Gene Symbol: p600
Description: ubiquitin protein ligase E3 component n-recognin 4
Alias: RBAF600, ZUBR1, p600, E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase UBR4, N-recognin-4, RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase UBR4, retinoblastoma-associated factor 600-like protein, retinoblastoma-associated factor of 600 kDa, zinc finger UBR1-type protein 1
Species: human
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Top Publications

  1. Huh K, DeMasi J, Ogawa H, Nakatani Y, Howley P, Munger K. Association of the human papillomavirus type 16 E7 oncoprotein with the 600-kDa retinoblastoma protein-associated factor, p600. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005;102:11492-7 pubmed
    ..affinity purification and mass spectrometry and identified the 600-kDa retinoblastoma protein associated factor, p600, as a cellular target of E7...
  2. Tasaki T, Mulder L, Iwamatsu A, Lee M, Davydov I, Varshavsky A, et al. A family of mammalian E3 ubiquitin ligases that contain the UBR box motif and recognize N-degrons. Mol Cell Biol. 2005;25:7120-36 pubmed
    ..Our results establish the UBR box family as a unique class of E3 proteins that recognize N-degrons or structurally related determinants for ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis and perhaps other processes as well. ..
  3. Nakatani Y, Konishi H, Vassilev A, Kurooka H, Ishiguro K, Sawada J, et al. p600, a unique protein required for membrane morphogenesis and cell survival. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005;102:15093-8 pubmed
    In this article, we identify and characterize p600, a unique 600-kDa retinoblastoma protein- and calmodulin-binding protein. In the nucleus, p600 and retinoblastoma protein seem to act as a chromatin scaffold...
  4. Borghans L, Blokland A, Sambeth A. Effects of biperiden and acute tryptophan depletion and their combination on verbal word memory and EEG. Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2017;234:1135-1143 pubmed publisher
    ..However, the event-related potential components P3b, N400, and P600 did show an interaction during encoding. These results indicate that both BIP and ATD impair episodic memory...
  5. Gunz P, Tilot A, Wittfeld K, Teumer A, Shapland C, van Erp T, et al. Neandertal Introgression Sheds Light on Modern Human Endocranial Globularity. Curr Biol. 2019;29:120-127.e5 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings show how integration of fossil skull data with archaic genomics and neuroimaging can suggest developmental mechanisms that may contribute to the unique modern human endocranial shape. ..
  6. Grant A, Ponia S, Tripathi S, Balasubramaniam V, Miorin L, Sourisseau M, et al. Zika Virus Targets Human STAT2 to Inhibit Type I Interferon Signaling. Cell Host Microbe. 2016;19:882-90 pubmed publisher
    ..However, unlike DENV, ZIKV did not require the E3 ubiquitin ligase UBR4 to induce STAT2 degradation. Hence, flavivirus NS5 proteins exhibit a remarkable functional convergence in IFN antagonism, albeit by virus-specific mechanisms. ..
  7. Sun Y, Lu X, Ho H, Johnson B, Sammler D, Thompson W. Syntactic processing in music and language: Parallel abnormalities observed in congenital amusia. Neuroimage Clin. 2018;19:640-651 pubmed publisher
    ..This was reflected in a normal N5 in response to melodies and a normal P600 to spoken sentences...
  8. Wang L, Verdonschot R, Yang Y. The processing difference between person names and common nouns in sentence contexts: an ERP study. Psychol Res. 2016;80:94-108 pubmed publisher
    ..processing of the nouns due to their low specificity level and, thus, rich semantic associations, leading to a P600 effect...
  9. Fiorentino R, Covey L, Gabriele A. Individual differences in the processing of referential dependencies: Evidence from event-related potentials. Neurosci Lett. 2018;673:79-84 pubmed publisher
    ..Contexts of referential failure, with no gender-matching antecedents, yielded P600 for all participants, suggesting that participants may treat the failure of the pronoun to agree in gender with the ..

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  1. Rodríguez Gómez P, Sánchez Carmona A, Smith C, Pozo M, Hinojosa J, Moreno E. On the violation of causal, emotional, and locative inferences: An event-related potentials study. Neuropsychologia. 2016;87:25-34 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, not all inference eliciting sentences evoked a similar pattern of ERP responses. We interpret and discuss our results in line with recent views on what the N400, the P600 and the pN400FP brainwave potentials index.
  2. Jessen A, Festman J, Boxell O, Felser C. Native and Non-native Speakers' Brain Responses to Filled Indirect Object Gaps. J Psycholinguist Res. 2017;46:1319-1338 pubmed publisher
    ..Both participant groups showed sensitivity to filled indirect object gaps reflected in a P600 response, which was more pronounced and more globally distributed in our non-native group...
  3. Zane E, Shafer V. Mixed metaphors: Electrophysiological brain responses to (un)expected concrete and abstract prepositional phrases. Brain Res. 2018;1680:77-92 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that spatially incongruent concrete nouns are semantically unexpected (N400 effect). A P600 effect, which might indicate rechecking, reanalysis and/or reconstruction, was predicted for incongruent abstract ..
  4. Deng T, Zhou H, Bi H, Chen B. Input-based structure-specific proficiency predicts the neural mechanism of adult L2 syntactic processing. Brain Res. 2015;1610:42-50 pubmed publisher
    ..After two continuously intensive input trainings, at post-test, a significant P600 component related to the subject-verb agreement structures violations was elicited in the experimental group, but ..
  5. Dorjee D, Lally N, Darrall Rew J, Thierry G. Dispositional mindfulness and semantic integration of emotional words: Evidence from event-related brain potentials. Neurosci Res. 2015;97:45-51 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, high dispositional mindfulness was associated with reduced P600 amplitudes to emotional words, suggesting less post-analysis and attentional effort which possibly relates to a ..
  6. Arcara G, Franzon F, Gastaldon S, Brotto S, Semenza C, Peressotti F, et al. One can be some but some cannot be one: ERP correlates of numerosity incongruence are different for singular and plural. Cortex. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..elicits a LAN-like negativity independently from the grammaticality of the utterances and irrespectively of the P600 component; 2) the reference to a numerosity can be partially encoded in an incremental way when processing Number ..
  7. Brusini P, Dehaene Lambertz G, Dutat M, Goffinet F, Christophe A. ERP evidence for on-line syntactic computations in 2-year-olds. Dev Cogn Neurosci. 2016;19:164-73 pubmed publisher
    ..This late effect was remarkably similar to the P600 displayed by adults, suggesting that toddlers and adults perform similar syntactic computations...
  8. Söderström P, Horne M, Roll M. Stem Tones Pre-activate Suffixes in the Brain. J Psycholinguist Res. 2017;46:271-280 pubmed publisher
    ..Suffixes that were cued by an incorrect tone elicited a left-anterior negativity and a P600, suggesting that the correct processing of the suffix is crucially tied to the activation of the preceding validly ..
  9. Sullivan M, Janus M, Moreno S, ASTHEIMER L, Bialystok E. Early stage second-language learning improves executive control: evidence from ERP. Brain Lang. 2014;139:84-98 pubmed publisher
    ..After training, the Spanish group showed larger P3 amplitude on the go-nogo task and smaller P600 amplitude on the judgment task, indicating enhanced performance, with no changes for the control group and no ..
  10. Cohn N, Jackendoff R, Holcomb P, Kuperberg G. The grammar of visual narrative: Neural evidence for constituent structure in sequential image comprehension. Neuropsychologia. 2014;64:63-70 pubmed publisher
    ..Disruption of the second constituent also elicited a posteriorly-distributed positivity (P600) effect. These neural responses are similar to those associated with structural violations in language and music...
  11. Delogu F, Drenhaus H, Crocker M. On the predictability of event boundaries in discourse: An ERP investigation. Mem Cognit. 2018;46:315-325 pubmed publisher
    ..This effect was largely driven by less predictable targets, marking coarse event boundaries. We interpret the P600 effect as indexing the updating of the situation model at event boundaries, consistent with Event Segmentation ..
  12. Regel S, Opitz A, Müller G, Friederici A. Processing inflectional morphology: ERP evidence for decomposition of complex words according to the affix structure. Cortex. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, ungrammatical nouns elicited early (reduced P200) and late (P600) ERP components relative to their grammatical equivalents, which implies an engagement of syntactic processes ..
  13. Kim S, Lee Y, Tasaki T, Hwang J, Kang M, Yi E, et al. The N-recognin UBR4 of the N-end rule pathway is required for neurogenesis and homeostasis of cell surface proteins. PLoS ONE. 2018;13:e0202260 pubmed publisher
    ..We have previously identified a family of mammals N-recognins (termed UBR1, UBR2, UBR4/p600, and UBR5/EDD) whose conserved UBR boxes bind N-degrons to facilitate substrate ubiquitination and proteasomal ..
  14. Yano M, Suwazono S, Arao H, Yasunaga D, Oishi H. Inter-participant variabilities and sample sizes in P300 and P600. Int J Psychophysiol. 2019;140:33-40 pubmed publisher
    ..In particular, when it comes to the observation of relatively small differences, such as a P600 effect, a language-related brain potential elicited by ungrammatical sentences compared to grammatical sentences, ..
  15. Zhou P, Garnsey S, Christianson K. Is imagining a voice like listening to it? Evidence from ERPs. Cognition. 2019;182:227-241 pubmed publisher
    ..to native and non-native speech and found that native-speaking listeners "forgive" errors (signaled by reduced P600 effects) by non-native speakers...
  16. Caffarra S, Mendoza M, Davidson D. Is the LAN effect in morphosyntactic processing an ERP artifact?. Brain Lang. 2019;191:9-16 pubmed publisher
    ..response to local agreement violations, is the result of the overlap between two different ERP effects (N400, P600) at the level of subjects (n = 80), items (n = 120), or trials (n = 6160)...
  17. Deng T, Chen B. Input Training Matters in L2 Syntactic Representation Entrenchment: Evidence from a Follow-Up ERP Study. J Psycholinguist Res. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..Results showed that 3 months after the training of the specific subject-verb agreement structures, a significant P600 was observed in the key region (the verb) of the sentences with syntactic violations in the experimental group, but ..
  18. Shetreet E, Alexander E, Romoli J, Chierchia G, Kuperberg G. What we know about knowing: Presuppositions generated by factive verbs influence downstream neural processing. Cognition. 2019;184:96-106 pubmed publisher
    ..We focused on the modulation of a posteriorly-distributed late positivity or P600. This ERP component is produced when comprehenders constrain their discourse model such that it restricts ..
  19. Belzil C, Ramos T, Sanada K, Colicos M, Nguyen M. p600 stabilizes microtubules to prevent the aggregation of CaMKIIα during photoconductive stimulation. Cell Mol Biol Lett. 2014;19:381-92 pubmed publisher
    The large microtubule-associated/Ca(2+)-signalling protein p600 (also known as UBR4) is required for hippocampal neuronal survival upon Ca(2+) dyshomeostasis induced by glutamate treatment...
  20. Natraj N, Alterman B, Basunia S, Wheaton L. The Role of Attention and Saccades on Parietofrontal Encoding of Contextual and Grasp-specific Affordances of Tools: An ERP Study. Neuroscience. 2018;394:243-266 pubmed publisher
    ..Parietofrontal ERPs (P600) distinguishing tool-use contexts (e.g., spoon-yogurt vs. spoon-ball) were similar in both experiments...
  21. Mancini S, Massol S, Duñabeitia J, Carreiras M, Molinaro N. Agreement and illusion of disagreement: An ERP study on Basque. Cortex. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..electrophysiological studies consistently report that the presence of a mismatch yields late positive effects (P600), often preceded by early negativities...
  22. Hernández Gutiérrez D, Jiménez Ortega L, Fondevila S, Casado P, Muñoz F, Martín Loeches M. Do discourse global coherence and cumulated information impact on sentence syntactic processing? An event-related brain potentials study. Brain Res. 2016;1630:109-19 pubmed publisher
    ..ERP) to grammatical (morphosyntactic) violations: anterior negativities (LAN) and posterior positivities (P600)...
  23. Hong J, Kaustov L, Coyaud E, Srikumar T, Wan J, Arrowsmith C, et al. KCMF1 (potassium channel modulatory factor 1) Links RAD6 to UBR4 (ubiquitin N-recognin domain-containing E3 ligase 4) and lysosome-mediated degradation. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2015;14:674-85 pubmed publisher
  24. Havas V, Laine M, Rodríguez Fornells A. Brain signatures of early lexical and morphological learning of a new language. Neuropsychologia. 2017;101:47-56 pubmed publisher
    ..phase, event-related brain potentials registered during a recognition memory task revealed enhanced N400 and P600 components for stem and suffix violations, respectively...
  25. Bonfiglio L, Virgillito A, Magrini M, Piarulli A, Bergamasco M, Barcaro U, et al. N400-like responses to three-chord harmonic sequences with unexpected out of key endings: scalp topography, cortical sources, and perspectives for a clinical use. Arch Ital Biol. 2015;153:1-18 pubmed publisher
    ..The components that were expected to be elicited, in this experimental situation, were ERAN, N5, P600/LPC. Conversely, in addition to these former components, we unexpectedly observed a N400-like component...
  26. Brusini P, Dehaene Lambertz G, van Heugten M, de Carvalho A, Goffinet F, Fievet A, et al. Ambiguous function words do not prevent 18-month-olds from building accurate syntactic category expectations: An ERP study. Neuropsychologia. 2017;98:4-12 pubmed publisher
    ..Ungrammatical sentences elicited a late positivity (resembling a P600) that was not observed for grammatical sentences...
  27. Ashton Beaucage D, Lemieux C, Udell C, Sahmi M, Rochette S, Therrien M. The Deubiquitinase USP47 Stabilizes MAPK by Counteracting the Function of the N-end Rule ligase POE/UBR4 in Drosophila. PLoS Biol. 2016;14:e1002539 pubmed publisher
    ..Given the role of UBR4 as an N-recognin ubiquitin ligase, our findings suggest that RAS-MAPK signaling in Drosophila is controlled by the N-end rule pathway and that USP47 counteracts its activity. ..
  28. Caffarra S, Martin C. Not all errors are the same: ERP sensitivity to error typicality in foreign accented speech perception. Cortex. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..In line with previous studies, gender and number violations in native accented speech elicited LAN-P600 responses...
  29. de Resende N, Mota M, Seuren P. The Processing of Grammatical Gender Agreement in Brazilian Portuguese: ERP Evidence in Favor of a Single Route. J Psycholinguist Res. 2019;48:181-198 pubmed publisher
    ..We found a biphasic LAN/P600 effect for gender agreement violation involving regular and irregular forms in both conditions...
  30. Maxfield N, Lyon J, Silliman E. Disfluencies along the garden path: brain electrophysiological evidence of disrupted sentence processing. Brain Lang. 2009;111:86-100 pubmed publisher
    ..Principal component analysis (PCA) revealed that fluent GP sentences elicited P600, an ERP index that revision of the initial parse was attempted...
  31. Yano M, Sakamoto T. An ERP Study of Causative Cleft Construction in Japanese: Evidence for the Preference of Shorter Linear Distance in Sentence Comprehension. J Psycholinguist Res. 2016;45:407-21 pubmed publisher
    ..The results demonstrated that the subject-gap constructions elicited larger P600 effects than the object-gap constructions...
  32. Rudel S, Kraus F. Facile syntheses of pure uranium halides: UCl4, UBr4 and UI4. Dalton Trans. 2017;46:5835-5842 pubmed publisher
    ..Chemical vapor transport (CVT) is applied in situ for purification of the products. ..
  33. Monies D, Abouelhoda M, AlSayed M, Alhassnan Z, Alotaibi M, Kayyali H, et al. The landscape of genetic diseases in Saudi Arabia based on the first 1000 diagnostic panels and exomes. Hum Genet. 2017;136:921-939 pubmed publisher
  34. Chang Y, Lin S, Meng L, Fan Y. Atypical temporal activation pattern and central-right brain compensation during semantic judgment task in children with early left brain damage. Brain Lang. 2018;177-178:37-43 pubmed publisher
    ..of the N400, (3) stronger, earlier and later compensational positivities (referred to the enhanced P200, P250, and P600 amplitudes) in the central and right region of the brain to successfully engage in semantic judgment...
  35. Schneider J, Abel A, Ogiela D, Middleton A, Maguire M. Developmental differences in beta and theta power during sentence processing. Dev Cogn Neurosci. 2016;19:19-30 pubmed publisher
    ..Adults also demonstrated a significant P600 effect, while children exhibited an apparent N400 effect...
  36. Lee C, Kim S, Shim M, Ryu V, Ha R, Lee S, et al. P600 alteration of syntactic language processing in patients with bipolar mania: Comparison to schizophrenic patients and healthy subjects. J Affect Disord. 2016;201:101-11 pubmed publisher
    ..b>P600 is a distinct, positive event-related potential component elicited by syntactic violations...
  37. Drummer J, van der Meer E, Schaadt G. Event-related potentials in response to violations of content and temporal event knowledge. Neuropsychologia. 2016;80:47-55 pubmed publisher
    ..We found an N400, which was followed by a posteriorly distributed P600 in response to content errors in event sequences...
  38. Ding J, Wang L, Yang Y. The dynamic influence of emotional words on sentence comprehension: An ERP study. Cogn Affect Behav Neurosci. 2016;16:433-46 pubmed publisher
    ..We found an N400 and a P600 effect in response to the semantic congruity of the nouns when they followed the neutral verbs...
  39. Fonseca A, Boboeva V, Brederoo S, Baggio G. Disrupting morphosyntactic and lexical semantic processing has opposite effects on the sample entropy of neural signals. Brain Res. 2015;1604:1-14 pubmed publisher
    ..while participants read sentences containing lexical semantic or morphosyntactic anomalies, resulting in N400 and P600 effects, respectively...
  40. Obermeier C, Kotz S, Jessen S, Raettig T, von Koppenfels M, Menninghaus W. Aesthetic appreciation of poetry correlates with ease of processing in event-related potentials. Cogn Affect Behav Neurosci. 2016;16:362-73 pubmed publisher
    ..The metered and rhyming stanzas elicited smaller N400/P600 ERP responses than their nonmetered, nonrhyming, or nonmetered and nonrhyming counterparts...
  41. Dröge A, Fleischer J, Schlesewsky M, Bornkessel Schlesewsky I. Neural mechanisms of sentence comprehension based on predictive processes and decision certainty: Electrophysiological evidence from non-canonical linearizations in a flexible word order language. Brain Res. 2016;1633:149-166 pubmed publisher
    ..Results showed a biphasic N400-P600 pattern at the first noun phrase in the OS conditions irrespectively of which cues (syntactic or semantic) were ..
  42. Qi Z, Beach S, Finn A, Minas J, Goetz C, Chan B, et al. Native-language N400 and P600 predict dissociable language-learning abilities in adults. Neuropsychologia. 2017;98:177-191 pubmed publisher
    ..In contrast, the P600 effect size when processing English syntax predicted future syntax learning but not vocabulary learning...
  43. Szalmás A, Tomaić V, Basukala O, Massimi P, Mittal S, Kónya J, et al. The PTPN14 Tumor Suppressor Is a Degradation Target of Human Papillomavirus E7. J Virol. 2017;91: pubmed publisher
    ..This degradation appears to be independent of cullin-1 or cullin-2 but most likely involves the UBR4/p600 ubiquitin ligase...
  44. Kielar A, Panamsky L, Links K, Meltzer J. Localization of electrophysiological responses to semantic and syntactic anomalies in language comprehension with MEG. Neuroimage. 2015;105:507-24 pubmed publisher
    ..anomalies in both modalities, localized to left superior temporal and posterior frontal regions, and a later P600-like effect for syntactic anomalies in both modalities, widespread over bilateral frontal, posterior temporal, and ..
  45. Tripathi S, Pohl M, Zhou Y, Rodriguez Frandsen A, Wang G, Stein D, et al. Meta- and Orthogonal Integration of Influenza "OMICs" Data Defines a Role for UBR4 in Virus Budding. Cell Host Microbe. 2015;18:723-35 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, the integrative analysis of influenza OMICs datasets illuminates a viral-host network of high-confidence human proteins that are essential for influenza A virus replication. ..
  46. Kriukova O, Mani N. The strong, the weak, and the first: The impact of phonological stress on processing of orthographic errors in silent reading. Brain Res. 2016;1636:208-218 pubmed publisher
    ..ERPs when misspellings occurred in the middle of the word: misspellings embedded in strong syllables enhanced the P600 and the N400-like component compared to misspellings in weak syllables. In this case, i.e...
  47. Chow W, Nevins A, Carreiras M. Effects of subject-case marking on agreement processing: ERP evidence from Basque. Cortex. 2018;99:319-329 pubmed publisher
    ..We observed a P600 effect in both cases, but only violations with intransitive subjects elicited an early posterior negativity...
  48. Liu G, Zheng H, Jiang Z, Wang Z. Effects of biochar input on the properties of soil nanoparticles and dispersion/sedimentation of natural mineral nanoparticles in aqueous phase. Sci Total Environ. 2018;634:595-605 pubmed publisher
    ..We explored the impacts of two biochars made from charring peanut shells at 300 and 600°C (P300 and P600) on the characteristics of soil NPs extracted from brown soil and laterite soil...
  49. Proverbio A, Alberio A, De Benedetto F. Neural correlates of automatic beliefs about gender stereotypes: Males are more prejudicial. Brain Lang. 2018;186:8-16 pubmed publisher
    ..Findings showed enhanced anterior N400 and occipito-parietal P600 responses to items that violated gender stereotypes, mostly in men...
  50. Taniguchi N, Fujibayashi S, Takemoto M, Sasaki K, Otsuki B, Nakamura T, et al. Effect of pore size on bone ingrowth into porous titanium implants fabricated by additive manufacturing: An in vivo experiment. Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl. 2016;59:690-701 pubmed publisher
    ..titanium implants (with an intended porosity of 65% and pore sizes of 300, 600, and 900μm, designated the P300, P600, and P900 implants, respectively) were manufactured by SLM. A diamond lattice was adapted as the basic structure...
  51. Kim S, Lee Y, Tasaki T, Mun S, Hwang J, Kang M, et al. The N-recognin UBR4 of the N-end rule pathway is targeted to and required for the biogenesis of the early endosome. J Cell Sci. 2018;131: pubmed publisher
    ..We have previously identified a set of N-recognins [UBR1, UBR2, UBR4 (also known as p600) and UBR5 (also known as EDD)] that bind N-degrons through their UBR boxes to promote proteolysis by the proteasome...
  52. Kotz S, Schmidt Kassow M. Basal ganglia contribution to rule expectancy and temporal predictability in speech. Cortex. 2015;68:48-60 pubmed publisher
    ..While healthy controls showed an expected P600 response in the event-related brain potential (ERP) to all expectancy violations, BG patients showed overall ..
  53. Hottel B, Pereira R, Koehler P. The Influence of Roughness and Pyrethroid Formulations on Bed Bug (Cimex lectularius L.) Resting Preferences. Insects. 2015;6:455-63 pubmed publisher
    ..One half was sanded with a P60 grit sandpaper and the other with a less rough P600 grit sandpaper...
  54. Chang X, Wang P. Influence of Second Language Proficiency and Syntactic Structure Similarities on the Sensitivity and Processing of English Passive Sentence in Late Chinese-English Bilinguists: An ERP Study. J Psycholinguist Res. 2016;45:85-101 pubmed publisher
    ..ERP results showed literal translation sentences elicited an enhanced P200 and P600 while free translation sentences elicited a larger N400...
  55. Ren H, Chen X, Qi Z, Qiu Y, Gao C. An ERP study of the processing of epistemic modality adverbs yexu and yiding in Mandarin Chinese. Neurosci Lett. 2018;684:55-60 pubmed publisher
    ..in disagreed sentences (quexin &yexu) relative to agreed sentences (guji &yexu), elicited a monophasic P600 effect with a centro-parietal distribution, indicating extra syntactic costs in processing the epistemic adverb in ..
  56. Grey S, Tanner D, Van Hell J. How right is left? Handedness modulates neural responses during morphosyntactic processing. Brain Res. 2017;1669:27-43 pubmed publisher
    ..Results indicated that the RH FS- group showed only P600 responses during morphosyntactic processing whereas the LH and RH FS+ groups showed biphasic N400-P600 patterns...
  57. Yoo Y, Mun S, Ji C, Sung K, Kang K, Heo A, et al. N-terminal arginylation generates a bimodal degron that modulates autophagic proteolysis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018;115:E2716-E2724 pubmed publisher
    ..Following Nt-arginylation, the Nt-Arg is recognized by UBR boxes of N-recognins such as UBR1, UBR2, UBR4/p600, and UBR5/EDD, leading to substrate ubiquitination and proteasomal degradation via the N-end rule pathway...
  58. Jiménez Ortega L, García Milla M, Fondevila S, Casado P, Hernández Gutiérrez D, Martín Loeches M. Automaticity of higher cognitive functions: neurophysiological evidence for unconscious syntactic processing of masked words. Biol Psychol. 2014;103:83-91 pubmed publisher
    ..First-pass syntactic parsing thus appears to be unconsciously and automatically elicited. Interestingly, a P600-like modulation of short duration and early latency could also be observed for masked violations...
  59. Kasparian K, Steinhauer K. Confusing similar words: ERP correlates of lexical-semantic processing in first language attrition and late second language acquisition. Neuropsychologia. 2016;93:200-217 pubmed publisher
    ..Attriters also showed an enhanced P600 response to both kinds of lexical-semantic anomalies, which we discuss as reflecting increased conflict-monitoring ..
  60. Sassenhagen J, Schlesewsky M, Bornkessel Schlesewsky I. The P600-as-P3 hypothesis revisited: single-trial analyses reveal that the late EEG positivity following linguistically deviant material is reaction time aligned. Brain Lang. 2014;137:29-39 pubmed publisher
    The P600, a late positive ERP component following linguistically deviant stimuli, is commonly seen as indexing structural, high-level processes, e.g. of linguistic (re)analysis...
  61. Wang L, Bastiaansen M, Yang Y. The influence of emotional salience on the integration of person names into context. Brain Res. 2015;1609:82-92 pubmed publisher
    ..We found that positive names elicited an N400 effect while negative names elicited a P600 effect in response to the incongruence...
  62. Szalardy O, Tóth B, Farkas D, Kovács A, Urbán G, Orosz G, et al. The effects of attention and task-relevance on the processing of syntactic violations during listening to two concurrent speech streams. Cogn Affect Behav Neurosci. 2018;18:932-948 pubmed publisher
    ..b>P600 was only elicited by target syntactic violations...
  63. Gye H, Nishizawa T. Purification of nervous necrosis virus (NNV) particles by anion-exchange chromatography. J Virol Methods. 2016;238:21-28 pubmed publisher
    ..2% by DIW dialysis. Anion-exchange chromatograms revealed a total of four peaks (P300, P400, P600 and P700) for NNV suspension after D-PBS dialysis...
  64. Heikel E, Sassenhagen J, Fiebach C. Time-generalized multivariate analysis of EEG responses reveals a cascading architecture of semantic mismatch processing. Brain Lang. 2018;184:43-53 pubmed publisher
    ..In a spoken sentence paradigm, we replicate established N400/P600 correlates of semantic mismatch. Time-generalized decoding indicates that early vs...
  65. Jin L. The processing of animacy in noun-classifier combinations in reading Korean: An ERP study. Brain Cogn. 2018;126:23-32 pubmed publisher
    ..The results showed that both noun-classifier mismatch conditions evoked a biphasic N400-P600 effect, but there was no P600 difference between the two mismatch conditions...
  66. Hsu C, Tsai S, Yang C, Chen J. Processing classifier-noun agreement in a long distance: an ERP study on Mandarin Chinese. Brain Lang. 2014;137:14-28 pubmed publisher
    ..The lack of reduced P600 effects at the RC marker suggests that classifier-noun mismatch may not be effective in RC prediction...
  67. Rinschen M, Bharill P, Wu X, Kohli P, Reinert M, Kretz O, et al. The ubiquitin ligase Ubr4 controls stability of podocin/MEC-2 supercomplexes. Hum Mol Genet. 2016;25:1328-44 pubmed publisher
    ..We suggest that Ubr4 is a key regulator of podocyte foot process proteostasis. ..
  68. Mehravari A, Emmorey K, Prat C, Klarman L, Osterhout L. Brain-based individual difference measures of reading skill in deaf and hearing adults. Neuropsychologia. 2017;101:153-168 pubmed publisher
    ..had the largest N400 responses to semantic errors in sentences, while the best hearing readers had the largest P600 responses to grammatical errors in sentences...
  69. Caffarra S, Barber H. Does the ending matter? The role of gender-to-ending consistency in sentence reading. Brain Res. 2015;1605:83-92 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, gender agreement violations showed a LAN-P600 pattern that was not modulated by the gender-to-ending consistency...
  70. Cohn N, Kutas M. Getting a cue before getting a clue: Event-related potentials to inference in visual narrative comprehension. Neuropsychologia. 2015;77:267-78 pubmed publisher
    ..panel, sequences representing depicted events (Explicit, Expected) elicited a larger posterior positivity (P600) than the relatively passive events of an onlooker (Impoverished, Implied), though Implied sequences were slightly ..
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