocytic leukemia-initiating cells through PML-RARA degradation. Nat Med. 2008;14:1333-42 pubmed publisher
    ..arsenic trioxide target the protein stability and transcriptional repression activity of the fusion oncoprotein PML-RARA, resulting in regression of acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL)...
  19. Hörlein A, Näär A, Heinzel T, Torchia J, Gloss B, Kurokawa R, et al. Ligand-independent repression by the thyroid hormone receptor mediated by a nuclear receptor co-repressor. Nature. 1995;377:397-404 pubmed
  20. Lømo J, Smeland E, Ulven S, Natarajan V, Blomhoff R, Gandhi U, et al. RAR-, not RXR, ligands inhibit cell activation and prevent apoptosis in B-lymphocytes. J Cell Physiol. 1998;175:68-77 pubmed
    ..We found that the RAR-specific ligand TTAB reduced anti-IgM-induced B-cell activation in a dose-dependent manner...
  21. Minucci S, Maccarana M, Cioce M, De Luca P, Gelmetti V, Segalla S, et al. Oligomerization of RAR and AML1 transcription factors as a novel mechanism of oncogenic activation. Mol Cell. 2000;5:811-20 pubmed
    b>RAR and AML1 transcription factors are found in leukemias as fusion proteins with PML and ETO, respectively...
  22. Reichrath J, Saternus R, Vogt T. Challenge and perspective: the relevance of ultraviolet (UV) radiation and the vitamin D endocrine system (VDES) for psoriasis and other inflammatory skin diseases. Photochem Photobiol Sci. 2017;16:433-444 pubmed publisher
    ..the steroid and thyroid hormone receptors as well as the retinoid-X receptors (RXR) and retinoic acid receptors (RAR)...
  23. di Masi A, Leboffe L, De Marinis E, Pagano F, Cicconi L, Rochette Egly C, et al. Retinoic acid receptors: from molecular mechanisms to cancer therapy. Mol Aspects Med. 2015;41:1-115 pubmed publisher
    ..The RA activity is mediated primarily by members of the retinoic acid receptor (RAR) subfamily, namely RARα, RARβ and RARγ, which belong to the nuclear receptor (NR) superfamily of ..
  24. Reichrath J, Zouboulis C, Vogt T, Holick M. Targeting the vitamin D endocrine system (VDES) for the management of inflammatory and malignant skin diseases: An historical view and outlook. Rev Endocr Metab Disord. 2016;17:405-417 pubmed
    ..the steroid and thyroid hormone receptors as well as the retinoid X receptors (RXR) and retinoic acid receptors (RAR)...
  25. Sekmenli T, Gündüz M, Akbulut H, Emiroglu H, Koplay M, Ciftci I. Massive hemorrhage: a late complication of replacement percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy: case report. Arch Argent Pediatr. 2018;116:e315-e318 pubmed publisher
    ..Presentamos una complicación rara, aunque importante, que surgió durante el reemplazo de la sonda de gastrostomía después del método de "corte y ..
  26. Zhu S, Guleria R, THOMAS C, Roth A, Gerilechaogetu F, Kumar R, et al. Loss of myocardial retinoic acid receptor ? induces diastolic dysfunction by promoting intracellular oxidative stress and calcium mishandling in adult mice. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2016;99:100-112 pubmed publisher
    Retinoic acid receptor (RAR) has been implicated in pathological stimuli-induced cardiac remodeling...
  27. Levi L, Wang Z, Doud M, Hazen S, Noy N. Saturated fatty acids regulate retinoic acid signalling and suppress tumorigenesis by targeting fatty acid-binding protein 5. Nat Commun. 2015;6:8794 pubmed publisher
    ..that they do so by controlling the transcriptional activities of the retinoic acid (RA)-activated nuclear receptors RAR and PPARβ/δ...
  28. Janesick A, Tang W, Nguyen T, Blumberg B. RAR?2 is required for vertebrate somitogenesis. Development. 2017;144:1997-2008 pubmed publisher
    ..Less is understood about how RAR regulates somite patterning, rostral-caudal boundary setting, specialization of myotome subdivisions or the ..
  29. Ayaori M, Yakushiji E, Ogura M, Nakaya K, Hisada T, Uto Kondo H, et al. Retinoic acid receptor agonists regulate expression of ATP-binding cassette transporter G1 in macrophages. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2012;1821:561-72 pubmed publisher
    ..All-trans retinoic acid (ATRA), an RAR ligand, increased ABCG1 protein levels and apoA-I/HDL-mediated cholesterol efflux from the macrophages...
  30. Hebert S, Fitzpatrick K, McConnell S, Cucak A, Yuan C, McLoon L. Effects of retinoic acid signaling on extraocular muscle myogenic precursor cells in vitro. Exp Cell Res. 2017;361:101-111 pubmed publisher
    ..The two muscle groups expressed differential retinoic acid receptor (RAR) and retinoid X receptor (RXR) levels...
  31. Islam M, Puri S, Rodova M, Magenheimer B, Maser R, Calvet J. Retinoic acid-dependent activation of the polycystic kidney disease-1 (PKD1) promoter. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2008;295:F1845-54 pubmed publisher
    The retinoic acids all-trans retinoic acid (AT-RA) and 9-cis retinoic acid (9C-RA) and the retinoic acid receptors RAR and RXR significantly induce transcriptional activity from a 200-bp PKD1 proximal promoter in transfected mammalian ..
  32. Cai S, He H, Nguyen T, Mennone A, Boyer J. Retinoic acid represses CYP7A1 expression in human hepatocytes and HepG2 cells by FXR/RXR-dependent and independent mechanisms. J Lipid Res. 2010;51:2265-74 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings may provide a potential explanation for hyperlipidemic side effects observed in some patients treated with high-dose RA. ..
  33. Vivante A, Mann N, Yonath H, Weiss A, Getwan M, Kaminski M, et al. A Dominant Mutation in Nuclear Receptor Interacting Protein 1 Causes Urinary Tract Malformations via Dysregulation of Retinoic Acid Signaling. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2017;28:2364-2376 pubmed publisher
    ..Unlike wild-type NRIP1, the altered NRIP1 protein did not translocate to the nucleus, did not interact with RAR?, and failed to inhibit retinoic acid-dependent transcriptional activity upon expression in HEK293 cells...
  34. Jagomagi T, Nikopensius T, Krjutskov K, Tammekivi V, Viltrop T, Saag M, et al. MTHFR and MSX1 contribute to the risk of nonsyndromic cleft lip/palate. Eur J Oral Sci. 2010;118:213-20 pubmed publisher
    ..This study provides further evidence implicating MSX1 and MTHFR in the etiology of nonsyndromic CL/P across different populations...
  35. Dodge J, Stephans A, Lai J, Drobyski W, Chen X. Effects of Donor Vitamin A Deficiency and Pharmacologic Modulation of Donor T Cell Retinoic Acid Pathway on the Severity of Experimental Graft-versus-Host Disease. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant. 2016;22:2141-2148 pubmed publisher
    ..Recent studies have identified the potential role of the retinoic acid (RA)/retinoic acid receptor (RAR) pathway in the pathogenesis of GVHD. RA is the active metabolite of vitamin A...
  36. Shi H, Yuan L, Yang H, Zang A. The mechanism of all-trans retinoic acid in the regulation of apelin expression in vascular endothelial cells. Biosci Rep. 2017;37: pubmed publisher
    ..To ensure whether retinoic acid receptor (RAR) ? (RAR?) could be induced by ATRA in regulating apelin, the expression of RAR? was tested with a siRNA method to ..
  37. Rondina M, Freitag M, Pluthero F, Kahr W, Rowley J, Kraiss L, et al. Non-genomic activities of retinoic acid receptor alpha control actin cytoskeletal events in human platelets. J Thromb Haemost. 2016;14:1082-94 pubmed publisher
    ..We determined retinoic-acid-receptor alpha (RARα) expression and function in human platelets...
  38. Yan J, Wang K, Dong L, Liu H, Chen W, Xi W, et al. PML/RARalpha fusion protein transactivates the tissue factor promoter through a GAGC-containing element without direct DNA association. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010;107:3716-21 pubmed publisher
    ..excessive levels of tissue factor (TF) in APL cells regulated in response to the promyelocytic leukemia/retinoic acid receptor alpha (PML/RARalpha) fusion protein...
  39. Wang X, Hayes J, Henderson C, Wolf C. Identification of retinoic acid as an inhibitor of transcription factor Nrf2 through activation of retinoic acid receptor alpha. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007;104:19589-94 pubmed
    ..MCF7-derived AREc32 reporter cell line, we now report that all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA), and other retinoic acid receptor alpha (RARalpha) agonists, markedly reduces the ability of Nrf2 to mediate induction of ARE-driven genes by ..
  40. Cai Q, Zhang W, Zhu Q, Chen Q. Influence of heat treatment on the structure and core IgE-binding epitopes of rAra h 2.02. Food Chem. 2016;202:404-8 pubmed publisher
    The rAra h 2.02 was studied to determine the influence of heat treatment on its structure and core IgE-binding epitopes...
  41. Ruiz F, Crespo I, Alvarez S, Porté S, Giménez Dejoz J, Cousido Siah A, et al. Structural basis for the inhibition of AKR1B10 by the C3 brominated TTNPB derivative UVI2008. Chem Biol Interact. 2017;276:174-181 pubmed publisher
    UVI2008, a retinoic acid receptor (RAR) ?/? agonist originated from C3 bromine addition to the parent RAR pan-agonist 4-[(E)-2-(5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-5,5,8,8-tetramethyl-2-naphthalenyl)-1-propenyl]benzoic acid (TTNPB), is also a selective ..
  42. González Parra C, Chávez Gatica M, Cuevas Vergara C, Morales Sepúlveda J, Schnettler Rodríguez D. [Intradiaphragmatic bronchopulmonary sequestration: a case report and review]. Medwave. 2015;15:e6341 pubmed publisher
    ..El secuestro broncopulmonar es una malformación congénita rara, consistente en una masa de tejido pulmonar no funcionante sin conexión al árbol traqueobronquial...
  43. Rush E, Schlesinger K, Watkins S, Redner R. The NPM-RAR fusion protein associated with the t(5;17) variant of APL does not interact with PML. Leuk Res. 2006;30:979-86 pubmed
    ..of PML from PODs is necessary for APL, we investigated the interaction of the t(5;17) APL fusion protein NPM-RAR with PML. NPM-RAR localizes diffusely throughout the nucleoplasm...
  44. Iland H, Collins M, Bradstock K, Supple S, Catalano A, Hertzberg M, et al. Use of arsenic trioxide in remission induction and consolidation therapy for acute promyelocytic leukaemia in the Australasian Leukaemia and Lymphoma Group (ALLG) APML4 study: a non-randomised phase 2 trial. Lancet Haematol. 2015;2:e357-66 pubmed publisher
    ..Patients with genetic variants of acute promyelocytic leukaemia (fusion of genes other than PML with RARA) were ineligible...
  45. Li C, Ai N, Dinh G, Welsh W, Chen J. Human ADA3 regulates RARalpha transcriptional activity through direct contact between LxxLL motifs and the receptor coactivator pocket. Nucleic Acids Res. 2010;38:5291-303 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we have investigated how the human (h) ADA3 regulates retinoic acid receptor (RAR) ?-mediated transactivation...
  46. Schemionek M, Kharabi Masouleh B, Klaile Y, Krug U, Hebestreit K, Schubert C, et al. Identification of the Adapter Molecule MTSS1 as a Potential Oncogene-Specific Tumor Suppressor in Acute Myeloid Leukemia. PLoS ONE. 2015;10:e0125783 pubmed publisher
    ..DNMT3B, a negative regulator of MTSS1, showed strong binding to the MTSS1 promoter in PML-RARA positive but not AML1-ETO positive cells, suggesting that AML1-ETO leads to derepression of MTSS1...
  47. Kimura K, Zhou H, Orita T, Kobayashi M, Nishida T, Sonoda K. Suppression by an RAR-? Agonist of Collagen Degradation Mediated by Corneal Fibroblasts. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2017;58:2250-2257 pubmed publisher
    To examine the role of retinoic acid receptor (RAR) isoforms in interleukin-1? (IL-1?)-induced collagen degradation by corneal fibroblasts...
  48. Sotoca A, Prange K, Reijnders B, Mandoli A, Nguyen L, Stunnenberg H, et al. The oncofusion protein FUS-ERG targets key hematopoietic regulators and modulates the all-trans retinoic acid signaling pathway in t(16;21) acute myeloid leukemia. Oncogene. 2016;35:1965-76 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, in t(16;21) FUS-ERG co-occupies genomic regions bound by the nuclear receptor heterodimer RXR:RARA inhibiting target gene expression and interfering with hematopoietic differentiation...
  49. Adelman J, Aschner J, Schechter C, Angert R, Weiss J, Rai A, et al. Use of Temporary Names for Newborns and Associated Risks. Pediatrics. 2015;136:327-33 pubmed publisher
    ..We used the Retract-and-Reorder (RAR) tool, an established, automated tool for detecting the outcome of wrong-patient electronic orders...
  50. Kanegane H, Nomura K, Abe A, Makino T, Ishizawa S, Shimizu T, et al. Spontaneous regression of aleukemic leukemia cutis harboring a NPM/RARA fusion gene in an infant with cutaneous mastocytosis. Int J Hematol. 2009;89:86-90 pubmed publisher
    ..a leukemia clone with the karyotype of 46, XY, t(5;17)(q35;q12), which generated nucleophosmin (NPM)-retinoic acid receptor alpha fusion (RARA) fusion transcripts...
  51. Luo M, Yeruva S, Liu Y, Chodisetti G, Riederer B, Menon M, et al. IL-1?-Induced Downregulation of the Multifunctional PDZ Adaptor PDZK1 Is Attenuated by ERK Inhibition, RXR?, or PPAR? Stimulation in Enterocytes. Front Physiol. 2017;8:61 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, the RAR/RXR ligand 9-cis retinoic acid and the PPAR?-agonist GW7647 stimulated PDZK1 mRNA and protein expression and ..
  52. Salas G, Reusmann A, Boglione M, Rubio M, Fumiere F, Fariña D. [Late diagnosis bilateral congenital diaphragmatic hernia: a case report]. Arch Argent Pediatr. 2016;114:e29-31 pubmed publisher
    ..La hernia diafragmática congénita (HDC) es una malformación rara, habitualmente unilateral y más frecuente del lado izquierdo. La HDC bilateral representa el 1% de todas las HDC...
  53. Berenguer M, Tingaud Sequeira A, Colovati M, Melaragno M, Bragagnolo S, Perez A, et al. A novel de novo mutation in MYT1, the unique OAVS gene identified so far. Eur J Hum Genet. 2017;25:1083-1086 pubmed publisher
    ..Functional studies showed that MYT1 overexpression downregulated all RA receptors genes (RARA, RARB, RARG), involved in RA-mediated transcription, whereas no effect was observed on CYP26A1 expression, the ..
  54. Zhou Q, Zhang L, Chen Z, Zhao P, Ma Y, Yang B, et al. Small ubiquitin-related modifier-1 modification regulates all-trans-retinoic acid-induced differentiation via stabilization of retinoic acid receptor ?. FEBS J. 2014;281:3032-47 pubmed publisher
    ..ATRA-induced differentiation might be associated with the stabilization of retinoic acid receptor ? (RAR?), protecting it from degradation...
  55. Costet P, Lalanne F, Gerbod Giannone M, Molina J, Fu X, Lund E, et al. Retinoic acid receptor-mediated induction of ABCA1 in macrophages. Mol Cell Biol. 2003;23:7756-66 pubmed
    ..Retinoic acid receptor (RAR) activators (all-trans-retinoic acid [ATRA] and TTNPB) were found to increase ATP-binding cassette transporter 1 (..
  56. Wang J, Barsky L, Shum C, Jong A, Weinberg K, Collins S, et al. Retinoid-induced G1 arrest and differentiation activation are associated with a switch to cyclin-dependent kinase-activating kinase hypophosphorylation of retinoic acid receptor alpha. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:43369-76 pubmed
    ..activation of cultured human leukemic cells are associated with a switch to CAK hypophosphorylation of retinoic acid receptor alpha (RARalpha) from CAK hyperphosphorylation of RARalpha...
  57. Yao S, Zhong L, Chen M, Zhao Y, Li L, Liu L, et al. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate promotes all-trans retinoic acid-induced maturation of acute promyelocytic leukemia cells via PTEN. Int J Oncol. 2017;51:899-906 pubmed publisher
    ..leukemia (AML) in which the hybrid protein promyelocytic leukemia protein/retinoic acid receptor α (PML/RARα) acts as a transcriptional repressor impairing the expression of genes that are critical to myeloid cell ..
  58. Wang G, Nikovits W, Bao Z, Stockdale F. Irx4 forms an inhibitory complex with the vitamin D and retinoic X receptors to regulate cardiac chamber-specific slow MyHC3 expression. J Biol Chem. 2001;276:28835-41 pubmed
  59. Pollock S, Rush E, Redner R. NPM-RAR, not the RAR-NPM reciprocal t(5;17)(q35;q21) acute promyelocytic leukemia fusion protein, inhibits myeloid differentiation. Leuk Lymphoma. 2014;55:1383-7 pubmed publisher
    ..variant of acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) fuses the nucleophosmin (NPM) gene at 5q35 with the retinoic acid receptor alpha (RARA) at 17q12-22...
  60. Yu J. Spectrum of myelinated pulmonary afferents. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2000;279:R2142-8 pubmed
    ..The first group of SARs has high adaptation indexes (RAR-like), which increased with inflation pressure (36 +/- 3, 44 +/- 3, and 47 +/- 3% for 10, 15, and 20 cmH(2)O, ..
  61. Lou Y, Ma Y, Sun J, Ye X, Pan H, Wang Y, et al. Evaluating frequency of PML-RARA mutations and conferring resistance to arsenic trioxide-based therapy in relapsed acute promyelocytic leukemia patients. Ann Hematol. 2015;94:1829-37 pubmed publisher
    ..The frequency and clinical significance of promyelocytic leukemia (PML)-retinoic acid receptor alpha (RARA) mutational status using Sanger sequencing were evaluated...
  62. Ishaq M, Lin B, Bosche M, Zheng X, Yang J, Huang D, et al. LIM kinase 1 - dependent cofilin 1 pathway and actin dynamics mediate nuclear retinoid receptor function in T lymphocytes. BMC Mol Biol. 2011;12:41 pubmed publisher
    ..We suggest that T cell activation-induced repression of nuclear receptor-dependent transactivation is in part through the modification of actin dynamics. ..
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