Gene Symbol: OR1A1
Description: olfactory receptor family 1 subfamily A member 1
Alias: OR17-7, olfactory receptor 1A1, olfactory receptor 17-7, olfactory receptor OR17-11
Species: human
Products:     OR1A1

Top Publications

  1. Schmiedeberg K, Shirokova E, Weber H, Schilling B, Meyerhof W, Krautwurst D. Structural determinants of odorant recognition by the human olfactory receptors OR1A1 and OR1A2. J Struct Biol. 2007;159:400-12 pubmed
    ..mutagenesis, rhodopsin-based homology modelling, and functional expression in HeLa/Olf cells of receptors OR1A1 and OR1A2...
  2. Wang H, Xie M, Charpin El Hamri G, Ye H, Fussenegger M. Treatment of chronic pain by designer cells controlled by spearmint aromatherapy. Nat Biomed Eng. 2018;2:114-123 pubmed publisher
    ..Spearmint sensitivity was achieved by ectopic expression of the R-carvone-responsive olfactory receptor OR1A1 rewired via an artificial G-protein deflector to induce the expression of a secretion-engineered and stabilized ..
  3. Wu C, Thach T, Kim Y, Lee S. Olfactory receptor 43 reduces hepatic lipid accumulation and adiposity in mice. Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Cell Biol Lipids. 2019;1864:489-499 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we investigated the biological functions of Olfr43, a mouse homolog of human OR1A1, in cultured hepatocytes and mice to assess its functionality in lipid metabolism...
  4. Ahmed L, Zhang Y, Block E, Buehl M, Corr M, Cormanich R, et al. Molecular mechanism of activation of human musk receptors OR5AN1 and OR1A1 by (R)-muscone and diverse other musk-smelling compounds. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018;115:E3950-E3958 pubmed publisher
    ..We experimentally and computationally examined the activation of human receptors OR5AN1 and OR1A1, recently identified as specifically responding to musk compounds...
  5. Belloir C, Miller Leseigneur M, Neiers F, Briand L, Le Bon A. Biophysical and functional characterization of the human olfactory receptor OR1A1 expressed in a mammalian inducible cell line. Protein Expr Purif. 2017;129:31-43 pubmed publisher
    ..These results pave the way for future crystallographic and NMR studies. ..
  6. Geithe C, Protze J, Kreuchwig F, Krause G, Krautwurst D. Structural determinants of a conserved enantiomer-selective carvone binding pocket in the human odorant receptor OR1A1. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2017;74:4209-4229 pubmed publisher
    ..11 amino acid positions to constitute an enantioselective binding pocket necessary for a carvone function in human OR1A1 and murine Olfr43, respectively...
  7. Block E, Batista V, Matsunami H, Zhuang H, Ahmed L. The role of metals in mammalian olfaction of low molecular weight organosulfur compounds. Nat Prod Rep. 2017;34:529-557 pubmed publisher
    ..human olfactory receptor, OR2M3, highly selective for a thiol from onions, and a broadly-tuned thiol receptor, OR1A1, are also discussed...
  8. Glusman G, Sosinsky A, Ben Asher E, Avidan N, Sonkin D, Bahar A, et al. Sequence, structure, and evolution of a complete human olfactory receptor gene cluster. Genomics. 2000;63:227-45 pubmed
    ..This genomic organization may be best accounted for by a complex series of evolutionary events. ..
  9. Trimmer C, Mainland J. Simplifying the Odor Landscape. Chem Senses. 2017;42:177-179 pubmed publisher
    ..highly sensitive receptors for 2 key food odorants found in red wine and onions, that activate broadly tuned OR1A1 and narrowly tuned OR2M3, respectively...

More Information


  1. Wu C, Jia Y, Lee J, Kim Y, Sekharan S, Batista V, et al. Activation of OR1A1 suppresses PPAR-γ expression by inducing HES-1 in cultured hepatocytes. Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2015;64:75-80 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, OR1A1 expression was detected in HepG2 liver cells...